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Today was a good day, I thought to myself. Classes had been canceled for the rest of the afternoon which meant I had more time to get ready for tonight. It’s Wednesday so this meant that Martin would be coming over for dinner and some quality time. Quality time being that he was going to stay over and fuck me silly.

Martin and I had been together for five months in a serious relationship but we had met earlier in January. It took a while for Martin and me to finally cross into our relationship. I had never had sex before him so he was my first. When I finally gave myself to him it was a hard fall. I gave my body, heart and soul.

I lived on the farm that Martin worked on with my grandfather. My grandfather had taken me in when my mother remarried. My step father couldn’t stand the sight of me because it reminded him that my mother had been with another man. Total macho bullshit.

I went through high school living on that farm and things weren’t bad at all. On the weekends we would go into the city and stay with my grandfather’s lady friend. That’s where I met Janie. My grandfather’s lady friend had two daughters and Janie is who I connected the most with.

Janie was four years older than me so she helped me navigate the waters of the early teen years when my hormones were raging. Janie also helped me out with getting through high school. I could always come to her for help and advice. Janie had tons of experience and always seemed to have the answer for whatever bullshit I had to deal with.

Now fast forward to today where we are now officially roommates. I was a freshman in college and Janie was in her senior year at the same school. Moving in with her was the natural thing to do when the time came. Plus if it wasn’t for Janie I never would’ve been brave enough to get with Martin.

Janie was the one that helped me in the early months with Martin. If it hadn’t been for her I don’t know what I would’ve done. Martin was four years older than me and every bit of a fine, fine man. Martin stood just a bit over six feet tall and his body was hard as a rock. From his wide chiseled upper body to his fine as hell lower body. Martin had it all.

Did I mention that he had a massive cock? I think that in today’s terms it’s called a monster cock.

But where Martin and I connected was that we could talk about anything. Not once did Martin try to come on to me in those early months. In fact I was the guilty one constantly trying to steal glances at his gorgeous body. Martin even caught me staring at his crotch once and that almost ended everything before it even got started.

I ran off like a silly little school girl and hid for days from him. Martin and I would eventually start talking again and that’s when our relationship got heated. I confessed everything to Janie and true to our friendship Janie helped me prepare for that first night with him. When the big night came I was more than prepared for him and it was a night that I will never ever forget.

This was the mid-seventies, 1976 to be exact so don’t expect to hear about cell phones, the internet or any of the convenience’s that you have in today’s world. If my dialogue seems outdated understand that I am telling you what happened as I remember it.

Things would never be the same…

I knew that I had to go to the grocery store and now that classes were canceled I headed that way. As I got to the store I suddenly realized that I had forgotten my money. I have always been forgetful and with the usual disgust I chastised myself, turned around and quickly headed for home.

I didn’t want to run out of time so I tried to hurry. I pulled up into my parking spot in front of the modest little two bedroom house that Janie and I rented. I quickly headed towards the door. Fumbling with my keys I was finally able to get inside. I headed for the hallway that Beylikdüzü escort leads to the bedrooms. Mine on the left and Janie’s on the right.

I started making my way to the hallway, heading towards my room. At the same time I was going over the list of things I had to get. I remembered that I had to get razors to shave my legs. My legs had to be soft and smooth tonight. I had to be perfect for Martin.

Then I don’t know how I noticed but suddenly I just froze. I stood there listening to what had caught my attention. It was coming from Janie’s room. Before I could gasp or laugh out loud I quickly covered my mouth. Janie was getting fucked. From the sounds of it Janie was getting fucked really well.

Something seemed off because the more I listened the more off everything sounded. Then it hit me. Janie must have a new guy because no way was this Jeff. Jeff was Janie’s bullshit boyfriend at the time. No way was Jeff causing those sounds to come out of her.

Since I moved in with Janie I had heard and walked in on them fucking so I knew what they sounded like. I carefully started towards her room. I could tell that she wasn’t expecting anyone to come home because her door was partially opened.

As I got to the door and carefully peaked in I couldn’t make out who she was fucking. Janie had her bed placed caddy-corner in her room. As I peeked inside I could see her upper body. She had a pillow under her back right under her shoulders. This meant that whenever Janie wanted she could look down between her legs without having to strain her neck and have a perfect view of whatever was going inside her.

