Jenny’s Innocence Ch. 05

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*Author’s Note*: It’s been a while since I’ve returned to Jenny’s story with her father. They have plenty more chapters to come, even if there’s a little time between each. I just don’t have the time or money to focus on writing currently, unfortunately 🙁 Please enjoy!

I woke before Daddy did, feeling more refreshed than I had in who knows how long. He was still tightly snuggled against me, his curves pressed against mine, his now significantly softer but not insignificantly sized dick still resting between my thighs. I was not surprised to find myself already wet– I woke with a hundred thoughts in my head and almost every single one was dirty.

I thought of all the creative and sexy things Max had been texting me, and telling others. While it was Max and I was still mad at him, some of what he had said had me interested. I realized there was so much more for Daddy and I to try together. Every little fantasy Max had, probably fueled by porn and definitely by inexperience, could be taught by my loving father. I knew he wanted to give me the world and show me everything in it.

I badly wanted to rock myself back against Daddy’s warmth, tighten his arms around me and guide his hands to my bare breasts, lock his velvet length between my legs and ride the heat until he was awake and I was coming again already. But I had been distracted the past few weeks; I didn’t want Daddy to feel guilty, thinking that I regretted anything we had done. It had already been such a rollercoaster coming together like we had and I wanted to keep us on a high for a while– fuck Max, and school, and feeling guilty! I was going to get out of bed, as hard as it was, and do something nice.

Then we would talk.

Thoughts kept racing through my head as I snuck out of bed and crossed to my room. I dressed quickly in some plain PJs, less worried about how I looked and more worried about getting everything ready before Daddy woke up. I could hear him snoring away and smiled as I headed to the kitchen: he must be worn out to be sleeping in. I had to wonder how many women he had slept with since Mom, how many times he had pleasured himself or been pleasured to such intense orgasms as we’d shared over the past few weeks. I was surprised to feel a tinge of jealousy, again, thinking about how beautiful the older women he had buried himself in before must be.

Did he think about them when he was with me?

I shook my head as I tried my best to quickly and quietly pull out everything that I needed. I was going to make Daddy’s favorite breakfast: homemade biscuits and gravy, with fresh coffee, and I was not going to think about other women anymore! Soon I’d be out of highschool and away from the drama that comes with teenage hormones and young thoughts. I had to be better for Daddy, that had always been and would always be my goal.

I was surprised but grateful to see we had all of the ingredients needed for biscuits and gravy. We had been slacking on the grocery shopping and I had to wonder what Daddy had been eating– I surely hadn’t been eating much while I labored over homework and fretted over grades and boys.

I used Italian Sausage to add a little heat to breakfast, I knew that Daddy loved spice and we didn’t use it enough in the kitchen. My face flushed red as I thought of all the other ways we could spice up the kitchen: Daddy bending me over the counter as the meat sizzled away, Daddy ignoring breakfast and laying me across the kitchen table filling me even as the food grew cold, Daddy eating breakfast off me or letting me suck him off under the table while he ate.

The possibilities were endless and delicious, like I hoped breakfast would be.

I started coffee just in time– the food wasn’t quite ready but the coffee was done when Daddy came staggering into the kitchen. His hair was rumpled from sleep, his eyes still a little glazed. He gave me a sleepy smile and my heart did somersaults. My god, was I falling in love with my own dad?

“G’mornin’, baby.” He said, his voice thick with sleep. I was positive I had never heard anything sexier before in my life– how had I never noticed how beautiful this man was when he woke up? Daddy crossed the kitchen and kissed me on the cheek. “Smells delicious.”

“Grab you a cup of coffee, it just finished pouring!” I said. “And sit down, I’ll bring you a plate in just a minute.”

“Yes ma’am,” Daddy chuckled. I gazed in wonder at his toned body, kissed by morning light, as he poured himself a large cup of coffee in only his boxers. I wondered if the first thought he had upon waking was plunging himself into me, I wondered if he was thinking of blowing off breakfast just to come again like I was.

Calm down, Jenny. I chided myself, almost laughing out loud. I did have other priorities and breakfast should be eaten not wasted, but damn did I just want to focus on the growing horny parts of me!

“How did you sleep, Jenny?” Daddy asked after a sip of hot coffee. I smiled, my back still turned to him. I could feel how much grup seks yapan gaziantep escort he loved me, how he just wanted me to be okay.

