Jody and Brooke

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A lot of truly gorgeous women have graduated from my college. I guess we get enough applications that we can add beauty as a criterion for admission. The beauty of the women at my school has always impressed me, and I love the skimpy dress that they wear in our warm weather.

Teaching college is sort of a weird business. The faculty gets older over a 30+ year career, but the students are always 18-22. The faces change, but their age does not. So like many of my male colleagues, as I got to middle age, I began being attracted not only to the gorgeous students, but also their moms. Many of the moms returned the attention, if only to relive a little of their flirtatious selves from their past college days.

I met Brooke and her mom Jody during freshman orientation. Brooke was registered for one of my more challenging introductory courses, and was afraid she wasn’t good enough at math to handle the material. The three of us talked for over an hour about the class, the workload and college life in general. I learned that Jody was a graduate of the college, and being around my age, she had graduated before I joined the faculty.

There was no doubt that Jody was Brooke’s mom. Brooke was tall and shapely, with long, light brown hair reaching halfway down her back. She had the “girl next door” look to her, radiant and beautiful. Brooke was almost a carbon copy of her mother. Jody was a little shorter, with the same color hair, just trimmed shorter and more business like. Jody had the mirror image of Brooke’s face, with smooth skin and almost no makeup. Jody had larger breasts than her daughter, but they held their own even after three children.

Brooke had to go to another student orientation function, leaving Jody and me alone. We swapped stories of our college days, showed each other old pictures of ourselves on our phones, cringing at the clothing and hair of the day. When Jody asked if I could walk her around campus so she could see what had changed, I readily agreed. I enjoyed her company, and it was a beautiful, warm day. Truthfully, I was looking forward to seeing the freshman women as they competed to expose their trim, fit bodies to the boys in their class.

Jody chatted about this building or that, where she had a class, who the silly professor was; some of whom I knew in their later years, some of whom I had only heard of. As we walked slowly, students, some with their parents, hurried past us on their way to something important. A trio of freshman girls passed us, one wearing unbelievably tight yoga pants and a skimpy sports bra, another wearing severely cutoff shorts that exposed most of her ass cheeks, and the third wearing a sundress that would expose her ass if she bent over the slightest bit.

I guess I stopped talking when they passed, because Jody said, “I used to wear things like that. Now Brooke has them when she wants the “retro” look.”

“I’m sorry, what?” I said apologetically, coming back to earth.

“You know, Professor, it was really obvious that you were checking out those girls’ asses.”

I could feel the blood rushing to my face. Not the impression you want to leave on the mother of a new student.

“I-I’m sorry. I guess you’re right. Occupational hazard I guess,” I said, trying to make it a joke.

“You checked out Brooke’s ass when she left your office before,” Jody said more sternly.

“No I didn’t! I was admiring her long hair! I didn’t look at her ass!” I protested.

“Come on, Professor. You were so looking at my daughter’s ass. I don’t think I can leave her registered in such a horn dog’s class. You’re just objectifying my Brooke.” Jody was glaring at me now.

“I’m really really sorry, Jody. I didn’t mean anything by it, I would never disrespect your daughter. I’m a father too, I know how you feel,” I said, almost begging forgiveness.

Jody continued glaring at me as we stood in the middle of the quad. I thought I had really crossed a line, even if I thought Jody was overreacting.

“Do you know what I’m going to do?” she said loudly. “Do you know what I’m going to do?”

“No—wha’—please don’t, I–” I stammered, not knowing what was coming next.

“I am going to buy you a drink, that’s what!” Jody laughed. “You are as pale as a ghost. I really had you,” her green eyes sparkled. “That was so funny. Actually,” she said, threading her arm through mine, “I’m glad to see that you have not lost the ability to appreciate a good looking ass. Even if it is my daughter’s!”

I found I had broken into a sweat while Jody was haranguing me. The little bit of a breeze was bringing me back to normal, and I could speak again.

“So, are there any other buildings you want to see?” I said, desperate to change the subject with this alumna mom away from young girls’ bums.

“I want to go see my freshman dorm,” she said brightly. “Does Simms Hall still exist?”

“Sure, it is still there. I think it has been renovated since you were there but it is still the same place.”

“Maybe we can peek in my old room,” she said in anticipation. “Do you want to see where all the magic happened?”

“Absolutely,” I said, resisting the urge to ask what kind of magic happened there.

Tighter campus security meant that you needed an ID card to buzz into the dorm, and mine didn’t work. Probably makes sense they don’t want male professors able to let themselves into women’s dorms anytime they want. But, a cooperative student let us in, probably thinking we looked harmless.

“What was your room number?” I asked.

“406,” Jody replied as she pushed the elevator button. During the short ride, Jody told me about her roommate for freshman and sophomore years, a black all-star softball player who is now a neurosurgeon.

“Shirl is awesome, but in those days no one saw the doctor thing coming.”

Jody almost ran down the hall to 406. Some of the room doors were open, but not 406. Jody made a pouty face as she knocked on the door. No one answered.

“Well, that just sucks,” she said. I could tell you some good stories about the parties we had in there.”

“Maybe if we came back later,” I offered, “The residents might be in.”

Jody flashed a suddenly thoughtful look. “Let’s walk down the stairs, there is one more thing I want to see.”

I was surprised as Jody impulsively grabbed my hand and led me to the stairwell. She led me down two flights of stairs and then she stopped suddenly.

“Do you know what happened right there?” she asked, pointing towards the bottom two steps of the staircase.”

“I have no idea. You tripped and broke your arm?” I was clueless.

“Well, this is probably more than you want to know or I should tell you. You know, we just met. Never mind.” She continued to gaze at the stairs, her mind someplace else.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to. But after 30 years of teaching college, there is not much I haven’t heard of.”

Jody laughed. “I suppose that’s true. Hadn’t thought of it that way. Oh, well, this is where I lost my virginity.”

I stifled a laugh. “I can honestly say I did not see that one coming. Not a place I would have guessed. Those concrete steps look mighty uncomfortable.”

Jody got a faraway look in her eyes. “Not if you are on your knees and he lifts your skirt, tears a hole in your pantie hose and takes you from behind…” Now it was Jody’s turn to blush bright red. “Sorry. Too much information. Didn’t notice I was saying that out loud.”

