Jessica and Jake

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(A big thank you to badlilkitty for writing this along with yours truly.)


badlilkitty, or Jessica, had always a thing for writing short sex stories that made you want to be with her. While I followed her Tumblr blog and I had my own erotica blog, it wasn’t until a mutual reader said that he or she “shipped” us that we thought about writing fun, quirky erotica featuring both of us. Our posts were an instant success, regardless of how implausible our stories could be: Jessica was an FBI agent with a penchant for fucking her boyfriend (me) just a couple of feet away from her bosses and whatnot.

The issue was that, as the stories progressed, the way she described sex eventually had a deeper effect on me. Maybe on her as well, since I wrote back short stories about fun ways to fuck.

Regardless of how it happened, the small curiosity became playful lust. Playful lust transformed into need. We found out I wasn’t impossibly far away from her and the inevitable suggestion came up. The original plan had been meeting up at a hotel where she lived, since I couldn’t get anywhere (I can get lost using Google maps, my sense of direction is terrible and I got the least smart phone out there, the GPS was terrible from day one and it can tell me my location up to four blocks away from the real one).

Jessica was surprisingly straightforward. I liked that. My hotel lobby, her town, we’d go for drinks or dinner. Of course, the building lust and attraction was there. It was simply not discussed. We knew how each other looked like, so it wouldn’t be about looks. Her beautiful red hair, the sexy blue eyes, that naughty smirk had caught my attention. I know I’m not a model, but I’ve made more than one girl trip over by looking at me instead of watching where she’s stepping and I spend enough time on the gym to have a few abdominal muscles showing and a chest that’s defined.

It wasn’t about looks. Those were definitely on. Rather, it would be about chemistry. And the unsaid expectation. If we did meet and find each other attractive enough, how long would it take us to have sex? Would we call it off? Seemed unlikely. Maybe we would just need to have a few drinks or some coffee before we made our minds. Maybe we’d spend a couple of nights making sure we weren’t serial killers.

That’s what I originally told myself. Instead, my lust clouded my judgement the moment I saw how she moved her hips. The way she smiled at me. Her bouncing step and how it made her breasts jiggle just a little. I thought about those drinks and hoped they wouldn’t take too long, my decision, being a typical guy, had already been made the moment I laid eyes on her in real life. But it was her.

I had to admit I was glad I never became a truly expressive guy, if my words didn’t explain it, my face normally didn’t how any signs. And I was nervous as if I had been back in high school realizing the hot cheerleader was walking my way. Now I had to be a rational man and let it flow naturally and…


The first time I met Jake was at a hotel in the city. We had arranged to finally meet up to discover if our real life chemistry matched up with our Tumblr chemistry.

I walked into the hotel foyer and saw him standing as he leaned up against a wall staring at his cell phone. He hadn’t noticed me as I walked up to him.

“Am I disturbing some hot Tumblr chat?” I asked as I gave him a big smile. He looked up quickly and saw me as he slid his cell into his pocket.

“Hi Jessica, ” he said as he took my hand in his and lifted it to his lips, kissing my hand as he looked into my eyes.

“Don’t tell me. More Tumblr fans trying to get in your pants?” I said with a wry smile.

He laughed loudly, “something like that Jessica.”

We looked into each other’s eyes for a few moments as he let go of my hand. It was like we were both deciding if this was really going to happen.

“Any doubts Jessica?” Jake asked me after a few seconds.

“None at all, Jake, ” I replied without hesitation.

He took my hand and led me to the elevator. He pushed the call button and we stood waiting as he held my hand. I glanced at him letting out a silly little giggle. He squeezed my hand and grinned. It felt like we were teenagers on our first date. The elevator doors opened and we walked inside.

I stood against the side of the elevator as Jake pushed the 15th floor button. The doors closed and as he turned to me I kissed him quickly on the lips then pulled back to look into his eyes. He stared at me for about 2 seconds before he grabbed me and pushed me against the side of the elevator, his hands sliding around my waist as he kissed me hard.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as my mouth opened to accept his tongue as we kissed passionately. His hands had slid down my sides and were sliding over my ass as he pulled me into his body. Oh, god, I wanted him so badly.

