Jimmy, From The University

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I remember exactly what happened after that, baby doll! You were sitting all alone and surly looking at the bar, and I walked right in and sat down next to you. You weren’t very glad to see me at first, but I changed your mind.

“I’ve had a frustrating evening,” you muttered when you finally decided to say something, and I said I knew all about it. That got your attention. I figured you had already fucked Lynn the night before, but one look at your face (combined with what I saw peeking through her window) confirmed that your balls were blue, buddy!

Your whole body turned a queasy color when I mentioned peeking through the window, though. “Jesus, Molly, are you stalking me or something?” you asked. I just smiled and said stalking was too much trouble, I only wanted some first-hand data about what you were like in the sack.

What I didn’t tell you was that I had gone through my freshman year in college playing around with boys my own age, just like high school, to see if they had anything to offer me. Just like in high school, they didn’t, not really. As you know now, I was having every kind of sex except cock-to-cunt intercourse with Daddy any time I could go home. That summer, though, Daddy was over in Europe doing research and hardly ever available, so I was getting horny. Really horny!

I told you right then how hot I thought you were, too self-absorbed in your studies, but I knew all about that type, and I figured you could fuck me adequately (until Daddy came to visit, anyhow). If Lynn hadn’t stolen you away at Dr. Daniels’ party, I would have made my intentions clear the night before and saved you a lot of grief.

“I appreciate your directness,” you said after a moment. “Molly, you looked like trouble the first time I saw you.” You were damn right about that, and to prove the point, I told you I’d go down on you right here.

“Really?” Your eyebrows arched mischievously, the way I just adore. “Shall I just whip it out on the bar, then?” Your dick bulged through the front of your shorts very appetizingly, I recall.

Nothing so obvious, I said, just meet me in the men’s room in five minutes. I got up to pee and then put on three of the loudest songs the jukebox had, right in a row. I didn’t think we’d need all that much time, though it was wise of me to drown out the sound. I sauntered into the john a full minute before I said I would, but you were ready.

Lynn, that stupid cock-tease psycho! She had no idea what she was passing up that night; I knew that even before I unzipped your shorts and pulled them down your hips to reveal that dick I would worship for the rest of my days. You were already big and hard when your shorts hit the floor. No, we sure wouldn’t need all three songs.

I noted how different it was from Daddy’s – his was longer but thinner, yours just a little shorter but much thicker than any I had seen before. We measured it later at 7 inches, but you seemed a lot bigger just then, baby doll!

I knew my way Kartal Escort around dicks, but those little boys I fooled around with always exploded by time I touched them, or else they were too drunk to get it up at all. We started making up for those squandered experiences that night.

You looked too damn tasty for me to keep my hands off of! The head of your hard dick throbbed, stabbing at the air and then into my mouth. I sucked you, softly at first while I reached down for your balls, and then more vigorously as I milked them. When I flicked my tongue at the sensitive spot under the head of your dick, I could actually feel your balls start to churn!

I remember you looked down at that point to see this crazed minx with her free hand down under her skirt, frigging herself while she sucked you off. I had only ever done that with Daddy, but the whole scene was making me crazy with lust. Did that put you over the top? One more stroke, then you were filling my mouth with blasts of your jizz. The first pulse hit the back of my throat and I just kept sucking. Two more major jets followed, and I didn’t waste a drop.

You of course were hollering too much to notice. “Oh, fuck, yeaaahhh – that’s it!” Maybe those songs weren’t loud enough? After about thirty seconds, I finished sucking you dry, but your dick wasn’t getting any flimsier.

I asked if you lived with anyone, and you said your roommate was out of town. I suggested we go to your house, and you were pulling up your shorts before I even finished the sentence. I sent you out first while I washed my hands or some shit, I don’t remember. Like anyone couldn’t have figured out what we were doing, but it was fun to think we were being sneaky!

How far away did you live? It took no time at all to get to your apartment, and good thing, too. I was unbuttoning my blouse to give you full access to my tits before we even got through the front door. Where I found the strength to push you away that first time, I don’t know, but I had it planned in my head the way it was supposed to go. Take me to your bed, I demanded, and you did in a flash.

You were naked and stroking your dick back to full power while I stripped my clothes off – I didn’t wear a bra or panties that night because I wanted you to see everything. I paused just long enough stick my hand in my pussy again and show you how wet I was. When I licked my fingers clean, your hands moved to my ass and clutched the cheeks to lift me up to your face.

I wrapped my arms around your neck and my legs around your waist, where my tongue was hot and hungry for your neck. This went on until you tossed me ass-first on the bed, and you got down and lifted my legs straight up to lick the spot behind each knee – how did you know?

And then down my thighs to my “sweet teenage cunt,” you called it. Is it true that I was your only lover with soft and straight blonde pubes? I had let them grow back since my last fuck session with Daddy, and I loved when Yakacık Escort you noticed they became nearly transparent when they got wet, like with my pussy juices or your tongue – or both!