But Janie wasn’t looking down. No, Janie was moving her head side to side slowly and she had a strained look on her face. Janie’s arms were extended out to her side. It looked like her hands were holding on to the bed sheets for dear life. By the way her arms and shoulders were flexing she was struggling with what was going into her.

I instantly started to get wet. I knew that I had to see who her new guy was so I very carefully pushed the door open and slowly moved my head just inside the door to see who it was.

Yeah, you knew from the beginning didn’t you? I never would’ve thought it…

When I saw who was between her legs my heart sank. It felt as if the life had left my body. The man between Janie’s legs was Martin. My Martin, my man, the man that I had pledged my heart and soul to. The only man that had ever fucked me.

I froze but I couldn’t take my eyes off of what I was watching. Martin was standing at the foot of the bed. Janie was up against him her legs spread wide and pushed back. By the rhythm that Martin was using I could tell that this was close to the first time that he had ever fucked Janie.

I knew this because he would slide that huge cock in her slowly, gently. Then he would pause to let her catch her breath before slowly sliding that thing back out of her. Also by the strained look on Janie’s face I knew that she wasn’t used to what she was receiving. Janie laid there slowly moving her head side to side.

Her entire body tensing and relaxing with each stroke. Moaning, groaning, grunting… pick a sound. Janie had no control of the sounds coming out of her mouth. She was lost to that cock that was glistening with her slime as it slid in and out of her.

I knew that feeling because it had taken me a good three weeks of being fucked for hours every night to finally get used to that cock. But once I was used to it Martin would fuck me without mercy slamming me for hours.

But tonight Martin was being gentle. Gentle, just like those first nights that he was gentle with me. When he was fucking me those first times. At this moment as my heart was being ripped out of me I still found the good in him. Martin wasn’t hurting Janie he was being gentle with her. To me Beylikdüzü escort Martins kind heart and his good gentleman nature were more of a turn on than that perfect body and that huge cock between his legs.

Then they stopped. I looked over at Janie and she was staring right at me. I could see the fear and heartache in her eyes. Right at that moment Janie knew what she was doing to me. What she was doing to us. The only thing that kept me from breaking down was Martin.

“Hey…babe. Hey…look at me.” Martin’s voice spoke softly, cutting through the moment. I looked over to him and he extended his hand out to me. I had been watching what was going on and was so hypnotized by it all that I didn’t even realize that I had stepped into the room. Martin reached out to me offering me his hand.

“Come here baby, take my hand.” Martin’s voice sounded so gentle, so sweet. To this day I have no clue why I did what I did. I reached out and took his hand. Martin slowly pulled me to him until I was standing right next to him. Martin pulled me close then his arm around me he leaned down and kissed the top of my head. All of this but he never pulled his cock out of Janie.

“Go help her baby, move the pillow, get behind her and help her.” As Martin spoke those words to me I started making my way to Janie. Again I don’t know why because at this point I could feel my eyes start to well up with tears. I slipped my shoes off and climbed onto the bed.

I could see that Janie was in shock, she laid there frozen unable to move. I moved the pillow that was under her shoulders and slid under her resting her body between my legs, her shoulder’s against my stomach. It was like a scene from The Handmaid’s Tale. The wife sliding behind the handmaid to hold her while the husband fucks her.

Then Martin started again. I looked down at Janie and she gave me this blank terrified look but that didn’t last long. As Martin started fucking her again, Janie’s mouth instantly dropped open, her eyes closing shut. Just like that her lust took over.

Martin was fucking her again. Janie had a pillow under her ass and I had a perfect view of Martins cock slithering slowly in and out of her. Martin slid his hands under her knees, pushing her legs back. Martin was pinning her legs back against the mattress. Martin started going deeper.

Janie lost it. I knew she had never had anything that big inside her. I knew what she was going through. I wasn’t being fucked but I was soaked. I was so turned on right at that moment that I didn’t have time to think of the betrayal that was happening to me.

All I could concentrate on was that thick, long cock spreading Janie’s pussy open. Her pussy lips were so pushed back that on either side of her pussy lips her skin had formed creases giving her pussy the appearance of having more than one set of pussy lips. Then the next thing Martin did sent a loud gasp from both Janie and my mouth.

