Jelly Bean and Her Bail Bondsman Chapter 3

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Jelly Bean and her bail bondsman Chapter 3
By Beagle9690
March 2012

It was after ten when I left Aunt Joyce’s house on Friday evening. It is our ladies gab night when we do our nails. The main topic that evening was the wedding.

Danny was upstairs in his new study when I let myself in and locked the doors behind me. I spend all my Friday and Saturday nights with him now.

I went immediately to my office and put our wedding invitation in my desk. I eventually had to tell Danny because we would be driving down in 9 days. I hadn’t decided how to tell him what my suspicions are.

Danny tells me to trust my instincts and my instincts tell me the groom’s parents are those vile people.

Danny’s mentor the old gentlemen Judge John Anderson left Danny the contents of his study in his will; the furniture, the lamps, etc… which included his extensive book collection housed in five and six tier solid cherry barrister book cases for a total of twelve complete bookcases.

My love spent the entire day with Thomas O’Neil, a client and a man on a brokered probation carefully moving the contents of the judge’s study taking special care with bookcases from the widow’s house. They carried the wrapped and padded sections one-by-one to the second floor and stacked them in place while I ran the office.

We often have men on work release or men on general probation taking care of the grounds or doing odd jobs. On those days I pack my revolver just in case with Tom being the exception.

I know his history having helped Danny with Tom’s case. John Anderson and Danny took Tom’s case pro bono in the interest of justice.

Tom was married for nine years and had a daughter with his ex- wife. During their marriage the adulteress had an affair.

Cindy is a sweet child of eleven now. She is presently living with Tom’s parents until we get Tom full custody.

Without going into the particulars what that licentious abomination of a boyfriend did, Danny and I met Tom at the hospital where Tom delivered the unconscious boyfriend to the emergency room.

Danny called the police and we waited with Tom so he could be arrested, arraigned and released on bail with his attorney present during those mentioned proceedings.

These proceedings were precipitated by a private discussion between Cindy and her grandmother during Tom’s bi-weekly visits at his parent’s home. The lying ex-wife had sole custody then. The particulars of that private conversation were confirmed and documented by a Pediatrician and her nurse.

That confirmation resulted in the ex-wife’s jobless live-in boyfriend being pummeled into a bloody pulp with the unnamed but easily guessed offending body part permanently removed and discarded.

The drastically shortened and remaining upper assaulting appendage has no function other than urinating. Tom stabilized the abomination afterward to keep him from bleeding to death.

I should mention that Tom is a decorated veteran of Operation Desert Storm receiving a bronze star and a purple heart. During his time in the service Tom served as an Army Medic.

Justice is served in both venues. Tom received five years probation and one thousand hours of community service; the nut-less wonder is doing 12 to 25 in Sing-Sing.

The ex-wife fled the State due to a pending warrant for her arrest, the lesser of the charges for filing a false document against Tom in order to get custody two years earlier.

I found Danny in a brown leather club chair sound asleep with a book on his lap and his feet on the matching ottoman. He was barefoot and wearing black pajama pants and a red nylon sleeveless tee shirt that looked like it is painted on him as if to show off his rippling muscles.

It is not so much showing off or vanity with him as it is being comfortable. Danny is generally so rigid during business hours about being dressed properly.

I took off my sneakers and socks leaving on my light sea green peasant blouse and snug blue jeans. I know him so well and Danny’s gentle ways with me.

I touched my grumpy bear’s face and kissed his lips. Danny smiled and sighed opening his baby blue eyes to look at me. He closed the book and put it on the table next to him and taking my hands he kissed them. I always find this simple and loving gesture so endearing.

“My beautiful Anita, as always you are a lovely sight to wake up to. Would you like to cuddle?”

Danny slid to one side and patted the arm of the chair. I sat down close to him stretching out and put my head on his chest. He wrapped his strong arms around me…I could hear his heart beating and it was beating only for me.

“Well what do you think of my new study? The handmade wool Oriental rug we picked out together is perfect for the furniture, don’t you think?”

Yesterday this was an empty room; empty save for the blinds and the curtains. As I said before, Danny is not a material man. All of the rooms on the third floor are still empty however to his great delight Danny now has a study of his own.

“I think the somber and studious traditional decor of the room suits you just fine, or to put it in another way, my grumpy bear has his own man cave.”

“Well said and it reminds me of John,” he tugged on my ponytail, “and you have such a way with words.”

“And the words for the day are I love you Danny.”

“I love you more than all the stars in the sky and I never get tired of saying that. I do owe you an apology. Therefore in heartfelt contrition there’s a surprise for you in the bedroom.”

“What apology? What did you do?”

“It’s what I failed to do. In the whole time we have been together I’ve never given you flowers and I should be horse whipped for that inexcusable oversight. Shall we my gentle lady?”

Danny helped me up and kissed my hands a second time, “You always keep your promises Anita; the first promise being your lovely hands.”

Danny took my arm and walked me to the bedroom. There was a vase of beautiful yellow roses on the table on my side of the futon and a small green ice chest on the floor next to his.

I took one rose from the vase to smell it and accidentally pricked my thumb on a thorn resulting in a drop of blood. I held it up to show him and he said, “A rose without thorns is like love without passion.”

I read Danny’s mind as he carefully took the yellow rose from me and deliberately punctured his thumb on a thorn. We pressed our thumbs together mingling our blood as we looked at the love in each other’s eyes.

“Yellow is the color of sunshine, the sunshine of your smile. Your gentle laugh is like the sound of little silver Christmas bells that turn my heart to mush. The words that define my life are I love you Anita…..please close your eyes while we undress and keep them closed until I tell you otherwise for my passion rises.

Politely though he asked the tone was firm and unyielding like the stone walls that surrounded us…..I know him well and must obey.

Danny slowly undressed me in the quiet silence of my imagination to the cadence of our beating hearts.

I could hear the swish of my clothes as he dropped them one-by- one to the floor….and then his…. until we stood naked together……..

I took one of the yellow roses to slowly stroke it across Anita’s face and neck while kissing her lips, our tongues caressing and exploring. I worked my way to her breasts, stroking Anita’s pink nipples with the velvety petals to watch them harden instantly at their fragrant touch.

“You have beautiful breasts baby. They are perfectly round and firm. They were meant to be licked and touched by a man and so I shall.”

I picked Anita up and put her gently on the bed. I then lay down beside her to lick and suck on her breasts while she caressed my head and face with her hands.

Anita was moaning with pleasure. I could smell her moist woman’s smell, sweet and spicy as she moved her hips and squeezed her legs together.

I stroked Anita’s plump and fragrant pussy with my hands parting the lips of her sweet, swollen clitoris making her gasp and moan louder, pausing to taste her sweet nectar on my fingers……..

“Please Danny, I want to come, I want you to kiss me…oh god this feels so good. I want to suck on your big cock.”

“Keep your eyes closed… are they closed…good?” Danny shifted to reach into the small cooler to get one of the dozen large dark chocolate covered strawberries that I didn’t know about and put half of it into his mouth.

Danny then pushed it up against my lips and I smiled opening my eyes. I opened my mouth and pushed my lips up against his and we took a bite together each getting half, chewing and savoring this sensual confection before swallowing…we licked and kissed each other’s lips to taste the lingering chocolate and strawberries.

We had another chocolate strawberry and again kissed away the juices from our lips and faces as he continued stroking my swollen clitoris. All I could think about was my orgasm followed by sucking on his big cock.

Danny took a third chocolate strawberry and squished it between his fingers before rubbing the juices and chocolate on my nipples and between my legs. He then let me eat and lick his fingers clean before….

I brought Anita almost to the crest of her orgasm just by licking the chocolate and strawberry juice from her breasts and nipples.

I went down on her all the way licking and sucking and teasing, my face covered in her spicy and musky juices sweetened by the chocolate and strawberries. Anita was moaning and squirming, thrusting her dripping wet and sweet and delicious pussy into my face encouraging me to lick harder.

