Jayne’s Accident Pt. 01

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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, all characters are consenting and are of age 18+.

This story follows on from my previous story called “Last day of the Summer” which itself comes in 3 parts. you do not need to read them to enjoy this story but they will add to it in terms of characters and location.

My stories are in depth, I prefer it this way and would like to thank all readers for persevering with them and leaving feedback.


It had been a couple of weeks since she had last seen Maddi although speaking quite frequently on the phone with the occasional video call, where they would watch each other masturbate. Jayne had missed the skin on skin contact between them, their kissing and all the other naughty things they did with each other, thinking about it always made her smile and feel all fuzzy.

However, she was glad that she was back into her routine of work and spent more time riding her horse because with all that was going on in her personal life, she felt as though she was neglecting him. She missed Sally an awful lot, she missed Maddi too but was happy that they were both working hard at their studies, the fact Maddi was still local meant that there were times they spent together which she was happy with.

She had met with Maddi a few times and they had amazing long sex sessions with each other, just thinking about it made her wet and she felt her heartbeat hasten. When she brought up the topic of where they were in terms of their relationship to each other, she had been relieved when Maddi had said that their relationship didn’t need to change from what it always had been. They had just become extremely close but due to Sally, it was best if they didn’t allow it to get out of control and jeapordise everything they had. She guessed that they were now best friends with benefits and that suited them both fine, she had expected Maddi to react badly but was impressed at how grown up she was about it but the truth being, she was impressed with herself because she wanted more out of it.

Something had awoken within, she never really considered having sexual relations with another woman and still couldn’t explain to herself how things had happened, they just had! Everywhere she went, she was taking more notice of the females around her and caught herself checking them out, looking at their bodies, their beauty. She also looked at men but they no longer had that appeal that they once had, not that she would say no to the idea of dating a man again. She just wanted to explore this new side to herself, she loved how sexual she felt when with another woman, it felt so much different. Little things like the smell of a woman’s hair, her perfume, the feel of their soft skin, conversations were different and she simply felt more at ease.

The sound of her phone had made her jump out of her reverie, picking it up she could see that she had received a message from Maddi.

“Hi Jayne, sorry for such a late response but i have been in the library all evening and fell asleep in a book. I won’t be able to get back this weekend as there is so much I need to get done, hope you don’t mind? M xx”

She stared at her phone for a while, reading the message again she could feel her face frown and was a little upset but forced a smile. She couldn’t be mad or sad at Maddi, the situation clearly had a more profound impact on her than she would have anticipated. With a sigh, she began to type her reply.

“Not to worry darling, don’t study too hard.” she pressed the send button.

The truth, she was upset because it just seemed that their get-togethers were becoming less frequent and felt that they weren’t as meaningful as they were at the start. She knew that Maddi needed to live her student life, she had done so herself and understood how easily things changed at that age.

Placing the phone down on the kitchen counter, she poured herself a large glass of red wine and walked over to the window and looked outside into the garden. Daylight had almost gone as the night took over, setting the glass down as she began taking her clothes off. It was one of her favourite things to do, she liked the feeling of being free and now that she was living on her own, she was able to without the worry that Sally would catch her. A part of her wondered how that would pan out, what would Sally say? Would she be disgusted by it? Thinking about it, she suddenly felt turned on and subconsciously was rubbing her breast, tracing her finger around her erect nipple.

Sitting down on the familiar seat, she placed her hand on the empty space beside her before bringing a foot up, spreading her legs and running her hand through her pubic hair as her thoughts went to Maddi. Biting her lip, she pushed her fingers between her moist labia and rubbed her clitoris with her thumb, pushing two fingers deeper into her vagina as she squeezed her other breast with her free hand. The thought of Sally walking in on her sent a shudder through her body, knowing that would not be the case she Ankara escort continued with more vigour. Her vagina was throbbing, she knew she was not far away from climaxing and with that she slid a finger into her asshole.