Still kissing wildly as his hands slid down over my short skirt until his fingers found the bare flesh Antalya Escort of my thighs. As soon as I felt him toying with the hem of my skirt I moved my hand down beside me searching for the elevator buttons, my fingers sliding down over the number buttons until I found the big red stop button. I slammed it with my hand as the elevator came to a juddering halt.

I was lost in his kisses as he started to pull my skirt up as I felt his hand sliding up the inside of my thigh. He was searching for my panties but he wasn’t going to find them, and as his fingers slid over my bare pussy he broke the kiss and gasped, “Fuck!”

I moaned as I felt his fingers exploring my already wet pussy, as he pushed two fingers inside me. My eyes closed and my head went back against the side of the elevator as he finger fucked my wetness. I was so damn wet for him and as he fingered me I pushed my own hand between his legs and felt an enormous bulge in his pants. He groaned.

“Oh Jessie, ” Jake exhaled as I caressed his cock through his pants, as his fingers worked my wet pussy. I pulled open his pants and tugged them down, sliding a hand into his shorts as I slowly wrapped my fingers around his huge thick shaft.

Just having his cock in my hand made my pussy clench around his fingers and I gushed against his hand, cumming for Jake for the first time. He felt my body tremble as he fingered me harder, hearing my moans of pleasure, as I pulled his cock from his shorts.

“Jake, please take me now, ” I moaned out loudly. He pulled his fingers from me and I watched as he put them to his lips and sucked my juices from both of his wet fingers.

He lowered himself and took his cock in his hand, rubbing the head against my soaked bare pussy. I grabbed his shoulders as he pushed slowly inside me. His thick cock sliding inch by inch deeper into my wet little cunt. I lifted a leg around him and he grabbed my ass and lifted me fully onto his cock, as I wrapped my other leg around him. I was wrapped around him as he held me against the side of the elevator and started fucking me.

Oh my god his cock felt more incredible than even my imagination could ever have dreamed up. I was so tight and wet around his shaft as he slammed inside my pussy. My arms were wrapped tightly around his neck as I gasped and moaned into his ear.

“Oh my god Jake, please YES, YES, YES, fuck me!”

We fucked hard as his cock pumped deep inside me. Just the size of his shaft sending shudders of pure joy through my body. I knew he was going to make me cum hard and my moans just drove him to fuck my cunt even harder.

“I fucking need you, Jessica, ” he almost growled at me as he bounced me on and off his magnificent cock. I started to pant and my eyes rolled back as my orgasm rocked my entire being. Squealing and panting as I came on his cock, as he powered deeper into my spasming tight cunt.

He fucked me through one of the biggest orgasms of my young life, as my fingernails dug into his shoulders.

“Jessica I can’t hold back. I need to give you my cum! ” he gasped hard as I felt his hot deep breaths against my neck.

“Cum on my face baby, please, ” I begged as he put me down. He grabbed his cock and stroked as I knelt on the floor of the elevator. Looking up at him as I moaned, “baby cum for me now.”

His hand was stroking his cock harder as he pointed the tip at my face. I nodded at him, wanting his cum. He threw his head back and gave me what I wanted as his cum exploded from his cock, spraying over my face.

“JESSICAAAAAAA!” he roared with an animal like growl as he emptied his balls, sending jets of cum over my cheeks, into my mouth, over my chin. I kept looking up at him as he came so hard.

Cum starting to drip from my chin down onto my cleavage. His body gave one last shudder as he finished cumming. Staring down at me with an almost look of wonder on his face as he saw my own face covered in his cum. He pushed his cock back into his pants and pulled me to my feet. I pulled my skirt back down as he pushed the red stop button again as the elevator came back to life and continued to the 15th floor.

The doors opened and there was a security guard and a elevator maintenance guy waiting for the doors to open. Jake grabbed my hand and led me out of the elevator.

The security guard said, “Is everything ok sir? The emergency stop button was pushed.”

Jake didn’t look at them but said, “false alarm, ” as he pulled me past them.

I glanced at the men as they both stared at me, Jake pulling me down the hallway, my face still dripping with cum…


Right. Self-control. That’s what I had told myself. The fact that we had talked over messages long enough had switched something off in our brains and I, at least, was glad it was mutual… but there was something about her. Something that should have made me worry. I had just had an orgasm and I couldn’t stop. I still had sex in my mind and my body ached for it. Being a couple of Antalya Escort Bayan years over thirty, that was not something I felt every day. Not needing a pause between two rounds of sex. What had I gotten myself into? Why wasn’t I worried?

