Jane’s Happy Endings Ch. 06

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Jane spent her Friday night working her part time job at the massage parlor. Business had really picked up since Veronica started advertising to her other friends. And Jane certainly didn’t mind the extra work, especially since she needed the money.

The cute and shy Asian girl had taken steps towards becoming a more confident woman. With the help of Veronica, Jane was no longer allowing fear to stop her from facing challenges. She forced herself to have conversations with all of the women Veronica sent to her massage office. And Jane could see the results. All her new clients not only enjoyed Jane’s massages, but her conversation and personality as well.

There were still two girls, however, that were not convinced. Ashley and Monica still had their doubts about the young Asian intern. They pretended to be nice to Jane, just to appease Veronica and her blossoming friendship with the intern. However, behind closed doors, Ashley and Monica continued to talk shit about the intern.

Jane wasn’t completely oblivious of her coworker’s attitudes. She suspected there was discontent coming from Ashley and Monica, but Jane tried to convince herself that it was just her insecure nature creeping back in. However, Jane was about to face conflict without Veronica for the first time.

As Jane was packing up to leave, there was a knock at her office door. She thought she was done with her final client, so she wasn’t sure what was going on. Jane opened the door to find none other than Ashley. A second of shock turned into a moment of panic. “What is she doing here?” she quickly thought to herself. Jane took a deep breath before telling herself, “Be confident.”

“Hi, Ashley,” Jane finally said.

Ashley walked into the massage room, buzzed from the mojitos she had earlier with Monica. The pretty Latina was wearing a tight pink dress, that showed off her tight frame. She was about an inch shorter than Veronica, at 5’6. And although she wasn’t as thick, she still had curves that rivaled the other Latina coworker. The short pink dress highlighted her small waist, beautiful breasts, and toned ass. Ashley had the kind of body that Jane would have been completely insecure around before she got so familiar with Veronica’s body.

“I want a massage,” said Ashley, flipping her long, highlighted hair past her shoulder.

Jane could feel a negative vibe coming from the Latina. It felt completely different than the polite and respectful vibe she felt with Veronica. Ashley’s tone communicated a demand to Jane rather than a request. And Jane wasn’t too happy about it.

“Well, did you pay for one at the front?” asked Jane.

Ashley responded by giggling. “No, I just asked which room was yours.”

“So, you want a massage from me?” asked Jane.

“Well duh,” responded Ashley. “You give massages, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” answered Jane. “But I do it for money. So if you want a massage, you need to pay for one.”

Once again, Ashley laughed. She tried to blow off Jane’s instructions. “Can’t you just do it for free, like you do it for Veronica?”

Jane wasn’t having it. “Veronica always offers to pay,” she answered. “If I decide to give her a free one, that’s between her and me.”

The young Asian wasn’t happy with Ashley’s dismissive attitude. She felt that Ashley was trying to walk all over her, and she didn’t want to let that happen. In that moment, Jane remembered what Veronica said about Ashley and Monica.

“Don’t take any disrespect from those two girls, I’ve known them for a long time. Ashley can be pretty stuck up. And Monica can be too. Be assertive with them. Stand up for yourself.”

But what Jane had to focus on the most was Veronica’s final statement.

“Ashley acts tough, but she’s all bark and no bite.”

Jane took a deep breath and told herself, “I can do this,” before reentering the room. As she came face to face with Ashley once again, Jane said, “Look, if you really want a massage I can give you one. But you’ll have to pay after.”

Ashley didn’t believe that Jane would really stand up to her. She brushed off the statement, expecting to find a way out later. “Okay, we’ll talk about it,” she said. “Just give me a good back massage.”

Jane still felt the disrespect coming from the Latina’s tone. But she tried to give Ashley a chance. “Okay, take off your dress and get on the table,” she instructed.

Ashley just stared at her with a really snobby look. “What do you mean take my dress off?” she asked.

“Well, you want your back massaged,” responded Jane. “I need to put oil on your back. You can’t be dressed while your back is being massaged.”

The stuck-up Latina didn’t take it well. “I’m not getting naked for you,” she said, with an attitude. Ashley then followed up with a joke that offended the Asian client. “I should have figured you gave THAT kind of massage.”

As Ashley began laughing, something snapped in Jane’s brain. “She’s all bark and no bite.” She had to take the leap of faith. But one she bursa evi olan escort crossed that line, there was no coming back.

Jane quickly got into Ashley’s face. “Listen, you bitch!” demanded the angry masseuse. “I’m not the intern here. This is my job and you’re going to listen to me!

