James Just Turned 18

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I was next door with Brenda getting things ready for her son James’s 18th birthday party. The family had lived next door for five years and their son was the age of my youngest. They had become friends and both Brenda and her husband Chris had become friends of mine.

Brenda was especially excited to be moving James to the bonus room over the garage. This would give him his own space and keep the house quieter as well when he was gaming.

They had his room set up. Bedroom set of course but also a sofa, gaming chairs, big screen TV and even a small snack kitchen. Brenda and Chris certainly expected James to be spending a lot of time in his new room and he would love it no doubt.

The party was a hit and lots of fun. All of the boys ended up in James’s new room playing video games and eating. The party was winding down and only my son and James were still upstairs. I headed up to get him and heard them talking. From what was being said, they weren’t gaming but watching something on the computer.

Then I heard the discussion. They were talking about some MILF in a video sucking a huge cock. They were both into it and saying how hot she looked and how no high school girls got that into sucking dick. James said he couldn’t wait for a sexy older woman to seduce him and get to use her.

At first I was shocked, then aroused. James was a good locking young man. Just over six feet tall with a slim athletic build, maybe 175 pounds. I couldn’t imagine him having trouble getting girls in school but him wanting an older woman interested me.

I made some noise on the stairs then called for my son to come downstairs, we where leaving. He came down, we said our good byes and walked back home, next door.

A few weeks had past and I had more than once thought about what I had overheard. James wanting an older woman he could use. I imagined what he must be doing with the privacy he has and got off a few times fantasizing about him.

One night I couldn’t sleep and decided to clean the upstairs office. I began to clear my desk when something caught my eye. I hadn’t thought about it before, but from the desk chair, there was a perfect view right into James’s new room. He had the blinds open and I could see him laying on the sofa working on his laptop. I watched for a few minutes then got back to my cleaning.

Wrapping up the cleaning, I glanced back into James’s room and froze in my tracks. James had set his laptop onto the table in front of him and had his cock in hand jacking off. Just sitting there stroking his young, hard cock casual as could be.

I switched off the light and sat in my office chair facing the window, watching this young man masturbate. His cock was maybe 7 inches and pretty thick. Nothing huge but very hard and clean shaven.

Soon I had my panties pulled to the side and was feverishly fingering my dripping cunt. As James stroked his cock faster I felt my orgasm building, just imaging being the object of his lust. Suddenly he came, spraying a stream of cum into the air. Just the sight of it pushed me over the edge and I had an amazing orgasm, moaning loudly, unable to control myself.

James actually looked right into the office window. I was sure he couldn’t see me but sat very still for moment, looking directly back at him from the dark, as he squeeze the last drops of cum from his still stiff cock. I imagined him looking into my eyes as he stroked himself. That was an image I Beylikdüzü escort wouldn’t be able to get rid of.

Every few days I found myself in the upstairs office late at night hoping to catch a glimpse of young James masturbating. I had brought some lube as well as a dildo to have on hand in case it worked out for me.

Within a week, I got my wish. James was sitting back on his couch stroking his cock again. But he was now watching his gaming tv, a 65 inch flat screen. I had to move from my chair to the front corner of my desk to see it. On screen was the video of a woman, who it turns out caught her son’s friend masturbating in her bedroom, watching a younger man jacking off. The thought of him jacking off in my house and me catching him was turning me on. I imagined I was the woman. Catching him, then scolding him and threatening to tell his parents if he didn’t make it up to me. Me being the cougar, dropping to my knees to lick and suck the young, hard cock.

I was lost in the fantasy and soon had my dildo stuck to the top of my desk and riding it, imaging it was James in my cunt. Rubbing my clit and begging out loud James to fuck me, I was cumming in no time and just as James shot his load onto his chest. In my mind he was amazing but I wanted him for real.

Now I had a plan.

The following week, I again went into the office. I moved a floor lamp to the edge of the desk. I set it so that it would not shine into my face but would shine onto my dildo stuffed pussy when I was sitting on my desk top masturbating. I was hoping he would look into the office window again, like the first night. Only this time he would see the MILF next door getting off watching him.

Sitting there intently, it wasn’t long before James emerged from his bathroom, still nude from the shower, and took a seat on the couch. He turned on the tv and his laptop and began strolling through an online porn site looking for something of interest. He watched parts of a couple of scenes and got his cock good and hard. One was a POV blowjob scene of an older woman sucking a huge cock and getting a massive cum shot onto her face. This video alone got me wet, I love sucking dick. Another was a woman being gangbanged by a group of men and getting dp’d. I was already on the edge of an orgasm when James selected the very video he and I had both gotten off too the week before. The fantasy immediately came back to me and I was ready.

I waited a moment then switched on the light. I could see that James had noticed it and stopped masturbating and was looking into my office window. I guess he was afraid of being caught. He soon relaxed as I walked into view, nude. I sat back on the desk, spreading my legs, and began fingering my pussy looking right into his surprised eyes. Without thinking he began stroking his cock again as my fingers slid in and out of slick cunt.

I grabbed my cell and called his. I watched as he fumbled to answer and said hello. I told him to put it on speaker, he did. I asked if he liked what he was seeing? He said yes. I told him I loved the look of his young hard cock and wanted him to stroke it for me. As he did, I encouraged him and told him how wet watching him made me as I continued fingering my pussy.

I then asked him to step to the window and raise the blinds. As he did I began rubbing my cunt with the head of the dildo and telling him I wanted this to be his cock. Slowly I lowered myself down onto Beylikdüzü escort the dildo all the while saying how good his young cock felt in my pussy. As I rode the dildo, with James only 20 feet away, I was telling James to fuck my MILF pussy and fill me with his cock. He was stroking faster and faster and looked about to cum as my own orgasm swept over me. “James, you’re making me cum, oh James.” With that, James shot his load onto the window. One spurt after the other until he was spent.

