Jenny Ch. 02

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Ch. 02: Working Overtime

Jenny Sadow, her small black dress clinging to her sweaty body, was marched back to the set of hotel rooms occupied by her and the rest of the cheerleading squad. Sandy Calloway and Tanya Randal each had a grip on one of her arms to force her along. Jenny was almost glad for this because she still felt shaky on her legs, which were still sapped of energy from the intense orgasm she had been made to give herself by her two tormentors. The lateness of the night, which Jenny guessed must have been somewhere passed one in the morning, wasn’t helping her either.

Jenny considered herself fortunate to make it back to her room without passing out, and even more fortunate that no one else had been in the hallways of the hotel. They’d surely have known what the scent on her signified. That small bit of luck was all that Jenny hoped for, knowing she wouldn’t be able to count any other lucky breaks so long as Sandy had a video of her with a bottle of alcohol she was three years too young for. That she was masturbating with the bottle in the video only made it that much more humiliating.

Sandy and Tanya brought her to the door in front of her hotel room. Glaring at her with disdain, Sandy pointed towards the door. “Get some sleep, slut. I don’t want you falling asleep during the practice tomorrow. We need to be in top shape for the competition. And don’t you dare think you’ll be able to steal the tape tonight, Tanya and I will of course have the door to our room locked. You will just have to earn the tape back.”

Tanya, the smallest of the three at only five feet tall and not even reaching one hundred pounds, looked a bit hesitant before she spoke up. “Umm, I don’t think I’m going back to our room tonight. I’ll stay in Jenny’s room so she can attend to some business.” The small cheerleader gave Sandy a wink of her light blue eyes to indicate what she was talking about. Jenny just hung her head. Surely they couldn’t expect anything else out of her tonight!

“Fine.” Sandy shrugged and started walking away in the direction of her own room. “Remember, Jenny, Tanya’s in charge. Any problems and everyone sees the tape.” The captain of the cheerleading squad was already disappearing around the corner as she finished talking.

Once Sandy was gone, Jenny turned to the door and let herself in. Tanya followed closely behind, her long curls of blond hair bobbing as she went. “Looks like its just us, Jen. This is going to be exciting. I’ve never been with a woman before, but that performance you put on sure convinced me to give it a try.”

Jenny sighed out of both exhaustion and defeat. “Look, I’m too tired for this. After all I’ve been through, can’t I please just be alone.”

“Nope!” Tanya didn’t have any malice in her voice, just perky excitement. She bounced so much when she talked that her Escort Göztepe breasts shook. They were smaller than Jenny’s pair, but a considerably force in their own right. Jenny had to admit to herself that in better circumstances she might not have passed up the chance to get her hands on them, but at the moment she couldn’t help but see Tanya as some kind of giggling devil. True, Sandy was the cause of all this, her and her stupid insistence on revenge for having her boyfriend stolen by Jenny. But still, Tanya was her willing lackey in the matter.

The small blond caught Jenny’s waist in her hands and pulled the reluctant girl over to the single bed in the small hotel room. Tanya sat her down on a corner of the bed and then stood over her as if trying to figure out what was suppose to come next. Jenny glanced up at her while waiting for instructions, taking in what was visible of the white skin of Tanya’s slender body. The blonde’s tight cotton shorts showed off a nice pair of legs. Jenny could see a small wet spot along the front of them. The stretched white tank top covering her had two small mounds made by her nipples. Jenny figured Tanya must have been even more horny than she let on.

The one thing Jenny felt kept Tanya from being pretty was a face that was cute at best. Her mouth a little too large and made her nose seem rather small by comparison. At the moment, there was a look of hunger on that face.

“All right, Jen, I want you to take your clothes back off.”

Having already lost her ability to resist in the earlier escapade, Jenny did as she was hold. She bent each foot up to where she was sitting and removed her heels, then stood up. For what was the second time that night, she allowed the straps of her dress to be pushed aside and let it fall into a bundle around her feet. Tanya hesitated a moment as she admired the now nude body before her. In her estimation, it was definitely fit for a cheerleader.

“Good girl, now take mine off. Slowly.”

Following Tanya’s instructions, Jenny put her hands around the girl’s waist and lifted her tank top. She cupped the blonde’s breasts in their lightly clad bra, then reached behind her. Jenny slipped off the clasp of Tanya’s bra and slid it off as well. Jenny ran her hands over the freed breasts and tugged gently at the other girl’s nipples. Tanya responded with a moan of encouragement. Bending down, Jenny took one nipple into her mouth and toyed with it using her tongue. The blond held Jenny’s head firmly there to keep her from trying to stop. With her mouth occupying one tit, the cheerleader tugged at Tanya’s other nipple with two fingers. The smaller girl writhed gently as the two red nubs were stimulated.

“Uhhmmm, yeah. Now move lower.” Tanya released her hold on Jenny’s head as she spoke and spread her legs slightly in anticipation.