Martin pulled his cock all the way out then he pushed back in past the half way mark. Up until that thrust he wasn’t even using half of that wonderful cock. Janie gasped at the new depth Martin had hit and I gasped at the sight of her pussy hole. It was obscenely stretched. Every time Martin slid that cock out of Janie’s pussy it would stay gaped open. I had never seen a sight like that.

I instantly wondered if my hole looked like that the first weeks of Martin fucking me. Martin repeated the move, again and again. Slow deliberate strokes. Pulling all the way out then going back in to the same depth. Then came the air in the pussy sounds. I never knew such a thing existed. I was eighteen, so stupid, so naïve.

But now every time Martin shoved that cock back inside Janie’s pussy it would make that loud sound. Florpp… Both Janie and I would gasp at the sounds. Janie’s hands were now holding on to my hands, Escort Beylikdüzü squeezing the life out of them. When Martin would pull out of her all the way her pussy would release multiple air sounds.

Janie’s face was beet red with embarrassment and lust. I could see the battle raging inside of her with each uncontrollable sound that her pussy was making. Each sound causing embarrassment and pure animal lust. Janie’s pussy was so sloppy wet and I could see it sliming all over Martin’s cock.

The entire thing was insane, obscene and extremely intoxicating. I looked up at Martins face and I knew that face he was making. I leaned down and whispered in Janie’s ear, “Cum baby.” Janie looked up at me barely able to make a sound. All she could say was, “Again?”

I smiled and for a split second she wasn’t the person that was betraying me but my dear sweet friend. “Yes, if you can, cum again because he’s getting ready to…” The words hadn’t finished coming out of my mouth when Janie’s eyes rolled into the back of her head and her body started quivering. Then her body started to spasm over and over. Janie was getting hammered by her orgasm. Then I heard that familiar grunt.

Martin was unloading… I knew that Martin’s first load was a lot. Martin would shoot strand after strand in me with that first load of the night. But not tonight. Tonight Janie was getting that thick, heavy first load.

Watching Janie writhe around fighting her orgasm I could tell that she was feeling that big load dumping deep inside her.

Finally they had both stopped twitching then Martin extended his hand out to me. But it was too late. Reality was creeping back inside my head. Everything that was wrong about what was happening that day started to creep back inside my head. Then Martin said something to me that hit me like a kick to the gut.

Even now as I type this I feel the hit all over again.

“Come get your cum baby.” Martin wanted me to go over and lick his cum out of Janie’s pussy. Everything slammed into my brain at once.

My best friend that had seen me through my darkest hours and guided me through my first love. Knowing how hard it was for me to finally give myself to Martin had just betrayed me. Martin the love of my life who had sworn to never, ever disrespect me was now asking me to lick his cum out of my best friend’s pussy.

I got out of bed slipping my shoes on in a hurry then headed towards the door. “Wait!” Martin called out. “Babe, wait! Hey where are you g…?” I didn’t even hear the last of that sentence because I was already at the front door.

I busted outside and was headed for my car when Martin finally caught up to me. He grabbed my arm and spun me around into his arms. He was wearing his jeans, no shirt and barefoot. I was in his arms and I could feel myself melting into him…The feeling didn’t last long.

Reality has a way of snapping you out of it.

Martin suddenly realized he was outside and the entire neighborhood was watching us. He quickly pulled back and let me go. I looked into those beautiful brown eyes and started crying. Martin just stepped back and slowly started walking backwards.

As much as Martin had claimed to feel for me he could never bring himself to say that he loved me.

There was no way that the world could know about us.

As I jumped in the car I was already beating myself up. How could I have sat through that? Why hadn’t I just left? How could Janie and Martin have done this to me?? I wanted to throw up.

Anger… Betrayal… Disgust…

I felt anger. I was so angry at Martin. He fucked up what he promised to never fuck up. Mother fucker how could he do this!

I felt betrayal. Janie? How could she do this to me? Janie betrayed me! She was like a sister to me! She was always there for me. Why?!

But the disgust was the worst feeling.

I was disgusted with myself. Watching Janie and Martin fuck had turned me on. From the beginning I knew I was turned on.

I couldn’t deny it. From the first sight of Martin and Janie fucking.

I could feel the pre-cum drooling from my cock…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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