Jessica On A Saturday Night

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Big Dick

Steve was delighted.

At last Jessica had agreed to go out with the express intention of meeting someone and at the very least let them touch her breasts, she hadn’t been able to promise how much further she would go, but for now Steve was delighted to have made this much progress.

For a while she had been happy to go out and expose part of her body to a stranger and quite enjoyed it. She had also agreed to Steve lodging pictures of her on the Internet so a small select group and she enjoyed reading of her imagined adventures penned for her by some of this group.

She had even become a bit interactive with them by responding to a questionnaire lodged by one of them. It hadn’t been anything too personal, she hadn’t minded sharing her height of 5’6″ or her statistics of 34D 24 34, or the fact that at the time of the questionnaire her pubes were shaved and that all that she was wearing at the time was a pair of thong panties. She had admitted to exposing herself the previous weekend, although, she did not go on to give any more details about that and she even admitted to having a fantasy about sex with a Frenchman on the Eiffel tower.

What Steve had enjoyed most though was the answer to the final question which he himself had added “Would you let another guy beside Steve touch your breast and body” She had thought for a moment or two about Steve’s fantasies and how far she had come in being more expressive about her sexuality and finally said the words Steve had ached to hear “Yeah, all right”

This had led to discussions about where and when, they had agreed that it would be the next weekend when her work permitted it and they would go to the nearby dance club and Jessica would enter first followed a few minutes later by Steve, in this way it would seem as though she were alone and therefore much easier to approach.

The condition she had made was that she would have to fancy the guy and that she wouldn’t start anything or invite the guy to touch her but that if he made the first move then she wouldn’t stop him.

Steve helped her select the outfit she would wear, they finally settled on a short white vest which because of the firmness of her breasts hung vertically down from her nipples, together with a short loose skirt and the only other items of clothing she was to wear were a skimpy pair of white thong panties and a pair of heeled shoes.

Jessica was to go into the club first and Steve would follow about 5 minutes later, he wouldn’t join her or even acknowledge her but would find her and position himself close by so as not to miss anything which may happen.

They had agreed that because of Jessica’s looks loads of guys were likely to hit on her and because she had said she would have to fancy the guy she would let Steve know that by either accepting a drink from him, dancing with him or sitting down with him and if none of these happened then she simply didn’t fancy the guy.

As he watched her walking from the car her hips making the skirt sway from side to side Steve felt a complex mix of emotions, Some time in the next few hours someone else’s fingers would be exploring parts of her body which till now had been his own private playground, knowing this left him incredibly excited and it also filled him with fear. Part of him wanted to chase after her and stop her while another part couldn’t wait to see the erotic vision of another man’s hands on his beautiful wife’s body.

The seconds dragged by, they had said 5 minutes but after 4 Steve found himself walking into the club

Adjusting his eyes to the light inside Steve bought himself a drink while his eyes scanned the room for a sign of Jessica.

He hunted and could not see her, then over in the corner he caught a flash of white, long hair and twinkling eyes, she was just emerging from the ladies room, She had obviously made for there first as her next stop was the bar barely Beylikdüzü escort ten feet away from him.

He knew she had seen him, probably from the studious way she ignored him. The way she stood told him that she was looking forward to the game nearly as much as he was himself. She leant forward across the bar clearly realizing that this had the effect of lifting her skirt at the back and as if to accentuate the fact she bent her right leg at the knee lifting her foot of the floor, that simple movement seemed to scream ” Come and get me”.

Steve looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to this dusky siren. Three guys were stood chatting a little to the right and one of them seemed to be watching her. Steve tried using telepathy on him, willing him to go and make the approach, so desperate was Steve to see her acting sluttish that night that he nearly went over to tell him that her breasts were his for the taking but suddenly he realized that she was no longer alone.

A guy seemed to have materialized from nowhere and was stood talking to Jessica, each had a drink in their hands, the question was who had bought the drink? had he come up as she was being served and insisted on paying in which case it was all systems go? or, was he just a chancer who had appeared after she had paid for her drink? , Steve cursed himself for his amateur telepathy

He watched them closely, Jessica’s face was animated looking into her new friend’s eyes, nodding, smiling her white teeth like a beacon in the dim lights. He was standing close to her well within her body space and she was making no effort to reclaim it. Her hand reached and brushed away a tiny piece of fluff from her friends shoulder

Suddenly the guy put his hand on her back, just on the area of flesh that was visible between the top of her skirt and the hem of her vest and turned her a little pointing out an area of seating a little distance away.