Ashley was shocked at the way the smaller Asian girl snapped at her. She didn’t know what else to do besides bark back. “Oh yeah? Well what are you going to do about it?”

Jane grabbed Ashley’s tight pink dress and pulled it up to her waist, revealing her black laced thong.

Ashley quickly grabbed her dress in full embarrassment. “What are you doing?” she asked, in a frantic voice.

“I’m not taking your shit anymore!” answered Jane. She pulled Ashley’s dress back up, revealing her thong once again. Before Ashley could cover herself up Jane landed a hard smack on her exposed bottom.

“Ow!” yelped the Latina. She couldn’t believe that the younger Asian had the nerve to slap her ass.

Jane pushed Ashley towards the massage table. Ashley was slightly bent over as she placed both hands on the table to catch her fall. The angry intern landed two more hard smacks, one for each of the Latina’s cheeks.

“Ow, Ow!” screamed Ashley. Her fat ass jiggled nicely as Jane assertively spanked her. She never expected Jane to stand up to her. “You better stop that!” she yelled, not knowing what else to do.

“Or what?” asked Jane. She was now confident that Ashley wouldn’t bite back.

“Or…or…you’re going to get in trouble!” Ashley finally responded.

Jane could feel the insecurity coming from the Latina’s voice. Her confidence grew as she realized that Veronica was right about her. “You’re not going to do anything about it,” she said. Jane then brought her hand back and landed a jolting blow to the snooty Latina’s round tushy, causing her entire body to rock.

“OWWWWWWW!!” cried out Ashley. “You can’t do this to me! You’re going to get in trouble!”

Jane popped Ashley’s ass one more time, causing her to cry out like a little bitch again. “This is my massage, so you’re going to follow my rules,” demanded the assertive intern. “Now take off your clothes!”

Scared of having her red bottom smack again, Ashley quickly removed her dress. She was now in nothing but her matching lace bra and thong set. She rubbed her red ass while staring at the intern that she tormented for so long. For the first time, Ashley was afraid of the consequences of her actions.

The young Asian approached Ashley aggressively. She unclipped the Latina’s bra as she said, “I want this off too.”

“Oh, okay,” Ashley said, reluctantly. As she let her bra down, Ashley’s large breasts slowly popped out for Jane to see. Jane was surprised that someone with such a tight frame could have such large and perky breasts. Her nipples were a couple shades darker than her skin, extremely pointy and ready to be pinched.

Jane softly grasped Ashley’s right breast from behind. “Are you scared?” she whispered, as she fondled the Latina’s perky tit.

Even though she tried not to, Ashley let out a soft moan as the sensation of having her breasts fondled sent chills down her spine. She didn’t want to be turned on, but she could feel the goosebumps all over her body as Jane’s hands touched her.

Jane instructed the scared Latina to climb onto the table. Though she was hesitant, Ashley obeyed the instructions given by her masseuse. She found herself on her hands and knees in nothing but her black lace thong.

Perk your ass up for me,” Jane demanded,” as she placed her hand on the Latina’s ass.

Ashley did as she was told and perked her round ass up in the air for Jane. As she poked her ass up, she looked back at Jane in fear of what might come next. The intern began rubbing Ashley’s ass, causing more goosebumps to appear all over her body.

“I think a little anal massage might fix that bad attitude of yours,” said Jane, in a taunting voice.

Hearing those words caused Ashley to clinch her ass cheeks. “No!” she rebelled. “I don’t do that kind of stuff!”

“Oh? Too snobby to have your ass hole touched?” asked Jane.

“Stop!” demanded the stuck-up Latina. “I’m not doing that!”

Jane wasn’t about to let this bitch tell her what she was or wasn’t going to do. She immediately met her attitude with a hard spank, causing Ashley to moan in pain. Seeing that the spanking actually shut her up, Jane continued to land more smacks on Ashley’s fat ass. The Latina rocked back and forth, causing her hanging breasts to bounce, as she cried for mercy.

“Please stop!” Ashley pleaded. “Please stop spanking me!”

“You’re not going to tell me what to do,” said Jane, in a stern and confident voice. As Ashley looked back in fear, Jane instructed, “You’re just going to sit here and look pretty.”

Afraid of the repercussions, Ashley could do nothing but keep her mouth shut as she felt Jane’s finger pulling her thong altıparmak escort to the side. “This is really happening to me!” she thought to herself, in a panic. “No! What am I going to do!” she continued thinking to herself. As she continued to panic, Ashley let out a sudden moan as she felt the Asian’s finger enter her ass hole.