“Oh my God, oh my God!” her voice elevated.

She didn’t care that she felt a little resistance as she pushed her finger in and out of her anus, having little control over her hand as her body just went with it, faster and harder. Her body began to convulse as she let herself go, she came hard. She allowed her body to sink into the seat, her skin gleamed as the light shone on her sweaty body, her breathing began to slow down as she lay there.

“Wow.” she said to herself.

She rubbed her hand on her stomach up to her breasts, it was covered in cum and she could feel cooling on her skin. Looking down at herself she could make out a small brown smear, looking at her hand again, she could see that it had been the finger that she used in her bum.

“Oh dear! What a messy girl you are!”

Raising her hand to her face, she couldn’t resist smelling it and gave a faint grimace but equally was intrigued. Since her tryst with Maddi, anal play had become a normal activity for her and them both together, she had contemplated using a dildo on herself but had never taken that step as she was still apprehensive and had never even had anal sex with any man before either. She loved having Maddi use her tongue on her and equally returning the favour, something about it just turned her on so much. The heady aroma, the feel of the sphincter muscle both resisting and allowing her tongue access as her face was buried deep between the ass cheeks.

She put her finger into her mouth, sucking it slowly as she stood up to go up to her bedroom, it was still a new sensation for her and was slowly getting more used to it but she always sucked her bum finger as she called it after her play. Draining her glass of wine as she walked through the kitchen, she placed the glass down and went upstairs to shower and get into bed.


The following morning, she had woken up at around 7am to the sound of her alarm blaring, her head was a little groggy as she went into her ensuite to get herself ready for the day ahead. Walking out of the bathroom naked except for a towel around her head, she looked herself over in the standing mirror and stretched her body to the ceiling before sitting at her dressing table. Picking up her phone hoping for a message from Maddi, she frowned when she saw that there were no new messages and lightly tossed the phone over onto her bed out of her sight. The more she thought about it, the more upset she became so she tried her best to push those thoughts out of her mind.

After getting herself ready and dressed, she gave her plaited ponytail another once over in the mirror, she smoothed her outfit and picked up her phone. She was dressed in a casual riding outfit, noticing it was a little tighter than usual which ultimately meant that she had indulged a little too much over the past weeks and would have to get herself back into a healthy regime.

Walking into the kitchen, she made herself a coffee and prepared a light breakfast of banana, granola and yoghurt which she ate as she looked out into her garden. The sky looked a little angry today she thought to herself, maybe it was a reflection of her current mood but that didn’t put her off. She picked up her riding gear from the utility room and left the house. As she walked to her Range Rover, she called ahead to the stable.

“Hello, good morning! It is Jayne, I was wondering if he could be prepared for me to take him out this morning? I am on my way now and should be with you within half an hour.” she said to the manager. She listened as he spoke and made noises of acknowledgement to what was being said to her.

“Yes, that is fine! Thank you for being honest with me. Leave it with me!” She ended the call and tossed her phone on the passenger seat feeling more frustrated, she knew she had high expectations but she also knew that she was in the wrong.

Firing the engine, she put her foot down and roared off down the driveway, spraying gravel as she went. Her drive was pretty straightforward, she listened to classic 80’s music and sang along as she drove, feeling calmer than she had done before. Pulling into the car park of the stables, she parked up as close as she could and sat there for a few minutes, checking her face in the mirror before getting out and locking the vehicle.

She spotted the manager just outside the door to the office and made her way over, she wanted to apologise for her demanding tone over the phone and admitted that it was uncalled for. He had been fine with it and made fun of her, she had genuinely laughed, just what she needed as it took her mind off things bothering her. Making her way to her horse, she noted how busy it was as she looked around before entering his stall and saying hello. He had been happy to see her, rubbing Escort ankara his nose and patting him on the shoulder before starting to brush him down. She was a little startled as she felt a presence enter the stall behind her.

“Good morning Jayne, would you like some help?” the voice was soft spoken but full of life, turning she saw that it was Emma the stable hand.

