Joe’s Friend

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Lisa had just got done toweling her body off from the shower when she heard the telephone ring and dashed to the bedroom to answer it. It was Jim, Joe’s friend calling.

“Hi Lisa is Joe at home?”

“No. I sent him to do some errands for me. You can talk to me Jim.”

“God Lisa, you know your sexy voice does things to me!”

“Well honey, I’m laying here naked on this bed talking to you, so what is that doing?”

“Oh baby I’ve got a fucking hard on now!’

“Are you stroking yourself Jim?”

“I just dropped my pants and have it in my hand Lisa.”

“Good boy. Stroke it slow. I just wet two fingers and I’m playing with my clit as we speak.”

“Fuck Lisa, I can only imagine your body with those great tits and you fingering your pussy. I don’t know how long I can go without blowing a load.”

“Hold on sweetie I just jammed them in my pussy and I’m starting to fuck myself now. Oh baby I think it will be soon so stay with me and we can cum together.”

“Let me know when Lisa because I’m getting close!”

“Ok sweetie I’m there so cum with me now.”

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming!!!!!

“Fuck Jim, my hand is soaked with pussy juice so I’m going to lick it clean now.” What are you going to do with that big load you just blew out? Are you going to lick it up for me sweetie?”

“Damn Lisa I’d do anything for you. You know that!”

‘Well Jim, tell me how it’s going then!”

“Lisa I’m lapping my hand and fingers now!”

“Thanks for getting me off Jim I’ll tell Joe you called. Bye sweetie.”

Lisa thought about what she just went through and having Joe and Jim sharing her. She reached for her vibrator and lubed it up as she inserted into her pussy, turned it on and gave her pussy a nice workout.

I returned home to find Lisa in the living room reading a book as she told me Jim called. I inquired about the nature of the call when she just smiled at me and I shook my head and reached for the phone to call back.

Lisa told me to hold on for a moment as she described at what had happened including how the conversation had gone and how she thought about the three of us having sex. She smiled and asked about what I thought it might take to make something like that happen.

I called Jim to find out what he was up to and why the call. He told me he was wondering if we could meet and have a few beers and talk about a couple of things at one of the strip clubs. I told him he would have to swing by and pick me up because my car was running shitty. Lisa smiled that devilish smile and gave me a nod as Jim said he’d be there at seven.

Seven sharp and the doorbell rang and I walked to the door to find Jim standing there asking if I was ready. I invited him in and told him there was no real hurry and we should do a beer here as the prices at the club were pretty steep. We popped open a couple and sat on the couch when Lisa appeared down the stairs to say hi and ask Jim where we were headed to. Jim had a tough time answering that question as he was starring at Lisa who was dressed in a tight fitting top that showed cleavage and two pretty swollen nipples. Her short shorts were so tight you could make out the outline of her pussy lips and her ass was displayed perfectly with the help of the heels she was wearing.

Jim stammered something about one of the strip clubs when Lisa remarked that it was pretty expensive there and if it was entertainment he we wanted she would be glad to dance for us. I knew Jim had a ragging hard on because I did seeing Lisa dressed that way and if I knew her she was looking for cock and two was the magic number. Jim had all he could do to turn his head to me to look for words of encouragement as I said if she wants to dance then let her.

Lisa went to the stereo to find dance music as she started to sway to the music and move that body in some very seductive moves that had me sweating along with Jim. After a few songs went by she slowly removed her top to expose her tits and very, very erect nipples which caused Jim to lick his lips and reach for his cock. Lisa noticed we were both sporting huge hard ons and suggested we get real comfortable; like totally nude. Jim looked at me and I said we shouldn’t disappoint her so off the clothes came!

She continued her dancing only much closer to Jim when she pushed her tits together and rubbed them in his face and moved away to unbutton her shorts and push them off Beylikdüzü escort her hips to the floor. Jim’s eyes were fixed on her bald pussy and his mouth was open in anticipation for whatever was happening next. I looked over at his cock which was oozing pre cum fluid which caught Lisa’s eye and she knelt between his legs and flicked her tongue across the head of his cock. He moaned and his head went back in pleasure as Lisa repeated her actions and told him she wanted his cock in her mouth while I fucked her doggie style. Jim looked at me and I nodded ok and the party began as she wiggled that ass into position as I had got up behind her and placed the head up against her very wet pussy. She backed up onto my cock and had Jim’s cock in her mouth as she did all the work to service both of us. Lisa was pretty worked up as I could feel her pussy muscles working my cock as she bobbed up and down on Jim’s member. I noticed the expression on his face so I knew I had to start slamming her pussy so she would get cum in both ends at the same time. My balls were slapping her ass pretty hard when all three of us came at the same time in one hell of a furious orgasm as I deposited my three loads in her pussy and Jim was shooting down her throat. Lisa was gulping and moaning so I knew she was getting off pretty hard on what had just happened as she milked Jim to the last drop and I pulled out with a pop.

