Janice is mind controlled and humiliated by Ginger (part 2)

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Tuesday was forecast to be a warm June day. Janice dressed in a pale blue t-shirt and white shorts. Stephen left for work. David was on his way to University, he left the house and Janice shut the door behind him. She was about to lock the door as she usually did but something told her to leave it unlocked. She walked through into the dinning room and stopped, she could not move, Janice tried to pick her feet up she could, how ever hard she tried she was frozen still like a statue.

Suddenly memories of the previous day came flooding back, she remembered what Ginger had made her do, he had raped her and by controlling her mind he had made her enjoy it and join in.

Ginger was coming back she knew it. Janice. “NO, NO,” she screamed but not a sound came out of her, the scream stayed in her head. Images of the previous day were flashing through her mind.

She tried to struggle but her body refused to move, nothing moved not even her eye balls.

Janice stood there as the images of the day before flashed in her mind. She felt as though she was going mad, losing her mind.

Janice heard her front door open and close, there were steps and she knew he had entered the room, Janice could not turn her head to see him.

There was a moments silence and then his low voice behind her commanded “take your t-shirt off”. Janice could not stop herself; her hands went to the hem of her t-shirt and she pulled it off over her head and dropped it to the floor.

“I came earlier today so we have more time to play” his voice was emotionless. Janice was still struggling, she was trying to shout at him, she was both angry and scared.

“your bra, take it off”, her hands went behind her and unclasped her bra, it fell to the floor.

Janice felt him behind her, his chest was against her back, his arms came round her and cupped her bare breasts. He fondled them.

“Janice, I am going to ask you a question you will answer it honestly you may speak only to answer.” He carried on playing with her breast, squeezing them hard with his big strong hands. “Have you ever done anal sex?” he asked.

Janice tried not to answer but the one word came out, “no!”.

“why not,” asked Ginger. “I don’t like the idea, its not the right way,” she said.

“Well we are going to change that” said Ginger, Janice could her the excitement in his voice, she felt sick at the idea of him penetrating her anus.

“Take your shorts off” Janice had never wanted anything as badly she did now she wanted to stop herself taking her shorts off, once that happened there would be only her knickers protecting her from his intention. But without hesitation she pulled her shorts down and kicked them off. Inside she was shaking.

Gingers hands rested on her hips, “now shall I pull them off or shall you pull them off he mused in her ear, once they are off you will be naked for me, think about me fucking your arse,” he said. Horrible images appeared in her head of him abusing her, of his large dick pushing up her anus.

Janice was again screaming in her head “NO, NO” she tried to beg him not to do it but no sound came out of her mouth.

“You, you take them off, you can have the pleasure of revealing yourself.” Ginger whispered in her ear.

Janice took the sides of her knickers and pulled them down and off.

“Very nice, very nice arse” commented Ginger casually.

He squeezed her buttocks.

There was a moments pause and she could hear him undressing behind her.

His was back behind her arms around her and cupping her breasts, her main thought was she could feel his erection against her buttocks and he was rubbing it between them.

“Bend over you dining room table.”

Janice in an involuntary movement stepped forward and bent over gaziantep lezbiyen the table he pushed her further over the table so her breasts were pressing against the surface of it.

He stepped back and admired the view of her.

“grasp your buttocks and pull them apart so I can see your asshole,” Janice’s hands did as commanded, she felt ashamed.

Ginger put a finger to her ass and pushed it in as far as his knuckle.

She was in a real state of panic, her head was spinning and she felt as though her mind was on the edge of cracking.

Janice could feel the tip of his penis against the entrance to anus. She thought she would be sick.

“I am going to enjoy this” his voice said.

He pushed, Janice felt her anal muscles stretch as his dick pushed into her, it felt like it was ripping her body apart.

Ginger paused when half his erection was in Janice, the tightness of her dry arse gripping him nearly made him cum, he drew back slightly and then rammed himself hard into her the full length of his dick penetrating her rectum. He paused for a moment enjoying the sensation. Then pulled back and again drove himself into her with all his strength, so hard the table moved forward.

