Jen , Me Ch. 5: Jack, Jen ,…

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Chapter 5: Jack, Jen & I Move Marisa

For those keeping track: In our last episode I had hooked Jenny up with Jack, the trainer from the gym, in exchange for which my wife was promising all kinds of delicious rewards. I had also agreed to help Marisa, that little firecracker, move in with Jenny, and had recruited Jack’s help.

I was harboring all kinds of naughty, salacious thoughts, involving Marisa, Jenny, threesomes and foursomes (and more-somes). But for now, time to get to work.

* * * *

Cheryl and I had an understanding. Saturday mornings were mine. I often met the guys from work for golf, but this Saturday I had agreed to help Marisa move in with Jen. Jack had agreed to meet us at Jenny’s. We were going to do some organizing before we started over to Marisa’s.

I figured it shouldn’t take too long. Jen’s place was a small first floor condo, just two bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a study and an eat-in kitchen. Jen had it pretty sparsely furnished. The second bedroom was completely empty except for her bicycle and some sports gear. The study was piled with empty boxes; who knows what they were for. The eat-in-kitchen had a nice table, and the living room had a couch, a chair and a TV. That’s about it.

When I got to Jen’s place, Jack was there already, sitting in his truck. As I pulled up, he hopped out.

“Hey, Steve, just got here myself. Had a great time with Jenny last night – you sure you don’t mind my going out with her?” He was acting a little hyper, too much Starbucks, my guess.

“Hell no. I’m glad you had such a good time. You ready to help Marisa?” I asked as I led the way up to her door.

“Sure. Let’s do it.”

Jenny was up and dressed – too bad. She had on some Daisy Duke cut-offs and a skintight scoop neck t-shirt. She looked good enough to eat, and don’t think the thought didn’t cross my mind. She welcomed me with a nice kiss, then welcomed Jack with an even less platonic one. Not aggressive, just sweet and inviting.

“Ok, Jen, we’re yours – put us to use.” I told her.

“Naughty, naughty,” she scolded, “that’s only for after the move, and then only if you’re very good.”

Jack turned red, and Jen laughed, “Just kidding guys. C’mon, help me break down the boxes in the study, and get all my junk out of the spare room. There’s a store room off the porch, the stuff in the bedroom can go there.”

“Ok, I’ll start in the study, and Jen, you can show Jack where Marisa’s room will be and where things go.” I headed off to the study, figuring it would be nice to give them a chance to get reacquainted after last night’s first date – and get any potential awkwardness out of the way.

They didn’t spend too long in there alone, before Jack came out with some camping gear for the storage closet. My guess was he was holding the backpack strategically over his crotch to hide a hard-on. Jenny came to see me in the study with nipples that were about ready to poke a hole through her shirt.

As she entered the study, I took her in my arms and held her close. “You look absolutely irresistible. I love the shorts.” I slipped my hand down between her legs. It was like a furnace there, and I would bet she would be soaked through within the hour. She fended me off, “Steve! What if Jack saw!”

“I’m kind of hoping that in the not too distant future he sees me do a whole lot more than that to you,” I whispered in her ear, still pulling her close.

“Jeez! I don’t even know if I’m going to do anything with him – never mind invite you along.” She pushed me off once again, but not unkindly. She patted the lump in my shorts, “Calm this guy down, and let’s finish up in here. And no funny business.”

I gave her sweet cheeks one final squeeze, and went back to breaking down boxes. As we worked I noticed she was teasing poor Jack unmercifully. She would take every opportunity to brush against him, rub her breasts across his arm, or bend down in front of him to give him a show. I couldn’t believe his shorts were able to take the strain. She might say she was unsure, but she wasn’t going to leave him much choice in the matter.

In less than 45 minutes Marisa’s bedroom and the study were cleaned out and vacuumed. Even the closet was emptied, which I hadn’t noticed was full of Jenny’s old wardrobe, most of which would never fit over her new ‘enhanced’ chest.

We finally gave Marisa a call to let her know we were headed over, and piled into Jack’s F-250. Jenny surprised me a bit, by placing her hand on each of our thighs. “Mmmmm, that was quick. Tell me there’s no advantage to having two strong men in your life.” I tried to work her hand up higher, but it just earned me a jab in the ribs.

