James’ Morning

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I would like to thank Wickedinside, for all their help in editing and punctuation. Without you it would be a very rough read. Also like to thank “Alise” for being such a brilliant and willing subject for “James” to experiment on, then write about his findings. Thank you all a ton!!


It was a typical Saturday morning as James awoke from an erotic dream. Looking over and seeing Alise still sound asleep, and knowing he still had some time before she awoke, James jumped out of bed. Still proud of his night’s accomplishments, and with some new ideas, he leaped in the shower to start his day. While in the shower, Alise awoke and came into the bathroom to begin washing her face. Hearing the shower running, she began to tell him all about her plans to hit the garage sales and do brunch, not knowing he had different plans of his own. As the shower stopped, she went back to washing her face, not knowing the now naked and dripping wet James was coming up right behind her.

As Alise stood back up from splashing water on her face, James grabbed the bottom of her shirt and pulled it straight up and off her. Alise being unprepared, quickly turned and came face to face with James’ broad chest. She was not a short woman with her 5ft 8 frame; James was a tall muscular man at 6ft 5. James just as quickly had reached back down grabbing Alise’s panties, and pulled them straight down and given the order for her to step out of them. Still dazed and blurry eyed, Alise obeyed and using his wide shoulders for balance stepped out of her panties.

As James slowly rose back up he gave Alise a direct order. “Get on your knees” he said. Alise, rubbing the water out of her eyes, quickly obeyed. Slowly getting down on her knees she noticed James’ thick cock at full attention. “Grab it.” James instructed. Alise could do nothing but comply, noticing as she wrapped her fingers around his cock, the feeling of it throbbing hard. “Stroke it.” James commanded. Alise, looking up at James, slowly started to stroke his cock, then looking at her actions noticed her hand was only taking up half of James cock, and begin to reach up with her other hand to cover the whole shaft.

James seeing this, grabbed her other hand and said “No”, pushing it away at the same time. Alise, confused, was not ready when James had instructed her to open her mouth. James seeing her disobey his order, quickly grabbed Alise’s hair and forcefully yelled “Open your mouth.” Alise, startled back to her task at hand, began opening her mouth, as James’s cock was thrust in, forcing her mouth to open faster. As she had half of him in her mouth and the other half in her hand she looked up at him just as he was giving her the next task. “Suck it and stroke bebek escort it” he said, still holding on tight to her hair. She wrapped her lips around his cock, and slowly she got into a rhythm of stroking while sucking hard on his long thick cock.

Alise glanced up at James while accomplishing her task, noticing the look of ecstasy on his face. Along with James’s look of pleasure, Alise was then brought back to her own body as she noticed how wet her pussy was, almost to the point of it running down her leg. James, getting to the point of no return, stopped Alise, and pulled her up to her feet. He then grabbed her ass, and lifted her up on the counter top. James gave the direct order “Spread your legs, and spread your pussy.” Alise spread her legs, and with her left hand, spread her pussy wide. Feeling very exposed and vulnerable, she looked up at James and asked “Like this?”

James looked down at her wet pussy, grabbed his cock, and gently placed it at her hot, wet opening, then looked Alise directly in the eye. As they made that brief eye contact he thrust with his whole body deep inside her, slightly pushing her ass further onto the countertop. But he didn’t stop there; he then pulled completely out, just leaving the tip of his cock’s head in and repeated the thrust over and over. Alise being somewhat un-prepared for this sudden burst of energy, inhaled deeply and gave a small cry of pain at the sudden fullness. She then could do nothing more than grab the edge of the countertop and hold on to the sudden assault on her wet pussy. As James kept thrusting, she noticed her pussy seem to get even wetter and more accepting of James’ large cock and the feeling was becoming much more enjoyable.

James having almost gotten his fill of Alsie’s inviting pussy, noticed that her creamy pussy juice was just the thing he needed for his final act. He thrust in deep 1 last time then slowly pulled his wet creamy cock out and took a step back. Alise startled at his sudden stop, as she was but 1 or 2 more thrusts away from his cock throwing her over the edge to an orgasm she hadn’t realized she had been wanting. James, having taken that step back, noticed that longing desire as Alise looked at his dick, knowing then that she was but a few moments away from an orgasm, said “Don’t worry I’m not through with you yet.” He proceeded to put her legs together, grab her ass for a 2nd time, and bring her down from the countertop.