Once inside, after closing the door behind us, I almost attacked her. I pinned her against the door itself and fiercely kissed her. I could taste my salty flavor on her lips.

She gasped in surprise.

“What? It came out of me and you did a damn good job to make sure that happened,” I waved a dismissing hand, “it’s not another guy’s cum. I’m not grossed out by mine.”

She lifted a finger, asking me for a second and produced a paper tissue out of nowhere. Had she wanted my cum on her face from the beginning? I wondered what else had she planned or expected from me. I couldn’t wait.

The moment she had gotten most of my seed off her face, instead of holding me back, she pressed her tempting body against mine and we made out like teens against the door for minutes, her soft, pink, lips on mine as if she were afraid she’d never kiss me again.

She finally separated herself from me when she felt the tent in my jeans pressing against her. With a mischievous smile, she walked around the room, studying it. Maybe picturing herself on the mattress, screaming her lungs out.

“I thought you had your fill with what just happened on the elevator,” she said, questioning.

“You are too fucking hot,” I shrugged. I pulled her from her blouse and almost dropped her on the bed. I had fingered her and when I had licked my fingers clean; I had found her taste addicting, “I want to lick you. I need it.”

She opened her legs oh-so-slowly, smirking like a little devil. Teasing me.

Even though at the elevator I had felt she was shaved (and not only that, I had fingered her), hell, I had been fucking her not so long ago… and still, I stood like a mesmerized idiot, looking at my prize. She even giggled at my dumbstruck expression.

I knelt by the edge of the bed and kissed her inner thighs. Her giggle became an appreciative hum. I traced kisses towards her labia, but avoiding them. I allowed her smell to intoxicate me. I kissed all around the area without going for any overly sensitive parts…

I went right between her legs and from the bottom of her pussy, gave one long, deep lick. Her legs almost twitched. Holy fuck, she indeed tasted way better than I had imagined. I dove in, licking her from the bottom to the top, on the sides, lapping up her nectar as I heard her moan and felt her fingers grabbing my hair as she gasped.

I inserted a finger and did a “come hither” move with it as I happily kept on licking. Fuck, why did Jessica taste so good?!

I sucked on her clit… and she began to cum. I could get used to licking her becoming a part of my routine. Her grip on my brown, medium hair grew so tight and desperate I almost felt like she’d yank a handful of hairs before she was done cumming. Her soft legs forcefully flanked my face as she went wild.

She patted my head after a few seconds, and I stopped. I looked up, my face a mess.

“Yes?” I was curious.


She lingered there for a second and growling interrupted our actions. My stomach.

“Are you hungry?”

“Kinda? I’d rather eat something else,” I dropped a not-at-all-subtle hint.

“We have time for that, now that you’re in town, you should totally check this place out,” Jessica mentioned a local restaurant’s name.

“I can’t believe you actually came,” she said once we were in her car.

“Your pussy is too good. Couldn’t help it,” I smirked.

“That’s not what I meant!” Jessica said, reddening slightly. The sex goddess could be made to blush?! She quickly regained her composure, though, “I meant you… oh…”

I had fallen head-over-heels in lust with her. Impossible to help it. My hand had found its way again between her legs as she spoke and I teased the delicate folds with my fingers. Had she not noticed how nervous I had been around her right before we got to the elevator?

I was really excited about meeting her because I wondered if real life interactions and chemistry could match Tumblr’s. Sure, I didn’t behave like a high schooler in front of his celebrity crush, even if it had felt like that for a second. Maybe I have a damn good poker face, my heart had been a few beats away from escaping from my chest… until she made the move. I had taken her hand, but her look of lust and how silky her lips had felt against mine… All insecurities inside me vanish when horny and given green light, that much she knew by then.

Coordinating surprisingly well, she didn’t even swerve a little as I kept fingering her. We arrived at the restaurant but we didn’t come out of the car until she had cum once again, this time on my fingers. I looked into her eyes as I licked them clean again, “fuck. I want to eat you out again… what did you do to me?”

“I fucked you good,” she Escort Antalya winked. I hadn’t caught her off guard this time. Had she had that attitude from the beginning, I might have stuttered like an idiot around her.

“That you did,” I nodded.