She grabbed my arm and we left the stairwell. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to creep you out.”

“No, I’m the one who is sorry, Jody. You didn’t tell me the rest of the story,” I said with a grin, hoping to lighten the mood.

“No way, sailor. Go read some porn. You are just going to have to imagine the rest of the story,” she said with a chuckle. “Anyway, it was a long time ago.”

“I don’t think so Jody. It’s my turn to say something over the line, but I think you are beautiful today. You give Brooke a run for her money.”

Jody guffawed at me. “Wow, aren’t we the flatterer! I know you are lying, but thank you. I have to go meet up with Brooke now.”

“I’ll walk with you if that’s okay.” We were chatting aimlessly when Jody caught me off guard again.

“So when and where did you lose your virginity?” she asked amiably.

“Uh…wow…another one I didn’t see coming.”

“I told you mine, you have to tell me yours,” she demanded.

I was unintentionally truthful. “I guess it depends on what you mean by losing my virginity.”

She stopped walking. “There’s more than one definition?”

I wished I hadn’t been so forthright. “Let’s say different parts of me were deflowered at different times. As far as intercourse goes, it was like your experience, my first or second year in college. I was 18 or 19. But in bed, not on a staircase, hot though that sounds.”

“What about the other definitions? Something happened before college?”

“My tongue lost it much earlier. I was 13 or 14. In school. A teacher.”

Jody looked a little stunned. “Wow. That had to be illegal.”

“It was a different time. Kids didn’t live stream the stuff on their phones. Neither of us told anyone anything. Never told my parents or my brother. Or my girlfriend.”

“So…she just told you to go down on her out of the blue?”

“The rest of that you will have to imagine,” I said with a grin.

Jody shook her head. “No offense, but I can’t see why an adult teacher would go for a 13 year old.”

“Hey, I was really hot, what other explanation could there be? She came back for more several times. She wasn’t getting any at home, her husband was probably screwing around when he left on business. I was a booty call before it became a thing.”

“So you went down on your teacher, did she return the favor?”

“Why yes she did, thank you for asking. I had my first blow job at 13.”

Jody smirked a bit. “Well to tell the truth, I guess I lost it in stages, too.”

“Really?” I asked, genuinely surprised. “I wouldn’t have guessed.”

Jody failed to laugh at my joke. “My first real boyfriend was older than me—big basketball player, got a scholarship to State. You would know his name if I told you.” She didn’t look especially happy.

“Jody, it’s okay. I get the idea.”

Jody seemed like such a tough person, I was surprised to see her tear up at the thought of that boyfriend. “No, I’m fine,” Jody said as she collected herself. “There isn’t really much to tell. He was an ass. I was 15, he was 18. Told me if I didn’t blow him he would break up with me. I fell for it. He had some balls, cause some days he would make me suck his dick two or three times. I had to swallow which wasn’t what I wanted to do the first time. And he was into that degrading fetish shit. It was awful.”

“It sounds awful, Jody, I’m sorry that happened. How did you get away?”

“He started the same routine with fucking. ‘Oh any girl in this school would fuck me in a minute, I wouldn’t have to ask. Why am I wasting my time on you?’ I screwed up my courage to break up with him. He was surprised. So I managed to protect my virtue until I got to the stairwell at Simms Hall.”

“I’m glad to hear that Jody. Kinky stuff is great, but only if you both are ready.”

Jody arched an eyebrow at my mention of kink, but said nothing. I saw the students spilling out of Murray Auditorium where the last orientation session of the day had been held.

I blushed a bit. “Here comes your daughter. Let’s talk about something else.”

It was easy to spot Brooke, towering six inches or so above the surrounding students. She came over to us.

“Hi Mommy! Hi Professor. Did you have a good time Mommy?”

“Yes, we had a lot of fun. The Professor here was a good companion.”

“Did you have a lot of fun, or a lotta, lotta fun?” Brooke asked with more than a twinkle in her eye.

Jody appeared to lance Brooke’s inquisitiveness with an icy stare. “As I said, it was a lot of fun.”

I didn’t think much of the exchange at the time, but it didn’t involve me, so I never thought of it again until much later.

We talked about Jody buying me that drink, but she had a long drive ahead, and I had to teach her daughter’s class at 9:00AM, so we agreed on a rain check. Jody and I air kissed goodbye, and I left mother and daughter to say their longer goodbyes.

Over the next few weeks, I got busy with classes and research and didn’t think of much else. Brooke and I would exchange morning pleasantries in class and I would ask her to say hi to her mom for me. Happily, Brooke was doing much better in my class than she expected. She was better at math than she thought. Just another semester.

Jody found my email address on the college web site and would briefly write me about life in her world. I learned then that she had a husband, Brooke’s dad. Jody had been a physician’s assistant, but only worked sporadically when the kids came along. It sounded like they had an arrangement—he would make lots of money, she would spend it freely and she would raise the three kids, of which Brooke was the youngest and the only girl. Beyond that, it didn’t sound like there was a lot of interaction.

After a few friendly exchanges early in the term, Jody started adding less than innocent bits to her emails. “Still checking out young girls’ asses?” or “I told Brooke to wear baggie pants to your class so you wouldn’t look at her ass.” (In reality, Brooke always wore the shortest, tightest spandex dresses imaginable. So I guess she didn’t listen to her mom). Once she asked me, “Are you strictly an ass man or do you like tits too?” I told her I wouldn’t answer that one on campus email. After a couple weeks, our correspondence tapered off to nothing.

Several weeks later, Brooke stopped to talk to me after class one day soon after midterms. She said that her mom was coming up for homecoming and wanted to take the three of us (me, Brooke and her roommate) out for a nice dinner.

“Isn’t your dad coming too? Homecoming is a big deal here,” I asked.

Brooke looked a little sad. “He didn’t graduate from here. He is a bit of an Ivy League snob. He was disappointed that I came here on a lacrosse scholarship, so he avoids me and my school.”

“I’m sorry Brooke, I had no idea. But I think you and your mom have a lot of fun together. I would be happy to come to dinner.”

“Mom is staying at the Edgewood Hotel, out by the lake. She gets in Friday afternoon. Maybe have Sex hikayeleri dinner after my lacrosse match that day?”