“That’s a good girl,” whispered Jane, as she slowly wiggled her finger further into the stuck-up Latina’s ass.

Ashley could do nothing but close her eyes and stay still. The sensation of Jane’s finger wiggling inside her ass was paralyzing. Ashley couldn’t even breath from the strong sensation wiggling inside her. As Jane forced her finger even further inside, Ashley let out a huge moan, which helped her remember to breath.

“I…don’t…do…this!” Ashley muttered, in between long moans. “This feels…so…good! What…are…you…doing to me!?” She didn’t want to like it, but she couldn’t deny that the anal pleasure was giving her a new sensation that she never knew she desired. Ashley always felt that anal was a disrespectful style of sexual interaction. She felt it was only for sluts, and that she was above such a kinky act. She was embarrassed to acknowledge any kind of pleasure in that moment, but she couldn’t deny the sensation flowing through her body.

Suddenly Ashley felt a new sensation touching her breast. As she finally opened her eyes, she looked up to find Jane pinching and twisting her nipple.

“Oh fuck!” Ashley moaned. “That feels so good!” She couldn’t believe the sensations tingling throughout her body. She had already allowed Jane to do something against her core beliefs. But in that moment, pleasure was defeating pride, and she admitted to herself that she loved the way Jane fingered her ass.

Suddenly Ashley lost the feeling of sensation coming from her behind. She turned to see that Jane removed her finger from her anus. “Wait!” Ashley moaned. “What? Why? Why did you stop?” she asked, in a panic.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said Jane, in a teasing manner. “I thought you didn’t do that kind of stuff.”

“Nooo!” moaned Ashley, in a whiney voice. “Please mami!”

“Please what?” asked Jane. She wanted to Ashley to swallow her bride and beg for it. She wasn’t going to let the bitch off easy. She was going to make her work for everything she got.

“Please mami!” whined Ashley, wiggling her perked ass.

The assertive Asian woman whispered softly into Ashley’s ear, “What do you want baby?”

Ashley was so turned on. Goosebumps were all over her body. She gave in to her demands and politely asked, “Finger my ass please?”

“What was that?” asked Jane, wanting the Latina to confess it for the world to hear.

“I want you to finger my ass!” she begged.

Jane was pleased with the Latina’s courage to swallow her pride. She rubbed Ashley’s perked ass, feeling the goosebumps from the chills Ashley was experiencing. She slowly rubbed up and down the Latina’s tight little ass hole before plunging in once again.

Desperate for a deeper sensation, Ashley began rocking herself back and forth, hoping to help Jane’s finger wiggle even further into her tight ass. She let out a deep breath as Jane also wiggled her finger deeper inside. “Oh!” Ashley moaned repeatedly.

Jane began stimulating the Latina’s hard nipples once again as she continued fingering her ass. She heard Ashley moaning louder and louder as she accepted her slutty desires for anal pleasure. The cries and moans coming from the Latina hinted that an orgasm was fast approaching.

“Are you going to cum?” whispered Jane.

“I’m going to cum!” Ashley yelled, through her loud moans.

“Are you going to cum with my finger inside your ass?” asked Jane, teasingly.

“I’m going to cum with your finger in my ass!” yelled the sexually dominated Latina.

Suddenly, in an evil move, Jane removed her finger from Ashley’s ass and whispered, “No you’re not.”

“Ugh!” moaned Ashley, in a huge sigh of desperate disappointment. “No! Why did you stop!? Please!”

Jane laughed at the sexually frustrated and defeated Latina. “Look at you,” she said. “You think you really deserve to cum just like that? After all the shit you put me through?”

“Please!” begged the humiliated Latina. “I need it! Please mami!”

Jane continued with her evil laugh before saying, “I’m going to make you earn it.”

“Wait, what do you mean?” asked Ashley, with fear in her voice.

“Just sit there and shut up,” demanded Jane, in her stern tone. She opened up her bag and began going through it. “I was saving this for Veronica, but I guess I can try this on you first.”

Ashley was fearful, having no clue what to expect. Suddenly her eyes got huge as Jane revealed a purple strap-on. “What are you going to do with that?!” asked the frightened Latina.

Jane removed her shorts and her panties. As she began strapping on her new toy, she answered, “I’m not going to do anything with this. gemlik escort You’re going to do all the work.” She approached the scared Latina in nothing but a white tank-top and her purple strap-on.

“What do you mean!?” Ashley asked, frantically.

Jane sat on the table next to Ashley, who was still on all fours. “First you’re going to do this,” said Jane, as she slowly guided the Latina’s face to the dildo.

