Joan Takes Charge Ch. 03

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[This story deals with bodily functions as well as spanking and caning, so if any of these subjects bother you, read no further. All characters are over 18.]

A month went by after Joan had assumed her role in charge of the home she shared with her three older siblings—Jill, Ken, and Emily. All were becoming accustomed to her having filled the position their mother had occupied: on Fridays, there was a home meeting at which Joan discussed matters affecting their joint occupancy and then handed out discipline based on her own assessments and reports from the staff they employed.

The transition had gone better than anyone, especially Joan, might have expected. Her mother had spelled out in her will that she was passing her authority on to Joan, even though she was the youngest of the four. Ken now had a regular girlfriend, Andrea, who had been incorporated into the family in terms of attending the meetings and Jill’s good friend, Clarice, had been staying over with her frequently enough also to be invited. Emily remain unattached for now.

It took the two friends, Andrea and Clarice, some time to realize that this was something for which they needed to adjust their behavior to avoid being disciplined. Joan’s disciplining tended to focus on embarrassment more than outright pain, although she flicked her wrist with a little rod enough to impart a stinging stroke, even if she rarely used the full-sized cane her mother had favored.

The regular punishment handed out to Andrea and Clarice had now extended to their partners, Ken and Jill, respectively. Joan had informed them that this would be a situation that called for what she had labelled “bracketing,” namely, that when one of the partners had misbehaved and was down on Joan’s punishment chart, his or her partner would also be disciplined, less severely but definitely enough to take notice. In this way, Joan said, the misbehaving partner would learn to behave more appropriately since their conduct would bring down punishment on the partner who had not offended.

Ken was one of the first to experience punishment brought on by Andrea’s disregard of some house rules. The lithe blonde tended to leave her soiled towels around the common bathroom, rather than placing them in the hamper, laundry basket, or on the towel rack. Andrea’s oversights were reported to Joan by the housemaids, and at the next Friday session, Joan informed Andrea and Ken that because of Andrea’s repeatedly being gigged for this fault, both of them would be required to wear tight Spanx panties for the next week. This was going to be uncomfortable for both of them, but Joan knew that Ken actually liked wearing panties and he had been wearing Andrea’s, so she decided he should get to know what women went through to shape their bodies.

The other two siblings—Jill and Emily—somehow refrained from demonstrating their amusement at this punishment. They were used to hearing passionate exclamations coming from Ken and Andrea during the night when it was clear the couple were having intense sex sessions. Andrea’s face reddened as she heard the embarrassing sentence being imposed by Joan and she also kept her cool when she really wanted to slap the younger woman on her face for humiliating both her and Ken.

Joan spared both the extra shame of having to put on the tight lycra panties in front of the group, telling them that this could occur after the session in her spacious room. Next up was Clarice, who had been noticed by Joan, no less, in the act of scolding one of the maids for interrupting her shower. Joan had told the staff to keep track of shower use during the community’s drought and Clarice was interrupted after spending a good deal of time enjoying the hot spray.

Clarice was naturally submissive, but her relationship was with Jill. She stood in front of Joan now and was told very peremptorily to lower her panties.

“Miss Joan,” Clarice said softly, “might I be permitted to keep my panties on because it is my time of the month?”

Jill groaned at Clarice’s major faux pas, knowing that this excuse would cut no weight with her youngest sister, just as their mother had never permitted any of the girls to escape any discipline because they were menstruating.

“No,” Joan said, “that is not an acceptable reason, but it will alter your punishment. Are you wearing a tampon now?”

Clarice cringed in embarrassment but Escort Pendik answered yes.

“Then you may lower your panties and remove the tampon and hand it to me,” Joan said, making the order sound like the most ordinary type of thing.

Clarice was shocked but complied, holding out the very soaked crimson tampon which Joan took by the string and placed under her chair.

Joan then reached into her handbag and extracted a sanitary pad which she proceeded to hand to Clarice.

“Put that in your panties and you will use pads for the rest of your period,” she said sternly. Then she directed Clarice to pull up her panties and for her to bend over the table, with Jill next to her, also clad in only her panties from the waist down. Joan then rose and picked up her little rod, and then proceeded to give each of them five stinging strokes on their panties with the cane.

She then told Jill to inform her when she got her period because she too would be using pads this time in view of Clarice’s offense and discipline.

Jill struggled with difficulty to keep from losing her compliant demeanor. She did not mind taking a few cane or rod strokes from Joan now and then, as she actually was pleased that her mother had not deigned to entrust her with the responsibility of running the house and handing out the discipline. Jill was very sure of herself, had a great job, and was pursued by both attractive men and women. She doubted her current affair with Clarice would endure forever. She understood that she would not have enjoyed being the killjoy she felt Joan was becoming.

When Jill returned with Clarice to her room, she frowned at her friend. “It’s your fault, Jilly,” Clarice managed to blurt out. “You should have warned me that the bitch would jump all over me for my bringing up my period.”