Jessica peered across and then nodded smiling at him, the guy kept his arm around her waist in a proprietary manner as the two of them began to move away from the bar.

Steve looked across to try to work out where they were heading, he could see a small table with two seats against the far wall of the club, nearby was a curtain which he knew from previous visits concealed the door to the cleaners cupboard.

Picking up his drink he walked after them a little faster and passed them easily the pair still deep in conversation, the guys arm all the way around Jessica’s waist now so that she was tight against him her undulating hips rubbing against his body.

Steve moved closer to the wall before he reached the table and let them pass him again, looking around to see if anyone was noticing he slipped behind the near edge of the curtain. It was dark but there was about a 2 feet width to walk along to the end closest to the table.

As he finally emerged at the other end Jessica and her friend (who turned out to be called Tom) were just taking their seats behind the table. They were away from the main dance area and were in such a position that other than from behind the curtain they could only be approached from one direction and the table with its dangling red tablecloth lay between them and anyone approaching. In all honesty no one was likely to approach as the route led nowhere except to this table and the next seats were at the other end of the curtain.

Steve kept most of his body out of sight behind the curtain but his eyes could clearly see them barely 6 feet away. He was stood only a little way behind them and more to the side, Jessica sat closest to him. He watched as Tom casually placed his arm over the back of Jessica’s chair and they resumed their conversation. Tom was obviously good at drawing people out of themselves as Jessica was happily chattering away.

Steve watched transfixed, his position couldn’t have been better, the Beylikdüzü escort guy was clearly very interested in Jessica and Steve was pretty sure that the conversation would not be about Korean cookery. Jessica herself was obviously relaxed in this strangers company and, and this was important, she had gone to sit with the guy which was one of the signals they had agreed on.

Suddenly the guy lifted his free hand to Jessica’s chin and said something. Steve saw the white teeth as Jessica replied and suddenly Tom’s head was lowering itself towards her, his mouth opened a little as his lips met hers. Steve could see the side of Jessica’s lips and they too were apart. Steve wondered if their tongues had yet met, Again he felt that mix of emotions of jealousy and excitement, excitement was winning, he was aware of an erection steadily developing as he watched.

As they kissed Tom’s hand had slipped from her chin to the back of her ear and was now gently stroking the back of her neck. Steve could have sworn he saw Jessica tremble a little in reaction to it and moved a little more towards him.

The kiss continued and the Toms hand became more adventurous slipping lightly over the top of her vest and although he was clearly in contact with the firm fullness of her breasts and can have been in no doubt that she was not wearing a bra he made no effort to squeeze, instead the palm of his hand continued downwards until it encountered her bare flesh at the waist.

He broke away from the kiss although he left his hand in place as he said something to her. Steve noticed that although three fingers were visible, the index finger and thumb were not and he knew from his own experience of that top that if the guys thumb was at right angles to the fingers then now as he spoke to her it must be grazing the underside of Jessica’s left breast. His erection became stronger.

Jessica was making no effort to move the guys hand in fact her right arm seemed to be positioned in such a way as to suggest that her hand was high on the guys thigh. Suddenly their lips moved together again. As they did so the three fingers that had been visible disappeared up her vest and a movement began over her left breast. Jessica’s right shoulder began twitching. Steve realized that she had caused two erections both Tom’s and his own and that she was using her fingers to encourage Toms.

Jessica’s vest lifted slightly because of Toms hand movements and Steve could see fingers where he should have been able to see the edge of her breast.

Slowly the hand lowered from her breast but the kiss continued and the hand moved onto the waistband of her skirt and down over her thigh where he stroked the material causing it to ride up over her dusky thighs. A thumb slipped beneath the material followed by fingers and seconds later Jessica did squirm but again did not stop the inquisitive prying fingers for a good minute or so.