Ashley pulled back quickly in defiance. “No! I don’t do that kind of stuff either!”

Jane was once again offended by Ashley’s snobby attitude. “Oh, you’re going to do this,” she demanded, as she grabbed the back of Ashley’s head.

“I don’t suck dick!” Ashley screamed, as she faced the dildo. “I’m not that kind of woman!”

“Oh yes you are,” responded Jane, as she forced the Latina’s face towards her dildo. “You’re going to suck this cock.”

No longer able to defy the stronger Asian woman, Ashley put her mouth over the dildo and began reluctantly sucking on it.

“You can do better than that,” said Jane. She leaned over and spanked Ashley’s ass, causing her to moan with the dildo still in her mouth.

As Ashley began to give a better effort, sucking the dildo harder as she moved her head up and down, Jane continued to spank her ass. “That’s right,” said Jane. “All you needed was a little encouragement.”

When Ashley took her mouth off the dildo to take catch her breath, she said, “This is embarrassing!” in a whiney and bitchy voice.

Jane quickly grabbed her by the hair, forcing Ashley to make eye contact. “Hey! Did I tell you to talk?” she asked, aggressively. “If I want you to talk then I’ll tell you to talk. Now shut the fuck up and do what you’re supposed to do!”

Scared and humiliated, Ashley had no other option but to comply. She moaned as she quickly welcomed Jane’s strap-on back into her mouth. Jane helped her by holding her hair back in one large ponytail. Ashley bounced her head up and down, deep throating Jane’s strap-on as she was being spanked for encouragement. Ashley couldn’t admit it to herself but submitting to such a humiliating act humbled her enough to let her enjoy sucking on Jane’s dildo.

Jane pulled the obedient Latina off her strap-on. She still had a strong grasp of Ashley’s hair. The two beauties stared into each other’s eyes.

“Did I do good mami?” asked Ashley.

“Yes, you did very well,” answered Jane.

Feeling that she earned some affection from the dominant woman, Ashley tried to move closer for a kiss. Jane however, had a strong grip of Ashley’s hair and would only let her get close enough to sense her lips but not taste them.

“Ugh!” whined the desperate Latina. “Please! I want your lips,” Ashley begged, as she stuck out her tongue, hoping to connect with Jane’s mouth. Jane continued to tease Ashley, holding her back by her hair as the moaned for a kiss.

“You don’t deserve a kiss,” said Jane.

“Oh!” moaned Ashley, with sadness and disappointment. She didn’t know why she was so frustrated to kiss the Asian woman. Maybe it was the sense of approval it could give her. Or maybe she thought Jane’s kiss could bring even more sensation than the touch of her hands. Whatever it was, Ashley could not make it clearer that she was physically and mentally desperate for Jane’s lips.

Jane pulled the Latina away from her and maneuvered Ashley’s body to turn around. She pulled Ashley’s thong down and removed it from her legs, leaving her in nothing but her tan high heels. Ashley grew red with embarrassment from being totally naked in front of the 23-year old intern. However, what really stopped her from being turned on was the vulnerable position she was in.

“Are you about to fuck me from behind?” Ashley asked, with attitude.

Jane answered with confidence. “You’re about to get fucked doggy style.”

“No!” yelled Ashley. “I don’t do doggy style! I’m not a fucking dog!”

Jane spanked Ashley’s ass hard to shut her mouth. “I’m so tired of you saying that!” She stuck the strap-on inside the Latina’s pussy and slowly worked it in.

“OH!” moaned Ashley. She didn’t want to like it, but Jane was pulling her hips back towards her. Ashley was already soaking wet from all the other naughty things Jane forced on her, so it wasn’t long before the dildo slipped deep inside her wet pussy. “OH FUCK!” she screamed.

Jane had never used a strap-on before, nor did she have any experience humping someone. She found it a bit awkward trying to find her stride. She held onto the Latina’s sexy hips as she drove herself back and forth. As Jane began to catch her stride, she noticed Ashley bouncing back and forth with her, taking the strap-on deep inside her pussy. Jane decided to let the stuck-up Latina bounce on her strap-on as she enjoyed the view from behind.

“Yeah bitch,” Jane said, as she grabbed a chunk of Ashley’s hair. Ashley looked back as the Asian aggressively pulled her hair. She twerked her ass back and forth, letting the dildo penetrate deep inside her. She moaned from the intense pleasure as Jane began spanking her ass while she was being fucked.

“AY MAMI!” screamed Ashley, as she moaned for the world to hear. She loved the feeling of having her hair pulled and being spanked while she was fucked by the assertive Asian woman.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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