Jessica takes Andre

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Another show finished I left the stage and went to my dressing room I sat, adjusted my hair and was about to shower and change when there was a tap on the door. I answered and it was our doorman with a message.

“Meet me at the bar there is a drink waiting.” It read. There was a name signed it simply said Andre.

“Andre, Hmm wow how nice.” I thought to myself.

I quickly showered went to my dressing table fixed my hair, went through my wardrobe and found a short black dress, silky in look and feel with a deep vee neck front, I slipped into it hmm it just covered my tits and the front cut finished just after my tits this should get him going.

My same routine scent on lipstick freshened, I was ready. When I arrived at the bar a drink was waiting for me, but no Andre, “Where is he” I asked Jack our barman. He pointed over and there he was talking to someone. I went to jelly somewhat and had quick lusty thoughts.

I sat down at the bar and crossed my leg and had my drink. I kept looking over at him and he finally noticed me. He said his goodbyes to the man he was talking to and came over. He was looking good a white shirt and black straight trousers.

“Well hello Jessica how great to see you.” he said.

“You too Andre in what do I owe the pleasure?” I asked.

“Well I came to see you sing and thought we could catch up.”

“Oh I can’t say I noticed you, but did you enjoy?” I asked.

“Well to be honest I arrived just as you were walking off.”

“That was silly of you wasn’t it?” I joked.

“Yes you could say that.” He replied looking at my tits.

As we talked he was really getting me turned on.

“So Andre what have you been up to?” I asked.

“Well Jess work has been hectic Megan works us hard.”

“Yes I can imagine Andre, funny thing is I have been wondering what it is like to be a stripper.”

“Wow Jess that is a bit of a confession.” He replied.

“Well you know let’s face it Andre when I am signing and looking at the crowd I know what they are thinking and I will admit there have been times where I just want to give them it.” I explained.

“OK Jess that is interesting, so cut to the chase would you actually be prepared to go all the way?”

“I really am not sure Andre I love my signing but just some times I would love to get naughty.”

“Well Jess you got a fantastic body you have the confidence sexually why not mix the two? I could arrange a meeting with Megan for a chat. Tell you now Holly is always saying you are in the wrong profession.”

“Oh I will think about it. By the way how is the lady I have not seen her for a while, she hasn’t called me or anything, I feel like I’ve pissed her off.”

“No Jess you haven’t She has been busy, I will say though she was a bit worried about you going with that Carol, Holly had a bit of a bad time with her.”

“She need not worry Andre I noticed straight away Carol is a bit intense, I will not take any crap from her, but saying that she was a good fuck.”

“Oh OK then Jess just be careful though.” He replied.

“I will Andre I will.” I replied.

We had more drinks, I began to wonder if we were Sivas Escort going to go any further tonight. Again I won’t deny I wanted him and badly and I knew he wanted the same. I could not wait to get hold of him, I decided to have him in my dressing room. We sat there for a quiet moment, I then told him what I wanted.

“I want you to fuck me Andre.” I said stroking his thigh.

“Well Jessica, I was going to suggest the same, I want you big time.”

“Good, I am glad to hear that, I think we should go to my dressing room it is quiet and cosy with a nice sofa and bed.”

“What are we waiting for? show me the way Jessica.”

We got up took our drinks and he followed me I could feel his eyes burning on my arse as we went through to the back stage area. We walked in my dressing room and I closed and locked the door, so no one would come in. Andre sat on the sofa I walked over to the bed and knelt on it staring over at him.

“So Andre here we are, by the way you like my dress?”

He stood up and began to take off his clothes I just could not wait to see his cock and in seconds there it was. I went on all fours on the bed facing in his direction my tits had slipped out of my dress I cupped one of them as Andre began to touch himself.

“Fuck! he is massive!” I said to myself.

He moved from the sofa and walked round to the end of the bed. I turned myself around still on all fours and went to him. Wasting no time I took him in my mouth, and I sucked.

“Oh fuck Jessica!” Andre responded.

I felt his hands on my shoulders and he began to stroke me, the feel of his hands on my dress made me take him harder. As I sucked him I felt my dress slide up over my butt and halfway up my back I was loving his cock so much I had been waiting for this moment since our threesome.

“Turn round and let me Fuck you Jessica I want you.” he said.

I stayed on all fours and offered my pussy to him. Suddenly instead of feeling his cock enter me, I felt his mouth go onto me he began to tease me with his tongue. He then took me with his fingers he was driving me wild.

“Andre, fuck me I want to feel your cock.” I demanded.

And he obliged me, I felt his tip rub against me, again teasing my pussy almost making me beg for him, it then went in a bit further halfway then he was in fully.

“Awww yes Andre hmm that feels so good.” I purred.

“Shit Jessica you feel so good.” He said as he began to pump me.

I grabbed my left tit as he went in deeper, I was so going to make the most of this moment I am not going to get this cock every day of the week. I reached up and took the headboard with my hands and dropping myself down onto him.

He stopped pumping me and allowed me to slide up and down on him. I loved the feel of his hardness, my lips dragging up his full length then back down again.

“Oh fuck Andre oh fuck so good, so fucking good.”

It felt like a life time going up and down on him fuck he was hard.

I carried on taking him but he could not stand it anymore, he began to pump into me again fucking me hard. I fell back down on to the bed, my head on the pillow and my Sivas Escort Bayan ass upright.

“Harder Andre oh yes! awww fuck awww fuck oh yes so good hmm.”

He then pulled out of me and went back onto me again with his mouth. His tongue fucking me from behind.