The Edgewood is a posh old hotel, recently restored to its turn of the century grandeur. Its main restaurant was a four-star establishment. I went to look at the Edgewood a couple years before, after its restoration, but its many amenities were much too expensive for a professor’s modest salary.

“Nice place,” I observed. “I will definitely be there on Friday.”

“Cool, Professor! Mom will be pleased to hear that!” Brooke was wearing skimpy spandex shorts that covered very little of her long, tanned legs. She wore a matching strapless spandex top that revealed her toned abs. I wondered if she owned anything that wasn’t spandex. As she bounced out of the classroom, I definitely checked out her ass.

Later in my office, I sent a thank you email to Jody. “Thanks for the invite for Friday. I am looking forward to seeing you again.”

Jody replied quickly. “Brooke just texted me the good news. I am looking forward too. Hope you’re hungry!” Whatever that meant.

Friday came around and the town and campus filled up with alumni coming back to relive their lost youth. With all of the sports events, it was hard to park on campus, so I usually walked to the office to do some grading or prepare for the next week’s classes. In light of the evening’s invitation, I uncharacteristically wore a sports jacket and tie.

Brooke’s match was at 4:00, so we set dinner for 7:30, to give time for overtime and to give Brooke and her roommate time to shower and change. Brooke said they were going to the homecoming gala after dinner, so they would be dressed up when we saw them.

I arrived a little late, and the others were already seated. Brooke was dressed in a unbelievably short, bum length silk dress with Asian design. I mused that the boy who gets to unwrap that present was in for a treat. Brooke’s roommate, Elsie, was much shorter, but with an athletic build. Her large breasts fought a constant battle to escape from her tight dress. She had to continually tug at her bodice to keep everything under control.

Jody apologized for her appearance, although I could not figure out why. She had not had a chance to change since attending Brooke’s match and only had time to throw a jacket on over her cotton print halter top. I also noted approvingly that she was not wearing a bra. She was wearing the same kind of tightly fitted yoga pants favored by her daughter. I checked out her ass. She had the ass of a 20-year-old.

The conversation at dinner was lighthearted and happy. Brooke had scored four goals in the JV rout of their opponent, and Brooke got good signs that she could be promoted to varsity later in the season. Elsie was dishing on her new boyfriend, and teasing Brooke about Kevin who was infatuated with her and she couldn’t shake. Jody jokingly asked me if I knew the legal standard for stalking.

After the main course was over, Brooke and Elsie had to leave to attend the Gala. Seeing the girls’ dresses, I thought they were going to have a fun night. That conclusion was strengthened when Brooke raised her arms to put on her wrap. Her short dress raised enough to see her neatly trimmed pussy hair. She was wearing no underwear. The other side of the room got to see most of Brooke’s ass crack, which pretty much silenced that side of the room. Tonight’s lucky boy would not have to undress her at all, it seemed. While the restaurant got noticeably quieter when Brooke flashed the room, Jody didn’t seem to notice.

Brooke bent down to kiss her mother, saying “Good night mom, I love you. I hope you enjoy your dessert!” Jody gave her the icy stare from orientation as the two girls bounced out of the restaurant.

Jody and I skipped dessert, opting instead for an aperitif followed by espressos. We continued the idle conversation from before until it was time to go. While I offered to pay, Jody insisted, (thank God) as she had invited everyone.

I thanked Jody for a great evening and a wonderful dinner. As she dug through her bag for a pen, she started teasing me again. “I saw you undressing Brooke with your eyes tonight. You are quite incorrigible!”

“I was not doing that! Besides, I didn’t have to use my eyes, she flashed everything when she put her coat on!”

“Yeah, I don’t remember that dress being that short when we bought it. I think she had it hemmed shorter here in town. I have to apologize again for my appearance tonight. I am going to climb in the shower as soon as I get back to the room.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about Jody. I am not sucking up to you when I say you look amazing tonight. Fantastic.” I wasn’t kidding. Every man in the room was noticing Jody.

Jody finished signing the bill and started to gather her things. “Professor, you are good with the compliments. I do appreciate them.” Jody slipped out of her jacket revealing her beautiful naked shoulders, emphasizing the magnificent breasts her halter barely kept in place. Try though I did, my eyes were fixed on those shoulders and tits. They were amazing.

“Well, good night Professor. It’s been fun.” She fetched something from her bag and slid it across the table to me. She removed her hand revealing a key card. “You’ve been staring all night. If you want to see it all up close, come up to room 612 in 15 minutes. I’ll be in the shower.”

Jody stood and smiled at me. Then she turned and left the room without looking back. My cock had been hard the entire evening. It got harder at the thought of seeing Jody up close. I headed to the bar to have a couple of shots before I went upstairs.

Room 612 turned out to be called the Regal Suite, and it lived up to the name. I entered the tile-covered vestibule, and crossed into the sitting room. The suite must be bigger than I thought, as the sound of the shower sounded very far away. The sitting room had a couch, two chairs and a stocked wet bar. I could see in the fading twilight a sliding door that opened onto a balcony with two chaises, and a breakfast set. The view overlooked the lake.

I headed into the bedroom, where housekeeping had turned down the bed, leaving chocolates and bottles of water on the nightstand. Jody’s halter, jacket and yoga pants were strewn on the bed and floor. The bedroom opened onto a second deck through another sliding glass door.

The bathroom door was ajar, and I could hear the shower and see wisps of steam coming out of the door. I took off my jacket and tie, followed by shirt and pants. I kept my underwear on for effect. I pushed the bathroom door open, stepped inside and shut the door behind me. The bathroom was bigger than my first apartment. The shower was a large glass-enclosed box, five feet square, with rain showerheads. When I entered, the shower stall was filled with steam, obscuring the view of anyone inside. Jody opened the shower door and stepped into the opening. Her tight body glistened from the shower, her short hair dripping wet. Her D-cup breasts did not betray her age, high and firm, with the petite, hard nipples I fantasized about all through dinner. Jody smiled at me, then her eyes fell to the large bulge in my underwear. I reached in my shorts and adjusted my cock so that the head and about an inch of the shaft peeked out of the waistband. Jody unconsciously bit her lip, her eyes never wavering from my cock. She took the bar of soap she held and began absentmindedly circling over her nipple. She put her other hand on her pussy, and began massaging her clit. As I dropped my underwear to the floor, Jody let out a slight gasp when she saw my hard cock bobbing in front of me, my balls dangling underneath. Jody kept staring at my cock as I stepped into the shower, sharing the warm rainfall with her.

