Jenna the Sub Ch. 07

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Garden of Earthly Delights

Leading Jenna up from her failed position on Janice’s floor, the older woman helped her to her feet and in being told to follow, yet stay behind, the younger woman was finding a strange comfort in being naked like this – in this woman’s home, while she, her dominant, she remained fully clothed. It was yet another one of those odd feelings of comfort in giving up control that she was having, telling her this was where she belonged.

Together, the two made their way from the living room, back through the large, steel doors into the kitchen and off to the left, up the large stairway Jenna had noticed earlier but had no idea where it may lead.

Climbing into the stairway, she dutifully followed as her Ma’am ascended each of the long and wide risers, silently gliding with a fast, almost liquid like flow about her movements. Jenna couldn’t help but to look and stare, becoming captivated with the full, fluid swaying of the older woman’s large, round ass moving under the fabric of her long black evening gown.

Continuing up, way up to finally reaching the second story landing, Janice suddenly stopped and turned to the young girl, looked back and down to where she too had come to a stop a few steps below, the vantage point of Janice being so much higher only lending to the dominant-submissive structure they were building as they took each of these steps forward.

“I guess you may be wondering why I chose to have you walk the stairs instead of taking my private elevator up here to the second floor…” Janice asked, her question however catching Jenna a little off guard because, until now – now that she was making mention of it, she hadn’t even considered the question. She had been too lost in this erotic dream world to notice, following blindly, she became just that, blind – blind to everything else around her, blind to everything except her Ma’am.

“I just want you to know right now that when you are here, you are to use these stairs and not my elevator, is that clear..?” Janice asked as Jenna stood still, puzzled yet, but more than willing to agree.

“Ummm… Yes Ma’am…” Was all she could manage to say thinking that although the stairs were a bit steep and rather long, it really didn’t matter to her, she just felt privileged enough in being here with this woman, in her home and letting her lead where ever she may take her. Elevator or not…

Upon the landing now, Jenna continued to follow as they turned right to walk back along the long corridor, past two closed doors until they came to a stop at a third, the last before the hallway ended at this, a larger set of double door.

“This is the main bath Jenna, go on in and get the shower started and get in, I’ll be along in a minute…” Janice directed as she opened the door leading into what Jenna was to discover was possible the largest bathroom she had ever seen in her life.

Walking in and closing the door behind her, leaving her alone and naked in the huge tiled space full of glass, chrome and marble tile, Jenna stood in the middle of the room for a moment just taking it all of the rooms wonderful accompaniments.

The bath in one corner looking big enough to be a real Jacuzzi spa, already full and bubbling away with steaming hot water, its mist rising and clouding the two mirrored walls the tub was built against. Still on the left of the room, next to the tub was a long vanity table complete with a series of large light bulbs framing one section of the continued wall mirror, situated in front of a comfortable looking padded vanity stool.

Father along was a short wall jutting out from the back left corner which she figured was there to hide the toilet, there to lend some privacy for the user – and then carrying along the back wall was the set double sinks with yet more mirrored walls, in fact as she noticed the, entire room had mirrored walls except for the short wall hiding the toilet.

What Jenna turned to look at last in the big, well-lit room was the impressively large walk-in shower that from the front was a huge glass wall with a glass door in the middle from which to step through into the shower space that was big enough for Jenna figured must be ‘many’ people, let alone just one or two.

Marvelling at such appointments Jenna felt giddy in being in such a lovely if not extravagant bathroom, however in also not knowing how long she had until her Ma’am would make her return, she chose to make her way inside the vast shower space. Stepping inside, through the center glass door she was right away taken aback with the sheer size of the space and how all along the back wall there was a built-in bench that there was tiled with the same marble as the rest of the room.

There was not just one shower in the room but actuality, there were three.

Looking up to the left end of the shower room Jenna noticed a huge, overly large rain-shower head that had to be the size of a garbage can lid if she wasn’t mistaken. Next, in the middle of the room, not too Escort bayan far above the bench there was a series of what looked like wall jets that spray water out in more of a fine mist than say an overhead shower, and along with these jet, Jenna noted a second shower head, hanging on a hook, connected to a long hose making it detachable and portable.