The kiss stopped by mutual consent and with his hand still in place Tom said something to Jessica. She looked at him then raised two fingers, reluctantly the fingers moved away and Jessica stood and began walking away.

Steve virtually ran along behind the curtain and appeared just in time to see her retreating back entering the ladies room

He paced impatiently close to the door anxious to catch her as soon as she came out.

Five minutes later she did, her hair brushed, fresh make up and perfume applied. She saw Steve and making sure that Tom would not be able to see them she walked over to him “I love you Darling” she said kissing him ” Will you look after this for me?” she placed something in his hand it was warm and slightly moist He looked down at her white thong.

“Are you happy?” she asked “Oh yes ” he assured her ” You have no idea how happy”

“Well he seems quite keen he asked me to take this off and I didn’t think you would mind but he also asked Escort Beylikdüzü me to go behind the curtain just behind us. He wants to fuck me right here in the club “

Steve could barely breathe ” And what did you say?” he asked eventually

“I said I would think about it … Well Steve what do you think? Can I “

Steve looked at her, his mouth open in surprise, he would have been happy tonight just to see her being touched, but this; it was like a dream come true.

“YES” he shouted, checking himself just before he attracted too much attention, just stall him for about 2 or 3 minutes after you’re back in your seat, and give me time to get organized.

Jessica smiled at him, blew him a kiss and took her swaying hips back to Tom.

Steve thought quickly, behind the curtains was where he was hiding so adjustments had to be made and fast.

Just behind him were some posters held up with tacks, he wandered over as though to read them and carefully removed 4 of the tacks.

Going back to his hidey hole he went in as far as the halfway point and then gathered a fold of the voluminous material and tacked it against the wall, carefully he loosened a section which would give him a tiny window into the other area.

He was only just finished in time, seconds later his wife appeared at the other end followed by Tom, Steve noticed his fly was already open and a number of buttons were undone.

Jessica moved right up to where the curtain was held against the wall and turned to face Steve who could have poked a finger through to stroke his wife’s back.

Tom moved straight in and began kissing her at the same time lifting her top off and over her head.

There were sounds of rustling and slowly they sank to the floor, without poking his head through the gap Steve could no longer see Jessica’s head but he could see her from the breasts down to her ankles which were already spread and Tom was kneeling between them carefully folding her skirt up over her hips revealing her neatly shaven pussy.

Tom lowered his head between her thighs and Steve heard Jessica’s intake of breath as his tongue made contact with her sensitive feminine folds. She reached her hands behind her against the curtains and tensed as she felt Steve’s legs behind them, realizing she relaxed and her hand found the split in the curtain and began caressing Steve’s ankles as she relaxed into the oral attention she was receiving.

Her breathing came faster and faster her strokes on Steve’s ankles more rapid then suddenly she gave a sharp oooooooooooossssshhhhhhhhhh and her hands seized his ankles hard as the moment washed over her.

“Your turn” she said To Tom ” Stand up ”

She had him stand with his back to the wall and knelt in front of him so Steve had a perfect view as her beautiful lips slid over Tom’s hard cock.

From inches away he watched as her open mouth went over the tip and down the shaft and back again, faster and faster. Tom began to sigh, she placed her fingers low on the base and squeezed hard till the moment passed

Jessica then stood up and moving close to the curtain bent double with her hands on her ankles, her eyes were now close to the opening Steve was peering through.

Steve got his cock out, it was hard with drips of pre cum at the tip. He watched as Tom moved behind Jessica, his hands on her hips, the plunge sent Jessica’s face into the curtain and to Steve’s astonishment her lips immediately curled over his stiff cock.

With each plunge from Tom into Jessica’s hot cunt her mouth closed deeper and deeper down Steve’s shaft

Sandwiched between the two cocks Jessica gave herself up to the sensation both physical and the mental excitement of fucking in such a public place. From behind she felt Toms thrusts become more urgent and sucked harder and Faster on Steve, and then at the moment of Toms climax she felt the first hot spurt from Steve hit the back of her throat and another and another

Much later Steve was waiting in the car watching his beautiful wife kissing Tom goodnight, it had been quite a night but somehow he knew this was not to be the last of Jessica’s adventures.

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