You licked all around my wet spot while I pumped my hips upward, trying to take in all your tongue. Then you hit my clit, and I had to scream just a little. It felt so good, like Daddy but different! You kept teasing around my clit, though, and finally I had to beg you to keep going.

When you moved down that last time, I wrapped my legs around your head while you sucked my delicate pink flesh – and you were pushing your fingers in and out of my pussy, too! I guess you knew when I reached that point of no return, because when you started humming on my clit, the vibrations from your mouth turned my screams into moans of ecstasy. God, I’m frigging myself right now just remembering it! It felt like I was jumping out of my body!

You didn’t wait for me to come down from that high, either. You just moved on top of me, restraining my arms above my head with one hand and said, “Now this cock is going to fuck you, Molly.”

It was exactly what I wanted, though I couldn’t respond just then. You didn’t wait, just used your cockhead to sop up some of my juices and then plowed your full length into me. I had to bit my lip from screaming like a banshee.

“Fuck, Molly, you’re so tight.” Yours was the first real dick I had inside me, baby! I had broken my cherry with dildos back in high school, but this was so different – warm, throbbing, alive! It felt so incredible – why did I wait so long?

“Your sweet teenage cunt is the tightest I’ve ever fucked, Molly!” I answered honestly that you were the biggest dick I’d ever had inside my pussy, all the while pushing up to meet your thrusts. I was so filled up with all of you, it was difficult to make words come out of me. Low, deep groans were easier and more natural.

That didn’t stop you from chatting away, of course. “Your tight cunt is fantastic, I’m going to cum soon, Molly. Are you close, sweet girl, can I get you off, too?”

I nodded and squeezed my fingers in between our pelvises, searching for my clit. It was easy to find, swollen and tingly. When I touched it, I knew I was close and just a few flips would do it. Hell, I probably could have cum just from having you inside me!

You spun your dick around, jutting into me at a different angle on each thrust, stretching out my virgin pussy. I would be sore for days afterward, but right then, I didn’t ever want you to stop.

Then you paused. “Molly, where do you want me to cum?”

I looked right at your sweaty face and told you to cum IN me. Put it in my pussy, baby! I’d been on the pill since I was 15, and right then I wanted to be filled up with your hot cum.

“Fuck yes, right into your tight teenage cunt!” You started pumping in and out like a drill, and I could feel your dick get even bigger.

“I’m cumming, Molly, cumming Kadıköy Escort inside you – can you feel it? It’s all for you!” And I COULD feel you, blasting three, four, I don’t how many shots of hot jism inside of me. My pussy reflexively squeezed you dry while I was cumming myself. I clawed at your back when I came, plus I wanted to keep you inside me.

Eventually, I did release your dick, and we both fell back to the bed. I was still on such an orgasmic high, though, that I couldn’t sit still. I wanted to see your dick, soaking in our combined juices, so I sat up and examined you close up.

You looked and smelled so good, I had to lick you clean. The taste was like nothing I’d ever known before, and it was so yummy! I think you enjoyed feeling my tongue and mouth on you again, since your dick started to perk right up.

“Whoa there, Mol, give this old man a chance to rest!” Fat chance, pal. I needed to have you up my ass before either of us would sleep that night. That seemed to inspire you, old man!

I turned back around and got on all fours, presenting my ass and fully satisfied pussy. You grabbed hold of your dick and guided it to my loosened asshole (trusty Sam and I had worked out earlier that day), still moist with saliva and our juices that had spilled out of my pussy.

“You are a marvel, Molly,” you muttered as you nestled your hard dick between my cheeks and slid up and down – pushing my cheeks together to heighten your pleasure. “You’ve made me hard again, and there’s only one place left to put me.”

You were now seriously hard as you pushed yourself up inside my ass. Only Daddy had been there in person before, and your dick was so much thicker than his! I took it a little at a time, but the new sensations felt so incredible, I just told you to plunge the full length inside me. As you thrust in, my muscles relaxed to accommodate your whole dick.

“I’m going to fuck you like a dog now, Molly – would you like that?” Your pace quickened when I told you to pump my tight ass, and you did, driving harder and deeper. You were stretching me out like no other, baby, in all ways!

The air between our bodies became heavy with sweat and the saturation of our earlier fucking. Your hands, grabbing my hips for leverage, started to get moist and you started to suck each breath in, harder and harder. I knew what was happening, and I told you to let me hear it.

“I’m going to cum, Molly, right up inside your ass… right now!” You groaned when your dick pushed up in me and I could feel our muscles work together to force your jism deep up inside me. I have never felt so full and satisfied!

You collapsed on my back, whispering old man talk, and then slid your spent dick out of me. You bent over to kiss my back and neck, which just made me giggle. We fell to the bed in a heap of dirty, moist flesh – heaven, baby!

I curled up in the small of your shoulder while you kissed my forehead. “Does this leave us anything to do tomorrow…?” I smiled when I said we’d think of something.

We certainly didn’t lack for inspiration during that summer of lovin’! How in the world did we end up in bed with Dr. Daniels? Write me back soon and tell me what you remember, baby!

Your one and only Mol

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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