Still amazed and continuing to gaze wonder-eyed, she spotted what was yet another more conventional looking shower head mounted to the right wall. This shower making up what Jenna could hardly believe were actually three different showers in the one room. She didn’t know where to begin.

Choosing to make things easy on herself, she stepped up to the regular looking wall mounted shower and stepped back a bit as she turned the dial. Watching as the water began to spray out, standing back, reaching out with her hand, testing a waiting for the water to warm up enough for her step in and wet herself down, Jenna smiled thinking how lucky she had become and how ready she was for whatever this older woman had in store for her to learn and discover.


Feeling the water was warm enough; Jenna stepped under the showers spray and began wetting herself down, first soaking her short brown hair, getting it wet , letting the water wash her down, loving the feeling and the warmth of the water as well as the steam wafting up and beginning to fill the glass walled space.

Relaxing and luxuriating Jenna hardly noticed when Janice entered the bathroom from a second door, one that must lead in from her bedroom, making this her ensuite of sorts.

Spotting a flash of white, Jenna looked up in time to see the older woman had indeed entered the room dressed now in a large, fluffy and very comfortable looking white, Terry-cloth bath robe.

Standing under the showers spray, Jenna watched like this was a T.V. program through the glass, watched as the older, taller, wiser and certainly more beautiful woman casually slipped the robes belt loose to the point of opening where she then shucked the heavy Terry cloth from her creamy white shoulders, letting it drop to her feet before opening the shower door and stepping in as naked now as her new submissive assistant.

Jenna, all she could do was stand there staring, the water bouncing off of her back, standing and staring, looking and hardly believing that this woman, this gorgeous mature woman who had captivated her so was now standing in front of her naked, showing her everything, showing her every beautiful inch of her still fit and toned +50yr old body.

Wordlessly Janice walked up the girl who was still standing slack jawed looking at the full-figured woman. Looking at her big, full tits, capped with equally large areolas and even more impressively large button-sized thick and long nipples, Jenna almost felt embarrassed seeing her Ma’am naked like, as well as for staring too much.

The woman’s tummy still relatively flat and toned from her workouts, and leading on down to what Jenna spied was the woman’s’ own full, yet well maintained patch of dark black pubic hair covering her mons in a well sculpted ‘V’ leading down to her center, her mature, beautifully aged pussy.

Slack-jawed and not knowing what to say or where to look, Jenna watched as the woman picked up a shampoo bottle and squeezing a dollop into her hand. Still saying nothing, she stepped up to the girl and said only one word “Turn…” to which Jenna complied, staying quiet and obeying the command, turning in place to face away from the older and much taller woman.

Even with the waters warm spray hitting her skin, Jenna took in a sharp breath upon feeling her Ma’am’s large breast touching and pressing into her back as her hands began to run the shampoo through her short hair, lathering her up, letting the girl enjoy the feeling of having her Ma’am taking care of her.

Wanting to turn but too afraid to move, Jenna stayed in place as the older woman’s hands and fingers began to move down off of her head, down onto her shoulders, washing down her arms and back up again.

Jenna let out a sighing “Ahhh…” when she felt the woman’s hands cupping and squeezing her plump tits, her fingers and thumbs drawing together on each of her stiff aching nipples, pulling forward, stretching the flesh, squeezing the hard bubs.

“Unnnggg… Mmmm…” The girl cooed, loving the feeling, arching her back some, offering no resistance in letting the older woman pull and manipulate her white-skinned tits. Then letting go and moving her hands lower, across the girls abdomen while Jenna stood as still as she could feeling the hands move lower still, nearing the top of her pubic line, where once more her instincts had her pushing her hips forward, wanting and willing the woman’s hand to move lower still to touch and feel her slippery-wet pussy.

“Ohhh… Oh Ma’am…” Jenna said in a hushed cry as the older woman’s fingers began combing through her thick bush, ignoring her pussy for the time being, centering her Escort attentions on the long hairs, pulling and twisting.

“You like me touching you like this Jenna..? The woman asked while leaning low and into Jenna’s ear, her arms around the girl from behind, pulling her in close, their wet skin slipping and sliding against one and other with her fingers remained lost in the dense forest of the girl’s pubes.

