Jason Does Mother and Daughter

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Jason was a nineteen year old computer whiz who moved from his little home town in the Panhandle of West Texas to the big city of Los Angeles to attend UCLA under a full scholarship.

He found a small apartment near the university in May, intending to find a job to give himself some pocket money while he was in school.

He was picking up his mail at the apartment mail boxes when he heard a “Hi. You must be the young man who has moved in across the hall from me. I’m Harriet Lawson.”

Jason looked up to see a very attractive older woman smiling at him. He smiled shyly as he replied. “I am. My name is Jason. Jason Thompson.”

They chatted a few minutes. Mrs. Lawson quizzed him so deftly that Jason did not realize how much of himself he was revealing; that he was a computer nerd, shy around girls, from a small town, worried about money, going to attend school in the fall, looking for work, and lonely.

Jason discovered that Mrs. Lawson was a secretary for a law firm and had an eighteen year old daughter who was going to USC in the fall. Her daughter was an art major but was completely illiterate in computers.

He thought Mrs. Lawson was the sexiest lady he had ever seen. He let her precede him up the stairs to the second floor where they had apartments across the hall from each other.

By the time he arrived at the top of the stairs he had a raging hardon from watching her sexy hips swivel her tight buns back and forth. She wore a mini skirt and he had a good look most of the way up her legs.

Mrs. Lawson liked what she saw. Jason was a solidly built young man, a few inches taller than she. He had a rugged square-jawed face, full lips, blond hair, and green eyes. She was well aware that he was staring up her skirt all he way up the stairs; adding a little extra wiggle in her ass to keep him staring.

She thought about him as she put away the packages she had brought home. She was divorced, having thrown out a philandering husband when she discovered he cruised for men in the evenings when he was supposed to be working.

Mrs. Lawson was a highly sexed woman who did not get enough when she was married and craved sex now, not having a steady partner. One night stands did not appeal to her. She licked her lips thoughtfully, wondering how difficult it would be to seduce Jason.

Not difficult at all, as it turned out. Jason was horny, tired of being a virgin, and ready for sex. He came from farm country and the women where he lived were sturdy creatures about as inviting to Jason as the farm animals he had to care for from the time he was a child until now.

Jason lusted after sex. He had spent hours browsing porn sites gaping at naked women; their tits and pussies, their sexy mouths wrapped around a cock, pussies being licked and sucked by women and men. He had never downloaded anything because he did not have a credit card or a bank account or enough money to buy a money order, even if he could get one.

Mrs. Lawson paid attention to Jason’s schedule and made sure they crossed paths often in the weeks since they met. She always had something in her arms and let him take them from her, letting some part of her body touch him each time; an arm, a shoulder, a hip, a breast.

Within two weeks Jason had a hardon every time he saw Mrs. Lawson. Mrs. Lawson judged that the time was right to give Jason what they both wanted. They met at the mailboxes, as usual. Mrs. Lawson let Jason take her packages from her, his cock stiffening from the touch of her thigh and breast as he walked up the stairs with her, now side by side. Mrs. Lawson opened the door to her apartment and led Jason into the living room where he put down the packages.

For some reason Jason never understood Mrs. Lawson slipped and started to fall. Jason reached out and kept her upright and found himself holding her in his arms. His hard cock was pressed into her and her head was resting on his chest.

Mrs. Lawson lifted her head as she put her arms around his neck. Her hands pulled his head downward as she lifted her face to him. Suddenly Jason found her soft, warm lips pressed to his and a tongue licking along his lips.

Jason’s hands were shaking as he held Mrs. Lawson. He had never felt so excited sexually in his life. He nearly came in his pants as he returned Mrs. Lawson’s kiss. They held each other for what seemed to Jason to be an eternity; an eternity of bliss.

Without thinking of what he was doing, Jason had let his hands wander down Mrs. Lawson’s back as they kissed. He gripped her buttocks in his hands, pulling her against his crotch tightly. His hard cock bored into her tight skirt, pressing into her crotch.

Mrs. Lawson’s hands were also busy, stroking Jason’s scalp, touching his cheeks lightly. She pressed herself against Jason, her firm breasts warming his chest, her pussy rubbing against his cock.

Judging the time perfectly, she pulled her mouth from Jason’s and put her cheek against his chest. “I have been so lonely, Anadolu Yakası Escort Jason.” She whispered. She looked up into his face. “You are so kind to kiss an old woman like me.”