We went into the restaurant. I was hard, thinking she was wearing no underwear.

I stared at the menu. I swear, I knew there were words and prices on it, but I couldn’t focus. My body demanded to be inside the stunning redhead in front of me. The stupid menu could have been written in Akkadian, for all I knew.

I looked up from the menu and stopped even trying to understand it. A pair of bewitching blue eyes stared at me, intensely.

“Um. Hey,” I tried to think about something and not only be the caveman half my Tumblr username proclaims (refinedcaveman).

I hate it when I get tongue tied by attractive girls, but I managed after a few seconds not to go overboard.

The alpha in me isn’t an act, but it’s only part of my personality and sometimes I can be a total geek, “the tests we agreed upon. I’ve got the envelope. Back in the room. I’m clean. You’ll see.”

I could only speak in short sentences, apparently. Great.

And a little too fucking late had I mentioned the testing. I mean, I had been so consumed by lust I had actually fucked her bare in that elevator.

“Oh. Right. Yeah. Got them, too, and you’ll also find there’s no problem” she said. Judging by her expression, she was also realizing I had already been inside her without a condom. We hadn’t made it to the room where I had them, anyway.

“I don’t know what to order,” I said. I didn’t feel hungry anymore. It felt almost like a powerful magnet pulling me to her, and all I could think of were all the ways I could make her moan again. I did my best not to act as if my dick were on fire and the only source of water could only be reached after a some glorious inches inside Jessica.

“…is that an accent?” the redhead had been staring at me as I had spoken.

“Um. Yes? You have one, too. Everyone does.”

“No. Not everyone has this kind of accent…” Jessica stared at me and I enjoyed the intensity of her stare. She gasped, excited, “English isn’t your first language, eh?”

I smirked, “damn. And there I thought I had already gotten rid of every sign.”

Thank fuck I could see the change in her. She leaned towards me just slightly… She thought accents were hot. The stare between us intensified. Either I looked at her eyes and got hornier… or, since she was bending forward, I could look at her cleavage and get the same results.

She leaned in and whispered, “so. Clean, right?”


“So. Can you cum in me?” Jessica whispered with an even lower volume.

I groaned. An older lady (totally oblivious to the last 30 years in fashion) from another table looked at me. I regained my composure, “wrong question, gorgeous.”


“Accurate question: ‘So, how many times can you cum in me?’ and the answer is: I plan on finding out this weekend.”

Jessica looked at the menu. Then at me.

“I can’t make myself care about food right now,” I confessed.

“Good,” she said, standing up, pulling me by my hand. The waitress looked at us. She was just going to ask for our order, we had just arrived… but it could wait. Even a fucking meteor aimed at earth would have to fucking wait.

As Jessica drove, I whispered how much I wanted her. She squirmed and crossed her legs. We made it to the hotel. We went up in the elevator. Knowing I had had my dick inside her right there not so long ago sent the best kind of shivers down my spine. I breathed in deeply. I needed to control myself. I couldn’t just fuck Jessica every time we were in an elevator.

Or shouldn’t, at least.

We looked at each other. She knew what I was thinking. Because so was she.

I smirked. She grinned. I snorted. She giggled.

The door opened.

We barely made it to the room. Jessica stood before me, we looked at each other. The look became a stare of lust. I growled. We were naked in no time. I drank in the sight of her unclothed body. I wanted her even more. I wanted to kiss every damn inch of her body.

“I need you to fill me, Jake,” Jessica had an undeniable urgency in her tone while looking straight into my eyes… then she said in a lustful, raspy, lower volume, “I need your cum so much.”

I groaned.

She really, really knew how to turn me on without even touching me. And she had read my mind back at the restaurant. I needed to feel the caveman instinct in me sated. I needed to fuck her and cum inside her, to mark Jessica as mine.

When we got on the bed, we looked at each other expectantly. I wanted her to lay on her back. She probably wanted to ride me. We had had intense sex in the elevator, but we hadn’t fucked actually hard. I needed it to be anything but gentle.

She took me by surprise when she threw me on the bed. I laid there for a couple of disoriented seconds on the bed and she pounced on me before I could react. She took my dick in her hand and simply sat on it. The teasing attitude was gone.

“Aw, fuck… yeah,” I growled. Fucking without a condom again. Fucking Jessica without one. I had been needing that.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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