Jill snapped back, “Tomorrow, you will wear the little vibe in your cunt so I can turn it on when you least expect it and buzz you.”

Clarice grimaced and Jill smiled, “You know you love it when I get all dommy with you, sweetie. Now understand how happy I am with you and you may understand why I wouldn’t have to be the bitch my younger sister is becoming. By the way, she’s no worse than our mom was when she ruled the roost.”

Emily realized that she had made it through another week without being disciplined. She felt a little sorry for Ken and Jill, not so much for Andrea and Clarice. Then she was rousted from her thoughts by Joan’s telling her to come with her to Joan’s bedroom.

At first, Emily worried that she was being singled out for private punishment. Their mother had done that at times and the spankings in private were far more punitive. Mom had also probed her orifices in an extremely embarrassing way: Emily somehow couldn’t get out of her mind the memory of her mother probing her vaginally and anally.

She emerged quickly from this rather awful reverie when Joan asked her if she thought Joan had been too severe with her older brother and sister. Emily was the closest to her in age and they had always been close.

“No, Sis,” Emily answered. “This is the way Mom always ran things and she left you in charge. You’ll just have to ask yourself for how long you want to wear Mom’s panties so to speak.”

“Em,” Joan said quietly, “you probably realize that I like to be in charge here. I think Mom understood that this house would be a total mess if she didn’t crack the whip, literally.”

“Do you like embarrassing or even humiliating all of us?” Emily dared to ask, since Joan was opening up more than she ever had.

“I guess I do, Em,” Joan said plainly. “It does give me a bit of a charge to spank or to make someone do what I think they need. I hope that doesn’t bother you.”

“It doesn’t, Joan,” Emily answered. “I imagine you realize that I’m somewhat submissive, unlike you, so I get a charge when someone like you embarrasses me. I think Jilly is more independent, but I know she’s really happy you’re in charge because she wouldn’t want to have that responsibility. Kenny also doesn’t mind it a lot, although his friend Andrea does. But your siblings are pretty much in line with you, so I hope that pleases you.”

“It does, Em,” Joan said slowly. “I’m glad they aren’t angry with me. Em, I need them, and I need you. Right now, I need you to get up under my skirt and make me feel really good.”

Emily expected Joan to make this kind of request, which, of course, was, in reality, an order. But she had no problem with getting down on her knees and staring up under Joan’s tweed skirt into her hairy split. She placed her face in front of the musky-smelling vulva and began to lovingly lick her younger sister’s labia and vaginal opening and lastly, her clit.

Joan responded by starting to swivel her hips in rhythm with Emily’s tongue. She was close to cumming and started to squeeze her thighs around Emily’s head. Fortunately for Emily, the pressure was low and kept starting and stopping. She realized that Joan had a sweet spot right inside her introitus—the vaginal entrance—but before the much-discussed g-spot. This was so sensitive that it would appear that Joan was having a true vaginal orgasm, which, in fact, she was.

Ken and Andrea had returned to their bedroom to follow Joan’s orders and put the Spanx on. The shapers were tight and somewhat uncomfortable since neither were accustomed to wearing shapewear. Ken tried to lighten the atmosphere with some chuckles, but his fiancée was having none of it.

“We may just have to move, darling,” Andrea said, indicating that she had little intention of remaining subject to Joan’s rule.

“Until one or both of us clears some major financial gain,” Ken answered, “it’s not a very wise option. We might as well adopt a more positive attitude toward my sister. It will work out better in the long run.”

To maintain some peace, Andrea agreed. They then had to go show themselves to Joan, which, to Andrea, just carried on the humiliation. She did not have Ken’s history of enduring this kind of dominance from his mother, so she was far less willing to submit in a good spirit.

They knocked on Joan’s door and Emily opened it. Having yet another sister present to witness their humiliation was not something Andrea was happy to see. Joan knew that Ken’s fiancée would be easy to get to act badly, and though Joan was mature for her age, she didn’t have much compunction about setting Andrea up for a fall.

“I’m pleased to see you are complying without complaint,” Joan began.

“You know that we’re willing to accept what you determine we deserve,” Ken answered, being as conciliatory as he thought believable.

“And you agree?” Joan turned to Andrea, with a blank face.

“Not especially,” Andrea responded, and Ken winced. He knew there would be trouble now.

“Oh, really,” Joan answered off-handedly. “And perhaps you will tell me why?”

“This is all ridiculous,” Andrea snapped. “I don’t know why you all were so spineless in dealing with your mother’s tyranny, but it is quite shameful that your siblings are submitting to you in the same way.”

“You could always leave,” Joan said, flatly.

“Well, my fiancé suggests that we are not in a position to exercise that option,” Andrea replied.

“Then I think you will have to accept some discipline for your resistance,” Joan said firmly. “You may have complied in fact, but you are resisting in spirit.”

“I suppose I am.” Andrea said plainly, compounding her offense in Joan’s eyes.

