James’ Transformation Ch. 2

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As Jenny drove the car felt strange, she pulled over to the curb. She moved the seat forward and adjusted the wing and rear-view mirrors; she couldn’t help but take a long look at her pretty face as she did. “That’s better,” she said to herself as she sat back in the seat. Driving in her heels wasn’t as difficult as she first thought it was and now pulled out again and made her way back home. As she drove one hundred thoughts raced through her mind. The main one concerned her wife, Abbey, how on earth was she going to explain this and what was she going to say.

Jenny arrived at the house and parked the car in the driveway. The house was still empty as Abbey wouldn’t be back until tomorrow morning. As she got out the car she looked around. Mr. Johnson who lived next door was watering his plants Jenny smiled and waved. Mr. Johnson looked confused but waved back not recognising Jenny. Jenny strode purposefully up to the door unlocked it and entered. She had really taken to walking in these heels with ease as she struts around the lounge. She put her big bag down on the floor and put her bag on the table, she then checked her messages. Just one message from Abbey saying that she would be a little late and probably wouldn’t be back until late tomorrow night. Jenny was relieved it gave her some more time to think about what to say to her. Jenny picked up her big bag and walked slowly upstairs and into the bedroom. She laid the big bag on the bed and took her jacket off. Jenny then opened the bag and tipped the contents onto the bed. Before her was all variety of sexy clothes. She started looking through them with interest. There was a tight white top, a tight black top, long tight skirts, short tight skirts and short pleated skirts. Also there were several bras and panties, stockings, suspender belts, garters, bustiers and corsets. Apart from the clothes there was a supply of makeup and several pairs of high heels. All of the ones she had tried on in the shop, the black sandals, the black knee-high boots and the patent stilettos.

Jenny left all the clothes on the bed and walked to her wardrobe. It was still full of men’s suits and trousers that would now dwarf her small body. She ran down to the kitchen and grabbed a roll of black bin bags from the draw and then ran back upstairs. She systematically went through all of the draws and rails putting into the bags anything that was now of no use to her. At the end of it she had six bags full of unwanted clothes. She carried them all down to her car and put them in the boot and when that was full she filled up the back seat.

Jenny ran back up the stairs to the bedroom and started to hang up all of her new clothes, carefully putting her new underwear in draws. Once it was all packed away she sat on the bed looking at herself in the mirror. She reached up to her hair and pulled out the ties. It fell down to just below her shoulders. She took her wife’s brush and started to brush it, the feeling was wonderful and she had never felt more feminine. When she was happy she put the brush down and sat nearer to the edge of the bed, she pulled her skirt up to reveal her suspenders, stocking-tops and silk panties. She ran her hands up between her thighs feeling the silk stockings against her hands and legs. She then ran her hand up between her legs and started to slowly rub her pussy through her panties. She watched herself intently as she did this; shivers of pleasure running through her body caused her to gasp involuntarily.

She could feel that her panties were getting wet as she rubbed more, she could feel her pussy becoming wet as she rubbed harder and faster. She pulled her panties to the side and started to rub her pussy directly, the wetness running over her fingers. She slowed and lifted her fingers to her nose and inhaled the musky scent that reminded her of her wife. She licked her fingers and it caused her body to shake more. Jenny pushed her fingers back down to her pussy and started to fuck her pussy with them. The feeling was unlike anything she had ever felt the feeling of wetness and warmth inside of her made her buck and jump as she thrust in and out with firstly two fingers then three. She could feel the electricity building up inside her pussy and pumped harder. She screamed and fell back on the bed as a wave of pleasure rushed over her body and into her brain. She lay back resting her hands on her breasts giving them a little squeeze made her convulse again with pleasure.

Jenny lay back on the bed breathing deeply as the pleasure subsided. After about ten minutes she sat up on the bed and put her panties back in place and pulled her skirt back down. Admiring herself in the mirror she picked up a lipstick and reapplied it. She pouted posing in front of the mirror. “Very sexy,” she said as she picked up her jacket and made her way downstairs. She picked up her bag. She opened it to put in her lipstick. Jenny hadn’t looked in the bag before and had a good look; there along with her lipstick was tire escort a purse for her money, hair elastic, a makeup pad, a pair of large gold hoop earrings, and a pack of three condoms. She was quite surprised by the condoms but smiled at the thought of using them. She picked out the earrings; she hadn’t noticed that her ears had been pierced and currently held small gold studs, she removed them and replaced them with the hoops. She walked out of the house waving again to Mr. Johnson from next door before getting in her car and setting of towards town. On her way into town she passed a charity shop and pulled over. She opened the boot and carried one of the bin bags of clothes in.