I took Jody’s head in my two hands and raised her eyes to meet mine. “Jody, are you checking out my cock? My eyes are up here. I am not your sex object!””

Jody burst out laughing at my turning her own joke around on her. I grabbed the back of her head and put my mouth on hers for a long passionate kiss. My tongue explored her mouth, as my hands slid down her wet back and firmly gripped her ass cheeks.

“Nice ass,” I whispered in her ear, prompting more giggles. “How did I miss this one? I must have been distracted by this lovely face, nice curves and nice, large breasts.” We kissed again, harder, and her hand slipped down my chest and stomach, finally wrapping her fingers around my cock. She gently stroked my cock, bringing me to a full erection, throbbing and dancing to my pulse.

“I didn’t know if you would come,” she said, fixing her eyes on mine. “I’m so glad you did.”

“Me too.” We kissed again, and my hand slid between her legs and between her pussy lips. Her pussy was warm and wet. Her body shuddered just a little when my probing fingers found her ample clit.

“Oh yes…” she said to no one in particular. I kept my palm rubbing against her clit while I slid two fingers into her pussy. I kept the pressure up as I rapidly slid my fingers in and out of her hot cunt. She pressed her hand against mine to increase the pressure on her clitoris. Almost instantly her breath quickened and got shallower as she moved her hips to rub against my hand.

“Oh! I am going to…” She didn’t get to finish her sentence before the waves of a hard orgasm took over. I held her tight, my fingers still inside her, massaging her G-spot. Jody threw her head back and cried out loudly as the orgasm possessed her body. It took several seconds for the waves of pleasure to subside.

“Mmmmm…, I needed that so badly,” Jody whispered, “Let me see what you need.” She dropped to her knees and began stroking my long cock from head to base and back again. Lifting my cock out of the way, she began licking my balls and biting my sack. She licked each ball, hitting every spot before sucking it into her mouth, where her tongue caressed it further. She put her head behind my sack as her tongue started a long, warm journey around my balls and continuing the full length of my shaft, finishing by sucking the head of my cock into her warm mouth.

“Mmmm…thank you for that taste of your cum. I love those little bits on the tip,” Jody said as she ran her tongue around the head of my cock. Cupping my balls in her hand and massaging, she began to work my cock further into her mouth. Her tongue played with each nerve along my shaft, almost making me blow my load into her mouth right then.

“Hey, baby, go slow. We have all night,” I said, raising Jody to her feet. I kissed down her neck and shoulders, with the ultimate prize of sucking on one of those small, taut nipples.

“You can bite them. Hard. I love that. Hurts so good.” I obliged her and her body flinched, but she made no sound.

“Tonight I want you to take what you want, where you want, how you want, even if I say no. I want you to treat me like a dirty little slut,” Jody instructed me while I was still enjoying sucking and biting her nipple. “Can you do that for me?”

“Uh-huh,” I grunted with a mouthful of tit. “I can do that.” I stood up and kissed Jody hard, one more time. Then I spun her around and pushed her against the glass wall of the shower, flattening her breasts against the glass. I wished for a moment I could see what that looked like from the outside.

I reached between her legs and slid two fingers into her pussy. Jody obediently spread her legs apart as I pushed my cock up against her ass.

I grabbed my cock and started to push it inside her. Her pussy was nice and tight, tighter than some of the college girls I fucked. Jody pushed against my cock with her hips, drawing me deeper inside her warm, wet cunt. I moaned loudly as I penetrated her warm, tight pussy.

“Nice and tight, isn’t it? You love that, don’t you?” Jody gasped. “Wait until you fuck my asshole. Even tighter.”

I rammed my cock all the way inside her, until it hit her cervix. I grabbed a handful of hair as I thrust harder and faster into her tight hole. She moaned as another orgasm started to radiate from her hot pussy. I pulled her off the glass and grasped her breasts. I pulled and twisted the nipples. Jody moaned louder. I slid my hand down to play with her clit. Jody was close to cumming and this finished the job.

“Oh! Oh! Yes! Yes! Fuck Yes! Ahhhh…” or words to that effect, she yelled out as she came on my cock. I slid out of her and put her on her knees to clean my cock.

“Do you taste your pussy on my dick? Make sure you clean it well!” Jody had a quite experienced tongue and cleaned my shaft and balls thoroughly. It felt wonderful.

I lifted her off of her knees, put my hands on her firm ass and lifted her up. Jody wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my hips and gave me a warm, wet, passionate kiss. She took one hand from my neck and guided my cock as she lowered her pussy onto my shaft. We both moaned with delight at the feeling. I carried her to a corner of the shower stall and backed her into the corner.

“Did any of your little dick college boys ever nail you to the wall like I am going to?” I thrusted harder up inside her. Jody’s eyes widened a little. I moved my hips and started banging her up against the corner of the stall. She grunted with each thrust into her pussy. I lifted her up a little higher to get a better angle. I took advantage by moving my hands closer together on her ass, and roughly pushing a couple of fingers into her asshole.

“Oh! What are you doing Professor? Ow, take it easy.”

“Just seeing how tight that asshole really is.” Jody went to kiss me but bit my lip hard instead, drawing a little blood. I moved my hips faster, plunging as deep inside her as my cock could reach. I pushed my fingers farther into her ass. She made these animal grunting sounds as I violated her asshole, but she didn’t complain again.

Now she was riding up and down on my cock in rhythm with my hips. She was breathing harder and she threw her head back against the shower stall.

“Ohhhhunnnnhhh,” she grunted in a guttural tone. The sound of a slut who has just had her ass violated. And loved it. Her riding motions slowed as the waves of her orgasm subsided. I slid my fingers out of her ass as she slid down my hips to put her feet back on the ground.

“You haven’t cum yet, Professor.”

“I’ll cum when I’m ready. I will get mine. I am not done with you yet, my little dirtbag.”