Jason swallowed as he stared into the most beautiful face he had ever seen outside of the porn sites he visited. “Oh, Mrs. Lawson. You are not an old woman and I liked kissing you.”

“Jason. You are so kind. Would you like to kiss me again?”

Jason, too tongue tied to speak, nodded and let Mrs. Lawson lead him to her couch. They sat down and their lips were again fastened together. Jason’s hands were now all over the sexy Mrs. Lawson’s body. He touched her breasts and suddenly found her blouse and bra off and on the floor.

His mouth went to her tits and a hand to her thighs, which parted and allowed his hand to touch a woman’s crotch for the first time. He nearly passed out from the excitement.

Mrs. Lawson was getting pretty excited herself. Jason’s eager, greedy mouth on her tits was getting her turned on and when his fingers began to play with the crotch of her panties her pussy quivered and began to send a stream of her juices down her vagina.

She helped Jason out of his cloths and removed the rest of hers as she led them to her bedroom. She propped a pillow under her ass and pulled Jason down on top of her.

Jason was in a state of sexual shock at this point. He watched as if he were an alien from outer space as Mrs. Lawson took his cock in her hand and rubbed the head along the outer lips of her pussy. He nearly ejaculated from the feel of her pussy lips against his cock head.

Mrs. Lawson was almost ready to cum herself. Her hand guided his cock into her pussy as she raised her hips, impaling his meat inside her hot, moist, flexing vagina. She found her clit with a finger and rubbed it gently as cock and pussy became one.

Jason’s cock twitched and jerked in her pussy and the best feelings Jason had ever had in his life came to his brain from his cock. He raised and lowered his hips, guided by Mrs. Lawson’s hands, his body in synch with that of Mrs. Lawson’s.

“I’m going to cum, Mrs. Lawson.” He said. His face strained from the tension emanating from his loins. Mts. Lawson pulled his mouth to her tits, telling him to try to keep from cumming for another minute.

Jason concentrated on the feel and taste of the firm yet soft flesh of her tits and nipples and willed himself not to cum. Soon, though, the warm, wet, slippery pussy of Mrs. Lawson, working his cock as if her pussy were a milking machine, had him spurting into her pussy.

Harriet Lawson’s greedy pussy exploded just as his hot load invaded her vagina. The flood from his spurting cock, jerking inside her set her off. She held his cock in the tight grip of her spasming pussy, pulling from him every bit of cum she could, making her own orgasm last as long as she could.

Jason’s body was trembling and his cock wilting from his first vaginal fuck. He lifted his face from Mrs. Lawson’s breasts. He was a little scared; scared that he had raped this woman. It had all happened so fast he wasn’t sure just how he got his cock inside her. He was scared but he knew he wanted to fuck some more.

“I’m. I’m sorry, Mrs. Lawson.” He stammered, a look of worry and fear on his face.

Mrs. Lawson put a finger to his lips. “Shush, Jason. I’m not sorry. You just got a little carried away and I didn’t want to stop you.” She patted his cheek. “You were a good lover.”

Jason’s mouth split his face with his smile. A good lover, she called me. She didn’t want to stop me. Wow. “I’m so happy, Mrs. Lawson. I’ve never had sex before.”

Harriet smiled at him, having surmised as much. He had been good, for his first time. His equipment was certainly more than adequate, filling her tight pussy nicely. She flexed her vaginal muscles around his now wilted cock, bringing it back to life.

“Would you like to do that again, Jason?” She asked him, a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh yes, Mrs. Lawson. I would.”

Harriet pulled at his cock telling Jason. “I think you should call me Harriet now that we have become lovers.”

Jason’s chest swelled. Lovers. She said we were lovers. He licked his lips. “I will, Mrs….Harriet.”

Harriet Lawson guided Jason through four satisfying fucks, teaching him how to play with her clit as he fucked her and how to control himself so as to not shoot off too soon.

She was delighted at how quickly he learned. I wonder if he will learn to like pussy eating as much as he likes fucking? She mused as she came down from her last orgasm.

Jason was wondering the same thing. Many of the porn sites he looked at showed women licking off other women. Seldom did he see a man licking off a woman, but he found lots of stories that described how much men liked doing it. He knew he was going to try it.

He asked Harriet if he could come to her apartment the next day. She demurred, telling him her daughter would be home. Pendik Escort She did agree, after Jason begged her, to come to his apartment.