“Could you give me a hang with these please?” she asked the young woman working there.

Between the two of them they emptied Jenny’s car and she was soon on her way into town. She parked in a multi-story car park in the ‘women on their own section’. As she strode into the shopping precinct she could feel the weight of the stares on her. Men and women were all looking around at her. The men stood there with their tongue hanging out while the women mostly bitched or hit their husbands for looking. Jenny didn’t care she felt great and strode purposefully through the arcade. The shop that she was going to was located at the other end of the arcade and she had many whistles and cat calls as she made her way there.

The shop was called Excentrix; it specialised in erotic women’s clothing. It was a dark musky shop with no natural light. She walked in and looked around, there was an old man looking at the porn tapes on the back wall and a young girl dressed all in black sat trying on some big black boots. The woman behind the counter was pretty she must have been about thirty, pretty, with blonde hair, she wore a black leather top and leather skirt with fish net tights and ridiculously high heels that made her stand very elegantly. She gave Jenny a big smile when she came in and slowly hobbled over to her.

“Hello my name is Dawn, can I help you?” she asked in a hushed voice.

“I am sure you can,” said Jenny looking around, “firstly I want a dildo,” Jenny said looking over to the large display.

Dawn smiled and hobbled towards the wall where they were. “This one is excellent,” she said picking up a large pink dildo shaped like a cock. “It has an anal attachment to stimulate your butt at the same time,” she said gripping the cock around. “I have one of these myself,” she said even quieter. She passed the dildo to Jenny. As she held it she could feel her pussy getting wet, it was a strange sensation but she liked it. “If you like we could try it out?” suggested Dawn.

“I’d like that” replied Jenny admiring the large cock.

“Dawn turned and hobbled towards the corner of the room where there was a door, she opened it for Jenny who walked in still clutching the cock in her hand. The room was small but decked out in red silk and lace. Red silk pillows and cushions lay on the seating and on the floor. Dawn closed the door behind her and locked it. Jenny wasted no time; she lifted her skirt up and pulled her little silk panties down. Dawn came closer and kneeled before Jenny watching her intently. Dawn took the dildo from Jenny and made her sit down with her legs wide open. Jenny sat there as Dawn looked into Jenny’s pussy, she lent in and licked the juice from the lips and Jenny jumped in pleasure. Dawn withdrew and taking the dildo in her hand she ran it the head of it up and down Jenny’s pussy. Jenny tilted her head back and lifted her top off she then started to squeeze and press the tops of her breasts that were still encased in her tight corset. Dawn started to ease the big rubber cock into Jenny’s tight pussy. Jenny squeezed her breasts tighter as the cock entered her tight pussy, letting out several yelps as she took it in. Jenny felt full and the sensation of this large phallus inside of her made her whole body shake. Dawn pushed it as deep as it would go before pulling out lightly and thrusting it hard up into Jenny. Jenny let out a series of moans as she was fucked by Dawn. Dawn pumped the cock harder and harder into Jenny. Jenny yelped and screamed as she could feel an orgasm building up inside her. Dawn swivelled the dildo so that the anal attachment started to press against Jenny’s butt. This just made her shake more as the small attachment violated her butt. Dawn pumped the dildo until Jenny came screaming and bucking in pleasure. Jenny lay still as Dawn slowly pulled the dildo from her pussy. Dawn stood up with the dildo in her hand it was glistening with Jenny’s pussy juice. Dawn licked the top of it tasting the sweet sticky juice before taking the dildo deep in her mouth and licking and sucking it clean. Jenny watched it was so sexy to see. Dawn finished and looked at Jenny with lust burning in her eyes, “would you like it gift-wrapped?” she said with a wry smile.

Jenny stood up and picked her panties up; she torbalı escort slid them back on. She walked over to Dawn, and pulled her close to her kissing her deeply. “Yes please” Jenny replied letting dawn go and walking to the door waiting for Dawn to unlock it. Dawn hobbled to the door unlocked it and stepped out into the shop. Jenny walked out; everyone in the shop was looking at her. She leant in towards Dawn, “was I noisy?” she asked with a wicked smile.