She turned to kiss me with a large amount of cum still in her mouth as Jim got off the couch to get down to suck me clean first then eat Lisa’s cum filled pussy. I had just cum but after Jim had done that I was hard again and Lisa was screaming through another orgasm as Jim was giving her pussy quite a licking.

I looked down at Jim’s cock which now was as hard as mine so I moved around so I could lick and suck on it as Jim was positioning himself for the same. Lisa was watching in amazement as we got into a sixty nine position and started to suck each other off.

I don’t know if it was because we were friends or not but I seemed to have an affection for Jim’s cock as I made love to it licking the shaft and sucking on his balls very lightly before kissing the head and engulfing it in my mouth all the way to the base. I began bobbing up and down the shaft stopping every now and then to swirl my tongue around his inflamed purple head. He was moaning with pleasure as he seemed to duplicate everything I was doing and I was really getting off on his same technique while Lisa was talking words of instruction and encouragement to both of us. We both began to squirm at the same time as the two of us erupted in a joint orgasm splashing great loads of cum down each others throat.

We laid there recovering from our orgasm when Jim said he had something he needed to talk about.

“Joe. I had been having these desires to suck a cock and I’m not gay or thought I was bi but my mind was getting all messed up so I thought you could help me.”

“Jesus Jim, you certainly took care of your desire, buddy.”

“I wasn’t going to hit on you Joe. I expected some talking and some advice that’s all.”

“Jim. Do you have a girl friend?”

“Yes I do but I figure if I let her know about this she’ll dump me.”

“Hey Lisa, you hearing all this?” I asked.

She explained that this could be quite a turn on and that maybe the girlfriend was interested in certain things also. Lisa walked out of the kitchen with beers in hand as we sat around naked talking things over.

She got to get more beers and when she walked by Jim he commented on how great her ass looked to which she replied that if he could get it up again she would love to have his cock fill her hot little pussy.

Jim just kept starring as she put an extra wiggle in her walk on the way to the other room. We sat there sipping our brew as Lisa put on a great show of slow exotic dancing that had turned our limp dicks into ragging hard ons. She slowly slithered to the floor where she got on her back; spread her legs with her feet on the floor so Jim had an open shot of a pretty wet pussy.

“Well sweetie, you can’t fuck me sitting in that chair with that thing pointed at the ceiling.”

Jim slid down between her legs and pushed in on one thrust to begin pumping away. Lisa noticed I had a throbbing member so she told Jim she wanted to be on top. They swapped positions as Lisa was now ridding Jim’s cock which gave me a view of her pussy Beylikdüzü escort getting fucked and that gorgeous ass bouncing up and down. She looked over her shoulder at me and then down at my cock before she blew me a kiss and motioned for me to come over as she looked down at her ass. I knew she wanted me to fuck her ass as the same time Jim was having his cock ridden by her so I got up behind her placed a big wad of spit on my cock and her ass hole and slid on in. Damn what a feeling that was seeing there was a cock rubbing mine on every other stroke as we coordinated our ins and outs for Lisa’s pleasure. We were in a rhythm that had Lisa in another world as all sorts of words were coming out of her mouth that made absolutely no sense as she started screaming for us to fill her with cum which we most certainly did as we both dropped huge loads in her holes.

Jim had a few more beers with us that night as Lisa gave him a good night blow job just before he left.

The next morning we were lying in bed with Lisa fondling my cock and balls talking about Jim and his need to suck some cock. She asked me if I had any second thoughts about what had happened when I told her my thing in life was to keep her happy and that as long as she loved me I was ok with anything. Lisa kissed me and told me that she loved me and started a slow hand job bringing my cock to full attention. She stroked a little faster which pumped a lot of blood to the head turning it purple which she commented on before picking up speed with her fist. She kept up the pace for a couple of minutes when I felt that sensation and told her I was close as she slid down my belly and pumped like crazy making me shoot a huge load which she opened her mouth for. She swallowed every ounce and drop as she kept pumping and pumping to make sure she had it all when her tongue flicked out across the head and licked me clean.

I saw Jim at work for a few minutes and asked how things were going and he asked if he could bring his girlfriend to the house on Saturday for some drinks and so she could talk to Lisa. I told him that Lisa was looking forward to meeting her and being able to talk to her and seven would be a great time.

Saturday at seven the door bell rang and I opened the door to find Jim and his lady friend smiling at me as I welcomed them in and told them to make themselves comfortable.

Jim’s honey was a hot looking Oriental/European mix that stood about five foot with jet black hair, soft green eyes, and a body that belonged in a science museum for preservations. She had an ass that made my cock twinge as she walked in front of me and a set of perky looking tits that appeared to support themselves as I saw no bra lines.

Jim introduced me to Mia who was of Thai and French descent and worked for an international corporation that dealt in high finances.

