Jane Meets Her Valentine

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This is an original story and is the copyright of rbenne it must not be copied or used without the permission of the author.


Jane arrived home from work late that evening, it was Friday and she was annoyed that she had missed the film that she was going to with friends. She stomped into her flat and headed for the bathroom. Lying soaking in the warm water had the calming affect that she so needed. It had been a terrible day, plenty of stress and unnecessary repetitive work tasks. She was really tired and the warm scented bath water had a soporific affect upon her. She got out and wrapping a towel about her went to the kitchen, pouring a glass of red before grabbing a smoke and jumping back into the calming water.

Drawing deeply on the cigarette and sipping the glass of claret found Jane enter a new world. She was still very soporific and the smoke and drink did not help that but the fug of her mind had cleared. She started to think clearly after all tomorrow was Saturday the beginning of the weekend, freedom. Unfortunately her friends were all married and were going away for the weekend so she was going to be lonesome Jane again.

Letting some water out before refreshing it with more warm she grabbed another glass of claret and a smoke before resuming her relaxing meditation. Half asleep she thought how lonely her world was, all her friends were either married or going steady. Yet here she was, twenty eight years old and on her own. Try as she did, she could not find a man who was caring, a lover of the outdoor world and one who would share his good with his bad; a man who would treat her as a desirable woman worth knowing and talking with and not a sex object, only worth the short term fling. Jane sipped her wine and took a third smoke as a few tears of despair tracked down her pretty cheeks. She lay there allowing them to flow freely staining the slightly luminous skin.

At last the water began to get cold so she climbed slowly out and commenced patting herself dry. She was a girl of about five foot six with black hair. Her black sable eyes, like wet marbles, gleaming behind canopies of thick dark lashes were one of her fascinating features. She possessed a broad intelligent brow and her lips, another startling feature were slightly puffed and seductively set. The bone structure of her head was fine and led down to her chin which was set low above her fine neck.

Very pretty she had a petite frame almost too petite and yet she carried it with a real style. Her breasts were not overly large just a nice handful with dark leathery nipples set against slightly lighter aureole, they were provocatively perky sitting high on her perfect globes. Having finished drying she put her white robe on and sloped down to the kitchen. Sitting in front of the television eating a toasted sandwich she had final claret. Television was not good for that evening with a choice of a romance film or game shows so Jane decided to take her book and go to bed.

She slept in and it wasn’t until eleven thirty that she arose; dressing in a form fitting tee shirt and jeans she decided to go to her favourite cafe for some brunch. Sitting at the table she looked about her and yet failed to see a recognisable face so she read her book and had her meal before walking slowly through the leafy park taking the long walk home. As she walked she contemplated what to do with the evening, she did not want to sit at home drinking her wine and chain smoking whilst watching some inappropriate show on television. Sitting at the kitchen table flicking through the local paper she noticed a Jazz band was playing at the new nightclub Antalya Escort in the high street. Why not she thought, you never know Mr Right maybe there as well sipping his drink listening to the jazz.

At 6 Jane started to get ready to go out. She combed her soft black hair allowing it to drape around her face, framing those alluring eyes. She put on a fine black bra with a matching shear black panties. Slipping her favourite dark casual dress which set up the cleavage of her breasts and not too short yet it was not that long either, showing plenty of her finely formed legs. Putting on a pair of small finely cut earrings and a small silver chain she phoned for a taxi; after all she was going to drink and did not want to earn herself a ticket.

Arriving at the nightclub she found that it was about half full and the band was in full swing. Some couples were dancing whilst most were sitting at tables or secluded booths with their wives and girlfriends. Jane ordered a wine and sat down at a small table for two where she would have a good view of the band and what was going on around her. She was into her second drink when she saw a tall broad shouldered man of about fifty walk in and sit down at the table across from her.

