Jennifer’s Sexual Awakening Ch. 04

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4.1 The Return

‘The boys are coming back today, Alessa.’

‘I know. For the nth time, I know.’

‘Well come ON then. I want to be in the car park when they arrive.’

‘Okay, okay.’

‘Is everything ready for them, toys “hidden” where they can’t avoid finding them. The gear, the baccy and skins, and a few pre-skinned joints.’

‘Look, Jennifer, you’ve already checked everything is in place half-a-dozen times.’

What about the way I’m dressed? Will he like it?’

‘We’ve already been through this.’

‘I know, I’m just nervous, that’s all.’

‘Sit down, skin one another up to smoke now, and RELAX.’

After puffing away for a few minutes, Alessa heard a faint noise outside and went over to the window.

‘Are they here?’

‘They’ll be here soon. Look, I’ve gotta get your mind off them and I just noticed how dirty this window is. Come have a look at it.’

Jennifer went over to the window to see the “smear” Alessa was pointing at.

‘They’re here’ she shrieked, and was off out the door like a shot.

“I’m going to have to be careful with her, otherwise her emotions might take a tumble” thought Alessa, following more slowly. She did feel a bit chuffed at the way things appeared to be turning out for her best friend, having had reports from Michael about how David was driving everyone else demented on the field trip with his talk of “Jennifer this” and “Jennifer that”.

Jennifer ran down the stairs, stepping only on every fourth riser, wound her way through all the people in the main hallway and hurtled across the grass to the car park.

David was taking the last step off the bus, one foot on the ground, when he got hit by a pair of breasts with legs and just managed to brace himself in time.

Then he realised who it was and they were smothering each other’s faces with kisses.

David’s tutor and his classmates stood around watching this display with amused looks on their faces.

‘Mr Thomas,’ said David quickly, ‘is there anything else you want us to do?’

‘Not YOU,’ he replied, with a little grin, ‘YOU can go. From what I’ve heard you saying this past week, almost constantly for god sake, you probably want to be somewhere else right now. I think everyone will be heartily glad to see the back of you, I know I will. Go on, get lost. Michael, take his bags home for him will you and clue him in on what he’ll have missed.’

‘Now,’ he said, turning to the rest of the class, ‘that doesn’t mean the rest of you can go. Here are your assignments. First of all…’

The rest of what he said was lost as David and Jennifer ran back across the car park and back to Jennifer’s room.

Once at Jennifer’s room, however, David suddenly became a bit nervous.

‘What’s wrong, David?’

‘Er, well, the morning after we, well, you know, er.’

He paused and then started again.

‘When I came to collect my clothes you borrowed, Alessa said I was to be careful around you until she gave her “permission”, that I bursa escort wasn’t even to touch you without her say so.’

Jennifer felt a moments irritation, quickly suppressed, at what could be considered to be an unwarranted intrusion, then said ‘Oh, that’s just Alessa being a bit over-protective.’

‘Then it’s…’

And Jennifer stopped whatever it was he was going to say with the most passionate kiss imaginable. If he hadn’t been wearing shoes he was sure he would have been able to see his toes curling, it was that sort of kiss.

As they were kissing, he suddenly felt the waistband of his sweatshirt being tugged upwards and had to break off the kiss as it was lifted over his head.

He put his hands on her bum, lifted her miniskirt.

No knickers again.

‘Wow’ he thought, his head spinning, ‘does she want me as much as I want her?’

Then she undid his belt and eased his pants down over his hips.

He felt her hand grasp his cock.

‘She does,’ he thought.

Jennifer dropped to her knees, took the head of his cock in her mouth, sucked hard and took it further to the back of her throat.

She undid the ties on her halter-neck top and the buttons on her skirt, then released him from her mouth and stood up.

They were both naked now.

Then, all in one fluid motion, she wrapped her arms round his neck and fell back onto the bed, pulling him on top of her.

‘Now, fuck me,’ she ordered. ‘Please, fuck me? I can’t wait any longer.’

He raised his hips, his cock found her pleasure hole and he pushed forward slightly.

‘Yes’ she said, with a little purr of pleasure, ‘more, harder.’

He pushed in a bit further.

‘More. I want all of it. Please. All of it.’

He pushed his cock all the way in slowly, then out and in again, and again faster and faster until he was pounding in and out like a jackhammer.

‘Yeesss, oh yeess, like that.’

She reached her peak first, his just a few strokes later, and cried out with the pleasure of it all.

They were relaxing in a sort of post-orgasmic bliss, puffing away on one of the joints Jennifer had prepared earlier, when Alessa arrived a few minutes later.

‘We decided to give you a few minutes grace, ok.’

‘Hhmm, lovely’ said Jennifer, reaching down to grasp David’s cock.

Michael put his and David’s bags down in a corner of the room, walked with Alessa to the centre of the floor and turned to face her.

She put her arms round his neck, pulled his face down to meet hers to give him a deep kiss and felt his hands on her bottom.

Michael stopped suddenly. He drew back a bit, glanced at David and Jennifer watching from the bed not five feet away, and said ‘Alessa, here?’

‘Oh, yes.’


‘Yes, now.’

‘Hmmm, I think I’m gonna like this.’

He turned Alessa sideways so that she was facing the other two and lowered his hand to the front of her skirt with the tip of his middle finger just reaching her slit and pushing bursa ucuz escort the cloth inside slightly.

Alessa moaned, a quiet moan, ‘Oh, that feels nice.’