I opened the shower door and we stepped out. The bathroom was hot from the Sikiş hikayeleri hour plus shower we took. I took a towel and dried off Jody, using the opportunity to explore her breasts, pussy and ass crack. She dried me off, taking special attention to my still hard member, as well as my ass. We slipped into the hotel robes and went into the living room. I poured us a couple of bourbons. I sipped mine sitting on the couch. Jody alternated between sipping hers and sucking my cock. She said that my cock went great with the bourbon.

“Swallow it all. All the way down your throat.” Jody pumped my cock into her mouth, trying hard to make it go down her throat, but she gagged on it.

I really wanted to blow my load right then and feel it shoot straight down her throat, but I had other plans. Saliva ran from her mouth and she gasped for air when I finally let her head up off of my cock.

“That was hot!” Jody said breathlessly. “I want to swallow all of you but all I can do is gag. I need deep throat lessons from somewhere.”

Jody’s saliva was coating my dick and running down onto my balls, giving me another idea. I moved forward on the couch, put my wet cock between her breasts and squeezed them together to tit fuck my cock. Jody grabbed her breasts and started rubbing them up and down my cock. Jody smiled up at me.

“I’ve never done this before! No one ever tried a tittie fuck on me! I want you to cum now. Shoot your jizz all over me! I want to lick it all up!” Jody spit between her breasts to keep everything slick, and fucked my cock more vigorously. She might get her wish.

“The whole world needs to watch what I do to you tonight.” With that I stood up and pulled Jody to her feet and led her to the door to the balcony. The sun had set some time ago, but it was a warm and moonlit autumn night in my college town.

When we got to the balcony we leaned on the railing and looked at the scenery. The hotel was designed such that there were balconies on each corner suite, like ours, but not on any of the other rooms. However, the balconies protruded enough that people from the other rooms could see onto the balcony. Jody and I shared a kiss. She reached in my robe and took hold of my still hard cock.

“How are we going to take care of this, Professor? We can’t leave you like this.”

I stood up straight and took Jody in my arms for a deep, luxurious kiss. I reached down and untied the sash to her robe, and slid it off her shoulders. She didn’t resist. Her robe fell to the floor with a soft rustle of fabric. Jody looked magnificent in the moonlight, her face radiant, her nipples hard in the soft breeze. I undid my robe and dropped it to the floor. I grabbed her ass as I pulled her closer and kissed her again.

I answered her question. “You are going to take care of this by bending over the railing and taking it from behind. Out here where everyone can see what a little whore is staying here.”

Jody looked apprehensive. “Somebody might see. They might recognize me. There are some people from my class staying here too. They might recognize you.”

“If they look they will see a slutty woman being fucked from behind. But it is too dark to recognize anybody. They might hear your moans though, if we’re doing it right.”

Jody smiled at that thought. She kissed me again, hard, and then dropped to her knees to eat my cock again. The woman had fantastic oral skills, and she almost got to swallow my load a couple of times. While her mouth was amazing, I wanted to enjoy her body again. I lifted her up from the balcony floor, and turned her toward the railing. She leaned her elbows on the railing, moved her legs apart and raised herself up on her toes, offering me her beautiful ass.

Seeing that tight, beautiful ass, it was my turn to get down on my knees. I buried my face between her legs and started tongue fucking her wet pussy. Jody gasped as my tongue caught her by surprise. She recovered in a moment and started pushing against my face, trying to get my tongue deeper into her warm pussy. While I was plunging my tongue into her cunt, I took a finger and began rubbing her clit. That sealed the deal edge and she came hard in my mouth, giving me an extra taste of her juices. After cleaning up around her pussy lips with my tongue, I started exploring, wondering how adventuresome Jody was. She moaned loudly as I flicked my tongue on her taint, and drew her breath in sharply as I ran my tongue along the length of her ass crack. I spread her ass a little and worked my way back to her pussy, licking a bit deeper in her crack.

I was about to spread her ass wide when Jody reached back and spread her ass for me. “Is this what you’re looking for Professor?” She showed me a small, impossibly tight, lovely brown asshole.

“Uh, yes. That is exactly what I was looking for.”

“It’s yours. Remember I am yours tonight to do as you please. Do what you want with my ass. Anything at all. It’s yours.”

The thought of such an invitation made me a bit dizzy, she had such a fine ass. With her ass spread wide, I ran my tongue from her pussy along the crack of her ass, pausing slightly to taste her asshole. She gasped just a little at my touch. I took her ass in my hands a spread her as far as I could, even opening that puckered hole slightly. I used the tip of my tongue to gently rim her asshole. Jody’s hips started moving as she enjoyed my play with her nasty parts. My patience was rewarded as I could feel her asshole relax just a bit, letting me insert just the very tip of my tongue inside her ass. Jody loved that and pushed hard against my tongue, taking me ever so slightly deeper into her hole.

Next I wet my fingers in her pussy and slid one finger inside her ass, almost all the way. Jody grunted a bit, but did not flinch or object. After finger fucking her ass to relax it a bit, I added a second finger to make more room for my tongue and cock. Through all of this, Jody is thrusting with her hips, taking it deeper in her ass.

With her asshole more relaxed, I slid my fingers out of her hole and plunged in deep with my tongue. So deep that Jody cried out in surprise and pleasure. Now that I can tongue fuck her asshole, I alternate between rimming her, and sliding deep up her ass. I slide my two fingers into her pussy and begin massaging her G-spot. The results are almost immediate, as Jody cried out to God and exploded into a massive orgasm.

While I am still eating her ass, Jody catches her breath. “Oh my God, no one has ever done anything like that to my ass! That felt absolutely indescribable!” I pause in my pursuit and ask,

“Do you want to cum again like that? Let me have your ass like a cheap trick?”

“Yes, please. Please do that some more.”

I buried my face again in her ass crack as my tongue slid up into her dirty hole. I didn’t have to move as Jody moved her ass taking my tongue deeper then sliding out again. She moaned loudly with almost every stroke. She had a very easy to find G-spot, and she came two more times. I slid out of her ass and stood up. Without a word I grabbed my cock, put it between her pussy lips and rammed it inside her pussy.

“Oh! Damn! Yes! Uh-huh…like that.”

Now we were just fucking each other as hard as we could. Jody was holding on to the railing now and slamming her hips back onto my cock. I grabbed a fistful of her still-wet hair and pulled it hard as I buried my cock in her pussy. Her juices were running down my balls and onto the floor. This girl got wet!