I stood up, and bent myself forwards and he took me from behind, “Yes Andre oh fuck yes aww fuck aww fuck me.” He fucked me hard pulling me onto his cock. “Keep it there keep it there so good oh yes.”

I bent my leg and put my foot on the bed to increase the sensation, I so wanted him to cum I began to quicken our pace again it felt like it took ages to go from top to bottom of his cock.

“Andre I want to cum like this come on harder oh yes oh fuck yes!”

I cupped my tits as I rode him hard, I felt him tense he was cumin.. . “Come on cum in me, yes that’s the way yes yes oh fuck yes yes. I’m cumin Andre Yes yes yes Do me harder come on cum in me Andre awww fuck awww fuck yes yes baby yes let it go awww fuck awww fuck yes.”

He came hard into me as I came it was a pure fast and rampant fuck, we wanted each other and it showed. As I rested back on him, his still hard cock in me. I had done him and good, but I was not done with him so I suggested he stayed the night.

I woke in the morning and there he was still laying there. I wanted him again but resisted. I got out of bed and went for a shower. I sat firstly and re painted my nails. Watching Andre sleeping I just wanted to jump back into bed and suck him off the thought of his cock in my mouth began to turn me on. I blew my polish dry and went off to the shower to try and cool down.

I ran the water nice and cool allowing it to rain over my tits I got my soap ready and began to lather myself, massaging the soap into my tits and working the soap down my body. I increased the heat of the water and began to massage my pussy.

Taking my right tit and massaging it as I began to finger myself, imagining Andre was fucking me. I offered my soap covered tit to my mouth as I increased my fuck oh fuck it felt good.

All of a sudden behind me came a voice, “Morning sexy can I join you?” He asked pressing his body against my back, his hands on my hips and his lips nibbling at my neck.

“Hmm oh Andre good morning.” I replied dropping my head back and kissing him hotly his hands taking my tits. As we kissed I reached down and grabbed his cock. He really was ready to go, he was hard as fuck. I stroked him up and down nice and slow, from behind he took my tits harder with his hands.

His hand left my tit and he slid it down my front. Finding my pussy he began to tease me rubbing my clit. I began to wank him harder as our lips stuck together as our tongues fooled around.

I then felt his fingers go into me and he began to slide them in and out gently at first but quickened as I wanked him now slowly. He continued with his fingers for a bit, I did not mind it felt fantastic and also delayed my fuck from him.

I turned around and kissed him working my way down his body desperate to get to his cock. I arrived and took him straight away fuck he felt so good in my mouth as I quickened Escort Sivas on him. I made sure my lips dragged upwards on him as I knew he loved the feel. He began to pump me.

“Fuck Jessica oh fuck.” His simple response.

We fell to the shower floor on our knees kissing, he took my tits and pushed them together and took them with his mouth I pushed him down onto the floor, and leant forwards and took him again with my mouth.

I knew what he wanted so I swung round and we had a sixty nine, I lowered my pussy slowly onto his mouth to tease him, once there he went hard on me as I took his up right cock. I took him into my throat, and trust me there was a lot to take down.

As much as I was loving his cock I wanted him. We stood up and I pressed my back against him. My head back we French kissed and he lifted my left leg and found my pussy with his cock. I slid onto him and he immediately began to fuck me, his hands cupping my tits.

As the water fell over us and Andre fucked me, I reached over and took the shower gel and squeezed some onto my tits, Andre began to massage my soapy tits his fuck became more rampant, I bent forwards my hands on the wall.

He began to pump me harder his hands on my tits. I made him stop while inside me, and I began to ride him, like last night sliding backwards and forwards on him. His cock never ending as my pussy took it all.

He stroked my sides as he fucked me, he came out of me and took me from behind again with his mouth. I loved it last night and I was loving it now. His tongue going in and out of me, I managed to reach back and grabbed his hair making him go harder into me fuck this felt so good.

He stopped again and in he went with his cock. I was being driven crazy by him as I felt him suddenly squeeze his way into my arse. Fuck this was mind blowing, as my cheek pressed against the tiles as he entered me.

“Fucking hell Jessica fuck your arse is so good you like it? you like?” He purred.

“Oh fuck yes Andre oh fuck yes.” I replied.

He squeezed my arse cheeks together against his cock, oh fuck I just can’t even describe the feeling, just fucking awesome. He pumped me hard I caressed my tits rubbing them in time to his rhythm, my hand then going down to my pussy and I fingered myself.

I managed to stop and slowly pulled my arse off him and turned around my back pressed against the tiles I offered my pussy to him and he came over hooked my legs around his waist and in he went I held onto his shoulders as he thrust me.

With every thrust my orgasm came closer, I dropped my hand down and rubbed my clit as I felt his cock going in and out of me. He leant forwards as best he could and we kissed, I love his tongue on mine. As we kissed my breathing became more rampant as his did as well I was cumin and I wanted his.

“oh fuck Andre hmm you like that? awww yes hmm cum in me Andre oh fuck cum yes that’s it pump me oh fuck me harder yes yes oh oh fuck yes Andre I’m cumin yes I’m cumin oh yes oh yes oh fuck.”

I began to cum on him and as I did he exploded in me, oh it felt so good. I dropped down and took him one last time with my mouth, his soapy cock still rigid, my lips sliding up and down.

With that we caressed and kissed hotly as the water fell onto us. We finished our shower and had breakfast, Andre then told me he wanted to see me again and soon, I could not say no. After breakfast we said our goodbyes and off he went.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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