Turned Caddebostan escort on under Tanya’s command, Jenny could feel herself losing control. She dropped to her knees on the carpet with growing anticipation and ran her hands behind the blond. The wet spot on the front of Tanya’s cotton shorts grew as Jenny kneaded the girl’s small, tight ass with her hands. Just as Tanya was becoming absorbed in the attention she was receiving, Jenny stopped and quickly grabbed hold of the top of her shorts. In a sudden movement that left the blond gasping in surprise, Jenny yanked down her shorts and panties, leaving both of them now completely naked.

Jenny did not wait for the other girl to recover from the sudden stripping, but instead buried her face directly into the soft down between Tanya’s legs. Her tongue immediately darted out to find the other’s clit and began to lick at it hungrily. Jenny was rewarded for her efforts with a steady supply of Tanya’s nectar, which was dribbling out her pussy in excitement. Intoxicated by the taste and aroma around her, Jenny buried her face as deep as she could between Tanya’s thighs, reveling in the feel of the juices that were beginning to coat her face.

“Mmmmm. Oh, oh yeah. Work it, Jen. Make me cum!” Tanya pushed herself against Jenny’s face and used her hands to give her breasts the same stimulation they had enjoyed under Jenny’s touch. She could feel herself almost gushing under the beating her clit was taking, but the liquid did nothing to stop the burning that surrounded it. “Oh god yes! Don’t stop, don’t stop! Uuhhhmmmm ehh ehh AHHH! I’m cumming!” All at once, sensation burst through Tanya’s body as Jenny’s tongue worked it way around her tender flesh. Over and over the pleasure bit into her and filled her up. “Ohhhh! Ohhh! Uhhh!” Tanya’s orgasm was quickly followed by a second that left her red and gasping for breath. She could just barely keep herself from falling on top of Jenny.

Once Tanya had regained enough control of herself, she sat down on the edge of the bed to let her strength return. As she sat there, she watched Jenny hungrily. Jenny, in turn, was checking her out with the same look. The pussy juices on her face only highlighted her thoughts.

“God, Jen. That was amazing. When we get home remind me to throw out my dildo and start keeping you in my drawer. Till then, get on the bed and spread your legs. I want to see what it’s like to be on the other end.”

Jenny readily complied, spreading herself out on the bed and presenting herself to Tanya’s whims. The blond began by straddling her hips across Jenny’s stomach and reaching down to wrap a hand around each of the prone girl’s breasts. While she did this, Jenny massaged the hips that held her down, the silken thighs feeling as good under her hands as the toying her tits Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan received.

Tanya did not remain long in this position, the call of exploration too strong to ignore. With a trail of kisses, she allowed her curiosity to carry her down to Jenny’s shaved pussy. Its wet, swollen lips invited Tanya to do as she would. She accepted that invitation readily and let three fingers slip inside. She withdrew them moments later and brought the fingers to her lips to taste the juices she had inspired. Jenny moaned for the blond to continue, needing to feel the stimulation inside her once again.

Tanya needed no encouragement and immediately plunged her fingers back into the moist warmth radiating from between Jenny’s legs. She’d never felt the inside of any pussy but her own before and was thrilled with the new experience, especially how Jenny’s body would immediately respond to her slightest touches. Continued toying brought Tanya to the spot she was looking for and she knew it would be all over for Jenny. The cheerleader was practically thrashing upon the bed as the blonde vigorously attacked her pussy. The combination of Jenny’s screams and the feeling of her muscles tightening told Tanya that she’d brought the girl to orgasm.

Jenny lay on the bed panting as Tanya lapped up the remainder of her juices. Thirst quenched, the blonde pulled her back up so she was sitting on the middle of the bed. Tanya maneuvered herself closer to Jenny so that each had one leg above and below the other. Pulled closely, their pussies and breasts were pressed up against each other. The girls embraced one other as tightly as they could and began writhing against each other in unison.

“Oh yeah.” Tanya purred by Jenny’s ear and then pressed her lips against the other girl’s. Jenny returned the kiss eagerly and let her tongue dart into the blonde’s mouth. Tanya went to work with her own tongue and quickly they were kissing with the same ferocity as they humped one another. With their tongues in each other’s mouths, their breasts pushing against one another, and their already well-awakened pussies rubbing, it was too much for each girl. They had to break off their kiss, unable to control their moaning.

“Mmmuuhhhhh uhhhh ahhh.” Jenny pumped herself frantically against Tanya as her body lost the ability to hold back any longer. She orgasmed again, this time to the equally loud panting of her blonde lover.

The thoroughly spent girls remained clutching one another for a moment as they waited for their breath to return to them. Once she had some control of herself, Tanya reached down and slid two fingers into the slight space between her and Jenny’s pussies. She pulled her hand back up with a mingling of their combined juiced and each girl sucked at a finger hungrily. When she was done reveling in the taste, Tanya smiled greedily at Jenny.

“We’d better get some sleep, babe. We need to be up very early tomorrow.”

A small flash of confusion crossed Jenny’s face. “Why? Practice doesn’t start until eleven.”

Tanya nodded with a look of a starved shark. “I know, but we’re started at eight.”

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