Anita’s hands were above her head in her hair and she was pulling her ponytail as she was rolling her head from side to side as the first orgasm washed over her. I was not finished with her.

I rolled Anita over onto her stomach and made her get up on her hands and knees; my dam was about to burst and now that Anita was satisfied….I rammed my rock hard cock into her still dripping pussy while holding onto her hips and pounding her relentlessly.

Danny’s lustful thrusts increased in speed and in power as he reached forward to grab my hair. He twisted my ponytail around his hand and pulled my head back as he continued pounding me, holding me in place.

This heightened my arousal as my second orgasm started to rise and crest. I could actually feel Danny’s orgasm as it washed over him, as he pumped his creamy seed into my swollen and dripping cunt.

I was bucking and moaning panting shamelessly as my second orgasm washed over me; it was much better than the first.

I was determined not to waste a single drop of his rich semen for I would lick his cock clean with my mouth when he rolled off.

Danny rolled over onto his back and I reached into the cooler for a chocolate strawberry, squishing it in my hand before rubbing the mixture all over his cock and balls. I ate the rest, licking my hand and fingers clean before I went down on him to lick his balls and suck on a chocolate and strawberry cock…..

Anita is incredible. She went down on me licking and sucking as I taught her and I came a second time as she swallowed greedily not missing a drop.

I lay there with my eyes closed feeling warm and content half asleep as Anita reached into the ice chest for what I thought was another chocolate strawberry to share. The little vixen came up with a hand full of ice rubbing it all over my chest and making me jump…wow…..I was wide awake now.

I chased Anita into the bathroom and caught her by the waist, spinning her around and crushing her to me, laughing as I kissed her neck and face.

I started tickling her until she was giddy with laughter, “Truce, Danny truce, I’ll be good!” she promised, breathlessly.

“OK then, jelly bean. As long as we’re here we’ll take a shower before changing the sheets….”

I put my hair up not wanting to get it wet and we took a leisurely shower, soaping each other down. It was nice and intimate, like our bubble baths together.

I gave Danny a shampoo and scalp massage before we toweled off….he is mine, and heaven help any woman who tries to get between us.

We changed the bottom sheet and then cuddled in bed and talked like we often do, sharing our sexual fantasies or other things erotic.

We also shared the remaining chocolate strawberries with one glass of plum wine each, the remaining wine in the bottle……I was wondering to myself whether Mom or Aunt Joyce ever did chocolate strawberries with their men….possibly, and most likely Aunt Joyce of the two.

Danny fell asleep almost instantly. He has a knack for that from his time on the road as a bounty hunter. He refuses to worry or lose sleep with things out of his control.

I lay there next to him thinking, ‘He looks so peaceful sleeping next to me, my miracle. It can wait until Monday, there is plenty of time, we have a week until the wedding and everything including our travel plans is set.

I can’t speculate and make unfounded accusations, particularly if they are not those people, even though I’m sure it’s them. They fit the profile.

Danny will make some telephone calls to one or more of his many contacts to confirm or deny. Regardless, I can’t do anything about it until Monday and neither can he. I love you, Danny.

What do you always tell me, ”Don’t worry about what you have no control over because it will wait for the right time,” ‘well, you are right,’ and with that I snuggled up next to him, warm and content in our love and fell asleep……

Danny surprised me twice the following Monday morning at work confirming why I absolutely love him so. He made those telephone calls. I knew it! It was them. I despise those people.

“Danny I have something to show you,” and I handed him the opened invitation and he read it, scowling. He then looked up at me.

“You believe it’s them, don’t you?”

“Yes, they sent my invitation to my parent’s address and Mom gave it to me Friday at Aunt Joyce’s during our ladies night. There was no point in spoiling your weekend by telling you sooner.”

“Thank you. I believe it’s them as well. Who else but those weasels would do what they did to you, Anita, or name their son Tiberius Marcus? I will make a few calls to confirm it. I will have to act quickly and call in some favors.”

“What do you mean by call in some favors, Danny?”

“Anita, you will have to trust me on this; do you trust me?”

“Yes of course I trust you,” and I did, however Danny was up to something, but what?

“You will not repeat the remark about calling in favors.” I knew that tone and look well, not Mom, Aunt Joyce, not anybody until Danny tells me otherwise.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good, all I have to say is that this will be a memorable wedding.”

He locked himself in his office while making the telephone calls. He was in there for two hours and Danny was all smiles when he came out.

“It’s the weasels, perfect. When the time comes everything will be in place and you will be silent about that as well.”

“Then it doesn’t bother you that it’s them?”

“Of course not Anita. We have each other and will be attending the wedding with our heads held high. Mark my words on that jelly bean,” he said while licking the return envelope with our acceptance inside.

“Are you sure it doesn’t bother you. You told me how those people hurt you and I despise them for it. I’m only thinking of you, Danny.”

“Anita,” the same tone and I loved him for it. It was settled.

“Yes, Sir, we’re going,” I put my arms around his neck for Danny to hug me.

Danny put his arms around my waist and kissed my lips, “Thank you baby. I assure you I’m fine. If those people hadn’t been weasels we never would have met. We’ll attend and laugh and dance and laugh and have a good time despite them.

It’s highly unlikely that we’ll socialize with them after that. However if we do we’ll treat them with polite contempt,” and he started to take my hair down.

“But Danny, we have a real estate closing in thirty minutes,” I kissed him on his lips, “we can make love when we get back.”

“You’re right. I got so involved with the weasels I lost track of the time. Where did the morning go? It can wait until after we change,” he pushed the hairpin back in place.

“Will you please make some coffee and put mine in a travel mug. I’ll drink it on the way over. I’ll review the papers one final time while you drive Ms. Jones.

“Yes Sir, but what do you mean we have to change before we make love?”

“Who said anything about making love during work hours?

“Then why am I changing clothes?”

“I want you to change into the blue dress with the white lace collar that you wear to church when we get our pictures taken this afternoon.”

“When were you going to tell me about it?” I said a bit flustered and thrilled that he would even think of doing such a thing.

“I believe I just did. I wanted to surprise you. Are you surprised?” he asked hugging me gently.

“Of course I’m surprised. What a wonderful idea! We need to make lots of copies for the family.”

“And so we shall.”

“We can pass them out to family at the wedding.”

“Yes, we will, however, until then it will be nice to have a photo of my beautiful fiancé in my wallet to show people; or a photo of us together for the fireplace mantle and my desk.

I’m thinking that a plain white shirt without a tie will be a fine contrast to your blue dress. You look lovely in that dress, Anita. When our time comes you will look lovelier still in your wedding dress…..”

Thank goodness the house closing went smoothly because I was a bit distracted. Danny had to ask me twice for various forms or documents. He finally told which photographer we were going to and it was going to be so much fun.

We had a late lunch before going to my apartment for me to change. While I changed Danny told me he never had his picture taken professionally before.

Mom and Dad took me to the Murray-Larson Studio from the time I was born until I turned seventeen and that was where we were going….

Anita is as pretty as a picture and twice as lovely in her Sunday go to meeting dress. When we arrived at the studio Mr. John Larson the remaining partner of the business, Mr. Murray recently deceased, greeted Anita warmly with a hug, inquiring about her parents, about her, me and other small talk.

I smiled to myself as I watched them, knowing I made the right choice in choosing this studio. I got the idea of referral from the name on the back of the picture frames in her parent’s home; if this studio was good enough for them it was good enough for me.

“Danny, this is Mr. Larson; Mr. Larson this is Daniel Skinner.”

“So, Mr. Skinner, you’re the young man who stole this precious child’s heart,” he said holding out his hand for me to shake. gaziantep rus escort

“Anita was a precocious little thing as a child, and I should add incredibly smart, cheerful and fun loving. Goodness, just look at Anita now all grown up. She looks so much like her mother. Where did the years go?”

