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Dear reader, I have been enjoyed receiving all the encouraging comments about my stories. I have also had a few private and very erotic exchanges. With Jenny’s permission, I’d like to share this particular on-line conversation with you:

Hi Mr Hairysurfer

My name is Jenny and I would like to say how much I enjoyed reading your stories. I was so pleased to discover that there are more men out there who into this kind of thing. What you describe in your EWAC club is exactly the service I perform for my elderly neighbor. He’s horny as hell and loves looking at naked women. He’s stuck in a wheelchair and can’t get out of the house much so he pays me to let him look at me naked. He loves examining my pussy up close and occasionally I let him have a good smell of my ass. Just like the men in your stories, he really gets off on the idea of making me feel degraded and ashamed, and frankly, aside from the money (which comes in very handy), I find the whole thing a huge turn on. Is this a fetish? I’ve searched online and can’t find too many sites which deal with this subject matter. Particular where there is no pain or punishment involved. I am interested in your ideas on the humiliation aspect of forcing a girl to display the most intimate parts of her body and be would be happy to exchange some mails with you. Let me know. Keep up the good work.


Jenny Ding

PS. Do you have first name?

Hi Jenny

So glad you got in touch, I would love to correspond. You can call me Jim. You are absolutely right about my fascination with the humiliation aspects of a women being made to show her genitals, particularly when she is in a ‘natural state’ – by that I mean not just fresh out of the shower and scrupulously clean. I am also interested in exploring how different women look, from all ages and ethnic groups and like to imagine myself watching them do the most embarrassing and degrading things such as going to the toilet right in front of me. What I try to do in the stories is provide as much descriptive detail as possible – not just crude language – as I find this a huge turn on and it is quite hard to find in most other stories. Please tell me a little more about yourself. You name sounds Asian, and dare İstanbul Escort I ask, do you have a hairy pussy?

Hi Jim

Actually I am half Japanese – my mother is American. I’m 34, single and only five feet four inches tall. As for my pussy, yes I am quite hairy between my legs. Yesterday I went round to Jake’s house (my dirty minded neighbor) to cook him dinner. What’s so unusual about that you might ask? Well, after I had cooked up his spaghetti, he paid me $100 to take off my jeans and panties and climb up on the table. He then asked me squat down in front of him, with my legs spread open as wide as I could, while he ate his dinner. My naked pussy was only inches from his face the whole time. For dessert, I turned around and let Jake rest his nose against my asshole and just smell me for about ten minutes. What would be your wildest fantasy Jim, if you could ask a girl to do anything?

That sounds amazing – wish I could have traded places with Jake for a just few seconds. As for a fantasy, right now it would be to have you crouched down on all fours in front of me with your pants pulled down around your knees and your bottom pushed up right in my face. I would then ask you to pull your arse cheeks open for me so I could examine your anus. Can you describe your arsehole to me Jenny? What colour is it and do you have any pubic hairs growing round the rim?

Those are very personal things to ask a lady Jim! But if you were here right now, I would happily show you my asshole. When Jake saw it yesterday, it was also a little dirty but he doesn’t mind. The whole of the inside of my butt cheeks is a sort of murky yellow color getting much darker in a big circle round my tight, dark brown puckered hole. As for hairs, well yes I do have a few growing back there. They’re black, not very long, maybe half an inch or so growing a rough ring around my anus. Do you masturbate when you read this stuff? I hope so. Got to go now, need to pee!

Sorry not to reply but I’ve been away for a few days. I did masturbate while trying to imagine you holding your bottom open for me Jenny. Have you ever let Jake watch you take a shit?

Actually I let Jake watch me on the toilet whenever he wants. Sometimes Kadıköy Escort he’ll call me and say if I need to go at any time during the day, would I mind going round to use his bathroom. He sits waiting for me in his wheelchair – which he’s got placed right in front of the toilet, so he gets a ring side seat when I pull down my panties and go to do my business. I let him have a good look at my vagina first, for as long as he wants, then I sit down and open my legs for him so he can look down into the bowl and see what I’m doing. My labia hang down quite prominently and it fascinates him to watch them vibrating under the pressure of my piss. If I need to take a poop then he will move his chair alongside me so that when I lean forward he can look right down into my butt crack and watch my shit come oozing out. It’s so utterly degrading – why do I let him do it? One time he offered me $100 just to wipe my ass for me. He wanted me to bend right over in front of his face and hold my butt cheeks open for him while he rubbed around my asshole with toilet tissue. Of course because I’d stood up, my poop smeared all over the place so he had quite a job cleaning me up. It nearly gave him a heart attack!

I’m really enjoying hearing about your exploits. Have you ever thought of moving to the UK Jenny, I’d wipe your bottom every day! Do you find that the hairs round your anus are difficult to clean? I was wondering if you know of any other women who enjoy this form of humiliation.

I am intrigued by your fascination with my pubic hairs. I can tell you that they are very wiry and yes they do get quite dirty round my poop hole. Tell me more about why this excites you and what else you’d like to know about my holes. As for other women, or my friends even, I don’t personally know of anyone else who’s into this sort of humiliation and exhibitionism, but there again I’ve never actually asked.

I have been fascinated by women’s pubic hair since I was an adolescent. In fact I am interested in any form of secret or embarrassing hair growth in the private areas of a women’s body including on the breasts, under the arms and of course between the legs. Do have any hairs growing in unusual places Jenny, for example on your nipples? Ataşehir Escort I would love to feel the inside of your dirty bottom and gently pull on each and every one of those lovely black pubic hairs growing round your dark brown Japanese anus. What I’d like you to do is squat over a mirror for me and count them? I’d also like you to tell me how your pubes developed – where did they grow first?

No hair on my tits I’m afraid but a few longish ones under my arms. Plenty between my legs though. I like it that you use the word “c” word to describe my vagina. I am squatting down over a small mirror right now so that I can describe everything to you as I look down. The first hairs that grew were very light and thin just along the edges of my vulva and then they gradually spread upwards over my pubic mound in a sort of “Y” shape. By my twenties, my bush had more or less filled out to how it is today – a thick triangle of long wavy black hairs which pretty well covers the whole area of my cunt. You can just see the edges of my big dark labia hanging though. My ass is now spread wide open for you and I am counting all the hairs. It’s a bit difficult because they’re all stuck together my with my sweaty ass juices. I reckon about 27 hairs round my actual hole and maybe twelve or so running up my crack. Wow it smells a bit down there. I haven’t showered today because Jake’s asked if he can sniff my ass tonight and he pays me extra if I leave it a bit ripe. Fancy sniffing my ass Jim?

Yes please Jenny. How about you post me a pair of your dirty panties and maybe few pubes from your asshole?

My pleasure. How long would you like me to wear them for? I’ll ask Jake to pluck out some dirty hairs from my ass for you – it’s going to be a bit painful though! Send me your address in the UK.

Wear them for at least three days Jenny. I want to see some deep yellow and brown stains from your bottom and some crusty juices from your cunt. Put your ass hairs in an envelope.

I Fedexed a parcel to you this morning. Two pairs of very smelly, white cotton panties and some close-up photographs (on a memory stick) of me squatting on the toilet with my legs wide apart and then bending over, holding my cheeks open to have my ass wiped. Jake had a ball taking them last night. Hope you like what you see. Let me know what you think of my cunt and asshole. Oh, nearly forgot, I’ve sent you ten pubic hairs, five from my ass (a bit crispy just as you ordered) and five longish ones from my the edges of my cunt. Enjoy!

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