Jennifer’s Exposure Pt. 02

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Jennifer was a sight to see, her long legs spread, and her engorged labia parted around Rob’s penetrating fingers. She was wet, she was aroused, and she would soon be naked.

The couple kissed passionately, and it wasn’t long before Rob lifted Jennifer’s short dress over her head exposing her breasts. Her tight areolas rising invitingly to her aching erect nipples.

In a simple movement Rob pulled her panties off and again pushed her legs apart.

As he pulled away from her desperate kiss she became aware that aside from her strappy black heels she was now completely naked, exposed and vulnerable alone in a room with two fully dressed men.

Thomas’s voice was deep and commanding,

“Play with yourself”

Jennifer had never been in a situation like this. She had slept with quite a few men since her divorce, but it was only on-on-one.

Now she was being told to perform like a stripper. Like so many of the porn queens she regularly watched fucking strangers, being used. It had always been a fantasy, but the sudden reality ran through her like a bolt of lightning.

This time, instead of watching a slut on screen, she was the slut.

This time, instead of a dildo in her pussy and often in her arse, she would accommodate a stranger’s rock-hard cock.

Both men were standing in front of her. Jennifer’s legs were still spread as she did as she was commended.

Her left hand cupping her breast and tweaking her nipple. OMG it felt soooo good!

Her right hand caressed her tummy before coming to rest between her legs. Jennifer’s fingers circled her clit as they had done so often before, she closed her eyes as the pleasure washed over her.

She felt powerful, she was in control.

Her pussy was so wet, so puffy, so sensitive as she drank in the experience of performing for two strangers. She wanted their cocks but, in that moment, she wanted their animal desire more.

Jennifer’s fingers alternated between rubbing her clit Escort bayan and plunging in and out of her vagina. When she opened her eyes both men were stroking their hard cocks, she new what was expected of her, she had watched enough porn to know that the men expected her of her knees, one cock in her mouth, one in her hand.

She took Rob’s pulsing cock in her mouth first, or perhaps more correctly he thrust his cock into her mouth as she fumbled for Thomas’s big prick. Rob roughly face fucked the mother of two while she wanked Thomas. Her right hand furiously flicked her clit and then she came, shuddering uncontrollably, falling to the floor, her heart pounding, groaning, rubbing never wanting her orgasm to stop as it rolled through her body.

The men stood above her laughing as she continued to cum, she was humiliated but somehow that added to the excitement and the uncontrollable desire.

Thomas leaned down grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and pulled her to her knees. She opened her mouth and his big cock slid in, and in, and then down her throat. She had always marvelled at the girls in porn who could control their gag reflex. Clearly, she couldn’t but that didn’t stop him from fucking her throat.

With her hair still in his strong hand he threw her to the ground to catch her breath, she lay on her side gasping for air, slowly her breathing returned to normal. She opened her eyes and both men were undressing, their hard cocks pointed menacingly towards her.

“Follow us” Thomas told Jennifer, and she dutifully followed the men to Thomas’ large bed.

As Rob lay on his back, Jennifer crawled across the bed and started sucking his cock. She was on her knees her pussy and anus obscenely on display for Thomas who took a moment to take in the view.

He wondered how many men had fucked her, and if she had also slept with other women.

Her tits rocked back and forth as she did her best to take Rob’s penis as deep into her mouth Bayan escort as she could, his groans telling her she was doing well. She felt pleased, proud of herself.

And then the familiar soft and warm sensation of a tongue on her anus, she never admitted it to her girlfriends, but she loved anal sex. She loved the submission, she loved how wrong it was, how primal and disrespectful it felt. She loved the initial pain and then she loved the pleasure of having a cock in her arse.

She knew that Thomas would fuck her in the arse, she knew he wanted to dominate her, and she wanted to be dominated by him.

Rob growled at her, “sit on my cock bitch”. It was then she realised she would be double penetrated for the first time. Again, she had fantasised about it and it was about to happen.

As she straddled Rob he immediately thrust his hard cock into her insatiable pussy. She kissed him deeply and hungrily as he fucked her. Her pleasure built quickly and she came, his cock continuing to piston in and out of her. Her kissing became more desperate as it always did when she came.

Breathlessly, she begged Thomas, “Fuck me in the arse, please!”

Thomas had already positioned himself between the lovers tangled legs. He looked down as Rob’s balls slapped Jennifer’s arsehole. A slight smile crossed his lips as he wiped his pre-cum on her puckered hole.

She felt the pressure of the head of his cock on her lubricated anus and then the pain increased as he pushed into her. A scream escaped her lips as Thomas penetrated Jennifer’s arsehole and she felt his entire length slide inside her.

“Oh God, Oh God, fuck me, fuck me”.

And fuck her they did, Thomas holding her fake tits as he pounded her anal passage, Rob squeezing her hips and he fucked her as hard and deep as he could.

Neither man was wearing a condom and the knowledge drove Jennifer to another shuddering orgasm. She wanted their seed in her, in her unprotected vagina and deep Escort in her bowel.

Her pussy and anus squeezed around each man’s thrusting penis. Their hard veiny shafts violating her soft vulnerable passages.

She had felt the ‘fullness’ when she double penetrated herself, but this was different. As the cock’s slammed into her in a choreographed onslaught the pleasure was like anything she had previously experienced.

The brutal fucking continued, Jennifer cuming a number of times before Rob blasted his hot cum in her vagina, with each thrust seeming to fuck her deeper, until he was spent.

Thomas followed soon after. Grabbing her hair and pulling her head back roughly he ejaculated, flooding her arsehole with his seed.

“Take that you fucking slut.”

His pace slowed and her spasming anus milked the last cum out of him.

She lay on Rob, still impaled by the men’s now softening cock’s. She rocked her hips almost imperceptibly but enough to extend the pleasure as much as she could.

Jennifer was exhausted but elated. She had been brutally fucked by two strangers and she felt amazing, a little sore but amazing.

The men left her naked on the bed, laughing and congratulating each other of how they seduced and then fucked her.

She felt their semen leaking out of her holes and she felt somehow complete, satisfied in what she had experienced. She could never tell her friends, and her daughters must never know how easy and shameless she had been.

It was late at night or early in the morning, Jennifer had no idea.

Thomas asked if she would like to sleep at his apartment and leave tomorrow. Having done the ‘Walk of Shame’ a number of times before Jennifer politely declined. She would be happier in her own bed tonight and she needed the rest after a torrid session.

Jennifer showered, dressed and the men waited with her for her Uber to arrive.

When she left, Rob and Thomas went back upstairs and flicked on the TV. They had recorded the entire session, from the lounge room to the bedroom, Jennifer masturbating in front of the men, her begging to be fucked in her arse, lying on the bed semen leaking out of her. It was all there, recorded on hidden cameras.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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