Dawn didn’t answer she just took the dildo and started to package it up.

Jenny wandered around the shop; she walked over to the porn video section and picked up a box. She looked over to the old man who was still looking at her. “This one’s good” she said handing the video to him.

“Thanks” he replied taking the video box.

Jenny wandered over to the clothes section and browsed through the rails. There was a rail full of uniforms, from rubber nurse uniforms to sexy frilly French maid’s uniforms. She picked up the French maid’s uniform; it was black and white with a frilly skirt and little apron. It also came with some very frilly French knickers that looked sexy. She kept hold of the uniform and browsed through the other rails but didn’t find anything that appealed to her. She took the uniform to Dawn and placed it on the counter before going over to the other side of the shop. Here they had some very revealing dance wear. She picked up a short tight clear webbed dress and some silver coloured underwear. “I think that these will go well together,” she said as she put them with the uniform on the counter. Dawn just nodded and started to wrap everything up. The young girl in black was still trying to decide between some big black boots and some other big black boots. Jenny sat down beside her.

“Are you having trouble deciding?” asked Jenny in her sweetest voice.

“Yeah” said the girl, “I dunno which ones are best.”

“I see,” said Jenny looking at the boots, “may I make a suggestion?” she asked.

“Sure” said the girl shrugging her shoulders.

Jenny stood up and walked over to the shoe section she looked at them all and found a pair of black platforms with a five-inch heel that looked amazing. Jenny picked them up and sat back next to the girl handing her the shoes.

“I’ll never be able to walk in them,” she said with a sneer.

“Have you tried?” asked Jenny.

“No, but look at them” replied the girl holding the shoe up in front of her.

Jenny just lifted her own foot up to show the girl her heels, they were about the same size, “they will make you feel more like a woman,” said Jenny coaxing her into it.

“Well alright” the girl said as she slipped of her current flat shoes. She slid the new shoes on each foot and seemed to like the way they looked on her feet.

“Ok now try walking,” said Jenny.

The girl stood up; she shuffled across the room, “try lifting your feet up when you walk” suggested Jenny. The girl strode awkwardly across the floor and back. She persevered and at the end of about her twentieth circuit she seemed to be more comfortable in them.

“Very good” said Jenny beaming at the girl.

“They are pretty sexy aren’t they” said the girl admiring the way she stood.

“Yes they are” replied Jenny with a big smile. “However,” said Jenny, “you can’t wear them with that big baggy jumper and jeans you currently have on can you?”

“I guess not” replied the girl looking at her clothes.

“Take that jumper off,” said Jenny.

“I’m not wearing anything under it” replied the girl looking at the old man who was still in the shop.

“Excuse me!” called out Jenny across the shop.

The old man turned around with a start, “yes dear” he replied.

“Could you leave please?” asked Jenny with a smile.

“Um oh all right” he said putting a video box back on the shelf and exiting through the door.

Jenny stood, walked to the door and changed the sign to ‘closed’ before locking it, “that’s better,” she said before returning to her seat. The girl looked a little apprehensive but Jenny just smiled and waved for her to continue.

Dawn and Jenny both watched as the girl removed her baggy jumper. She was slim with a well-toned body and large breasts that didn’t sag in the slightest. Jenny looked up at Dawn who was licking her lips while staring at the girl’s breasts.

“And now your jeans” said Jenny looking on.

The girl stepped out of her heels and undid her jeans before sliding them down her legs and off. She was wearing some big black panties and it looked as if she had never shaved her legs or pussy before.

“Ok” said Jenny looking at her, “what is you name?” she asked.

“Linda” she replied sheepishly trying to cover her breasts.

“Ok Linda we have a lot of work to do” replied Jenny.

“Ok” said Linda blushing.

Jenny stood up and retrieved a waxing set from a cabinet, she told Linda to sit in the urla escort chair while she applied the wax and Dawn tried to tidy up her hair. Jenny applied the wax strips all over Linda’s legs and ripped them off one by one much to her displeasure. Once Jenny had finished her legs she hooked her fingers in the sides of Linda’s panties and yanked them down in one go. Linda didn’t really have time to protest. Jenny set about giving Linda a Brazilian wax; she took every sing bit of hair off leaving Linda bald. Once she had done that she kissed Linda’s bare pussy. Jenny moaned as she licked at Linda’s lips, “much better,” Jenny said stroking her hand over Linda’s legs. Dawn had done a good job with her hair it was now untangled and it went half way down her back.