“Anita is still incredibly smart and cheerful, Mr. Larson; she is most definitely her mother’s daughter and with all the charm and grace, fortitude and refinement of the Palmer women.”

I meant every word of it.

“Well said, Mr. Skinner. I knew Mary’s mother well, may her soul rest in peace. Martha was a refined no nonsense lady who knew her own mind and didn’t hesitate to tell you if you crossed the line; what of Anita’s father though?”

“Marvin had the good sense to find himself a Palmer woman and as you can see, Marv’s good sense has rubbed off on me….”

Mr. Larson took a series of photos of us alone and together in different poses for us to chose from. I wore my hair both up and down.

I was naughty and playful. I couldn’t help myself when it was Danny’s turn to pose alone.

I put a child’s red straw cowboy hat on my Grumpy Bear’s head from the children’s prop section; the kind with the white cotton cord that goes underneath the chin.

“My, how cute you look, sweetheart…. Quick Mr. Larson, snap a picture.”

“Come, Danny, watch the birdie and say cheese,” I said as I sat on his lap and hugged him. I then put a pink cowboy hat just like his on my head.

During the first two pictures Danny was scowling until I kissed his lips, “Please smile, sweetheart, please. I’ll pay for them and I promise that I won’t show them to anyone without your permission.”

Danny let out a big sigh and smiled, “All right, little filly, yippy-I-oh! Happy trails and all the rest of cowboy lingo that goes with it….” but he was thinking, ‘OK my love. For you I’ll be a good sport about it. What can it hurt? Just wait until we get back to work and I have you alone. This buckaroo will be corralling a certain little filly.’

Mr. Larson let us dress up in clothes from different eras; the late eighteen hundreds to the nineteen twenties. He has all the backdrops for people who are interested in those types of photos; we both got a little silly.

I put on a derby tucking my hair inside and put on a fake mustache. My grumpy bear put on a big flouncy ladies hat covered in feathers and ostrich plumes and wrapped a pink feather boa around his neck and shoulders as he pretended to sit on my lap.

He doesn’t fool me, I know Danny enjoyed it, he just needs a little prodding on occasion……”

When we returned to work I double checked the calendar, good no appointments for the rest of the day.

I insisted Anita change into her usual business attire and to pin her hair up in a french twist for the remaining of the work day because I find this style so refined and polished.

I am still in good spirits from our time at the photographers. Mush, mush and more mush to light up my life like sunshine with the tinkling of little silver Christmas bells of her laugh and a mischievous smile to touch my soul……

I was sitting at my desk finishing up the Johnson file when Danny walked into my office and put CD’s into the player filling all five slots.

“Would you care to dance, baby?” he asked taking the hairpins out of my hair and letting it down for his fingers to caress.

“Goodness gracious, Sir, dancing during work hours? Why we have fifteen minutes to go yet.”

“Yes, Ms. Jones we do, however I am invoking the boss’s privilege of changing your work hours; it’s in your contract, “He announced helping me up and kissing my hands.

“Well then Mr. Skinner if that’s the case I’m a little tired. I think I’ll go home.” I put my arms around Danny’s neck while he put his arms around my waist and I kissed his lips.

“I’ve changed your hours again, Anita, you’re back on the books. As your employer I’m ordering you to dance with me.”

“Oh my, dance with the Boss! What will my fiancé think of that?” and I messed up his hair.

“We simply won’t tell him,” and he did the same with mine.

We danced and we danced as he held me close. It was intimate, it was romantic. We lost track of time until….

I thought my heart would break when Danny told Marvin and me about his life growing up. Especially when those foul people betrayed a little boy’s trust.

It’s a miracle Danny was able to rise above it all and become a Lawyer. Anita has literally bloomed in the short time they have been together becoming a woman before my very eyes.

Tough and fearless; a disciplined man, absolutely; Danny will always be those things. Nevertheless, Anita brings out the best in him and Danny in her.

Polite and charming though he may be, Anita has softened Danny’s hard edges, nurturing the loving tenderness and gentle ways that were always there waiting to come out.

He gave us his trust and I consider Danny as a son and a soon to be son-in-law.

We decided to surprise the kids to see if they would like to go out to dinner with us. I did some checking and it turned out the Douglas’ were those despicable people who broke a little boy’s heart. We would discuss it as a family to get Danny’s feelings about it.

The doors were unlocked when we quietly walked in on them. They were dancing in Anita’s office oblivious to everything but themselves and confirming what I knew, they are perfect for each other, no, better than that, and they were soul mates as I am with Marvin.

“Do you think you lovebirds can stop dancing a minute for us to talk?” Marvin asked.

“No,” they said surprising themselves as they spoke in unison and then laughing. Danny kissed Anita as they continued to dance.

“Why don’t you join us? We can talk while we dance,” Danny offered, “you soon will be dancing at the wedding in one weeks’ time and now’s the perfect time to brush up on your skills.”

I smiled at my husband letting him know we would accept the invitation by taking the hairpins out of my brown hair and letting my long thick ponytail down. Marvin enjoys playing with my hair when we dance.

Taking his cue, Marvin took my hand and kissed it, “Would you care to dance my pretty lady?”

“I would be delighted, Sir,” and we joined them. By the end of the third song my ponytail was gone and my hair was loose and flowing over my shoulders and down my back to my waist.

After the fifth slow dance, Marvin cut in on them and danced with Anita. Not to be outdone Danny bowed to me offering me his hand and I danced with him, coaxing him to dance with me into the next room, his office, to talk with him alone.

My sister Joyce was right. Danny held me respectfully as we danced, keeping a proper distance. It was like a son dancing with his mother and my someday to be son-in-law is an amazingly good dancer, as is Anita; they complement one another in more than looks.

Joyce is also right about how muscular Danny is. I squeezed his muscles a few times, it was harmless, but I do enjoy looking at handsome men, and this handsome man hopefully will give me beautiful grandchildren in time.

Danny responded by smiling and playing with my hair, feeling its weight and thickness. I am flattered. It is good to know there are still men who appreciate a woman’s long hair and know what to do with it; according to Anita Danny certainly does.

Danny is not a man who is intimidated by strong intelligent women; he celebrates them. He told me in private how impressed he is in the manner we Palmer women close ranks like a phalanx of shields to protect each other.

That is one aspect on how he sees us Palmer women, Joyce and me; strong and resolute, charming and refined; referring to these virtues as our ethereal feminine jewels.

Danny meant those things from the heart, a secret heart he kept hidden until he met Anita. He is not one to lie or flatter with false praise, and when pressed can be brutally blunt.

Danny told me these things in private and more the night he walked home on the day we discovered Anita was not part of the wedding party and why….to cool down such was his anger.

“I might as well come out and tell you Danny, the parents of the groom, the Douglas’, are those despicable people, although by now I’m sure you know.”

“Yes, Dear Lady, I know, and their adopted son’s name is Tiberius Marcus. Now there are a grandiose combination of first and middle names if I ever heard one.

The family surname of Douglas doesn’t fit the values espoused by those people. I would suggest they change it to Mustela.

“Don’t tell me…..yes I have it…. genius Mustela from the Latin for weasels and the collective nouns for a group of weasels being boogle, gang, pack, sneak and confusion.”

“My thoughts exactly, Mary, and as they say, like mother like daughter in the intellectual venue.”

“Thank you, Danny. I am after all a retired science teacher. I’m glad you’re taking this so well. You are like family to me now and I worry about you,” and I touched his face gently, “You are the son Marvin and I never had; a son any mother would be proud to have.”

We stopped dancing and paused to look at one another, a silent understanding passing between us as I looked into his baby blue eyes. I swear for a second I saw the warm loving eyes of the little boy he once was as he hugged me and kissed my cheek and I his.

“Well….I wonder if they named him after Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus, a Roman Politician of the 2nd Century BC who consequently was murdered while in office,” he contemplated as he regained his composure. We continued dancing, “most likely they aren’t even aware of the reference thinking the name majestic and regal.