Jody came again, soaking my cock and balls. She made a sound I can’t even pretend to type, deep, animal, primal and beautiful. While she recovered from her latest orgasm, I slid out of her pussy and pressed the tip of my wet, slick cock against her brown asshole. I pushed, Jody pushed. I could feel her anal sphincter begin to yield. We were moving fast, that had to hurt, but Jody didn’t object.

“Oh…oh…oh…slow…oh.” Then another primal growl as her asshole gave way and the head of my cock disappeared inside her. A little back and forth to relax it further. Then Jody says, in almost a whisper,

“Fuck me. Just fuck my ass. Treat me like a trash heap. Blow your load into my ass. Fuck me as hard as you want.”

“That’s just what I am going to do.” I was slowly sliding my cock all the way out of her ass and pushing it back in hard. Jody exhaled sharply with each rough stroke.

“Is this the way you got fucked in college? In the ass?” Did boys get to spew into your ass like I’m about to do?

Jody was gasping for air as she fucked my cock with her ass. “No one got in my ass at college. I was a cum dump, a big cum dump. But I always swallowed it. Or I got spit roasted and took it from both ends. I loved getting spit roasted. I was such a slutty girl.”

Jody talking shit about her college days was pushing me closer to the edge. I could feel my balls about to explode into her stretched asshole. My cock started to pulse.

“Oh God, Oh yeah, shit, Jody oh my God,” was all I could gasp as I emptied my balls into her willing ass. I came as hard as I ever had in my life. My toes tingled, my heart raced and I was kind of light headed. I stayed hard inside her ass for a few more strokes, but then I was drained. My cock softened and slid out of her ass. You could hear the cum oozing out of her asshole and falling to the balcony floor. Jody reached back and caught some of the ass cum in her hand.

“You didn’t let me taste your splooge, Professor.” With that, Jody began to lap my cum out of her cupped hand, eating and swallowing it all. She put her hand back under her ass for a second helping. “Mmmm…lucky for me you shot a ton of jizz into my ass.”

I needed to sit down. Jody had definitely rocked my world. I went over to one of the chaises and sat down. Jody came over and I spread my legs so she could sit on the chaise with her back against my stomach.

I wrapped my arms around her, but I still played with her tits absentmindedly.

“That was fucking hot,” Jody said. “Did you see the people watching?”

“No. What are you talking about? What people?”

Jody laughed a bit. “While you were busy with my ass, I looked to my right. Curtains were open in about half the rooms and people were standing and watching us fuck out of their windows.”

“No! Really? I wasn’t looking. I was mesmerized watching my cock slide in and out of your ass. If people were watching, that makes it even hotter.”

“It does. They got a show worth the price of admission. I hope nobody recognized us.”

“It was too dark. We were shadows at best.”

“I hope you’re right,” Jody said.

Jody turned over on the chaise. “Speaking of watching your dick in my ass, I am neglecting one of my slut duties. I have to clean your cock.” With that, Jody took my nearly flaccid cock and licked it and sucked it clean.

“I am such a whore, licking your cock after it’s been in my ass.”

“Yes you are.” She felt my cock begin to come back to life in her hand.

“Oh my, you will be ready for more in a few minutes.”

“I doubt it, I’m good,” I reassured her. “But if anyone can get me hard again it is you Jody.”

“Maybe a little breakfast in the morning. Now let’s go to bed. Sleeping naked okay with you?”

It was. The clean sheets felt fantastic. We soon fell asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

The next day was Saturday, the big day of homecoming weekend. I remembered that I had to attend an alumni breakfast, so I had to get up early to get back to my place and shower and change. Jody and I went down on each other for a few minutes before I had to go. Jody was meeting Brooke for lunch and the football game. After breakfast, I was going to prepare for the upcoming classes. Jody and I agreed to meet for a beer or something if time allowed in our schedules.

About 1:00, Jody called from the football stadium. “You know how you said no one could see us on the balcony last night?”

“Yes,” I said, seeing my life passing before my eyes.

“I am texting you a link. Call me back after you watched it.

The link was to some YouTube like site for amateur adult videos. The video was taken from quite a distance, but it was definitely Jody’s balcony in the video. And while thankfully we were unidentifiable, what we were doing, starting about the time I was rimming her ass, was clear as could be. I called Jody back.

“We look like we know what we’re doing in that video,” I said.

“I wouldn’t want it to get back to my husband. Not that he would care what I was doing, but he wouldn’t want to be embarrassed by being publicly cucked.”

“Nowhere in that video, and I looked at it on my big computer screen, can you tell it is me or you. Yours is not the only suite or balcony in the hotel, and you can’t tell from the video what floor it was on. If it comes up, you know nothing about it.”

“You’re right. We did look pretty hot in that video.”

“Did you see it has been up six hours and already has almost 10,000 hits. Others think so too.”

Jody’s mood suddenly brightened. “Let’s get together again tonight about 10 after most everything is over, Do you want to come over?”

Truthfully, I thought it would be at least six months before I had an erection again. But her hot, tight, tasty body was too much to pass up. “I don’t know if I’ve recovered enough from last night. Go easy on me, maybe?”

“Not a chance. Besides, I may have a surprise for you.”

“I hate surprises,” I said truthfully.

If I can make this one work, it will change your mind about surprises.”

“Now I am intrigued…”

“Well, don’t start playing with yourself yet. It is still up in the air.”

We said goodbye and rang off. The rest of the day I had trouble concentrating, imagining what Jody might have in store. Or not. As day turned to evening, I busied myself getting ready, showering, dressing and eating. No doubt the prospect of another hot, no holes barred evening with Jody had me pretty agitated.

I left for the hotel at about 9:15. That would get me there on time, but with enough time to have a couple of drinks in the bar before going upstairs. I texted Jody when I was about to come up.

“I am downstairs on my way up. OK to come up now?”

“Yes. Your surprise came through. You will find it in the bedroom. Use the key card I gave you. Don’t dawdle.”

I rose from the barstool and adjusted my rigid cock in my underwear. When I got to the suite, I tried first Erotik hikaye to listen at the door. I could hear some sounds, but they were too indistinct to tell me anything. I slid the keycard in the lock and went in. The sitting room looked the same, tidied up, restocked bar. The curtains were pulled over the balcony door, though.

