Jerking Off with Mom’s Panties

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For the last year, I’ve been going over to my neighbor’s house to jerk off with his mom’s panties. That progressed into me watching her strip naked, masturbate, and then I got caught and started having sex with her. Every weekend, I’d go over when she was home and have sex with her while her husband was out, and every weekend she would give me a pair of her dirty panties to take home with me so I could jerk off to them during the week.

After a year of doing this, I started to get so used to her scent that it got a little boring. Even if she masturbated in the panties or wore them to tennis, I knew all of her smells, and I wouldn’t get as excited each time I jerked off with them. I still really wanted to have sex with her but I needed some new inspiration.

Living just down the street from her, I lived with my parents and was an only child, so I was home alone a lot. My dad travelled a lot for work and my mom didn’t work so she was home a lot. She was pretty good friends with the hot neighbor mom, Penny, but they didn’t hang out all the time.

My mom was 45 and was a brunette who exercised a lot, everything from running in the summer to skiing in the winter, she always stayed active. We had an exercise bike and treadmill which she used a lot and she’d usually walk around in her exercise outfits going to and from the basement to use them. Mom’s 5’5″, about 120 pounds, and in great shape. She has big boobs and her nipples usually poked out when she was walking around the house.

I was sitting at home on a Wednesday afternoon and mom was out to see a movie with Penny, so I was watching TV in the living room. I started thinking about Penny and my dick began to get hard, so I went upstairs to my bedroom and lifted up the side of my mattress to grab Penny’s panties which were sealed in a ziplock bag. I opened the bag, took a sniff, and realized that I needed to find a new scent.

I had never though of it before, but a bulb went off in my head that if I really liked sniffing dirty panties, my mom had a laundry hamper right across the hall from my bedroom! I put Penny’s panties back under my mattress and walked over to mom’s bathroom, taking a look in her shower to see which soaps she used, then turning my attention over to the hamper in the corner.

Sure enough, after I dug through the first few layers of clothes, a pair of my mom’s panties were wadded up into a ball. I also found one of mom’s bras and I read the tag on the side: 34 DD. Wow, those things were bigger than I thought! I then kept otele gelen gaziantep escort digging around to find a few more pairs, hoping that one of them would have a musky enough scent for me to jerk off to, and then I took the panties to my room and laid down on my bed.

My dick was raging hard at this point, throbbing in anticipation of not only a new pussy scent to get me off, but that it was my own mother’s pussy scent. Thinking of mom walking around the house earlier, I realized that one of these pairs could be the ones that she had on this morning. Laying on my back with my underwear off and 4 pairs of panties sitting on my chest, I slowly started opening each pair to inspect the crotch.

The first pair was the one that was closest to the top of the hamper, and they were dark blue hip huggers. I could clearly see mom’s white pussy juices in a streak toward the front of the panties, so I kept those opened up. The next pair was a pair of white panties and inside of them were 4 dark pubic hairs stuck to the crotch, and the hairs were several inches long. My dick started to throb even more thinking about how mom had a hairy bush, just like Penny did. There was a yellowish streak where her pussy was. The other two pairs were green and didn’t have any kind of stain on them, so she must not have worn them that long.

Grabbing the blue pair and slowly raising it to my nose, I had no idea what they would smell like, and I held my dick in my hand as I did it. As soon as the crotch was at my nose, I inhaled deeply and the musky scent of mom’s pussy made my head spin! It smelled very very different from Penny’s panties and the new smell caused my dick to harden even more. I kept inhaling mom’s smell, sniffing different parts of the panties like a dog to make sure I explored all the scents. The white streak smelled the best and the part that would have touched her clit smelled even better.

I stood up next to my bed and started to slowly stroke my dick, knowing that if I stroked too hard, I would cum all over the place. I took one of the pairs of panties which didn’t have a stain and put my dick inside the slit so I could cum into them while I jerked off. I kept inhaling mom’s musky smells and stroking faster and faster, knowing it wouldn’t be long before I came.