He had her in his arms the moment she came through the door, his lips pressed to hers, tongue licking at hers.

Harriet was thrilled that this boy was so sexually alive. Her heart thumped and her pussy juiced as she felt the urgency in his body. Her tongue danced with his in a sexual duet, further inflaming Jason.

His fingers trembling from the sexual tension in his body, Jason undid Harriet’s blouse. She shrugged it off. Almost before it hit the floor Jason had her bra off and his mouth on her tits. A hungry moan escaped his mouth as he sucked and licked these succulent orbs.

Harriet bit her lip excitedly as she held Jason’s head to her tasty breasts. “Let’s go into your bedroom baby.” She told him, taking him by the hand.

They stripped quickly and lay down on the bed. Jason kissed her again as he fondled her breasts and pussy. His mouth moved to her tits quickly. He loved the feel of her breasts and nipples in his mouth; so firm, so elastic, so satisfying.

Harriet’s pussy spasmed and juiced. She licked her lips, enthralled by the ravenous way Jason went after her body. She stroked his face and felt her pussy quake when his mouth moved from her tits down her body, kissing her taut skin avidly and licking a trail down to her flat tummy.

He kissed her navel, sending a thrill to her pussy. Harriet felt a sexual rush when Jason twisted his body around in order to get his head between her thighs. She sighed and closed her eyes. Oh. He is wonderful, she thought. I just love this boy.

Jason, his mind’s eye following line by line some of his favorite pussy-licking stories, began his oral assault of Harriet’s pussy. He began by licking and kissing her inner thighs, sending little tremors of joy over Harriet’s body.

He licked back and forth across her crotch, his tongue flicking at her outer lips. Jason put his hands under her ass, holding her firm ass cheeks in his grasp, loving the feel of them in his hands.

His eyes nearly glazed over with the lust that filled his body and mind, Jason stared at the full, red, engorged lips and silky pubic hair that surrounded them. God. They are beautiful, he thought.

He looked up at Harriet’s face, his eyes traveling up her flat tummy, her uptilted breasts tipped with firm red nipples to her face. “You’re so beautiful.” He told her. “I love your pussy.”

Harriet smiled at him and lifted her hips, pushing her pussy against his mouth. “It’s all yours, Jason.” She told him, her hands caressing his scalp.

Jason opened his mouth and put it around her outer lips. Holding them as if he had the crown jewels in his mouth, he licked at them. All around her outer lips his tongue licked. And then he slid his tongue between them, sluicing it up and down the tender sensitive skin.

Harriet’s breathing was getting ragged as she felt the joy her pussy was creating for Jason and for her as Jason continued to lick and suck at her pussy. Her skin crawled as she watched Jason’s intent concentration on her pussy. She licked her lips, a sense of anticipation sending a trickle of love juice down her channel of love.

Jason sucked and licked at her red, swollen, rubbery pussy lips. He closed his eyes to better concentrate on what he was doing. And then his tongue licked up between these outer lips, between the inner lips, and to Harriet’s clit, which was erect and peaking out from her inner lips.

The feel of his tongue on her clit sent an electric shock of sexual excitement through Harriet’s body. She lifted her hips automatically, fucking at Jason’s face, rubbing her clit over his mouth. “That is so exciting, Jason. You are making me so happy.”

The sound of her voice exhilarated Jason. I’m making her happy. I’m exciting her. Oh God. I am so lucky to have found Harriet. I just love her pussy. I’m going to love having her orgasming while I lick her clit.

And orgasm Harriet did, many times. Jason played her clit the way a concert violinist plays a fine instrument. Her clit and his tongue were symbiotically related instruments of sexual gratification. Jason received as much pleasure as he gave and Harriet soon came to realize this truth.

Her voice sang with joy as she urged Jason to get her off again and again. She filled his mouth with her cum and was thrilled when he licked and sucked her cum from her juicing pussy.

It had to come to an end. Harriet’s muscles were exhausted from tensing and releasing them each time she climaxed. She forced Jason’s mouth from her pussy, telling him. “Jason. I love what you are doing but I have to rest for a while. You have worn me out with love. I have never been loved this way before and I am grateful to you.”

Jason laid his head on her breast, licking and sucking at a nipple. He then turned his face toward Harriet’s, telling her. “I’m so happy. You have made me the happiest Kurtköy Escort man in the world. I love having you cum in my mouth. It is the greatest feeling in the world.”