“Good morning Emma dear, how lovely to see you!” she turned and reached her arms out as she approached, giving the girl a hug and kiss on each cheek.

“You too! It has been a while since your last visit. I like your hair today!” she replied.

They still had contact with each other, Jayne noticed how Emma still had her ponytail in her hand as she admired it. She could see the vivid green of her eyes, the faint freckles on her nose and cheeks. Emma didn’t really wear any make-up either, she didn’t really have the job for it but was still strikingly beautiful she thought. She had glossy red hair, darker than what she normally saw but she wore it well.

“Is everything ok?” she heard Emma say as she realised that she had been caught staring at her.

“Oh…yes. Sorry I umm, has anyone ever told you what amazing eyes you have? You are very beautiful Emma.” she said and could feel her cheeks blush. All of a sudden she felt as though the temperature had gone up.

“Aww thanks, not nearly as beautiful as you though Jayne!”

She felt Emma’s hands squeeze her arms when she had told her that, she also felt happier than she had and was glad of the distraction. She liked Emma as she was always nice and helpful, but now she saw her in a totally different light! She saw past the stable hand and now could see this nice attractive woman before her, and she was intrigued by her.

“Oh don’t be silly!” she said laughing.

They set about preparing the horse for the ride, they spoke about general things, about Sally and her studies and also spoke about Emma’s riding and dressage. She also learned that Emma had been married once but never had children, her ex was in the royal Air Force and they never really set roots down. They had split because she had had enough and wanted to stay put but he simply couldn’t because due to the nature of his position, he had to travel.

“There you go! He looks all set to go!” admiring her work, Emma took the reins and led the horse out into the yard and held him steady as Jayne approached. Jayne mounted the beast easily enough and took the reins, looking down at Emma smiling.

“Thank you for your help, and for the chat! I will be heading along my usual route today just in case, not sure how long I will be out for.” she said. She felt Emma’s hand pat her on the thigh, she also felt the effect it had on her body too.

“No worries! Enjoy your ride Jayne! Be careful.”

Jayne smiled as she wheeled her horse around towards the archway leading out of the stable, looking back she could see that Emma was still watching her as she made her way. She smiled, tipped her head and raised her riding crop in salute as she spurred her horse onwards, within seconds she was out of sight and cantering along the bridal path flicking clumps of mud as she went.

She had ridden hard, jumping fences and hedgerows as she worked her tension through the horse and she relished the power she had between her legs. He loved the workout and gave it all he could, Jayne never really had to encourage him with her crop but still carried it just in case as it also proved to be good for self defence should it ever be called for. She knew she had to stop soon because they needed to rest, however she decided one more jump could be managed but she had misjudged the situation too much as he barely cleared the last fence into the next field. They did not land well and she was thrown from the saddle, landing hard on her side and rolling to a stop on her stomach, her head was on its side and the last thing she could see before she passed out was her horse stabilizing itself, she had felt relieved.


She came to, trying to lift her head as she familiarised herself with her surroundings, she felt groggy and became aware of the searing pain in her shoulder. She cried out as she tried to move her left arm, the pain was excruciating as she rolled over on to her back. Half her face had mud on it, she was crying due to the pain but fumbled with her right hand in search of her phone. She had managed to call for an ambulance, giving them the name of the stable and told them she would call them too to let them know they were on their way too. Next she called the office, she had told them the best account of what had happened and that she was injured and had already called for an ambulance to save time. After giving them her rough location, she ended the call and rested her head down on the grass and felt herself drift into darkness again.

The next time she came to, her surroundings were different, there were bright lights and noises of people moving around as well as Ankara escort bayan the beeping noises of machines. She was in a hospital, she tried to move but was told to stay still as nurses came over to check on her and soon after a doctor entered the room. She was told that she had fallen from her horse and had broken her arm and badly sprained her ankle, she would also be spending the night at the hospital She didn’t mind, feeling tired and hungry, she had eaten the delights of hospital food and decided to try Sally.