The sounds I heard were clearer now, and they were the sounds of a woman about to cum. And it didn’t sound like Jody. I entered the bedroom door and was very surprised. Brooke was lying on the bed, naked except for red thigh-high stockings and red heels. Her legs were spread wide and her mother’s face was buried in her pussy. Brooke’s eyes opened after the trembling of her orgasm subsided. She tilted her head back to look my direction.

“Hi Professor.” Brooke said. I noticed she had a real Lauren Bacall cigarette voice now. “We were hoping you would come.”

“Of course I came. I love surprises now.”

Jody paused her eating of her daughter’s pussy and came up for air. She too was naked except for black thigh-high stockings and heels to match. “Pour yourself a drink and sit over there and watch us for awhile,” Jody invited me, before putting her face back in her daughter’s cunt. I did as I was told. I took off my pants so I could stroke my cock while I was watching. And what a show it was.

It was immediately clear that this was not the first time that Brooke and Jody had fucked. They knew each other’s body much too well. Jody pulled her head out of Brooke’s crotch and began licking and kissing up her body. Nuzzling Brooke’s soft pussy hair, her tongue crept up her stomach. Brooke even giggled a little and said “Oh, Mommy, that tickles!” when Jody slipped her tongue into Brooke’s belly button. The journey continued over Brooke’s abs until her mother reached her breasts. Then Jody started to make love to her tits, sucking and biting and licking her nipples. Brooke was moaning softly.

Jody laid her body on top of Brooke’s as her tongue made her way up her body. She finished with Brooke’s breasts and crept up her neck until she could kiss her lips. The kiss started slow, but became more passionate and erotic. They each slid a leg between the other’s legs and slowly rubbed against their pussies. The kissing continued, and soon fingers replaced legs playing with pussies. The soft moaning grew louder. Jody murmured “Oh my baby,” and Brooke cried out “Mommy, Mommy!” as she came under her mother’s skilled hand.

Soon Jody rose on all fours and turned towards Brooke’s pussy again. Jody lowered her pussy into Brooke’s mouth, and she began to eat her mother enthusiastically. Jody was moving her hips around and back and forth, using her daughter’s tongue as her sex toy. This was too hot, I couldn’t stay on the sidelines anymore. Seeing Jody’s ass gyrating in the air was more than I could take.

I had noticed that someone, Jody probably, had left a bottle of lube on the side table with the bourbon. I lubed the length of my shaft and climbed up on the bed behind Jody. Without saying a word I put the head of my cock on her asshole and pushed. Jody paused and grunted a bit at the encroachment of her ass. Brooke was still licking her mother’s cunt.

“Baby, finger my pussy,” Jody told Brooke. “This is going to be the best…” I was buried balls deep in Jody’s ass, and Brooke was almost fisting her pussy while licking her clit. Jody started pushing back, breathing heavily, trying to get every bit of pleasure out of her body. I started pile driving her ass, pulling completely out and slamming back into her ass. Jody was about to cum, and cum hard.

“Ooooohhhhaaawwwrrr!” Jody roared as her orgasm rippled through her body. I kept fucking her ass, and Brooke was still working her pussy and clit. Jody experienced several orgasmic aftershocks before her pleasure subsided.

“Oh my fucking God! That was tremendous!” Jody splayed herself across her daughter’s body, uncoupling her ass from my cock in the process. I laid on the bed beside the two of them. “I came so hard!! You two are trying to kill me…” We all laughed a bit and tried to regain our composure. I’d never done anything like that, and I doubt the mother and daughter had either.

If for no other reason than it was there by her face, Brooke started stroking my still slippery cock. I took Jody’s face and kissed her hard and passionately. Jody rolled off of her daughter and noticed Brooke playing with my cock. She leaned over a kissed me playfully.

“It’s my turn to have a drink,” Jody said, jumping up from the bed. “Professor, I am going to sit here and have a bourbon and watch you fuck my daughter. She’s already got your cock in her hand. Brooke smiled in my direction, and licked the tip of my cock, running her tongue all around the head. Slowly she took the head into her mouth and alternately flicked it with her tongue and bit it gently. She started getting into it, taking a couple inches more into her mouth. If she minded the taste of her Mommy’s ass, she sure didn’t show it.

Sucking harder, Brooke rolled me onto my back and climbed on top of me, my dick still in her mouth. Her long hair cascaded onto my balls. I loved it. She lowered her head onto my cock and pushed it all the way down her throat in one fluid motion. She didn’t even have to straighten her neck. She swallowed all of my cock like a python. My cock is more than a mouthful, and I loved the feeling of sliding into her throat while Brooke showed no sign of gagging. She swallowed me completely, her lips almost on my balls. She pulled her head off my cock, but swallowed me again, this time more quickly. I loved the feeling of her throat muscles contracting around the head of my cock.

Jody tsk-tsk’d from the easy chair. “Brooke baby, is that what I sent you to college to learn? Glad you learned something to help you get ahead in life!”

Brooke laughed as she removed her head from my shaft. “Oh Mommy don’t be silly, I could do that when I was 15!”

Jody just shook her head. “I just knew you and those boys weren’t studying math in your bedroom.” Brooke just giggled as she rose to straddle my hips.

“You remember Tommy Mercer, Mommy? That skinny cross country runner I used to study with?” Brooke said as she positioned her pussy over my throbbing, wet member. “I swear his dick was so big that when I deep throated him it felt like he was tickling my toes!” Jody laughed and poured another drink, no doubt reflecting on her parenting skills.

She looked me right in the eye as she held my cock and guided it into her cunt as she lowered herself on to me. She inherited her Mom’s tight pussy. Brooke began gyrating her hips moving my cock in and out of her pussy. She smiled and grabbed my hands and put them on her tits.

“Play with my tits Professor! Grab them, pull them, twist them. I like it when you get rough with my titties.” I needed no encouragement, as I enjoyed her young, firm breasts, and the feeling of her tight, wet pussy taking me deep inside her. Both of us were moaning as we pushed our bodies together. Brooke’s juices ran down my balls onto the bed. I could tell Brooke was rubbing her G-spot against the helmet of my cock. She was getting close.