When we arrived at Marisa’s she let us know that her ex was gone for the day, so he wouldn’t be underfoot during the move. Jack had never met Marisa, but he was certainly presented with an eyeful on this occasion. She had on baggy shorts, where the leg openings were about twice the size of her legs, bayan escort offering tantalizing glimpses when she climbed stairs, or stood in the back of the truck. Her T-shirt was knotted around her chest, tighter than a Hooter girls’. The armholes were huge, and from the side you could see three-quarters of her breast. Unlike Jenny, Marisa was certainly not a hard-body. She was all curves and smooth skin, but still slender and incredibly sexy.

The girls were packing and gabbing, and Jack and I were loading. We started with a broken-down waterbed, and some bedroom furniture. As we worked at loading the gear on the truck, with the girls back in the house, I stunned Jack. “Best threesome I ever had.”

“Fuck! Are you kidding me?” he almost dropped the headboard.

“Nope. Don’t get the wrong idea. Jenny’s not a slut. I’m the only guy she’s slept with in over a year. And we’ve both known Marisa since they were 16. But when Marisa’s marriage was down the tubes, and she was in the ‘all men are pigs’ frame of mind, a sympathetic evening led to some unbelievable shit.”

“Dude. I’m a fan.” He laughed.

“Well, if we play our cards right, today could be some more fantasies in the making. I believe an effort like this deserves some reward at the end of the day.”

“You think?”

“Just let Jenny steer the way. I’ll take care of Marisa to start with.” I sounded surer than I felt, but I was going to give it my best ‘college’ try.

We emptied a guestroom, a media room, with big-screen TV and two love seats, and a walk in closet full of clothing. I didn’t think we’d fit it all, when we found out Marisa had a small tow trailer that we hitched to Jacks truck and loaded with boxes from the garage, kitchen, and bedroom. Give Marisa credit, she was 90% ready for us when we got there.

By eleven we where headed back to Jen’s. We were still three across in the front seat with Marisa on my lap. The girls had been secretly giggling every time we came in the house for the last three loads, and they would look at each other and laugh in the truck during the fifteen minute ride to Jen’s place. I managed to work a hand into a leg of Marisa’s oversized pants, and gently stroked her sopping pussy for about half the trip. I think she hid it well, but the smell was undeniable. Well, I had made my intentions pretty clear, and had not been rebuffed at all.

We unloaded the truck, while the two beauties helped with some of the boxes. They then offered to prepare lunch for when we were finished. Unloading went pretty quick, with the last ten minutes spent reassembling Marisa’s water bed. The TV and loveseats just fit in the study. The loveseats actually made a V, facing the TV, with the arms touching.

Once we were done, we found they’d set up a mini-picnic on the (empty) dining room floor. Just some small sandwiches, fruit, and lemonade, spread across a blanket. When we sat down, the girls positioned themselves behind us and made a big deal of how hard we’d worked and how worn out we must be.

“I don’t know how I’d ever have moved that TV and bed.” Marisa cooed. “You guys are sooo strong, but you must be tired now.”

“A little worn out, but a little rest and lunch should do the trick.” I countered.

At this point Jack and I were both receiving backrubs from the girls, and while Marisa worked on me, Jenny gave Jack a thorough going over.

“Mmmm, that’s nice,” Jack finally said, as Jenny sat tight against his back, legs on each side of him, as she worked on his neck and shoulders.

Having finished two sandwiches, I decided to lay down, and take advantage of the girls’ goodwill. Marisa pulled my shirt off, straddled my butt, and gave me a very good back rub – nearly masseuse quality. It was so good it went beyond sensual to just damn relaxing.

I looked over to see that Jacks shirt was missing as well, and he was leaning back into Jenny’s lap and she massaged his chest. Her breasts would rub across his face each time she rubbed as low as his abs. As far as I could tell she was rubbing all the way down to an inch inside his shorts.

I rolled over, and Marisa repositioned herself, her slit rubbing up and down my hard cock as she massaged from my shoulders down to my abs. After a minute of this I could take no more. I lifted my hips and lowered my shorts halfway down my ass, releasing my cock. Marisa raised herself about 6 inches to allow me the room to maneuver. I reached inside one leg of her shorts with my hand on my cock to try to push her underwear out of the way, only to find she had outsmarted me, getting rid of them, and I had free access. I entered her smoothly, and lay back, to allow her to continue the massage.

“Steve,” she whispered, “you are so nasty,” as she rocked herself back and forth on my cock, and rubbed my chest. She was not looking at me but watching the action next to us. I looked over to see that Jenny had turned sideways, facing us, and Jack’s head was completely hidden by her breasts, and her shirt was raised up fully exposing them. One of her hands was tangled in his hair, and the other was deep inside his pants.