He started to slowly move in and out of her letting the tight muscles of her anus masturbate him. He got into a steady rhythm pumping into her. He kept going until he could contain himself no longer and he started to pump extra hard as his cum squirted into her.

Janice’s mind had gone blank she was aware of him banging into her raping her anus and she was aware of his cum filling her but her mind was not functioning there was no fear or hate just a big blank.

When his voice told her to stand up and turn round her body did. She now knew he completely controlled her body would do his bidding and she could not stop it.

You are now,” he breathed, “so aroused that even my slightest touch can make you almost come.”

Yesterday the command horrified her today her broken mind accepted it, she knew her mind and body were about to lose all their inhibitions and that she was going to have a wild time all against her will. She knew she was going to enjoy been raped. She did exactly as he commanded. She was on fire for him, writhing and clutching at him, desperate to take his cock and guide it inside her. “Fuck me!” she cried, no longer thinking different words. “Fuck me!” She spread her legs wantonly, wriggling to get him into position. He slid inside her pussy she needed Ginger to fuck her, her pussy was soaking wet

At his first thrust she came, a tingling rush from her groin up her spine now all that mattered was coming, and it happened several times over the next hour as the two of them breathlessly fucked She moaned and he grunted with the effort and pleasure, Janice cried out each time she climaxed the gap between climaxes often only seconds apart each one shaking the muscles of her pussy. She did what ever he bid. She was drenched with sweat and her own pussy juices. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, climaxing over and over.

Then it was over, “still” Ginger commanded. Her body froze. They were both panting heavily and flushed with the sex. They were both laid on the carpet.

Ginger got up and looked at her heaving body. He looked at her eyes, they were dull, he knew he was closing to cracking her mind with the enormity of what he was doing to her.

It was too soon so he left her laying on the floor for several minutes recovering.

Janice laid on her back could see Ginger stood over her smiling into her eyes. He did not saying anything but a instruction appeared in her mind.

Janice found she could talk in a low voice, “No please don’t make me go walk outside naked all the neighbours would see me!”

Ginger continued smiling at her.

“Oh no please don’t, please don’t make me.” She was begging him as she stood up and walked to the front door.” Her mind had recovered enough to be appalled by the thought of her neighbours seeing her. “No, no, no, no..” she kept saying as she opened the door and stepped outside.

It was warm out, Janice was so aware of her nakedness, her bare breasts, buttocks and pussy all on show so that anyone could see her. She reached the end of her footpath stepped out and into the street her body turned her to the left walking down the street.

She wanted to folder her arms across her body to hide that she was naked but they just hung at her side.

A car drove past her she could see it swerve as the driver stared at her. Janice’s face flushed with embarrassment.

She walked slowly still trying to battle with her body to turn around and go back. Thankfully the street was quiet.

She walked past two houses the pavement warm under her bare feet and then flushed and groaned, outside the third house Shaun’s mother was about to get in her car, then even worse Shaun himself was there. She did not like Shaun he was a teenage brat and he did not like her.

Shaun’s mother did not say anything but smiled widely at her.

Shaun though stepped out in front of her forcing her to stop. He was grinning at her he looked her up and down.

Janice was cringing inside she wanted to turn and run.

Still grinning he stepped to one side and Janice started walking slowly down the street.

As she walk Janice counted the house numbers at each one hoping she would turn around 18, 16, 14 there was man gardening he stared at her as she walked past, 10

Janice could see four young men stood talking on the footpath in front of her they were in shorts and football shirts. As they talked they were kicking a ball between them.

8, 6, Nearly at the bottom of the street.

The young men stopped and looked at her as she walked towards them. Across the road a woman was walking up the street, “get some clothes on” she said giving Janice a disapproving look.

She had a feeling the young men were waiting for her. As she approached, she realised they were younger than she had thought.

Outside number 4 two of them stepped in front of her making her stop. They were all staring at her.