Harriet put his mouth back to her tit. Her entire body was full of bliss. Easting my pussy makes him happy? He loves having me cum in his mouth? She hugged his face to her tits as she contemplated what this meant for Jason and her. Her pussy spasmed as she thought of having Jason’s head between her thighs again and again and again.

When Harriet had regained her strength, she and Jason fucked and fucked and fucked. Four times he shot off inside her loving vagina. The walls of her vagina grasping and releasing his cock sent shock wave after shock wave of sexual joy to his brain.

A few days later Jason was about to go into his apartment when he saw a young woman insert a key into the door of the apartment across from his, Harriet Lawson’s apartment. This must be her daughter, he thought.

He looked her up and down and was instantly hard. She is a smaller edition of her mother, he thought. Just then the young woman turned and faced Jason.

She put out her hand. “You must be Jason. I’m Angelina. My mother has told me about you. I’m glad we met finally.”

Jason took her hand, trying not to stare at Angelina’s nice tits. “Hi, Angelina. It’s nice to met you also.”

They chatted a bit about how excited they were about going to college in the fall. Angelina told him she was going to need some help getting up to speed on a computer. Her mother was a whiz but Angelina told him, shaking her head. “She couldn’t teach a dog to bark.”

Jason volunteered to teach her and they set up a date for her to come to his apartment and get started.

Angelina hummed as she entered her apartment. I think I know why mother has been in such a good mood lately. That boy’s face lit up when I mentioned my mother. A very nice lady, he called her. Ha. I bet she is nice to him and him to her.

Angelina was tired, as had been Jason, of her virgin status. She decided to get some of what her mother was getting. The afternoon of her first lesson she wore a very short mini skirt and a scooped out blouse that showed the soft upper curves of her sexy breasts. She did not wear a bra. That should get his attention, she told herself.

It did. Jason was hard as soon as she came in the door. He put her in front of one of his computers while he sat across from her in front of his second computer. He had a good look at her legs and when she crossed them a perfect view of the tiny piece of blue cloth that covered her crotch.

When Angelina asked him a question he would stand at her shoulder, staring down her blouse, admiring her firm, shapely tits.

They set up a schedule. Angelina would come by his apartment every other day; Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for an hour.

Jason made love with Harriet on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Sunday was a day of rest for all three. Angelina soon figured out that her mother was having sex with Jason the days he was not teaching her.

When she decided she had learned the basics from Jason she felt it was time to move on to phase two of her plan. Wearing her tightest, shortest mini skirt and tightest sweater she met him on a Friday afternoon.

Jason’s dick came to attention when he saw her. He licked his lips as he looked up her skirt when she sat down facing her computer. The tiny band of cloth was caught between her pussy lips and he could see them clearly beneath the cloth.

Angelina looked up and caught his eye. “Something wrong?” She asked him, a puzzled look on her face.

“No. No.” Jason told her before he returned his gaze to her crotch.

Angelina decided to be more aggressive. This has gone on long enough, she thought. If I don’t do something nothing may happen and I will have wasted a lot of time.

Suiting action to words, she rose from her chair and moved to where Jason was seated. She sat down on his lap and asked him. “Have you ever wanted to kiss me?”

Jason was stunned to feel her warm ass pressed against his hard cock. He looked into her eyes and melted. Instead of answering, he put his lips to hers and slipped his tongue between her lips.

Angelina sighed when she felt his tongue and let hers dance a sexual dance with his. Jason’s hands were soon on her breasts and her thighs, feeling her up.

Having practiced the move many times with Harriet, Jason unfastened Angelina’s blouse . Angelina followed it with her eyes as he tossed it onto a nearby chair. Her pussy spasmed as she told herself, it is really going to happen. I’m going to have sex.

Jason picked her up and carried her to his bedroom where he proceeded to take off the rest of her clothes and his. He lay her down on the bed and lay down beside her.

Following the script he had practiced many times with Harriet he kissed and licked her tits and tummy and pussy, bringing great sexual joy to Angelina.

When she was exhausted from cumming in his mouth he let her rest and then fucked her silly, cumming in her hot pussy three times.

Harriet recognized a fucked-out daughter as soon as she saw her. She was pleased that it was Jason who was the one to take her daughter’s virginity.

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