“I slept great thanks to you,” I said. “Although you seemed to sleep better staying in bed so long like that, old man.” I teased.

“I stayed up a little after you fell asleep, I wanted to make sure you really were fine.”

Daddy said, not a hint of joking in his voice. I felt tears well up in my eyes and brushed them away quickly. I wanted to have a good and light breakfast, I was not about to acknowledge yet how deeply I was falling for him.

“I’m okay, really. I’d love your opinion while I finish up, though.” I said after clearing my throat. I filled Daddy in with the Max drama while I wrapped up cooking breakfast, doling massive portions onto two plates as I finished telling my tale.

“So, yeah, I’ve been a little distracted and upset. But you showed me last night not everything has to be so big and bad, sometimes a bath and some sleep is all it takes.” I finished, proud of how emotionally mature I was feeling. Daddy smiled at me and my heart glowed. My stomach, however, growled.

Daddy busted out laughing and I joined in, too, tossing the dishes in the sink and resolving to finish them after I stuffed my face. Apparently I had finally worked up an appetite.

“This looks amazing, baby.” He said, approvingly shoveling a few quick forkfuls into his face. I smiled before chowing down, too.

We ate in contemplative silence. I could see him wavering between finishing the meal he was eating up like a starving man, and commenting on all I had finally told him. He had known Max was causing some troubles, but the details given and texts read off this morning seemed to puzzle him.

“I thought Max was kind of a nice guy?” Daddy asked after swallowing his last bite. I could hear tension in his voice and he looked angry. I wiped at my mouth and grabbed up our plates, thinking of what to say as I walked them to the sink.

“I guess I thought so, too.” I said sadly as I started soaping the dishes. Daddy jumped up from the table and joined me, rinsing. It was a habit we had down pat, working as a team to keep the house as clean as Mom would have wanted it were she here.

“You know, Jenny, you couldn’t pay me enough to go back to high school.” He said softly. My skin prickled with the feeling he was about to tell me something important. I was ashamed to hope it was another sexual lesson; I had an appetite for more than just food again, apparently.

“Don’t get me wrong, I saw your mother for the first time in high school and I’ll never forget that moment. What I did end up forgetting, however, was all the bullshit. Everyone always had something to say, and it so rarely was anything helpful like, ‘Hey, what should we do about that big test on Friday?

“I loved your mother so much, almost immediately. God she was smart. She was focused on school, but even she got swept up in the drama, you know.”

I gaped, soap splashing up my arm as I sloppily handed the plate over.

“She did?” I asked, begging for more details. I noticed the hazy way Daddy looked out the window as he rinsed and dried the dishes and talked, I wondered if he was picturing Mom out there on our back porch, waiting for us to join her before it got too hot or we all had something else to do.

“She did,” he nodded solemnly. “She felt all this pressure to be perfect all the time, to keep up with her grades and keep her friends happy and keep her family happy. Sometimes it’s not that simple, and it’s rarely that easy.” he chuckled.

“You remind me of her in that way: I see the pressure you’re under and I know you’re always trying to make me happy. You make me proud no matter what you do, baby. And I’m here when it feels like things are falling apart, okay?”

It was my turn to nod solemnly. I felt how proud he was of me, and I knew I put a lot of pressure on myself without cause. But some of it was for good reason.

“I just want to get into a good college and keep making you proud, turn into some amazing and successful adult that Mom would have been happy to say, ‘I raised her!'” I choked up a bit, getting more honest than I meant to. I never really told Daddy how often I thought about Mom, the woman I never met but loved. Surely he knew.

“Baby, your mother would have been proud of you from the moment you were born and she’d be proud of you even in your first breakup drama. Shit happens. You have done so well for yourself.” Daddy said confidently, and I swelled with pride in myself and love for my parents.

I pictured suddenly sinking to my knees, tugging down Daddy’s boxers and sucking all the sad-tinged seriousness right out of the room. I pictured gripping the back of his muscled thighs and allowing him to pound in and out of my mouth, his dick tipping into my throat and choking me while he wrapped his hands in my hair to steady grup seks yapan gaziantep escort bayan us both. His hands would be wet, or soapy, or both, and she wouldn’t care a bit. There wasn’t anything a shower wouldn’t fix, and there was plenty more to do in the shower…

“Daddy, I wanted to talk to you about more than just the Max drama.” Jenny said, shaking away the graphic images still playing in her head. Her cheeks were red, as though Daddy could read her thoughts and knew exactly what was on her mind. Instead, he looked puzzled as he dried off and put up the final dish from breakfast, wiping his hands on the towel and offering it to her before answering.