I apologized for not having Lisa there as she was upstairs getting dressed when she made her appearance as if on cue. She had her hair pulled back, done with a bun and was dressed in a black silk blouse that had the top two buttons undone showing a soft blue push up bra and a lot of cleavage. A short tight black skirt with her soft blue thigh high stockings with black pump heels supporting her frame highlighting her gorgeous ass topped it all off. She definitely had an effect on me because my cock was twitching and Mia took real close notice seeing her nipples were protruding into her top and her eyes were filled with lust. Lisa walked over to me to give me a kiss on the cheek, said hello to Jim, and positioned herself in front of Mia to introduce herself. She caught the lust in Mia’s eyes and noticed her hard nipples as she welcomed her to our house complimented her on her looks.

“Lisa, Jim said you were pretty but I now see you are actually beautiful.”

“Thank you Mia I see Jim’s taste in women is still at the gourmet level.”

Jim had brought a bottle of champagne and suggested we open it for a toast. As Lisa walked into the kitchen I saw Mia carefully checking her out while running her tongue across her lips. Mia asked Lisa if she could use some help with the glasses and she replied that an extra hand was always welcomed. I looked over at Jim and said that it appeared that Mia was hot for Lisa.

“We talked about several things and she is bi and if I want to indulge in some cock she thought it was ok as long as I was taking care of her needs and helping Escort Beylikdüzü her with her fantasies.

“See Jim all you had to do was sit down and have a nice quiet talk with her. She looks like a wild ride buddy, how is she in the sex department.”

“Joe, she’s hot but we haven’t done the threesome thing yet.”

The ladies returned with the glasses so Jim made a toast to good friends and good health to which Lisa added “may all your fantasies be hot.” I swallowed hard on that as she was looking into Mia’s eyes when she spoke those words. The sexual tension was very high and something needed to be done so I suggested we turn some music on and dance. I found a soft music station and as I turned to ask Lisa to dance I saw her face to face with Mia as they held each other and slowly swayed to the music with their bodies now glued together. One kiss led to another as the passion was taking over. Mia was running her hands over Lisa’s ass slowly pulling up on her skirt to reveal her bare ass which brought my cock to a rigid state. Lisa was pulling Mia’s top up to expose her very round tits and hard nipples which she lowered her mouth onto causing Mia to moan. Pretty soon they were both naked and holding each other dancing, kissing, and fondling body parts!

Lisa asked her to come to the couch with her so they could be more comfortable and explore each others body. The two of them were fucking hot for each other and as soon as they hit the couch they embraced and hands and fingers were in every place imaginable. Mia pushed Lisa to a sitting position so she could kneel between her thighs for some pussy eating action and man she was good at it as Lisa was thrashing all over the couch. I saw Mia’s tongue disappear into Lisa’s pussy as she was fucking her with it doing crazy things to her clit as her ass was suspended in mid air held up by Mia’s tongue. She screamed as the first orgasm brought her over the top followed by another.

Jim was stroking his cock taking this in when I whispered for him to get up behind Mia and do her doggy style while she was busy with Lisa. He inched up behind her and plowed into her wet pussy with one shove as she let out a gasp of excitement and started moving to the motion as Jim was fucking her pretty hard with his balls doing some ass slapping.

Mia took her mouth off of Lisa’s pussy and told me to come over so she could swallow my cock. I was naked so I moved Lisa out of the way so Mia could get between my legs to suck me off. She was one wild fucking chick as she was all over my cock trying to inhale it down her throat even though her mouth was up against my belly. The suction power was incredible!! She was playing with my balls and had slid a couple of fingers up my ass when I told her I was going to fill her stomach with cum and for her not to stop her suction action. Jim was ready so she wiggled her ass clamping down on Jim’s cock with her pussy muscles and all three of us came at the same time. She was gulping for her life as wave after wave of cum poured out and she was giving it all she had! Mia never broke eye contact with me while this was going on which turned me on even more. She brought her head to the top of my cock and swirled her tongue around the head for a couple of minutes driving me crazy seeing the thing was so sensitive

Jim had dropped a big load in her pussy which Lisa was now eating since he had withdrawn and had slid under Lisa to suck her pussy lips and tongue her clit.

Mia screamed as Lisa sucked hard on her pussy drawing Jim’s load out of her body into her waiting mouth as her tongue darted across her inflamed clit.

Jim was tongue fucking Lisa, liked she loved, and responded with juices flowing down onto his face which he gladly lapped up.

We were laying there trying to recover when Mia asked if this happened every time we had company to which I responded that it depended on the company.

“You people are amazing. I thought we were going to just talk about some sex not dive right into it.”

“Mia when the opportunity is there you have to go for it otherwise it will slip away.” Lisa remarked.

“Lisa, have you two always had this open marriage?”

“No. This all started less than six months ago and has been snowballing along.”

“Do you and Joe get jealous when you’re having sex with some one else?”

“Luckily it hasn’t come to that and hopefully it never will. Joe and I are very open with our sex.”

“I’ve been with another woman but never had a three way before and it was exciting.”

“Thanks. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Hey Mia, before you two leave why don’t you two team up on Joe’s cock. I love watching my baby’s face when he comes!”

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