She recognised one of them as living in the street, she thought he was called Alex. “Mrs Goodall” was all he said. She knew he was aged about fifteen.

Again she tried to cover her naked body with her hands but failed. She was aware how vulnerable she was. One of them reached out and touched her breast with a finger.

She could not stop him.

“Take her in the garage,” one of them said.

They grabbed her and pulled her down the driveway of the house to a garage, the owner had left the garage door open.

They pulled her into the garage and one of them shut the garage door. It was very dark inside with just a small amount of light seeping in through a small dirty window.

She guessed they were all about fifteen years old.

They started asking her about why she was naked, she could not reply.

One of them touched her on the nipple and then squeezed her breast. This gave the others confidence and they started touching her. She could not defend herself. Their hands were all over her body touching and stroking her breasts, stomach, buttocks and the coarse hair of her pussy. Then one of them had his fingers between her legs and into the slit of her body.

Janice stood watching them. Then she felt her knees bending she could not stop herself, she knelt down reached out to the one in front of her, pulled his shorts down, opened her mouth, took the cock that was in front of her in her hand and then into her mouth.

She knew she could not resist could not stop what she was doing

The others crowded close around her, they had undressed, they were so close that their erections were touching her head and face.

The cock she was sucking squirted its come into her mouth, she swallowed. The cock was withdrawn and another placed in her mouth. All four of them filled her mouth with their cum.

Janice felt slightly sick due to the amount of cum she had swallowed.

Alex said “lay her on the floor,”

Janice was laid on the cold concrete floor.

They all took photos of her with their phones.

The touching started again.

“pull her legs apart,” said one of them.

Her ankles were grabbed she lay helpless as they spread her legs. One of them pulled her arms above her head so she was spread-eagled on the floor.

They were kissing her breasts and then three of them started egging on Alex to have sex with her.

He knelt between her legs and then laid on top of her.

Janice could feel his erection between her legs searching for her opening, it was obvious this was his first time.

Alex found the entrance to her body and pushed into her. Take a picture he said to the others. They all started taking pictures and videos on their phones.

Alex was quick he came within a minute.

One of the others took his place on top of her. Alex grabbed her arms and wrapped them around the body that was on top of her. The others grabbed her legs and pulled them up around his back.

“That makes it look as though you are joining in” said Alex taking a few photos of her.

The boy on top of her lasted longer than Alex had, ejaculating into her in one long spasm that Janice felt last an age.

The other two refused to have sex but they knelt beside her mastubating, one sprayed his cum on to her breasts and one into her face. Alex rolled her on to her stomach and Smack his hand slapped her buttocks, he repeated it several times bringing tears to her eyes.

One of them stood over her and emptied his bladder over her. Janice could feel his urine spraying on to her pussy and then her stomach and breasts. The boys left her laid on the floor.

Janice picked herself off the floor and walked back out to the road. She hoped her body would take home, she groaned inwardly when she turned left again. She could feel cum running down the inside of her leg and face was wet with it.

A new horror at the bottom of her street she turned right, it was only a few steps to the busy main road. She walked beside the library and was beside the main road.

A bus went by some of the passengers gawped out of the windows, there were several cars behind the bus.

Thankfully she turned and headed back the way she had come. She started walking back up her street.

Two cars passed her as she walked one slowed down and the driver watched her for a few seconds before driving off.

She walked slowly home.

Indoors Ginger was waiting for her.

“Lay down on your back with your legs wide open” was his command.

Janice did his bidding.

He had sex with her again, hard, driving in to her with his hips.

Afterwards he whispered in her ear.

“I am part of a large organisation we control thousands of people just like we control you. We can use you whenever we want to, do whatever we want. For the next few years you will be used for sex frequently. The things we can do to your mind would scare you out of your skin. I am going to enjoy fucking your mind up as well as your body. One day in a few years we may release you from our control.

Janice shivered in fear.

“Now I am going to leave you, everything that has happen you will forget, tomorrow you will be having a different experience.”

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