He slid his hand further down, pushing his finger deeper into Alessa’s slit.

‘Oooohhh, I do like that.’

His fingers reached the hem of her skirt, went below it and between her legs.

He touched the bare flesh of her pussy.

‘Ooohh, yes.’

He hooked his thumb under the hem and drew his hand back up, pulling her skirt up at the front and slipping his finger deeper into Alessa’s slit.

‘Ooohh, that’s nice,’ she said, undoing his belt and his flies, letting his pants fall to the floor.

Jennifer was slowly squeezing and releasing David’s cock, which was gradually becoming hard again under these manipulations.

David’s eyes were transfixed by the scene in front of him and he suddenly felt his cock being engulfed by a warm cavern, her mouth.

Alessa dropped to her knees and took Michael’s cock into her mouth a little way.

Alessa broke off her gentle sucking and, without turning her head, said ‘Jennifer, watch this.’

Alessa put her mouth back over Michael’s cock and sucked it in, her cheeks puckering in with the vacuum she was creating. She sucked his cock in right to the back of her throat till her nose was touching his pubes then she drew her head back again.

‘Yeah,’ said Jennifer ‘I can do that,’ and proved it by taking David’s cock in to the back of her mouth and down her throat.

‘Yes, but can you do this?’

Alessa took Michael’s cock in her mouth again and sucked it to the back of her throat again, but this time she snaked her tongue out under Michael’s cock and licked his balls at the same time.

Jennifer stared, open mouthed, at this display. ‘No, I can’t do that, but I can try.’

Then she had an idea, thinking to herself “Michael’s not quite as big as David, so I’ll make out I can’t do it and give him a surprise later”.

Alessa pulled Michael down to lie on the floor, positioned herself so that the head of his cock was just inside her pussy and then quickly dropped down so that he was suddenly enveloped in her warm softness.

‘Alessa, that’s…aaahhhh. Ooooh.’

She started pumping up and down slowly, ‘Do you like that, Michael?’

‘That’s incredible.’

Alessa speeded up, Michael’s cock shafting in and out a bit faster.

Michael said ‘God, you two must be the hottest girls on the campus.’

‘You think so, huh?’

Jennifer moved round to kneel beside the bed between David’s legs, took his cock in her mouth, right to the back of her throat and made it seem that she was trying to do a little bit more.

‘Aaaahh, Jennifer. Aaahh, that feels goooood. Uh, yes. Yes. I’m cumming’ and David released his load down Jennifer’s throat, which set Michael off then Alessa as she felt the warm flood in her pussy.

Michael turned his head sideways away from Jennifer and David bursa elit escort and saw something under Alessa’s bed.

‘What’s that?’

‘What’s what?’

‘That, under the bed.’

Alessa stood up, Michael’s sperm dribbling down the inside of her thighs and, feigning nonchalance, walked over to her bed where she laid down and started to fondle her pussy.

‘What under the bed?’

Michael rolled over, reached under her bed and came up with a long double dildo.


‘Oh’ said Alessa, ‘we thought we’d give you boys a treat.’

‘There’s no way you’re gonna stick that thing up my arse’ said Michael.

‘Too right’ agreed David. ‘The only thing that should go through an arse is shit.’

‘Hey, calm down you two. It’s not for you. It’s for Jennifer and me.’

‘Oh, sorry, I got a bit worried there for a minute.’

‘Well don’t be,’ and Jennifer stood up, rested her hands on David’s shoulders and bent over to give him a kiss.

Alessa reached toward Michael with her free hand and beckoned him to come sit beside her on the bed than, taking the dildo from him, went and stood behind Jennifer, who straightened up.

Jennifer turned to face Alessa, they embraced and kissed, Alessa’s large breasts pressed up against Jennifer’s even larger ones. The girls then sat cross-legged, still facing each other, and stroked a finger up and down their own slits.

Alessa picked up the double from where she had dropped it and handed it to Jennifer, who laid flat, opened her legs wide apart and started feeding it into her pussy.

When it was all the way in, Alessa hooked her legs over Jennifer’s and edged her bum forward until the double was touching her own pussy. She grasped the double, pulled it down towards her and edged forward a bit more so the head of it was pushed inside.

She moved forward again so that more was pushed inside, and more still until it seemed obvious to the boys that no more could fit.

‘Watch this boys,’ said Jennifer, and she reached her hands out to hold Alessa’s, who raised her bottom off the floor, leaned back and pulled, pumping it in and out a few times.

David jumped down onto the floor, knelt beside Jennifer and fed his cock deep into her mouth, Michael doing the same just moments later with Alessa.

He remembered the last time he had seen Jennifer in just this position, but only her fingers had been inside her before.

Jennifer and Alessa were now pulling and relaxing their hold, the dildo being forced deeper and then coming out until neither could take it any more and both felt like they were going over Niagara Falls in a barrel. They both tried to scream out in ecstasy as they came, a bit difficult when you’ve got a cock in your mouth (Jennifer just managing to avoid clamping her jaws shut and biting), and the sound that came out was just a muffled gurgle, a sound that turned into moans of pleasure as the boys came at the same time.

The girls moved apart, the dildo making an obscene sucking noise as it plopped out of their two pussies, and went to lie down on their beds with the boys joining them.

David commented, to no one in particular ‘Wow, I wonder if we will ever be able to top that?’

Jennifer grinned to herself, getting the beginnings of an idea slowly crystallising.

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