The middle name is better yet. Marcus; Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus was a Roman Emperor. If memory serves me right he was Emperor somewhere around 160 AD; quite the combination, don’t you think, Mary, an Emperor and a murdered politician. Do you suppose the groom has an ego to match?”

“I’m glad you are taking this so well. How do you know so much about the Romans?”

“Being a strict constructionist, John insisted I learn Latin to understand the foundations of law. He referred to it as a well rounded discipline. John was a scholar of that dead language and was fascinated with the ancient Romans. He was also a student of History, particularly the history of Great Briton and the United States, a shared history of two great peoples.

Not only did John read the “Rise and fall of the Roman Empire” by Edward Gibbon, John could quote it chapter and verse as some quote the Bible; Marv for example.

I read Gibbon as compiled into eight volumes and published by the Folio Society. It is interesting in its own right. It puts that era of history in perspective to the time lines that follow.”

“May I cut in,” my husband said as he and Anita danced into Danny’s office, the music now over, “Is everything all right, Mary?”

“Right as rain,” I answered.

“Excellent, I’ve had enough dancing for one day and I’m getting hungry. Before you say another word, Dan, dinner is on me….”

This was a first, Danny and me having dinner with my parents in a restaurant and they chose the Chuck Wagon. It is well known for its seafood despite the rustic name of the establishment.

As usual the place was packed and they took our names. We waited our turn finding two empty stools by the bar where Mom and I sat while the men stood beside us. We each ordered a Bloody Mary minus the liquor. I was saving my glass of wine for dinner.

Danny and Dad started by sharing a nice Caesar Salad heavy on the anchovies. Mom and I shared a double jumbo shrimp cocktail…we gave the men one shrimp each.

Next the four of us shared a stainless steel milk pail full of steaming oysters baked in the shell with hot drawn butter on the side. I ordered a glass of Sauvignon Blanc and Mom stopped the waitress before she could fill it.

“Bring us a carafe instead and four glasses,” Mom said to the waitress, “will you partake in a glass Danny? The carafe holds a little more than four glasses.

“Yes, Mary, a little wine is fine with me.”

When the wine arrived Dad poured. This was the first time I saw my parents drink anything stronger than coffee. Dad raised his glass in a toast, looking right at Danny, “Preferably with a meal and seldom more than two, quite right. God bless this family gathered here today.”

“I never realized you and Mom drank, Dad?” I said, taking a small sip.

“I was a bit of drinker in my day, Anita, until I met your Mom. We decided that it would set a poor example to drink in front of you or have alcohol in the house.

We reserve these strong libations for special occasions such as now or intimate dinners out alone. Your Mom seldom drinks more than one, regardless.”

Danny and Dad shared a dozen raw oysters on the half shell while Mom and I shared a heaping bowl of creamy white seafood chowder. That delightful chowder has clams, shrimp, mussels, real crab meat; scallops, potatoes, celery, onion and red bell peppers in it.

The waitress timed our selections with the precision of a Chronometer bringing dish after dish, ice cold or steaming hot, with no chance to cool down or get warm in between.

Danny and I ordered the Maine lobster tail dinner.

Mom had Cajun crab cakes with a fabulous lime-cucumber-yogurt sauce on the side, while Dad had broiled scallops in a buttery white wine sauce. Everybody had a taste of everything although the next time we go there I’m ordering the crab cakes.

Dessert was New York Cheese cake with blueberry or cherry toppings with our cups of coffee.

“Well, pops,” Danny said, testing the waters, “would you care for a nip of after dinner brandy with your coffee? This was John’s and my tradition for special occasions before he passed.”

“Quite right, rubber ducky, and brandy makes two for a continuing tradition……”

There were only two days left until the wedding. It being a Thursday and a work day I wouldn’t be making love to Danny on our futon for a whole eight days until the following Friday.

I teased him all day about it: touching and rubbing up against for him to change his mind. All I accomplished was making me horny though.

Danny was particularly stern with me saying, “Enough is enough Anita. We have a lot of work to catch on for the Friday and Monday we’re taking off. Remember bad things happen to naughty girls; will you please behave?” and that was that. We worked later than usual to finish our work.

Tomorrow is Friday and we will be leaving for Long Island. I had dinner at my parents house and Mom and me checked and double checked our lists, tying up our lose ends. My mind really wasn’t on it though; I wanted to spend the night with my lover.

It was late when I arrived at my apartment. The light in the hallway was out again and I fumbled in the dark with the deadlocks to let myself in and then locking them both behind me. I remember that night well

I flipped on the switch for the overhead light, darn, the breaker must be tripped again and the apartment is coal black. Not even the lamps will work.

Well, there’s an aluminum D-Cell police flashlight in my bedroom. I will have to get it and go downstairs to the basement to flip the breakers on.

After our mingling of blood on the night of my roses, I want to move in with Danny but he is firm about it; not until we are officially engaged, and here was where I will stay until then.

I don’t like going down in the basement of this old house, however this apartment is all I can afford and still put 25% of my gross wages in the bank. Danny insists on that….still the basement is dark and empty; full of cobwebs and spiders. It gives me the creeps.

I won’t be afraid if Danny was here with his big strong arms around me; not even if there were giant spiders down in the cellar. He will take his sword out and… these ridiculous thoughts made me smile.

What an imagination I have…..yet I am still uneasy. Danny always says to trust my instincts….I should have listened to them as I squeeze the nylon dog bone with the attached keys in my hand for comfort. I am pretty good with it now.

As I was walking to my bedroom my heart skipped a beat; there was someone sitting in my chair in the corner….. a shadow dressed all in black.

“You are a very naughty girl, Anita.” he said shining my flashlight on me.”

“Danny you scared the daylights out of me! How did you get in?”

“You teased me all day little vixen and now I will have my way with you,” he said, turning off the light.

“Yes, Sir,” I said smiling, “I’m a very naughty girl.”

“Very good you naughty girl now use your imagination. We are going to play a quiet little game in the dark.”

Danny was out of the chair like a flash of darkness, like a black shadow enveloping me in the dark room; he moved so fast as to take my breath away.

I could barely think as he pinned my arms to my sides. I never realized he could move so quickly and the thought frightened me. Even with all my training, one-on-one, I am no match for him. I tried, struggling violent.

I know I’m strong for such a small woman, confident I can hold my own against most women or careless overconfident men.

I tried every trick Danny taught me; he easily countered them all. It boiled down to a matter of brute strength.

It also thrilled me. Danny will never deliberately hurt me; as gentle as he is, until now I forgot how dangerous. He is so Masterful and unyielding; I was in for a wild ride and turned on by it.

His silence is all the warning I need to know how dangerous he is….. My instincts tell me to be quiet….and wait. He is too smart to talk and give himself away…he will keep me guessing.

The shadow threw me on my bed and quickly and expertly tied my wrists together with a silk scarf. He tied another silk scarf over my eyes for a blindfold….he must have gotten them out of my dresser drawer.

How long has he been here? How did he get in? What other private things did he go through? How long has he planned this? I couldn’t even see his face. My imagination is running wild.

The shadow stood me on my feet. My beating heart was deafening in the dark silent room. I hadn’t bothered to change after work. I felt his hands on my frilly white cotton blouse. He was standing in front of me or possibly to one side.

The dark shadow popped my buttons loose and pulled my tucked-in blouse out of my skirt. He methodically rips the material at the seams as if it was paper, piece by piece removing them to reveal my pink lace bra, a bra that up until now was for my gentle lover’s eyes only.

He tears apart the shoulder straps on my bra, unhooks the back and removes it, dropping it to the floor. I feel his skin tight gloved hands on my breasts and nipples; feeling every seam-every stitch.

What kind of woman am I? My nipples harden at his leather covered touch. I feel the growing wetness between my legs….my God I….I….