“Hello Mother!” came the familiar voice on the other end of the line.

“Hello darling, I just called because I have been in an accident and am at the JR in Oxford.”

“Oh shit! Are you okay? What happened?” her voice full of urgency and concern.

“I took a tumble off the horse darling, landed awkwardly and broke my arm and sprained my ankle. They are keeping me in overnight.”

“Is anyone there with you looking after you? What about Maddi? She promised me that she would look out for you!”

“No, it is only me! Maddi doesn’t really keep in touch as much anymore, it’s complicated anyway! I will be alright.” she lied.

She didn’t know what to do, she would have to ask about home support if she was going to be unable to function normally. So many questions to answer but she couldn’t think now, she had let slip that there was something going on between her and Maddi.

“What do you mean by complicated? What has happened? Mum!”

“Not to worry, I will fill you in later but I can’t right now! I just thought I would let you know what has happened, anyway I should let you go as I am barely able to keep my eyes open.”

“Okay.” there was a pause. “Well let me know when you are back home, we can video call each other and catch up. Hope you feel better too, do you want me to call her and let her know as she might be able to come spend time with you?”

“No it is ok, she is obviously busy with university studies and I don’t want to pull her away against her will. If she wanted to be around, she would do so on her own accord. Look, i will call you again tomorrow.”

“Ok, I love you! Sleep well and hope you feel better tomorrow!”

“I love you too, good night.”

She pressed the button in her hand, permitting another dose of morphine to enter her body as the pain was still a little unbearable. Closing her eyes, she could feel the sensation of tears running down her cheeks as she felt herself drift as sleep took over, noises became muffled and light faded to darkness.


The next morning came and she had woken up at around 8am, the nurses fussed over her and brought her a tray of breakfast. She was grateful for the cup of coffee, it was far from good but still hit the spot and her meal went down a lot better than she had thought it would. The consultant had been in and informed her that she was happy for her to be discharged that day, going through a series of questions and checks, she was officially discharged and could start preparing to leave. It suddenly dawned on her that she had nothing suitable to wear now that she had a plaster cast and her foot was bound in bandages.

She turned as a familiar voice suddenly spoke.

“Good morning Jayne, how are you feeling this morning?” It was Emma. She was smiling at her, her eyes looking at her searchingly.

“Emma? What…. Oh I am sorry, Good morning. How come…?” she had started to ask Emma what she was doing here but was interrupted.

“I hope you don’t mind, I thought it would be a good idea to go to your house and get some things for you. We had your keys at the Stable, so we took your car home as well. Hope I haven’t done anything wrong?” she bit her lip and looked at Jayne.

“No, I don’t know what to say! This is so thoughtful of you but how…”

“Your details are on file.” she interjected, smiling as she placed a bag on the bed and proceeded to pull clothes out and lay them on the bed. “I picked out items I thought suitable, also packed some necessities like your toothbrush etc…”

“Thank you.” she smiled at Emma, placing her hand on her waist as she leant towards her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“No worries! I will just be outside while you get dressed, let me know if you need a hand… I can call a nurse in to help or just help you myself if that isn’t too awkward?”

“Would you mind? I cannot really bend that much and still feel the pain.”

“Sure! Do you have anything on under the gown?”

“Naked!” she smiled at Emma again, more of an apologetic smile.

Jayne watched Emma as she started to dress her whilst she still had the gown covering her, first her panties as Emma bent down and threaded her feet through the holes before slowly pulling them up. Her touch was soft and gentle, despite working with her hands everyday, she also noticed how tactile she was with lingering touches. She even caught the sound of the sudden intake of breath as she turned towards her, her breasts now exposed as she put her bra on. Jayne looked at her, their eyes met and she smiled as she saw the expression on Emma’s face. She kept quiet though, she was enjoying the treatment and didn’t want the scene to become awkward, she felt her body react to it and could feel that she was wet down below.

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