“You will remove your top, your bra, and the Spanx,” Joan now ordered Andrea.

Andrea was slightly surprised that Joan rose to what Andrea regarded as bait, but calmly and without emotion, she did what she was told to do.

“Spread your legs so I can look at you,” Joan said sharply.

She rose and had a small rod in her hand as she approached the now-submissive Andrea.

Joan peered down into Andrea’s crotch and poked her fingers into the now-spread labia, which were darker—the outer lips, that is—and then grew pinker as Joan’s finger pushed into Andrea’s vagina.

Then she stepped behind Andrea and tapped her rod on Ken’s fiancée’s bottom. Andrea had a healthy-sized bum and it was spread so Joan could also poke the rod right into the little anal opening.

“Now bend over the couch,” Joan directed her.

Andrea complied, feeling she now looked totally ridiculous and knowing that Joan could look right through her legs and see her hairy split and protruding labia.

Joan now stood behind her and tapped the little rod on Andrea’s broad bottom. Then she drew it back and quickly snapped it twice on the white bum, leaving two red stripes which appeared soon after the strokes were given.

Andrea screamed, more from the indignity of the little rod striking her than the actual pain, not that that was insignificant.

Joan gave her two more and then instructed her to put the tight Spanx back on.

Andrea knew that it would hurt to pull the shapewear up over her bruised bottom, but it was good, she thought, to regain a bit of modesty even if it proved painful. If this was the worst that she might receive from Joan, she figured she could deal with it.

Joan now sat down on an armless chair in her commodious bedroom and told Andrea to get across her lap.

“Oh no,” Andrea thought, “now she’s going to spank me over the bottom she bruised.”

Andrea didn’t disclose those thoughts, however, and moved over to comply by lying across Joan’s tweed-skirted lap.

As she waited to receive the inevitable hand or hairbrush spanks, Andrea now realized that this had all made her need to pee, and the need was suddenly great.

“Miss Joan,” she asked respectfully, “might I be excused to use the bathroom for a moment? I’m only asking because I’m afraid I might have an accident.”

It wounded her to have to make this plea to the indomitable Joan, whom Andrea already detested, but she really didn’t want to lose control on her tormentor’s lap.

“We don’t excuse anyone from their punishment for that here,” Joan answered, as Andrea now grew fearful that she would lose control. “You’re supposed to attend to that before you report for punishment. Request denied.”

Andrea pleaded, “Do you really want me to lose control on your lap?”

Joan did not reply but reached for a towel which she spread out under Andrea, tapping the latter on her Spanx-covered bottom to lift it.

Now she began to spank.

After three spanks, Andrea let out a little cry and said, “Oh oh, you’ve made me pee my panties. I haven’t done that since I was a child. This is horrible!”

Joan told her to stay where she was and kept spanking as she felt the pee pass through Andrea’s tight Spanx panties into the thick towel Joan had sagely put between them.

The spanking continued as did the voiding of Andrea’s bladder. Andrea’s face was now reddened with total shame.

After Joan had delivered a major spanking, she told Andrea to stand. Emily and Ken could see the huge wet spot on the front and in the crotch of Andrea’s Spanx and the wet area on the towel still on Joan’s skirted lap.

Joan pulled up the towel and was delighted to see that it had successfully protected her skirt from being wet by Andrea’s loss of urinary control.

“Take those Spanx down and off so Emily can wash and dry your crotch and bottom,” Joan said dismissively.

Andrea was now totally bereft of her former attitude and pleaded for Joan to let her go to their room so she could wash herself by herself.

“You’ll be free to go once Emily washes you off,” Joan said, “but you are going to be punished for this shameful episode.”

“You mean that my losing control in front of you and my fiancé and your sister wasn’t punishment enough, along with the spanking and that horrid little rod on my bottom,” Andrea exclaimed.

“No,” Joan responded firmly. “You didn’t take care of your needs before coming in here so you will be punished. You will be wearing diapers instead of panties for the next three days. And if you go out, which I assume you will, you will put on plastic panties over the diaper for protection. Georgie [the chief housemaid] will bring your supplies to your room.”

Andrea burst into tears and Ken glared at Joan.

“You’re going a bit far, Sis, don’t you think?” he said coolly. “She didn’t do that intentionally.”

Joan held her breath and then answered, “Ken, it’s really your fault because you haven’t oriented her to how we do things here and you know that Mom would have done just what I did.”

Ken had to admit she was right, but added, “You’re right, but that doesn’t mean that it’s still the right way to treat people.”

Joan decided that this had all gone on long enough and she told Ken that he could discuss it with her whenever he wanted but that he and Andrea should go to their room now.

Ken realized that it was a good time to absent themselves, so he took his fiancée by the hand and led her out.

“Wow, Joanie,” Emily exhaled, “that was quite the scene.”

“I hope you’re not going to tell me I was too hard,” Joan grinned at her.

“No, I won’t,” her sister rejoined. “But it may not be so pleasant around here now for a while.”

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