The shadow grabs my hair at the back of my head still in the bun from this morning, tugging in warning. Nobody knows the black shadow is here. He pushes me face down on my bed.

The shadow peeled off my pantyhose exposing my shaved womanhood and flower that only my true love and gentle Danny has ever seen.

I am no longer a lady; I am exposed to his hungry invading eyes. I am not allowed the courtesy of being totally naked, honestly naked for what he is about to do to me.

All I have on is my dark grey wool skirt. My mother helped me pick it out when I was naïve and innocent; she then took it in as I became slim.

The shadow left my skirt on me too put me in my place. It is a lesson and constant reminder of how vulnerable I am to a man’s unbridled lust, his lust and how easily my sex can be exposed for his pleasure. I will submit only to him because he loves me.

He lifted my skirt and forced my legs apart spreading them open to stroke my pussy with his gloved hand, getting me wet and slippery….my body was betraying me….I am becoming wet and aroused, safe in the knowledge it was only an erotic play and we would soon be dancing at a wedding,

My plump swollen pussy was soon well lubricated with my own juices for the assault of the flesh that was about to happen.

The shadow’s hard cock invaded the treasure of my womanhood pushing me down into my bed until I could feel his balls pressed up against me.

He pulled it out and then pushed it slowly in again, not making a sound until his balls were tight up against me.

In-and-out, in-and-out until he had me moaning and gasping with such pretend immodest dirty pleasure. I am such a…such a… and he sensed it, increasing the cadence of his lustful thrust, slamming me into the bed as he impaled me over and over, making me squirm and writhe beneath him….welcoming his invading cock.

There is no turning back now. I can’t control my own body as my imagination runs wild. I can’t think of anything but my impending orgasm….I’m so naughty.

I feel every drop of the shadow’s hot cum as he pumped it deep into me, flooding my cunt with his seed and making me his conquest as my orgasm burned through me. I then went limp, totally content and sated.

He isn’t finished with me. Silent as ever the Shadow pulls me from the bed and on to my knees; my skirt drops down to cover my womanhood.

I hear the distinctive click and the snap of a switchblade knife opening and locking beside my ear. It is a warning as he rubbed his still hard cock, wet with our mingled fluids on the side of my face.

What choice do I have? I know what he wants; I have to submit to him. I thought naughtily.

I went down on him licking and sucking; titillating and teasing.

The Shadow’s second orgasm was overwhelming. I could barely keep up as he pumped yet more gobs and gobs of his semen into my mouth for me to swallow. I finished by licking him clean as best I can… what?

The Shadow must have taken off his gloves because I feel warm and familiar hands as my Danny gently cradles my face.

Danny helped me to my feet and took off the blindfold. He tightened the bulb in the table side lamp, turning it on. The breaker didn’t trip; Danny loosened all the light bulbs in their sockets…clever.

He took off the black silk ski mask he was wearing and kissed my lips.

“Are you still annoyed with me, grumpy bear?”

“I have to admit, I greatly enjoyed myself. You put up a good fight and were I like most men you would have broken away and really hurt me. On the other hand I want to see a heavy aluminum flashlight near the entrance door.

You can look forward to a lifetime of least expect it, Anita for you play the part of the helpless damsel well my tough girly girl.”

Danny pulled up his black jeans and then picked up the black leather gloves and put them in his back pocket. He was wearing black sneakers, they must be new, and a black hooded sweatshirt.

“I’ll tighten all the light bulbs before I leave.”

“Leave! You must still be angry with me. Aren’t you going to spend the night?”

“No, we have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow.”

“But, Danny!”

“The answer is no, Anita and stop pouting.”

“Are you going to untie me?”

“Yes, and then I will get you ready for bed.”

Danny went to my dresser and removed a pair of pink pajamas. They were cotton flannel, soft and fluffy, silly pink pajamas with white bunnies all over them. I felt my face get hot, blushing in embarrassment.

“Are you blushing baby?” Danny asked untying my wrists, “You are blushing after what we just did? Your sweet innocence is still charming and delightful as always.

It complements your womanly qualities, you are an incredibly sexy woman for such a petite little thing,” Danny helped me out of my skirt.

“You are amazing, baby, simply amazing; from a hot little number for my eyes only to bunny pajamas. Tomorrow you will be my modest lady, and at the wedding? It makes my head spin…. go into the bathroom and wash your face and brush your teeth,” and he gave my ass a little swat.

When I came out Danny helped me into my pajamas. We sat on the bed while he took my hair out of my bun and he brushed my hair.

“Can I see the switchblade?” I asked as he braided my hair into twin pigtails

“Sure,” he took it out of his pocket and gave it to me, “keep your fingers out of the way though.”

I depressed the button, “click snap as the metal comb locked in place.”

“Yeah, I know it’s cool, isn’t it?” he asked, taking it from me and putting it on my bedside table. “Lie down please.”

I did and Danny pulled the covers over me and tucked me in.

“The company that made it also manufactures quality switchblade and folding knives. This is their best mechanism minus the blade. I chose this one for the stag handle and the stainless comb is actually functional, although a bit flashy.

Knife fighting or knife play is dangerous pastime and I have no real use for it now when a .44 revolver is so much better.

There is no way I will put a real knife near your face even in pretend.”


“Yes Anita?”

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” and he kissed me, “get some sleep little bunny…..”

Dan did all of the driving to Long Island and we made several pit stops along the way to stretch our legs or whatever. My wife Mary and I sat behind Dan and Anita, Joyce and Bart behind us.

Dan rented a large and spacious conversion van for the trip. Everyone had a comfortable Captains’ Chair to sit in that partially reclined. All six of us were more than comfortable, with plenty of room for our legs, for our luggage and there was a bar to hang our garment bags; a nice touch.

I admit it. I am very fond of Dan now that I know him better, and not for Anita’s sake. We do more than fish when we go fishing, we talk, and one subject in particular surprised me greatly.

The first time I met him Dan informed me, “God and I were on speaking terms until I was eight. After that it was a tenuous relationship at best and I stopped praying entirely.”

I assumed his religious instruction and spiritual life stopped when he was eight; I was partially right, it did until his mentor John Anderson insisted that he learn Latin. John had Danny reading the Latin Vulgate Bible, Biblia Sacra Vulgata, in the original Latin.

I can’t read Latin but have a copy of this Bible translated to English. Apparently Dan has read the Bible and is familiar with it as a historical document crucial to the Judeo-Christian roots of English Common Law in relation to the United States Constitution and our laws….or so he says. I suspect he knows more about the Bible in general than he is letting on.

I’ve prayed on it often. I’m convinced that John had a higher motive for Dan other than the historical perspective; perhaps as spiritual inspiration; otherwise why choose the Bible, John being a church going man. I am also convinced that John Anderson loved Dan like a father loves a son……

Apparently we were not the only members of the Jones family who arrived a day early and were staying in the Empire Suites. Once we situated ourselves in our rooms we all met in the lobby.

My cousin Rhonda was there with her blonde twin daughters, Amber and Ashley. They were staying there on the same floor as us. Her husband Mark would be arriving tomorrow with the twin’s grandmothers. At five years of age they were a handful, but for the most part a well behaved handful although a little cranky from the long drive. My cousin Thelma and her husband Howard were also on our floor.

Of course my Grumpy Bear was charming and I enjoyed watching Rhonda and Thelma checking him out. Danny watched the twins while we ladies, Rhonda, Thelma, Mom, Aunt Joyce and I sat with a cup of tea and talked. Danny occupied the girls by making them origami cranes.

Dad, Uncle Bart and Howard went for a walk to scope out the businesses within walking distance and now that I know different they might stop for a drink……….

What a beautiful couple they make from their Aunt Joyce’s point of view. My two other niece’s eyes just about bugged out of their heads when they saw Anita for the first time in two years; when we introduced Danny, well enough said.