She noticed that he had dark hair with a finely cropped white beard which seemed to make him quite distinctive. He was wearing a pair of rimless glasses and was drinking a beer. As Jane sipped her drink and listened to the band she found herself quietly observing the stranger who had an alluring aura about him. After glancing over for the fourth time she saw realised she was looking into his deep intelligent eyes. Jane blushed realising that she had been sprung, she blushed even harder when she saw that he was getting up and coming over to her table.

Without asking he sat down and introduced himself in a quiet foreign, authoritative voice as Milke. Jane shook his hand introducing herself as Jane Branson. For a time nothing else was said as they both sat drinking and listening to the jazz, until the band took a break. Milke started to speak telling Jane that he was a school teacher and loved sailing his trailer sailor that he kept at the marina. Jane was interested and explained that she loved yachts and sailing although she had done little. She explained that she possessed a Bachelors Degree and was still studying at the local university. Milke got up and without asking, ordered two more drinks, Jane was glad she had taken the taxi because she did not hold her alcohol too well.

As they drank chatting about nothing in particular Jane felt Milke’s foot slide provocatively up her exposed leg. She stuttered on her drink and pulled her leg back but Milke just transferred his foot to her other leg. Jane thought well he was at least interesting, intelligent and her perfect age group. She did not like men of her age because they lacked experience and couldn’t satisfy her properly. She was also finding herself attracted to this strange man and when he saw that she had finished her drink he suggested they go onto some place more comfortable.

Now this really amazed Jane because she had never had someone say this with such authority, normally she would have refused, after all she had only just met Milke and did not believe going off with someone on their first date if that’s what you could call this. Yet she found herself quietly getting up and following him outside to his black BMW with white leather upholstery. Milke opened the door for her and Jane slid onto the seat making sure that her skirt did not ride up. Getting in behind the wheel Milke started to drive Antalya Escort Bayan through the outer suburbs: Jane spoke asking that they go somewhere away from the local vicinity.

Saying nothing Milke turned across the traffic and headed down out of town, as they drove he dropped a hand onto Jane’s thigh sliding his hand up under the hem of her skirt coming to a halt at the edge of her thigh stockings. Jane did nothing; she felt strangely aroused and was horrified to notice that her panties were getting damp. She willed his hand to move on up to her panty covered pussy but Rod was content to leave his hand where it was slowly massaging her firm thigh. Jane found herself start to breath faster and her hands became clammy. At last they pulled in at the Sheraton Hotel some fifteen kilometers from her home.

Milke got out and walked confidently up to reception with Jane hurrying along in his wake wondering what the hell she was up too. Milke payed with his credit card and taking a magnetic door key led the way to a lift. Stepping in they went in silence up to the seventh floor and to a room with a spectacular view of the lights of the city. As they stepped in he left a ”Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door handle. Jane noticed this and wondered again what she had let herself in for.

Without saying anything Milke simply walked up to Jane and pushing her against the wall locked his mouth over hers; his serpentine tongue slipping between her glossy, slightly moist lips, invading her mouth, flicking across her tongue until it too became active and then the two organs commenced an erotic tango exploring, licking and becoming entwined with the other. Jane found herself moaning into Milke’s mouth as her excitement, need rose.

She was aware of a large projection from between Milke’s legs as he pressed her against the wall. She continued to moan as the kiss became an event of massive proportion. All the time their mouths were locked Rod held her head in his hands running his hand through her long black hair, allowing a hand to drop down across her neck applying even more urgency. Jane was aware that her panties were saturated and her nipples straining against the confines of her bra.

Forty minutes later she felt him push a leg between her knees as his hand slipped behind her and unzipped her dress allowing it to crumple down around her ankles. Lifting her feet she stepped out of the remains of her dress and stood before him in her saturated shear black panties and her bra with her stiff nips evident to Milke’s gaze.