“Oh God yes… Oh yes Ma’am…” Was all she could say in return, feeling over-whelmed and taken over by the older, stronger woman, loving the feeling, loving being touched like this. It made her wonder why she had resisted, why she had stayed away, afraid of herself, afraid of her fears.

“You’re going to be a good girl for me while we get you all nice and clean down here aren’t you my little subbie-girl..? Janice asked with the fingers of her right hand still pulling and combing the bushy, wet pubic hairs, while up higher with her left hand, she continued the same pulling and twisting to the girl’s tits and nipples causing Jenna to grit her teeth, moaning in her pleading.

“Ohhh Yes… Yes Ma’am… You know I’ll be good for you… Please… Please shave – Please shave my – my p-pussy…”

Then, without saying a word, the older woman released her grip and spun the girl where she stood under the showers spray, facing now and taking the girl’s face in her hands, lowering her mouth to meet Jenna’s as she kissed shocked girl full and hard on the lips.

“Mmmmmmm…” Jenna groaned as she felt the woman’s soft and supple lips mashing into her own in their first, deep-passion inspired kiss. Letting herself go, feeling the woman’s arms enveloping her, their wet fevered flesh sliding together.

“Mmmphmm…” She moaned again, feeling the woman’s tongue working its way past her own lips, snaking into her mouth where she willingly let their two tongues mingle and mix together for the first time. Naked in the shower and French kissing this older woman who had not only just become her new boss but her lover as well… Her new, lesbian lover – Jenna thought she could die now, or cum – or both…


Breaking the kiss but not their embrace, Janice smiled down into the girl’s brown eyes for a moment then spoke… “Come on, let’s get into my bath and get you taken care now, because if we stay here any longer, I’m going to take you right here on this floor…”

“K-Kay…” Was all Jenna could muster in her reply, with her chest pounding she stood and watched as the older woman reached out to shut off the shower, leaving the pair standing soaking wet in the steam filled room, then taking the girl by the hand she led her still dripping, back through the glass door and over to the pre-filled, hot and bubbling Jacuzzi bath.

“Go on Jenna, you get into the tub and soak for a bit while get a few things…” Janice instructed before leaving the girl’s side to collect the thinks she was going to need to get this girl’s pubic and pussy and ass cleaned up and shorn down to a smooth, supple and soft, bare – hairless state.

So turned on now and smiling, Jenna felt giddy with sexual horniness, eager and aching to feel the older woman’s touch, she slid effortlessly into the bath, loving how warm and sensual the bubbling waters felt surrounding her skin, her nose and senses being filled with the floral smell of whatever bath salts the woman must have used while presumably filling the huge tub earlier.

Finding there was a bench under the water; Jenna sat feeling more like she was in a real, full-sized hot tub rather than a bath. Sitting thinking she could easily get used to living like this, she looked to her left and watched as her Ma’am, her very naked Ma’am – was gathering in a small basket some items from in and around her vanity area before righting herself and making her way over to join her in the bubbling, hot waters.

Watching, Jenna felt her heart swoon with a mixture of reserved fear and delight, never before had she been as attracted to someone as she had with this older, dominant woman who was walking naked towards her like a Goddess, her hips swaying in a womanly-hypnotising rhythm making it impossible for the younger woman to look away.

As with only catching glimpses while in the shower Jenna now was seeing this entire woman, in all of her dominantly feminine splendour and naked grace. Seeing her creamy-skinned, large, full breast swinging and swaying as she walked, her dark nipples, poking out hard and straight, surrounded by her equally dark and large areola, it was enough to make Jenna cum just with the thought of suckling from the woman’s delicious looking breasts.

Letting her eye’s drift and drink in this stunningly statuesque, confidently mature woman’s body, her flat stomach, her wide flaring hips and slightly surprising to Jenna, yet not looking at all out of place was the woman’s own dark pubic bush, a well maintained and feminine looking tuft of hair sitting beautifully atop her center. And lastly looking lower still, following Bayan escort the sweeping curve of her hips, leading into her muscular, well toned thighs, knees and her calves – tight and looking strong like she had been bicycle training for years if not decades.