I never would have thought in a million years that those big strong hands that I have watched pounding on a heavy bag could fashion such delicate and fragile little paper birds.

Those little girls were taken with Dan. He was so sweet and gentle with them, promising to dance with them at the wedding. Rhonda and I had to practically pry them off of Dan to put them down for their nap …Dan must definitely give my sister Mary grandchildren and me great nieces and nephews. ….

I made the final telephone calls to insure everything went smoothly. I was a little apprehensive and decided a workout in the hotel fitness center was just the thing to make me feel better. Anita, Joyce and Mary were sequestered in their room with a “do not disturb” sign hanging from the doorknob doing girl things. Marv and Bart were playing chess in mine.

I was invigorated and starving after my workout so I showered and dressed to be comfortable, jeans, sneakers and a colored tee shirt. Marv had a pizza delivered while I was in the fitness center and they didn’t want to join me for a sandwich; I didn’t feel like pizza. I went alone to the hotel restaurant/ lounge for a bite to eat.

I sat at the bar near the entrance. I ordered a turkey and ham club sandwich and a Bloody Mary minus the liqueur.

There was a blonde woman sitting at a far corner table with papers spread out on it and several empty glasses. It was difficult to determine her exact age because of the distance and subdued lighting.

She saw me glance at her and smiled. I didn’t give her a second thought after that. I had enough on my mind. There was a time when I might have been interested. It has been my experience that mature women often make the best lovers or dinner companions.

Those days are long gone for me now. Anita has given me her heart, her virginity and her trust. I would sooner cut my heart out then betray my jelly bean.

I was talking to the bartender about fishing when I felt a small hand squeeze my bicep.

“Would you care to buy a lady a drink?”

I momentarily froze….how could I ever forget that voice; she more than betrayed me.

“Your Mommy loves you Danny,” I remember her assuring me that the night before the Social Worker took me away.

‘Yea, right,’ I was thinking, ‘until something better came along. I can’t wait to meet my replacement.’

Now wasn’t the time to lose my composure. I took a deep breath before I turned to answer while thinking, ‘Obviously she doesn’t recognize me after almost twenty-one years. I never imagined she would be like this now; what a tramp.’

“Sir,” the bartender said, Picking up a bottle of thirty year old single malt Scotch.

“Yes, bartender, it will be my pleasure,” and I turned to look at the new Susan Douglas while the bartender poured a triple over ice.

“Will there be anything else, Susan?” the bartender asked familiarly, ‘Obviously she comes here often,’ I thought.

“Nothing you have on your side of the bar, Larry,” knowing glances passing between them. No doubt Larry had her too.

Susan Douglas was a heavy woman when I lived with them. She had long dark blonde hair, as long as Joyce’s is now. She once had a very fair complexion like Joyce’s is now; peaches and cream. She looks so different now with the blue contact lens’ hiding the natural gray of her eyes…. the voice remains the same.

“Thank you, handsome,” The tramp said picking up her drink from the bar and taking a sip, “Do you live around here?” She sat on the stool next to me, putting her hand on my leg.

“At one time I did. I’ve moved around a lot since then,” I answered, truthfully, “I’m in town for a few days of business and pleasure,” unfinished business, that part was also true.

I was charming but it was forced. This woman held no sexual appeal for me. Not if she was the last woman on earth due to an unforeseen cataclysm and I was the last man on earth. Not if the Lord God himself gave me the task to be fruitful and multiply. The human race would die out first.

“Are you married, handsome? I didn’t catch your name.”

“Dan,” I said watching her eyes, carefully…good, she doesn’t have a clue, “and no, not at the present time.”

“Are you engaged, Dan?”

“Not officially so you might say my options are open. May I call you Susan?”

“You may call me anything you like handsome. In which room are you staying?” Her hand was creeping toward my crotch.

I smiled and touched her hand, looking for the wedding band. There was none.

“Are you married, Susan?”

“Would it shock you if I said I was married?” she whispered suggestively leaning closer and putting her hand on my crotch.

“Married women fascinate me, Susan, but I do like to be discrete,” I didn’t remove her hand, another plan coming to mind.

“Perhaps you know of a more intimate venue elsewhere, fascinating lady? One more out of the way and secret where we can spend some time together. There are far too many eyes here….”

So far so good, a new element added and one easily handed. I had the address written down and our tryst would be in 3 weeks’ time.

When I walked around the corner on the way to the elevator to go back to my room, I found Joyce standing there with two buckets of ice.

“Do you want me to carry them for you, Joyce?” and I was thinking, ‘You are such a beautiful woman, Joyce, so diametric from Susan Douglas in every way.’

Joyce is older than the tramp and so much younger looking.

“Thank you, Dan,” she answered handing me the buckets and entering the elevator behind me. Something was not right.

When the elevator door closed Joyce put her hands on my shoulders, smiling, “Oh, Daniel.”

I dropped the buckets and twisted to one side so as not to take the full force of her knee in my groin, a glancing blow that still hurt. I bladed myself and put up my palms to block any blows or kicks to keep her from hurting herself.

“Does it hurt? Good! How could you?” she said not retreating.

“Don’t hit me again, Joyce. Who put the bee in your bonnet?”

“You did! Don’t you dare play innocent with me Prince Charming. You had us all fooled. You might have some good qualities; however being faithful isn’t one of them.

You’ll always be a hound. I saw that woman groping you. Why in all decency did you let her?” and she took a round house swing at my head.

I blocked the blow with my palm so she wouldn’t hurt her hand, thinking, ‘Of all the dumb luck! How am I going explain this to the family and not spoil my plans?’

“It’s not what you think, Joyce.”

“Oh, yes it is,” and Joyce swung at me a second time. I blocked it again with my palm thinking, ‘God, I love these Palmer women. As angry as Joyce is right now not a single word of profanity or vulgarity has passed her lips; the same can be said for Anita and, Mary.’

The door opened at our floor and I hit the button for the top floor while blocking the door to keep her from leaving telling the elderly couple waiting, “Sorry folks, my wife and I are having a little tiff,” as the elevator door closed.

“Your wife! How dare you! You…you…”

“Prince Charming,” I suggested, “you will give me a chance to explain even if I have to keep this elevator going up and down all night… truce?”

Joyce closed her eyes and clenched her fists, taking several deep breaths as if mentally counting to ten. When she opened her eyes and relaxed her hands, “OK I’m calm, perhaps I was a little hasty,” and as she said it the elevator door opened. Nobody was there so I closed it and hit all the buttons.

Joyce wasn’t calm though or in the mood for a truce telegraphing her next movement. I was ready for the kick and blocked it before spinning her around to face away from me.

I pinned her arms to her side and pulling her close to me, blocking her legs with one of mine and of course I got an erection as any man would…we are hard wired that way.

Joyce struggled violently, kicking and squirming like a wildcat.

I pulled her closer to me. I admit it, I was enjoying myself. That made Joyce angrier still because I am sure she knew, feeling my erection through my blue jeans.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you? I can fix that! I don’t care how tough you think you are. You have to sleep sometime and when you do….”

I interrupted, “The tramp you saw me with at the bar is Susan Douglas the mother of the groom. I’m as surprised as you are that she came on to me like that.

You know how I feel about her, Joyce. It’s ironic, isn’t it? Obviously Mommy dearest doesn’t recognize me. I would like to keep it that way for now.”

Joyce stopped struggling and she didn’t pull away,” You mean… alright, Dan, truce. You have my word I won’t try to hit you again. You won’t tell Mary I tried to hit you, will you?”

“I’m really hurt that you would assume I would do anything to be unfaithful to Anita, Joyce. I assumed you thought better of me.”

I let go with one hand and pushed the button to send the elevator back to the top floor.

“Anita was wronged, everyone agrees. You agreed to be neutral and behave…I didn’t commit myself one way or the other.”

“I think I see where this is going; you’re going to mop the floor with the groom to rub his mother’s nose in it. The ace up your sleeve will be Susan Douglas making a pass at you. I have your back. I’m a witness to it.”

