Joey Finds a New App Ch. 44

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Chapter 44

Joey pulled up at home finding only his sister’s car in the driveway. Entering the house, he went to the kitchen and poured a glass of iced tea. It was then he heard moaning coming from his parent’s room and he guessed his dad was having some fun based on the lewd tone of it. As he approached his parent’s room his arousal increased as he listened to the sounds coming through the door. He opened the door and despite having witnessed all manner of obscene acts this last week, found himself surprised at the scene before him. His dad was on his hands and knees with Joey’s sister pounding him from behind with the strap-op. He approached Jane and rested his hand on her shoulder while he peeked down to get a close-up view of the huge dildo entering his father’s ass. His fat ass cheeks rippled as Jane stretched his ass with the obscenely long and thick dildo.

“It’s about time you got home, Dork” Jane chided as Joey took in the scene. “Stuff Dad’s mouth so I can cum already. I’m so fucking horny right now!”

Joey didn’t hesitate at the invitation as he undressed and positioned himself in front of his feminized father. Joey lifted his now hard cock up to his dad’s welcoming mouth and proceeded to guide it in. Despite his busy morning, he was instantly rigid and enjoyed the warmth of his dad’s throat as he entered it. The view of his dad getting fucked in the ass while he stuffed his throat left Joey aching with excitement. The curve of his dad’s hips and his breasts hanging down was nearly too much to bear. He worked his cock balls deep in his dad’s throat and started fucking him in rhythm with his sister.

“Oh crap, Dad!” Jane grunted while fucking him hard. “You such a whore! Swallow his dick, slut!”

Joey pulled his dad’s hair back behind his head and gripped it like handle as the siblings increased their pace. His dad moaned around Joey’s cock as Jane verbally and anally battered him. Joey leaned down and played with his dad’s tits while his dad got fucked. He watched his sister who was still wearing her work shirt and nothing else except the strap-on. Her shirt was partially unbuttoned as her generous cleavage shook underneath the fabric. He could see the shadow of her large areolas and nipples hanging down and he wondered if she even wore a bra to work this morning. Her fat belly hung slightly over the strap and jiggled as she fucked her dad. Her hips and ass slammed the dildo into her father causing ripples and vibrations on his own fat ass.

Several minutes into the spit roast, Jane yelled out she was orgasming and began slamming the imitation cock into her father harder. She howled with each stroke as she peaked to her orgasm and finally cried out as it took her. She seemingly vibrated as the orgasm shook through her body. Joey watched his sister shake in ecstasy as he continued feeding his cock down his father’s throat. Her orgasm seemed to go on and even increase in intensity before she finally heaved a loud sigh and then flopped down next to her dad with the large appendage laying across her substantial hip. Looking at the lube covered dildo, Joey found himself surprised that his dad was able to accommodate it, let alone enjoy it. The lewd scene was enough to push Joey over the edge as well and he grunted as his orgasm took him. Joey could feel his cock pulsing as it poured cum into his father’s mouth and throat. He looked down to see his father desperately trying to swallow his load and his sister looking on lustfully.

“Wow, Dad,” Joey said as he sat back on the bed recovering from his orgasm. “That was so hot.”

His dad smiled at Joey with cum dripping down his chin which caused Jane to reach up and pull him down for a sloppy kiss. As she licked her dad’s face clean and stuck her tongue into his mouth it was clear to Joey, she was craving his load too. When they finished their kiss, Jane stood and removed the huge dildo and belt and went to the bathroom. Joey’s dad shakily stood and followed Jane presumably to wash up.

Joey sat reflecting for a few moments before being joined by his sister. She retrieved her panties and slipped them on before sidling up alongside Joey. Playfully, she caressed her brother’s body as while smiling up at him.

“So, where’s Mom?” Joey asked.

“Why?” Jane asked teasingly. “Does my brother need some more fun?”

Jane leaned down and lifted her brother’s hefty cock to her mouth and began sucking it, moaning softly. While his cock was semi-flaccid it still filled her mouth and easily slid down her throat for a few strokes.

“Gosh, Sis. Talk about insatiable,” Joey said accusingly. “You just came too!”

“Too bad anyway, because I’m heading out with Cheryl tonight,” she replied after kissing her brother on the cheek and getting out of bed. “Just Dad was home when I got here. Not sure where Mom is,” she said exiting the bedroom.