Just as her feet touched the ground, James was already turning Alise around, and started to bend her over. Alise was half standing, half clinging to the countertop as she was sure her legs would not support all her weight. Just as her chest started touching the merter escort countertop, James quit pushing her down and she could feel her hair being wrapped in his hand. Even though she could feel it coming she was still unprepared for the actual pulling of her hair, while James commanded “Look into the mirror, I want you to see your face, and see me while I fuck you.” She couldn’t help but smile, as the sound of his voice seemed to make her pussy that much wetter with every word, and she could actually feel all her juices running down her leg now.

“Spread your ass.” James barked

Alise reached around with both hands and grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled them apart, while trying to arch her back and present her very wet pussy as a sacrifice to this man’s cock. James looked at Alise’s juicy pussy just waiting to be fucked again, and noticed that her perfect little asshole, tight and still untouched, was ripe for the taking. He took his cock in his hand and rubbed it up and down Alise’s pussy, making sure his cock was well lubed with her own juices, and then placed the head right at her back door entrance.

Alise was just beginning to enjoy James’s hard shaft teasing her pussy, half expecting him to shove it in hard. She suddenly became aware to its current position. James saw the look of confusion on Alise’s face in the reflection of the mirror, and saw that as the perfect time to act on his threat. James slowly started to put pressure on her asshole, Alise feeling this, widened her eyes and she made a peculiar “O” shape with her mouth. She could feel his big hard cock slowly pressing, and yet her asshole would not give way and just accept him, no matter how much she wanted it to. The pressure kept mounting, and mounting, and Alise was expecting at any moment that her asshole would just open up and swallow his cock whole.

Just when she couldn’t stand it any longer, her asshole finally gave way, and she began to realize James’ actual cock size and thought it was too big to keep going. James didn’t stop pushing though, and Alise was stuck with her wide eyes and “O” face as she felt each and every inch of James’ 8 inch cock, slowly expand her asshole. Finally Alise could feel James against her and knew she had all of him in her, and was waiting for the new sensation of the pull out, but James had stopped and was looking at her in the mirror. She suddenly became very aware of her own reflection, and closed her mouth and eyes in embarrassment, just to hear James chuckle and say “That was my face, only meant for me to see, and only meant for me to treasure.” She opened her eyes to look at his reflection and nodded in agreement, still being unable to talk with all escort kağıthane of James in her, but realizing that was their secret from now on.

James decided then not to pull out, but slowly start to rotate his hips in a clockwise fashion, to help Alise become more comfortable with him inside and loosen her up for what was yet to come. Alise felt his cock start to make big circles in her ass, and didn’t know what to make of it other than it felt so good, like James’ cock was dancing in her ass just for her. After a few circles clockwise James stopped and then went counter clockwise, which then seemed to send a new shiver up Alise’s back. James started slowing down his rotation and then stopped. He then started to pull out, slightly faster than his push in. Alise wasn’t ready for this new sensation to end, and tried to push James back into her.

James screamed “Stop”

Then James proceeded to exit Alise’s ass, which had become much more cooperative with James’ girth and size. Slowly James started his thrusting again, and with each in and out he would pick up the pace. Alise was just starting to feel James’ balls slap against her wet pussy, when that familiar sensation started to build up inside of her. Alise knew she was but a few more thrusts away, and she was going to cum. She could feel the buildup of this one and knew it wasn’t just a normal orgasm. She knew there was nothing she could do to stop it, and doubted even if James stopped fucking her ass, that that would even halt its progress. She couldn’t stand it any longer, and she just let loose, and James was just hard thrusting into her ass. It started as a small roar but just as fast became a tremble that shook her to the core. She could feel her pussy dripping, as James’ balls slapped it. She could feel her asshole grab James’ cock as he was thrusting, which made her start cumming again, which just added onto her current orgasm, shaking her that much harder.

James, who had slowly started to feel his own orgasm coming, did not want to stop it or slow it down, and started thrusting faster and harder, as it built up. Then as Alise’s orgasm hit, and her asshole grabbed his cock, that little extra tightness threw him over the edge. He gave one last thrust, shoving his cock as far inside Alise’s tight asshole as he could, and started depositing his cum deep inside her. With each wave of orgasm he could feel his cock shoot another load of his hot sperm deeper inside Alise. Out of breath and cum, James stood back and admired his handiwork. Alise bent over the sink, pussy dripping from her own juices, her asshole beginning to have James’s cum slowly run out and down to mix with hers. James, satisfied, slapped Alise’s ass and said “The shower is free”. Alise, wanting to catch her breath, and store this memory in a special place inside her head, could only mumble a very low “Thanks” and collapsed to the ground thinking how dirty she was, but how very very right it all felt, and she couldn’t do anything but wonder what was in store for next time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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