“God,” I told Marisa, “is that sexy or what.”

I held her tight against my lap and came inside her. I didn’t give her any warning, and tried to avoid any obvious movements, so I wouldn’t disturb the new lovebirds. Marisa’s eyes opened like saucers. She smiled hugely as I pumped stream after stream of cum deep inside her. Then her mouth descended on mine and devoured me, before she relented, smiled at me and whispered, “Thank you; that was very sweet. Not anything like last time.” She finished with a mischievous grin.

I whispered into her ear, “So do we leave them to their fun, or do we dive in and help.”

“I’m all for a little romantic help. Caresses and kisses, but leave the actual act to the two of them. It IS their first time.” Marisa explained.

She crawled off me, and positioned herself on the other side of Jack’s fully reclined body. I got behind Jenny, and started rubbing her back and shoulders. She tensed up a little, then relaxed as I whispered, “Enjoy, we’re just here for support.”

I lifted her arms, requiring her to release her hold on Jack’s member, and pulled her shirt over her head. Marisa took advantage of the respite to grab the sides of Jack’s shorts and pull them down and completely off. He helped by raising his hips. Then Marisa went to work on his shoes and socks, while I talked to him.

“Isn’t she incredible,” I asked him softly.

“Ohhhh, God,” was his only response.

Jack was clearly a breast man, as Jenny lowered her breasts to his eager mouth once again. Looking over, I saw that Marisa was as naked as Jack, as in totally. Marisa was an avid fan of tanning beds, and she must have worn the same bikini every time. The bright white skin exposed only for our view, contrasted so erotically with her otherwise deep dark tan. Small triangles which covered two-thirds of her breasts, and a narrow V from high on her hips, across her tiny patch of unshaven hair, were all that shown white. I lost my breath at her beauty. She moved over to the other side of Jack’s head, and placed her rack right up against Jenny’s. She pressed her rock hard nipples against Jenny’s and Jack did his best to run his tongue between them and all over the bright red aureoles.

I reached down to pull Jenny to her feet. As she stood, Marisa continued to feed Jack her incredible breasts. I removed Jenny’s shorts and underwear, leaving on her sneakers and white socks which for some reason I found incredibly sexy. Realizing I was the only one still dressed, I dropped my trou’ like a hot potato, and kicked off my shoes.

“Jenny, this poor boy has been constantly hard since 8:00 this morning, you have to do something for him.” I told her, as I guided her face down to his cock. Jenny climbed between his legs, and started licking his balls and lower shaft. I moved to Marisa, and pulled her off Jack’s face, letting him give his full attention to the beautiful face working on his over-excited manhood.

Jenny proceeded to give this boy her A-number-one-primo-patent-pending blowjob. She would watch him intently, as she would lick the shaft, and at the top slowly engulf the head. Then stroking the shaft, she would bath his balls, taking one, then the other into her mouth, breathing her hot breath across them. I could tell by his wriggling that she was also playing with his asshole, as I knew she often did. He was moaning, dropping his head back, then lifting up to watch the view of his cock embedded in that oh-so-pretty face. He didn’t have a large array of expletives to let us know just how much he was enjoying the gift he was receiving. It mostly consisted of ‘I can’t believe this,’ ‘Ohhhh,’ and ‘God’.

Marisa was still caressing his face and shoulders, when she hit pay dirt with her first comment in a while. “Wouldn’t you like to fuck her tits?” she asked.

“Unnnnhhhh!” was his response, as he unloaded. Jenny was stroking his cock while licking the lower shaft when he came. The first shot amazed me, shooting a good two to three feet in the air, and landing on his chest, followed by several more explosive streams, none less than a foot high. Jenny waited till he had finished coming, watching in awe, as were all of us, before taking his bright red cock in her mouth and cleansing him of the remains of the last half-hearted shots. Marisa was unstoppable, and was lapping away at the cum on his chest, licking all over, the sweat and cum leaving slick trails across his body. Soon Jenny joined her in the cleaning while I sat back and enjoyed the show.

No one can call Marisa selfish. While Jenny kissed Jack, sharing some of the hard earned cum with him, Marisa crawled down to Jack’s semi-hard dick, and took the whole thing in her mouth, working diligently to restore it to it’s original glory. I’m not sure Jenny knew of this enormous sacrifice on Marisa’s part, until I lifted Jenny clear of the ground, and lowered her onto Jacks waiting tower. Marisa steered with the eye of a shuttle pilot, and mated the two perfectly. She gave me a nod and I lowered Jenny the rest of the way then positioned her so her breasts were over Jack’s face again.