I switched off the light, said thanks for the great fuck and reminded him of his choice in porn. I asked that since I had caught him masturbating, did he want to finish the scene. I got a very enthusiastic yes. “Well OK then James. You will have to come over Saturday night, when your parents are out for their date night.” He said he would be there and I certainly hoped he would.

I masturbated every evening remembering James masturbating and how it made me feel having him watch me masturbate. I needed a hard, young cock and hoped I had found one.

Saturday rolled around and James was at my door early in the morning. I was a bit shocked then relieved when asked of my youngest son was home. I told him yes and said he was still in bed. Before James went to wake him, I ran my hand over his crotch and bit my lower lip. Just the feel of his cock against his shorts made me moan. James was both excited and bit embarrassed. I winked and sent him on his way, hoping he would be back tonight after my youngest had left for the rest of the weekend.

The day passed slowly and I ended up masturbating three times with a dildo. I was horny and wanted to make sure my pussy was a creamy as possible for young James. Just imagining him using me would send me into my room for another round of masturbation. I was as if not more excited than he must have been.

The evening came and my son left with his dad. I waited impatiently for James to arrive. When he knocked I nearly jumped out of my skin. Nervously, I answered the door and invited the young man in. He looked so cute. He was dressed very nicely in slacks and polo shirt and was wearing a nice musky cologne. He certainly wanted to impress.

I took his hand and led him into the family room were we chatted for a bit about family, the weather and school, him not me. He was nervous and checking me out. After a while I couldn’t take any more and figured he wasn’t going to make a move so I broke the ice. Turned out I broke the dam. So you have a thing for older woman, I asked. James responded yes. I asked why. He said experience. He wanted to learn how to please and handle a woman and he wasn’t going to get that with High School girls. He needed a woman. Well I am a woman and here I am. With that, I took his hand and quickly led him into the bedroom.

Once there, I turned and began kissing and feeling him. Asking him if he was ready to use a woman? To have a woman use him? His clumsy hands on my breasts and ass gave me my answer.

As we kissed I undressed till I was fully nude. James seemed surprised and stepped back to stare at my naked body and began rubbing his crotch. No sweety, I said, let a woman rub that cock for you. I dropped to my knees in front of James and told him to pull out his young cock. He quickly had his cock in hand. James was rock hard and his dick seemed larger than I had thought. I said, feed me James. Feed me your hard cock. He pushed his cock between my Escort Beylikdüzü parted lips and I began licking his cock head while looking into his eyes. He seemed so excited I was afraid he might cum right there but he didn’t. I began stroking his shaft and I licked and slurped his cock.

Soon I had him pushed onto the bed as I sucked his balls and stroked his hard shaft. He was clean shaven and had just showered. His scrotum felt good against me face and on my lips. His balls where large and hung low, full of cum.

I climber onto the bed and spread me legs exposing my bare pussy to his view. Reaching out, I pulled his face to my dripping hot snatch. James licked and sucked my pussy with enthusiasm as I rubbed his face with my slit. Before long i was riding his face. Grinding my pussy onto his tongue until I came and squirted all over James’s face. He never stopped licking and sucking my MILF pussy.

Climbing off of his glistening face I moved onto my hands and knees and looking back at young James and said, come fuck your slutty MILF James. Fuck the pussy you just ate. James moved in behind me and quickly shoved his cock into my wet slit. James was quickly pounding away at my pussy as I slid a hand between my legs to rub my clit.

Do you like my MILF pussy James? I asked as he fucked me hard and fast. Yes, yes I love your MILF pussy he replied. I have dreamed of fucking your pussy for years he confessed. Hearing that brought on another orgasm and as my pussy clinched around his young, hard cock he buried himself fully inside me and filled my cunt with his load. He kept fucking me as his cum dripped from my fuck hole, never going soft.

I stayed on all fours and turned to take his still hard cock into my mouth. The taste of his cum and my pussy mixed was intoxicating. James grabbed the back of my head and began face fucking me. His large balls bouncing off my chin as used my mouth. He knew what he wanted and that he could take it.

I pulled my head free and told him to lay down. I climbed on top of James and guided his cock to my cum filled snatch and began riding him. Driving my pussy down onto his cock as hard as possible. Rub my clit James. Giving him instruction as I rode his young cock and grinding my hips. Within minutes another orgasm came over me and I quickly climbed off of James and got back onto all fours.

Grabbing lube from my nightstand, I began stroking his cock as I applied it. I want you to fuck my ass James. Have you ever fucked someone in the ass, I asked? He said no but he wanted to fuck my ass. I turned back around offering myself to him and he didn’t wait to be told. He slowly slid his cock into my ass as I pressed myself against him. He grabbed my hips and started slowly ass fucking me. This time he reached around and began rubbing my clit himself. Having his cock in my ass and his fingers working my clit had me cumming again in minutes.

James told me he was going to cum and I slid off of his cock and offered my mouth as a target. James stroked his young cock faster and faster as he looking into my eyes. Cum on my face James. Cover my MILF face with your young load of cum. As he stroked he was calling me a slutty whore and soon had his cum slashed across my face, hair and tits. I began rubbing it into my skin and licking his load from my lips. You taste so good James. I need more.

With that, I led James to the shower to clean up. We fucked throughout the night into the early morning. Both of us getting off several more times before he was headed home. James and I would fuck on several occasions before he left for college the following Spring.

I still remember the look of surprise and passion in his eyes that first night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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