“Well?” He prodded. Jenny cleared her throat, preparing.

“I want us to keep seeing each other.” She thought wildly for a moment that she was messing it up, that she was wording it wrong. “Whatever you want to label it, I want it to keep happening. I’ve been busy with school and I’ll be busy for a few more months, and who knows what happens after that, but I don’t want any guilt or weird feelings hanging around.”

Jenny slipped her hand into Daddy’s and stepped closer to his warmth. He looked lovingly down into her face, his eyebrows knitted together. Jenny hoped it wasn’t in disagreement or distress.

“I want…this.” Jenny leaned up and kissed him full on the mouth, no hesitation. She was thrilled when he kissed her back immediately. A tingle went up her spine as he dropped his free hand above her hips and pulled her even closer. Within a moment she was happily accepting Daddy’s prying tongue in her mouth, moaning with pleasure. “I want…more. Always.” Jenny whispered before he reclaimed her mouth.

Jenny dropped his hand and brought both of her own up to his neck, wrapping her hands in his hair and pulling herself up on her tiptoes, deepening the kiss. Her stomach was doing a happy dance, her heart beating wildly in her chest, and her body was already prepared for far more than a morning kiss.

“Please, Daddy.” Jenny gasped against his mouth, pressing her hips forward and flat against the bulge already straining in his boxers. “Don’t feel bad, and don’t stop.”

“Oh god, Jenny.” he cried out. Suddenly he was tucking his hands under her barely-covered cheeks and sweeping her off her feet. Jenny wrapped her legs firmly around his strong waist and went back to his mouth. They breathed heavily, moaning, as Daddy carried her back to the bedroom. Back to the bed he had shared with her Mom.

Oh god, this is it. Jenny thought. If ever there was a line they couldn’t un-cross, an action they couldn’t pretend never happened, it was this.

“Baby I want you all day every day. I don’t want to keep feeling bad about how much I want you, if I know you want me to.” Daddy said, practically pleading with Jenny, a frantic look in his eyes. Jenny took one of his hands and led it to the heat between her thighs, pressing his palm firmly against her covered mound. She knew he could feel how wet she was.

Jenny took his other hand and led it to her breast, using their hooked fingers to shove aside her PJ tank strap and baring herself for him. She could barely stop herself from moaning when she watched his eyes glaze with lust, as he hissed out a breath he’d been holding since she first touched him in the kitchen.

“I want you to.” Jenny said.

Daddy let out a groan and within a minute had her tank and sleep shorts off and on the floor. He kept his hands on her knees as he pressed against her, scooting them firmly on the bed, her legs spread beneath him.

“My Jenny,” he moaned as he dipped his mouth to her heat. “My baby.”

He pressed the width of his tongue flat against her clit and rolled the tip of his tongue up and down as far as he could reach. Jenny gasped with the sudden contact, delighted. She threw her head back, trusting her Daddy to keep her legs spread even as she turned into a puddle and writhed against the sensations.

“You taste so sweet, baby girl.” he said as he licked her passionately, quickly like he had to taste all of her now or he’d die.

“Ooh, keep doing that, Daddy.” Jenny mewled. She found one hand twisting her own erect nipple and one hand falling between her legs, tangling in Daddy’s sweaty hair and pressing him closer to her mound. Her hips bucked and swayed under, but he refused to break contact with her clit and kept the pressure up. Jenny felt the fire of her climax coming, already.

“I want to come, Daddy.” She whispered breathily.

He heeded her desire and slid two fingers gently into her sopping pussy; he curled his fingers as he flattened his tongue, pressing hard against her both inside and out. Jenny cried out in pleasure, her eyes screwed tightly shut as her toes curled against Daddy’s muscled shoulders. Her entire lower half tightened and released, more intense butterflies than she’d ever felt in her stomach curling into her cunt and legs.

Daddy grup seks yapan gaziantep bayan escort curled his fingers again, rapidly pressing against her sensitive spot but letting off her clit for the moment. Jenny was shocked at how quickly she was ready to come again. The pressure building was almost too much.