“Buddy,” I told him, “I am so jealous. I can remember what it was like the first time I made love to this sweet girl. I can make myself come just thinking about it. It was absolutely one of the supreme experiences of my life.” I was leaning over Jenny, kissing her shoulders and neck. Marisa, god bless her soul, had found a way to work her head under me, and pressed against Jacks side she was doing her best to give my cock as good a treatment as Jack was receiving.

I was beginning to think that he’d had Jenny to himself long enough, and I was thinking of a way to get involved, when Marisa crawled out from underneath, and pulled me away. “Oh no you don’t, I know what you’re thinking, and you leave them alone. Maybe later, but let them have this one to themselves.”

“Come on Marisa, it wouldn’t hurt. And I know she’s fantasized about being double-teamed.” I looked over to where they were going at it, slowly and romantically, and started to rethink my position.

“You know, if you’re gentle, my ass hasn’t been taken care of in months.” God! She was a devil. She knew how to lure me. “But not here, in the bedroom.”

“You’re bed is empty,” I countered.

“Her bedroom, silly. We’ll go in there, and let them make the move to join us, if they feel like it. C’mon stud, I’ll make it worth your while.” She led me away by the cock, like a dog on a leash.

As we left the room, I saw that Jack was sitting up, and Jenny was sitting on his lap, clinging to him, legs wrapped around his waist, as he lifted her by the ass cheeks up and down on his log. A twinge of jealousy reared its ugly head, but a not so subtle tug by Marisa brought me back to reality. Jenny was just a good friend, hell more than that, my wife’s sister, who I loved very much, and she needed a man in her life. I hope I hadn’t fucked up bringing in Jack – he did seem like a good guy, but only time would tell.

Marisa got right to the point. She dropped onto her hands and knees, and wiggled her sweet curvy butt in the air, “See anything you like?”

The small white untanned area framing her crack was like a beacon to pleasure. I dropped behind her and ate out her ass and pussy for several minutes, until the juices were flowing down her leg. I then went to Jenny’s ‘back of tricks’ and got some of her miracle lubricant and a cone shaped dildo.

“Careful, lover, I was sore for weeks after the last time.” She was hot as Dallas blacktop in August, but still a little cautious.

“I’m sorry baby. I’m going to open you up nice and easy, then enjoy your ass in a way that we will both appreciate.” I was rubbing a little lube on her little brown eye, and working it in gently with my index finger. Not one to waste an opportunity, I was simultaneously slowly feeding my cock into her tight little pussy.

“Mmmmmmm, that’s nice. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed the last time immensely – you can’t imagine how powerful and sexy I feel making you completely lose control like that. And to feel your body shaking and sweating as you used me like a toy doll, lifting me like some rag-doll, Gaaaaawwwd, filling my ass with that monstrously thick cock of yours. Using me, my every opening completely at your mercy. The strength in your hands, the hard muscles of your arms and chest pressed against me. Clutching me, using me. Ooooohhhhh, Jenny watching you completely lose yourself in me — Ahhhhhhhh, GOD, I’m cumming, Ohhhhhh, ooooooohhhhhhhhhh, JESUS, Ahhh, Ahhh, shit, shit, shit!” she was trembling uncontrollably, and I had just barely started working the dildo up her ass as I slowly fucked her pussy.

Once her breathing settled, I went back to work, wiggling the dildo inside her, until I had the thing halfway inside her, where the diameter of the thing was over an inch.

She was talking to me again. “Oooh, baby, I’m ready, do me already, I know you want it. You want to be in my ass again. Tell me baby.”

“You know it. I’ve never been out of control like that. Your sweet little hot ass drove me crazy. You weren’t my first anal, but God, you were the best I’d ever had.” I told her, discarding the dildo, and placing the spongy head at the opening. With a little effort, I popped the head in about two inches, and she grunted magnificently.

Hissing, she asked, “Better than Jenny?”

“I’ve never had Jenny’s ass,” I confided.

“Mmmmmmh, well you can have mine. I would never deny you. Come on baby, give it to me.”

I started my invasion, slowly working my way in until I was buried to the hilt.

“Please, hold it there,” she begged, while she tried to grow accustomed to the oversized invader. “Ok, now slowly, fuck my hot ass.”

“Marisa, you are an incredible fuck. I love this little tattoo. I need to see this more often.” I told her, as I started driving her ass, still slowly but with long strokes and a nice steady pace.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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