Jenna watched – her heart rate picking up as the woman reached the steps leading up into the huge bath, in her one hand she carried a wicker basket full of what Jenna would assume were the things she would need to remove her embarrassing and unsightly pubic growth.

Watching still as the woman placed the basket down at the edge of the bath and then she herself climbing in, letting herself slip into the water, waist high she remained standing and without haste, taking one more step to place herself between the girls parting legs, opening without question of why, Jenna a let her in, let her move close and once again, Janice leaned in to kiss the girl as she had in the shower.

Not a word had been spoken, the only sounds were that of the bath water bubbling away and the faint murmurs of Jenna’s arousal gurgling in her throat as the older woman forced her tongue back into the girl’s ready and wanting mouth. Allowing her Ma’am’s pointed tongue to slip into her mouth without second thought, Jenna let her lips curling around to suck at and invite her mouths invasion.

“Mmmmph… Ohhh – Mmmm…” Jenna continued to moan into the woman’s mouth as Janice placed her hands on either side of the girl’s head for a second time as she took the lead, took control while kissing the submissive younger woman.

Kissing her hard and making no mistake that she was the one in charge, she kissed her long and deep, claiming what was hers and making sure that Jenna knew exactly where she stood and where she belonged, and to prove this point, to send the message home, Janice suddenly and without warning, she clamped her teeth down hard onto the girl’s lower lip, causing her squeal surprised shock and pain.

Backing her head away, Jenna looked up at the older woman a pained, confused expression. “Owww… Oh Ma’am, that – that really hu-hurt…” The girl pled while Janice looked down smiling and said “You’ll live…” before she once again attacked the girl’s mouth with her own. Cradling her head again and kissing her with a fevered passion, her arms around the girl, enveloping her, pulling her so tight she couldn’t breathe in the moment.

Then suddenly breaking away, pushing the girl back and moving away, Janice ended her assault, her molesting kiss, ending as quickly as it had began.

“Sit up on the edge here Jenna so we can things stated okay..?” Janice asked in a question, making no mention of the incredible kiss they had just shared, or as Jenna might think, the kiss she had just survived and was now getting back to the business at hand.

Puzzled but beginning to understand how this woman may work, Jenna said nothing of the kiss either and did as she was being told, yet quivering a bit in her excitement, she pulled herself up to sitting on the back ledge of the bath with her back resting on one of the mirrored walls, her legs dangling in water up to her knees.

Moving back in between the girl’s legs Janice instructed Jenna to pull her left leg up onto the ledge, the result having her spread wide and giving easy access for Janice to begin her work. Turning and placing her in the basket of supplies, the older woman produced a small, battery operated trimmer.

Looking and smiling, she reassured the girl. “It’s okay Jenna, this won’t hurt. I’m just going to use this to clip away the long hairs first, before we can move on to doing any shaving…”

Jenna let her tongue play over the small cut her Ma’am had inflicted, biting her without cause or warning.

Starting from the top, Jenna watched fascinated as the older woman, using the fingers of one hand to hold up the thick tufts and with the other, she let the trimmer cut its way through until the hairs fell from her fingers, dropping down into the bath water below. Moving on, she repeated the same motion of grasping and clipping, slowly shoring and shortening the dense bush, taming the wildness that Jenna had let go for far, far too long.


Jenna sat looking and watching, biting at her already sore, swollen lip, with her stomach muscles pulled tight in the anticipation of the clippers nicking or cutting her skin, the likes of which would never be of real concern with care and concern the woman was taking in shortening the long, curling hairs. Lifting and clipping in a downward motion, soon leaving the girl’s pubic mound in state of short, yet uneven clumps that would soon be seen to at the razors edge.

“My-o-my Jenna, this sure is thick, but it looks like we’re getting there, just a few more passes with the trimmer and we’ll be ready to get out the shaving foam and razor…” Janice began, sounding all nice at first, then changing in a flash, a moment.

“We’ll get you nice and clean like who Jenna? Can you tell me who has their pussies’ shaven by their Ma’am..?” Janice commented and asked, her tone again switching, making Jenna feel like a bad little girl once more for letting herself get this way, for letting her pubes grow so unattended and out of control.

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