“Stand up Linda,” asked Jenny.

She did as she was asked, “put your shoes on baby” said Jenny passing her new heels to her and she stepped into them. Her breasts looked amazing being pushed out and her butt was deliciously firm and round. Jenny couldn’t help running her hand over Linda’s butt.

“Now Dawn and I are going to find you some clothes that will go well with your new shoes, just wait here a minute Linda” said Jenny as she took Dawn by the arm and walked her off towards the rails in the corner of the shop.

“Underwear first Dawn, what do you think?” asked Jenny.

“I think maybe little silk G string panties, a bra, suspender belt and some tight fishnet stockings,” said Dawn getting excited.

“Sounds good to me” replied Jenny, “you go and pick them out I will find her some over-clothes.”

Dawn went off and started looking through some draws. Jenny trawled through the rails and eventually emerged with a short leather skirt and a tight ribbed sleeveless sweater.

Linda had already put on her new panties they were black silk ones with a g-string. And she was in the process of putting on the bra with Dawn’s help. The bra gave Linda’s breasts even more uplift and her cleavage was incredible. She then put on her suspender belt round her slim waist and proceeded to slowly carefully roll her fishnet stockings up her legs attaching them to the suspenders as she went. Dawn had to help her, as Linda had never worn them before. Jenny sat back and watched this young girl turning into a sexy young woman. Once she had those on Jenny handed her the skirt and top. She stepped into the skirt and fastened it around her waist and then pulled the tight ribbed sweater over her head. Her breasts looked enormous under her sweater and she liked what she saw as she admired herself in the mirror.

“Wow” she said with a huge smile.

“You look good enough to fuck” replied dawn who had her right hand clutching her left breast.

“Yes you do” agreed Jenny who started to feel the dampness returning to between her legs.

“In fact” said dawn as she rummaged in a box behind the counter bringing out a strap-on double-ended dildo “I’ve been looking for an excuse to use this.”

Linda looked scared but thrilled, “ok” she replied as she sank to the floor on all fours. Dawn had removed her skirt and now pushed one end of the dildo deep into her pussy so she could strap the dildo in place. As Linda remained kneeling on all fours Jenny lent down next to her lifting her skirt up and moving her panties to one side. Jenny then parted her pussy lips so that Dawn could enter her more easily with her huge rubber cock. Dawn started to pump into Linda, moaning as she did. Jenny came around to Linda’s face and kissed her harshly on the lips. Jenny lifted her own skirt and removed her panties; she spread her legs and pulled Linda’s face to her open pussy. Linda immediately started to lick and suck at Jenny’s pussy, trusting her tongue deep inside and flicking it over her clitoris. As Dawn pumped harder Linda licked harder; Jenny could feel her orgasm deep inside her building up as Linda pushed her face right up against her wet hole. Linda came as dawn did both of them screaming as they did; Jenny was right behind them screaming out as Linda thrust her tongue in once more. Jenny lay down and Linda lay on her both re-gaining their breath. Dawn walked round to Jenny; she still had the dildo in place and pushed the cock up to Jenny’s lips. Jenny eagerly lapped at the cock taking it deep in her mouth. Dawn fucked Jenny’s mouth as hard as she had fucked Linda’s pussy. Dawn came again and lay on the floor regaining her energy. Jenny was the first to stand moving Linda off her first. She picked up her panties and pulled them on. Linda looked up at Jenny with a sweet innocent look on her face. “Stand up,” Jenny said extending her hand to Linda. Linda took it and Jenny pulled her up on her new heels.

“That was yummy,” said Linda as she pulled her panties back into place and straightened her skirt out.

Dawn sat on the floor and unfastened the strap-on dildo slowly sliding it out of her pink pussy. Jenny went over to the counter where Dawn had already packaged up her purchases. “I’ll take that as well,” said Jenny pointing to the dildo that was still wet from Dawn’s pussy. Dawn stood up and walked over behind the counter she wrapped the dildo up and put in her bag with the rest of her items. Jenny paid for her items and the clothes that Linda was wearing then turned to leave.

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