“Oh Professor! Do you know how good your cock….ah! Ah! Yes! Fuck! Yes!” Brooke’s body shuddered as she came hard, lowering herself all the way on to my cock as she came. Her pussy squeezed my shaft hard and wet. Brooke reached behind her and played with my balls, trying to make me cum.

“Professor, why don’t you cum? The college boys don’t last ten minutes with me.”

Jody rose from the chair and came over to the bed. “Move over Brooke. We are going to make our friend here cum like he never came before.”

“I did that last night, Jody,” I said, thoroughly enjoying the attention from two gorgeous women. These two were so similar it was what I imagine fucking a pair of twins would be like.

“Oh, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” said Jody with a smile. “Stand up and bend over,” she said, propping me against the footboard of the bed. “Brooke, you take his cock.” Sad though I was to slide from Brooke’s college pussy, her mouth was equally amazing. Brooke started taking my full length down her throat again without gagging at all.

Jody knelt behind me and reached though my legs and began playing with my balls. I bent over farther and felt her wet tongue licking my sack. I thought this was about as hot as things could ever get for me, but then Jody spread my ass and began rimming my asshole. A hot young girl on my cock, her mom rimming my ass and playing with my balls. Yes, it was unbelievable, unbelievably hot, and I know I couldn’t last long. Jody got in a rhythm with her daughter, trying to push her tongue in my asshole each time Brooke slid me down her throat.

Jody took her tongue from my ass, turned and sat down so she could slide between my legs and lick and eat my balls. My mind went blank, my entire consciousness was concentrated in my sex organs. I learned why Jody had changed positions when I felt her lubed finger pushing into my asshole.

I gasped. I tried to say something, but nothing came out. It was the most amazing mind-blowing feeling ever. Brooke went down all the way on my cock, Jody sucked my balls into her mouth just as her finger found my prostate.

“Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh! Ahhhh1” was all I could muster as my cock started pulsing my hot creamy load down Brooke’s throat. She didn’t flinch. My cock kept pulsing and spewing cum longer than I ever had, at least it felt like that. Brooke slid me out of her mouth and opened wide to let the end of my load shoot onto her outstretched tongue.

I was done. I was drained. My legs couldn’t hold me. Jody slid out of my ass, and mother and daughter kissed so Jody could taste some cum.

“I got some last night baby girl,” Jody said in a husky voice, “That’s all for you.” I heard Brooke swallow a big mouthful of my sperm. Love that sound.

We climbed into bed, Brooke and Jody draped over one another, me off to the side waiting for my toes to stop tingling. Mother and daughter were whispering and giggling with one another.

“Wow ladies. There are no words,” I ventured. “You must have tag teamed before.”

They both laughed. “Actually, no,” Brooke answered first. “Mommy and I have been fucking each other for two or three years now. We would sometimes talk about what we would do if we ever went two on one.”

“Most of it was just silly girl talk,” Jody continued, “Who would get to do what and when, laughing at the thought. I didn’t really think we would ever really do it.”

“Oh I did,” exclaimed Brooke. “I have been scoping guys from the lacrosse team, but the word is they are pretty inexperienced.”

“Too bad,” said Jody. “I would like to fuck a 20-year-old.”

“Thanks…” I said in mock dejection.

“On Mommy, just say the word and I can hook you up. A lot of guys have mentioned how hot my Mom is.”

“So nothing tonight was really planned. We thought you could handle both of us, and you did,” said Jody.

“Doesn’t feel like it!” I said, still feeling the aftershocks.

“But we did plan the finale there,” Jody added.

“Mommy thought it up! Did it work for you?”

“Hmph,” I grunted. “Damn near killed me.”

I got up first to shower, Jody and Brooke soon joined me. The shower stall was that big. We spent some time soaping up one another. I licked Brooke’s nipple to glorious hardness. Brooke went down on me on a dare from her mother that she couldn’t get me hard again. Jody lost.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off. Jody and Brooke dressed for bed, which turned out to be a spaghetti strap top and nothing else. I put on my clothes, kissed them both goodbye, above and below the waist, and took my leave…

Brooke was at the university for four more years. We never again exchanged anything other than smiles when we crossed paths. Sometimes we would chat about nothing for five minutes, but that was it. Once Brooke came to my office for something I can’t even remember what. I think she got off showing me she had no underwear, and showed me what I would never touch again.

Jody was another story. She came to visit Brooke almost every month for four years, and we fucked every time. Jody told me during Brooke’s second year they started doing foursomes with Brooke and boyfriend and his roommate. Apparently these boys were really hung. Jody always went back for more, but truthfully she was less than impressed with the men’s bedroom skills. It was a shame, she said, that such beautiful cocks were wasted on such clueless men.

“No imagination, no creativity, no improvisation. You undress them and they are all ripped and hung, but after that, nothing exciting. They are just like slapping my face with their big cocks, telling me to ‘suck my big dick,’ and if they can manage not to cum then they want to put you on your back, feet in the air while they fuck you for maybe ten minutes until they cum. No concern about whether Brooke or I came. Has definitely given Brooke a taste for older men.”

“Isn’t that what boys were like when you were in college? I have heard the same complaint from women since I have been teaching.”

“I guess so. Maybe I was pickier about who I fucked, I don’t know. I do remember that guys with big cocks were so into themselves that they were pretty worthless. The guys who picked you up by bragging about their big cocks usually didn’t have one. Boys with average sized dicks try harder in my experience.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment,” I said with mock dejection.

“Oh, no no no, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean you!” Jody apologized quickly.

I laughed, “Jody, my cock has been everywhere on or in your body that I can think of, and you come back for more. That’s the best compliment of all. I don’t care how big my dick is, as long as it keeps you happy.”

“Hey, it ain’t the meat, it’s the motion, like the old song says”

Jody mused that she could teach Brooke’s friends a thing or two of how to use those big cocks if they went one-on-one. When she was home, she would sext me mercilessly, with video chats of her rubbing one out for the camera. A couple times her husband would come along to see one of Brooke’s matches. Brooke always managed to keep her dad busy while I fucked his wife in my office.

The last time I saw Jody was during Brooke’s graduation weekend. She came to my office and wanted to blow me while I was wearing my academic gown. Of course I had no objection. After that weekend, I never saw either of them again. A few texts or emails, but after a few months those stopped too.

That encounter was several years ago, and my last. It was good to be me.

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