“No, there is no need for violence when finesse will be a dish served cold. I promised Anita we will dance and laugh and have a good time despite those people.

I promised two little girls I will dance with them. Why spoil the entire wedding for the guests and embarrass the Jones family. I’m planning a series of unfortunate events, hindrances’ if you will.”

I let go of Joyce and she still didn’t move away. When the door opened at our floor again we saw the same elderly couple standing there. Joyce turned to me and pushed the button for the top floor, “I’m sorry, but my hubby and I still have to clear the air.”

Joyce put her arms around my neck as if we were lovers and gave me a peck on the lips followed by messing up my hair as the door closed in their faces for a second time.

“I was wrong and I admit it. I’m sorry. I misjudged you, Dan,” she said letting go and stepping back. “You do deserve a chance to explain yourself. What can I do to make it up to you?”

“Nothing, apology accepted. In any event I will not tattle on you to Mary,” and I gave her braid a tug, “In all honesty I enjoyed the little tussle in the elevator. Do you realize as angry as you were not a hint of profanity or vulgarity passed your lips.”

“Of course not, Mother taught Mary and me better than that. You don’t want to know what I was thinking; it would have blistered your ears.”

“I can believe that. May the little tussle in the elevator be our secret, Joyce,” and I tugged on her braid again.

“You have my word on it,” she messed up my hair, “I won’t say a thing about the series of unfortunate events to take place; serves them right. I have a kindred spirit with you around.”

The elevator door opened two floors above ours and we got out, “I think we should take the stairs, Dan, before someone calls Hotel Security.”

“Good call.”

“I did too, Dan.”

“You did too, what, Joyce?”

“I enjoyed our little tussle and I’m flattered you find me attractive. I suppose I do like to flirt and tease you and that will never change. I won’t cross the line and neither will you.

I promise from now on to have your back as I’m sure you have mine.

We can use an infusion of your wild blood to mix with ours. Reasonable and proper can sometimes be so dull, don’t you think……”

We arrived early for the wedding ceremony at the church to be seated by the ushers. The church was as I remembered it with all the beautiful ornate stained glass windows depicting scenes from the Bible and the high domed ceiling with the murals of angels and cherubs painted on it. I enjoyed attending church then, when I was eight years old and trusting.

This day it was overflowing with large bouquets of flowers to compliment the live organ music that was playing softly in the background.

Anita was sitting between Mary and Joyce, a trinity of beautiful women that any man would be proud to claim their own and Anita is mine. I love Anita more than all the stars in the sky.

They were dressed identically in their delightful tradition. All eyes turned to them as they walked in together; the Jones family already seated accustomed to it; people from the groom’s side no doubt were wondering who the beautiful and refined women were.

Bart sat beside Joyce; Marvin beside Mary and me beside Marv as we waited patiently for the ceremony to begin………….

I have to admit my niece Hannah was a beautiful bride in her ornate gown with the long white train. My sister Mary agrees with me. The dress that Alice and Hannah picked out together was traditional modest and we approve.

Robert was dressed in a black tuxedo as he walked her down the aisle. My brother-in-law Marv still is going to have it out with Robert or I don’t know Marv.

Alice was wearing a modest blue dress, her gold cross and a touch of makeup; her dirty blond hair was styled in the same neat blunt cut chin length bob she always wears. It was Hannah’s day after all and Alice dressed to almost blend in the background; good for her.

The six flower girls wore identical pale pink frilly dresses with petticoats. They were from the groom’s side ranging from five to ten years of age, the older girls carrying the bride’s train while the little ones walked ahead of them spreading red, pink and white flower petals down the aisle.

Their hair were obviously bleached to be platinum blonde and then cut short and permed with tight curls hugging their heads….ridiculous. The tramp’s dress was another last minute surprise and the same color as the bridesmaids; again ridiculous for a woman of her age and the mother of the groom.

We found out later the tramp wanted the same hairstyle for the bridesmaids as the flower girls and actually made appointments at a salon for them, paying in advance.

The Jones girls held firm, God bless them, keeping their original length and color, conceding to curl it and wear their curls pinned up.

Their mauve dresses were a bit overdone with too many bows and ruffles; a last minute change made in secret by the tramp in collusion with the dress maker, nonetheless my nieces looked beautiful.

I didn’t’ think much of the groom as first impressions go. Naturally I thought even less of the groom’s parents, especially upon closer inspection of that woman as she was seated by the ushers. An aging bleached platinum blonde, thin and stringy. As they say handsome is as handsome does.

Tiberius isn’t as tall as Dan. He is shorter than Hannah and rather plain looking despite his expensive white tuxedo with tails and the absurd top hat and silver tipped cane.

Tiberius Marcus Douglas is anything but imperious and regal. His best features are his very blue eyes. He is very fair with white blonde hair….all right I’ll come out and say it, he’s a scrawny, skinny little runt who is worth a lot of money but not worth his weight in salt in the personality department.

The groomsman including two fraternity brothers from Alpha Beta why in the world did they let Tiberius join despite his father’s money were handsome and athletic looking men who out shined Tiberius in every category in their tasteful black tuxedos………………………………….

My sister Joyce and I gave each other knowing glances and squeezed each other’s hand certain what the other sister thought.

It was obvious that Robert and Alice were made the fools; I could see it on Alice’s face and I almost felt sorry for her…almost.

The mother of the groom made some last minute changes without telling Alice until it was too late; the flower girls for one and the 30 actors waiting outside of the church dressed like Praetorians, the Elite Force of Roman Legionary Solders assigned as bodyguards to protect their Emperor.

Danny was impressed with them in as much that their costumes and weapons were historically correct and very authentic.

They were standing at attention in columns of two facing ranks. They pounded on their shields with their spears when the bride and groom emerged from the church.

Then raised the spears forming an arch for the bride and groom to pass under before meeting the guests who had already exited the church. I couldn’t wait for the reception later that evening to see how much the fool………………………

My cousin Hannah looked beautiful in her wedding dress, even my grumpy bear agreed. I was happy for her even though she left me out. On the drive back to our rooms Mom and Aunt Joyce were quite smug in their quiet way.

Uncle Bart called it an end run around uncle Bob and Aunt Alice and thought it was funny when I hugged and kissed Hannah at the receiving line outside of the church and congratulated her, taking great pride in introducing Danny to them, and you know, after watching the looks on their faces, I forgave Hannah and my Aunt Alice and Uncle Bob………………………….

My brother Robert looked miserable behind his smile and it serves him right; I still want to kick his ass up between his shoulder blades. I watched Mrs. Douglas drooling over Dan. No doubt there were lusty, salacious thoughts behind her blue eyes.

Mr. Douglas had to remind his wife there were other guests waiting. Danny seemed to be amused with this woman despite the neutral smile on his face

The woman held Dan’s hand far longer than was proper during the introductions. I had to admire his self restraint and I was happy that he forgave the Douglas’; he is the bigger man for it. That didn’t mean I wouldn’t eventually have it out with Bob.

On the other hand if looks could speak, Alice actually looked a bit contrite and ashamed for leaving Anita out.
I know she wanted to say something, but not in front of the Douglas’s.
The family took the right course of action including Dan.

I suppose Mrs. Douglas was a pretty woman in her day despite her layered and over bleached ultra short pixie haircut.

In my opinion that hairstyle did little to compliment her damaged, wrinkled skin ruined from years in the tanning booth; what foolishness. The woman is far too thin, leathery and stringy looking for my tastes, and although ten years younger than Joyce looks much older.

My wife Mary is far more beautiful with her still smooth peaches and cream skin. Even though she is in her early sixties my Mary turns heads. Mary has more class and refinement in her little finger than this disingenuous woman has in her whole body.

Interestingly enough everything seemed to go wrong almost immediately after the nuptials in church. All three of the wedding party’s rented limos broke down in one manner or another as they pulled away from the curb.