“Remember to let it happen, baby.” Daddy reminded her, his warm breath against her lips as his fingers worked her. Jenny wasn’t even embarrassed by the wet sounds of his pumping fingers into her as her back arched and her calves tightened again. Her thighs squeezed together, trapping Daddy between her legs as she convulsed with pleasure.

“Oh, my, god!” Jenny cried out. Her fingers gripped the bedspread and her hips pumped into the air, Daddy kissing her soaking wet lips every time she humped close enough to his face to reach. His fingers slid in and out of her, slower and without as much pressure, letting her ride the orgasm but not overwhelming her.

He seemed to have more plans for her.

While he felt her still squeezing and tightening around his fingers, Daddy stood up and finally removed his digits from her quivering body. Jenny’s eyes remained tightly closed, her chest heaving as she panted. He reached between their legs and lined up his cock to her entrance, relishing the moment of resistance before the indescribable welcome of her cunt overcame his shaft.

“Fuck, Jenny.” He growled. He bent over, easily keeping his weight off of her while remaining deep inside of her tight hole. “Look at me.” He demanded.

Jenny’s beautiful eyes, her mother’s eyes, popped open immediately. She was such an obedient, good little girl. He reached down and cupped her ass, spreading her further as he rocked gently in and out of her wet pussy.

“If we’re going to keep doing this I have a few rules.” He said.

Jenny whimpered, letting her eyes fall closed against the pleasure of his huge cock filling her up, but nodded to show she was listening. Daddy bent closer, suckling first at her ear, then the soft skin of her neck, before dipping to nip at her pale breasts. Jenny yelped in surprise, her eyes open again. He grinned.

“I want you to look at me as often as you can when we’re here, baby.” He softly told her rule one, chuckling at her half-closed eyes. “I know it won’t always be easy when I work you over like this.”

To make his point he thrust into her quickly, pistoning in and out of her while sucking at her nipple. He felt the heat of her pussy, noted that her breath was already changing again as she tightened against him to come. He knew how badly she wanted to close her eyes, how tiring it was to come again and again.

“Jenny,” He whispered. Her eyes fully opened and she bit her lower lip, mewling and humping against him. She nodded her agreement, keeping her eyes open. He loved to look into them as he plunged into her.

“And when you’re with me, you’re mine.” He finally continued, slowing down his thrusts. He drew his length out of her, watching her mouth fall into a shocked “O” at the possibility of him pulling out entirely. Instead, he left only the swollen head of his dick nestled into her lips. His shaft glistened with her excitement, and it took everything in him not to come right then and there.

Daddy dropped a hand between their legs and gripped the base of his cock, steadying himself as he moved mere centimeters in and out of Jenny. Her pussy lips stayed gripped around his sensitive head, his hand wrapped tight against his shaft as he tried to ignore the pulsing of his balls. He was close.

“And if you’re mine, I will come in you whenever I want.”

He noticed right away that Jenny was about to protest, so he shushed her quickly and dipped deeper into her, filling and stretching her back out as if he hadn’t just been buried inside of her. Jenny’s head-shaking turned into a moan of pleasure. Daddy took his hand off his shaft and pressed his thumb to her clit, rubbing the hardened nub back and forth.

“You’ll use birth control, we’ll be safe about it. But if I want to fill you up in more ways than one, then I will. Okay?” He asked, briefly pausing all movement so she could respond. Jenny looked up at him, her eyes filled with lust and total devotion. She nodded, trusting him completely.

“Good,” he breathed, resuming his thrusting. The room filled with the wet sounds of their passion, and he had to wonder what his wife would think about the sex happening in their bed, with their daughter. “That’s good, baby.”

As he increased the pace and pressure on Jenny’s clit he felt her quivering reach a frenzy. Without hesitation he sank his final two inches into her, his balls resting against her taint, tightening as he released stream after stream of his semen. He wasn’t sure he had come this much or this hard in quite some time, rivaled only by the first time he had finally filled up his daughter’s magical pussy.

Jenny cried out, nearly screamed out, as she curled up with her third orgasm. Her back arched, her muscles tightened, her hands gripped his tightly, and her eyes remained open as she was asked. Daddy and Jenny stared at each other, groaning, as they rode out their shared orgasm. Jenny couldn’t describe how good it felt to feel the warmth of her Daddy’s seed fill her pulsing pussy up, and Daddy couldn’t share how intimate it was to be able to stare into those gorgeous blue eyes, the same eyes as her mother’s, as he finally emptied his balls again.

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