Milke stepped back and removed his shirt and trousers standing in a pair of grey boxer shorts, his massive erection sticking out through the gap. Jane looked down and was stunned at the proportions of his manhood. It had been six years since she had last been with a man and e had been nowhere near this size it had to be ten inches long and four to five inches in circumference, the inflamed helmet standing proudly at an angle. Milke moved up to Jane and easily took her in his arms carrying her to the king bed, placing her gently across it as he lay down beside her.

Leaning across her his tongue pushed again through her willing lips as his hands lay over her small perky breasts, squeezing them, massaging, making Jane groan as her urgency began to mount. Slipping a hand under the cloth of her bra he captured her sensitive nipple pinching it making her moan loudly. Removing the bra he kisses and licks his way down to her mounds licking over her nipples sending electric shock waves down from her breasts to her erogenous zone. Jane began to writhe on the bed as Escort Antalya Milke continued to tease, taking his time, smiling as she wailed out in desire and lust.

Using his fingers to continue their assault on her breasts he licks his down the velvet highway stopping briefly at her navel slipping his tongue in before teasingly sliding down to her shapely thigh licking down to behind her knee before moving ever so slowly back up leaving Jane in suspense begging him to take her. Milke smiled as he paused at the junction of her thigh and the edge of her sodden panties. He could smell her arousal as his hand cupped her mound before hooking into the waist band and ripping them off her. Leaving them lie on the floor in sweet surrender.

For the first time Milke could see that she had left a small strip of black hair across her mound; pressing his tongue between her lips Milke growls with satisfaction as he tasted her secretions on her aroused labia. Milke allowed his tongue to push deep into her swirling around her outer walls tasting her arousal, whilst his hand found its way past the protective lining of her stiff clitoris. Jane thrust her hips up as he took possession of her clit screaming her urgency to the room around as Milke used two fingers from his other hand and pushed into her pussy working around until suddenly Jane went ballistic and Rod knew that he had located her G spot. As he worked his fingers in and out Jane felt the first waves of her climax begin deep down inside her.

As Milke continued to tease and thrust, the shock waves commenced their rapid trek up her canal exploding to the surface as the first orgasmic tsunami that Jane had experienced in six years washed across her. She thrashed across the bed as wave after wave of her orgasm broke through her until she slumped back onto the bed breathing urgently recovering from the mind blowing experience.

Half an hour later Jane reached over Milke kissing him deeply, thanking him silently for what he had given her: Milke rolled her over, lifting her up, on her knees, on the edge of the bed. Taking a hand he needed it around her swollen fanny slipping his fingers into the sloppy tunnel before taking his erection and thrusting into her spreading her tight pussy open. He paused, allowing Jane to get used to the size before pushing in deeper until his balls were slapping against her ass he thrust slowly in and out.

Jane was panting, groaning as she felt the miraculous pain of the pile driving she was experiencing. All her nerve endings were on edge and she began to recognise the second orgasm begin to arrive as Milke picked up his pace thrusting all ten inches deep into her as Jane screamed feeling an even greater orgasm crash over her, and felt Rod pull out and pump his cream across her back. Jane continued to thrust back and forth as she felt wave after wave of glorious ecstasy wash out of her. After what seemed and age of eternity her second orgasm in six years subsided and she collapsed into a deep satisfied slumber.

Two hours later she awoke as Milke picked her up in his arms and took her to the bathroom. Standing her in the shower he stepped in with her and gently, caressingly washed her tired body. They stood in the shower and kissed deeply as the water cascaded down over them. Stepping out Rod quietly dries Jane paying close attention to her pussy, breasts and thighs, before taking her up and returning her to the bed where they slept, Jane with her head on Milke’s shoulder and a leg draped over him in sweet surrender.

Through the night they awoke and made slow passionate love again giving Jane her third climax of the night. The two lovers spent the Sunday in the room leaving for work in the clothes that they went out to listen to jazz in. As they drove Jane knew that she was going to be seeing a lot of Milke over the months to follow. Little did she know just how much.

To Be Continued…

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