The Douglas’s Mercedes was towed away by mistake, repossessed and impounded. They had to call the police and file a report and it was too late on Sunday to retrieve it from the impound lot. What are the odds of that? What you sow you also shall reap…………………………………

The ladies let us men in the room one at a time to see their formal dresses. Anita looked as beautiful as an earth bound mermaid princess in her green dress, diamond-ruby necklace and earrings. Anita’s hair was up in an elegant style of french twist I had not seen before.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw Anita standing between her mother and aunt. It is my privilege to be her escort at the wedding reception…………..

As beautiful as the bride is and as mediocre the groom, my beautiful daughter Anita and Dan ruled the dance floor the entire evening, dancing together or dancing apart. I certainly enjoyed dancing with Dan…………………

The groom can hardly dance, even with Hannah taking the lead. My husband Bart is a wonderful dancer and a man’s man. He took me dancing on our first date. We danced every dance and Bart wouldn’t let any man cut in. There was one jerk in particular who kept trying though….Bart simply knocked him out……………………

The regal Tiberius….hardly. That young man can barely keep from stumbling across the dance floor; talk about two left feet as well as having a bit too much to drink this early in the evening. I commented about this to my wife Mary.

The parent’s of the bride and groom were in a panic when the live band didn’t show up after an excellent dinner of prime rib.

Bob made sure there was plenty to eat and overall the meal and presentation was excellent and I told him so. He was upset about the band not showing and just nodded. Fortunately one of the waiters had a cousin who was a Deejay…………………………..

The Deejay arrived within an hours’ time of being called and quickly set up with most every kind of music available on CD or prerecorded by category for weddings and such on his computer.

Talk about bad luck followed by good until it was time for the first dance, the special one for the newly married couple to dance alone, all eyes on them.

Bad luck following the good, the computer malfunctioned during the first dance. It started off playing a nice waltz.

While Hannah and Tiberius were dancing the computer abruptly switched over to a child’s nursery rhyme, “Pop Goes the Weasel” put to music and sung as a silly song one might hear at a small child’s birthday party.

Ashley and Amber ran over to Danny singing the words to the music and insisted he dance with them. He gently explained that the bride and groom must dance first; assuring them the next two dances would be theirs.

My sister Joyce had her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing out loud while the poor Deejay shut everything down, disconnecting the computer and rerouting his sound equipment to feed the CD’s one at a time.

I leaned over to my husband and whispered, “There is no way everything that has happened thus far is a coincidence, sweetheart,” and I kissed his cheek, “I suspect somebody’s hand in this,” we both looked at Danny.

Danny had both girls on his lap now and whatever he was telling them the twins were laughing and giggling. They hugged and kissed him when he put them down.

Anita was looking at them beaming, and I was thinking, ‘I can’t say it enough; they are perfect for each other. I want grandchildren, now!’

“You’re right honey, there is a hand in this and not the divine hand of God,” he slid over and kissed my lips, “You look beautiful this evening, Mary my love, if I haven’t told you already.”

“You have, but tell me again sweetheart,” and I kissed him back looking forward to what else the hand had in mind and I was certain it was Danny……………………………

Talk about childish behavior. Tiberius went back to his table and would only return after much coaxing from his mother. He danced the one dance with Hannah before returning to his table again.

My husband Bart thought the groom’s behavior was downright infantile and wondered why the little punk’s father didn’t step in and straighten out his son.

Dan danced with the twins as he promised until their Dad hustled them off the dance floor to their rooms. It was bedtime for the little ones; their two grandmas would take turns and watch them until the reception was over.

Although Hannah and Tiberius did mingle with their guests as is proper; he did so only after his tramp mother got on his case. What a lump.

Those Jones girls who were paired off with the fraternity fatheads were pretty much ignored and they mingled finding other dance partners including Dan.

We all agreed that Anita and Dan ruled the dance floor. I danced with Dan twice, enjoying myself and showing him off. We have a secret understanding that I’ll share with no one; not my sister, not my niece.

It was well into the evening when the Deejay announced we must clear it for the ceremony to follow, the cutting of the cake.

I should mention that at the beginning of the festivities and with practiced pomp and fanfare, the Elite Praetorian Bodyguards escorted the wedding party to their table after all the guests were seated. They marched in two columns with the wedding party in between them.

Once the party was seated the Centurion ordered the soldiers to draw their swords to salute the bride and groom. They then stood at attention behind them along the wall the whole time as if they were guarding them.

At the call of the cake ceremony, half left and marched in formation into the main kitchen as soon as the dance floor was empty……………………………………………….

It is obvious to me that my grumpy bear is behind all the glitches occurring at Hannah’s wedding. I knew the best was yet to come when they brought out the wedding cake.

Talk about an orchestration of pomp and fanfare for a cake. Four men wearing white togas and sandals and each holding one of the poles of the ornate gold colored palanquin were escorted by the Praetorian Bodyguards. Inside of the palanquin was the five foot tall wedding cake.

The Douglas’s had the cake flown in from New York City. It was created by a well known bakery of the rich and famous. This exceptional bakery has its own television show on cable.

The cake was a scaled down reproduction of a delicious vanilla confection representing the column of Marcus Aurelius also known to some as the Aurelian Column.

The original stone monument was built between 180 AD and 196 AD as a gift from the Senate and the Roman people to Emperor Marcus Aurelius in celebration of his successful military campaigns against the Germanic tribes who lived near the Black Sea.

I counted the seconds for disaster…. 1…2…3…any time now…one of the men in the togas was none other than Tom O’Neil.

I wasn’t disappointed; Tom accidentally on purpose tripped sending the monument to Tiberius Marcus Douglas toppling to the dance floor onto its side….wow!

I looked at Mom; Mom looked at Aunt Joyce who had her hand over her mouth to hide her grin. We all looked at Danny.

He looked back at us an angelic look on his handsome face, “Oops,” he said, taking a sip of champagne.

In all the ensuing confusion Tom managed to slip out of the room and disappeared. Mrs. Douglas was swearing up a storm at the remaining toga wearers, the waiters, the hotel manager.

Uncle Bob was consoling Hannah, she was sobbing and her father was hugging her trying to calm her down. Tiberius was arguing along with his father with the wedding planner demanding to know who tripped and what was she going to do about it. Alice was staring at the cake on the floor as if in shock and looking as if she was about to cry at any moment.

Mom stood up with a resolute look on her face and we knew better than to argue with her, “Anita, Joyce, follow me.”

We followed. Mom snagged a couple of waiters, “You and you, what are your names….. Yes, thank you gentlemen. Mark, please bring me a couple of push carts and some large trays or cookie sheets; as many as you can find. Arthur, please bring me two large knives and two spatulas. Oh yes, aluminum foil. When you both return with them be available for further instructions.”

We then walked over to Aunt Alice and hugged her one at a time, mom last. “It’s not like you to just stand there honey, not our efficient Alice,” Mom said, hugging her, “Let us help you save the cake and serve to your guests.

We don’t need the wedding planner, the caterer, the waiters or anyone else who is not family.” Aunt Alice wiped her eyes and nodded gratefully and that is exactly what the four of us did……………………………..

“Well, rubber ducky, is anything else going to happen today?”

“Not that I’m aware of, pops.”

“What about earthquakes, volcanoes; floods or tornadoes?”

“Those things are beyond my reach and knowledge much like the stars in the sky.”

“Good, you and I are going to have a long talk when we go fishing next Sunday. Somebody has to take over for John Anderson…….”

Danny received a telephone call on the way home and pulled over getting out of the van.

“Anita, please,” he motioned me to get out, “get the note pad and write down what I dictate,” I did.

“Thank you very much” I heard him tell the caller “it’s good to hear from you. I’ll see you in two days with the love of my life and my future bride.

Danny picked me up and spun me around, “Pack your bags, baby. We are going to Florida on official business…..”

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