I didn’t even need to try and picture what mom looked like naked, I only thought of how these panties were pressed into her hairy pussy and then my legs started to tense up. I started to get the familiar gaziantep otele gelen escort feeling between my legs when I heard a cough behind me, only to turn around in a panic to my mom standing in the doorway looking at me with her panties on my face and her other panties around my dick. Looking right into her eyes, I stopped jerking off but it was too late – I started spurting cum so hard that it blasted through the fabric of her panties and oozed out of the small slit. Rope after rope of my cum kept shooting out and mom just stood there with a smirk on her face, watching her only son get off to her dirty panties.

After 10 or 11 spurts, my orgasm stopped and I slowly lowered mom’s panties from my face, but I left the other panties around my dick. Mom walked up to me with a smile on her face and said “I’ll be taking those young man, I needed to do some laundry anyways”. I handed her the 3 pairs of panties and when she stared down to my dick, she said “I’ll need those two, I don’t want them to get stained” and she reached out to slide them off my dick.

Not believing what just happened, I stood there with my mouth wide open and started to say “sssssorry mom, they just smelled so good”. Mom walked out of the room, holding the cum soaked pair in her right hand, and she walked downstairs to the laundry room. I grabbed my clothes and got dressed, thinking about what I had just done, and being really embarrassed. I wanted to apologize to mom, so I walked downstairs to the laundry room, only to hear a moaning sound coming from there.

I peeked around the corner, being careful not to make any noise, to see mom facing the wall of the laundry room with her face in her panties that were soaked with my cum. Mom was licking the cum out of them like she was drinking through a straw and she had reached her other hand into her shorts to finger her pussy. I could hear wet sloshing sounds, just like I heard from Penny when her pussy was wet, and I could tell that Mom was really turned on. Mom was kneeling down a little bit, clearly about to cum from what she was doing, and moaning louder and louder as she approached her orgasm.

Mom’s legs started to shake as she came and she let out a deep grunt, clearly having a body shaking orgasm, but trying not to make a loud noise that I could hear from upstairs. I turned around and walked back to my room, unsure what to do and not wanting to let her know I saw her, to think about what I just saw.

After I laid there for about gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan 10 minutes, I heard a knock on my door, and it was mom. She asked if she could come in to talk to me and she sat on the edge of my bed. Mom started by saying that she totally get it, it’s normal for young boys to want to jerk off and to look for things that excited them, she just never figured it would be her dirty panties that did it. Mom then asked if that was the first time that I had ever used her panties and I told her it was, I just needed some more stimulation because porn wasn’t really doing it for me alone.

Mom then started asking me other questions like what kind of porn I watched and how often I jerked off, to which I said that I jerked off every day and I usually watched retro porn where the woman had big boobs and hair pussies. Mom laughed at that and said that she and dad had a whole collection of those types of movies in their room, they watched them together sometimes on DVD and would watch them while they had sex.

I told mom that I didn’t know they had those videos and I asked her if she’d show me where they were, so she took me into her bedroom and in their closet was a shoebox of DVDs. There were about 30 of them and mom said that whenever I wanted to watch porn, I could just use one of those DVDs. Mom then went back to asking about why I used her panties to jerk off, and I told her that I was curious what her pussy smelled like since I had seen so many online. She smiled and said that the panties I was sniffing were ones that she had worn on the treadmill, so that’s probably why I liked them so much.

As we kept talking, I started to notice mom’s outfit, and her tight fitting tank top was really accentuating her large boobs. Her nipples were stiff, clearly from her arousal of us talking about this, and my dick was started to get a little hard again too. I told mom that I found some pubic hairs on another pair of panties and was wondering why she didn’t shave. Mom said that real women don’t shave their pussies, and that my dad really liked it that way.

I smiled when she said that, and mom said that whenever I wanted to jerk off to their porn, I could use her panties if I wanted to, but I couldn’t cum in them. She didn’t want me to stain them, so she said to use some toilet paper instead. I said ok and promised her that I wouldn’t cum in her panties. Mom said ok, then when she went to walk away, she held out her hand and placed something in my hand: the panties that she was just masturbating in while she licked my cum off her panties. Smiling, she said “here, these should get you started, I can see you’re already getting hard again” and mom walked out of the bedroom.

Looking into my hand, I could both see and feel the warmth of mom’s pussy juices radiating, and I brought them right up to my nose to inhale them deeply, shooting cum 3 feet out to the wall as soon as I inhaled her scent. This is going to be a fun new scent to explore!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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