Joey heard the shower running and stepped into the bathroom to find his dad washing up. The large dildo was clean now and lying on a towel on the bathroom Diyarbakır Escort counter. He leaned back and watched his dad behind the glass of the shower door and found himself appreciating his dad’s new body.

“Mind if I join you, Dad?” Joey asked.

“Sure, Son,” he replied softly and slid the door open.

Joey climbed in the shower then leaned against the back wall and watched his dad wash. He was shampooing his hair which looked longer now that it was wet, and the suds dripped down the curves of his breasts and hips. His dad’s body had really tightened this last week and Joey found himself looking at a particularly trim body with nice round tits, wide hips and fat ass. His dad’s thighs were thick as they narrowed down to his small ankles and feet. His dick was super small now and was barely noticeable.

“You sure look sexy, Dad,” Joey said after a few minutes.

His dad looked at him with a raised eyebrow and smiled. “If you had asked me a week ago what I would say if my son told me I was sexy, I might have hauled off and punched you.”

“Yeah, no kidding,” Joey laughed with him. “A lot has changed this week, that’s for sure. Are you OK?”

“I won’t lie to you, Son. It’s a lot to absorb and I don’t really know where this is heading, in as far as your mom and I are concerned,” he replied to Joey.

“Are you guys, OK? I mean you’re not going to divorce, or anything are you?” Joey asked in a slight panic.

“Relax, Joey,” his dad said quickly. “Your mom and I love each other, and we have and always will be committed to our marriage. Honestly, a lot of the stuff that’s happened between us this week has been stuff we fanaticized about over the years. Your mom being dominant and me being, eh feminine or submissive I guess,” he continued to explain. “We just didn’t think it would work out to be like this.”

“You mean you want to be feminine? Or a girl?” Joey asked.

“No, it’s not like that,” he replied. “It’s more like your mom gets to dominate me and humiliate me a bit. I’m not sure you’d understand, but we’ve often shared that fantasy together, where Mom would be with other men, and I would be the cuckolded husband. It’s a little bit crazy I know, but we just never figured it would involve our kids and their friends. Wild, really,” he finished the thought wistfully.

“So, you and Mom like this change, then?” Joey probed further.

“Yes!” his dad replied enthusiastically, “Joey. We’ve had the best sex in the past week than we’ve had our whole marriage. I’m more worried about you guys and how you, Jane and Adam are handling everything?”

“Wow. That’s awesome, Dad!” Joey replied. “I’m great with everything. I think Jane and Adam are too, although I should check in with Adam again. I’ve been getting some mixed signals with him a bit.”

Joey’s dad finished rinsing his body and switched places with Joey, so he could wash. “Thanks for watching over your brother, Joey. It’s good to know you guys are growing closer and taking care of each other. Here, let me,” Joey’s dad said taking the shampoo from Joey.

Joey’s dad proceeded to wash his son’s hair, taking time and massaging his scalp. He then moved to soaping up a washcloth and washed all of Joey’s body, paying particular attention to his long shaft and balls. The stimulation left Joey half erect, but the moment was sensual more than sexual and he felt like he wanted focus on the intimacy he felt with his dad at that moment.

They finished their shower, and both dried off and Joey’s dad went to get dressed, while Joey retrieved his dirty clothes and went to his room wrapped in a towel. He checked his phone and saw his mom had texted him that she and Miss Roxanne went out for lunch and that she would drive her home afterwards.

Joey texted Miss Roxanne that he’d be over in a little while and then went upstairs to his sister’s room and knocked before heading in. She was lying in her bed with the covers pulled up and watching her brother with a lustful gaze. Her eyes traveled down Joey’s body and back up to see him smiling at her.

“What are you looking at, Dork?” Jane teased.

“My fat, horny sister,” Joey replied with a smirk.

She bit her lower lip, then removed the covers revealing her large naked body, “Well, get over here for your next lesson already, Newb.”

“You’re one to talk,” Joey replied while dropping the towel and walking to her bed. “You were a virgin last week yourself.”

“Don’t be a smart aleck,” she said defensively. “I’m the subject matter expert of how to please my body.”

Joey climbed into bed and snuggled up next to his sister’s soft, warm body. He immediately started caressing the soft curves of her breasts that hung slightly down each side of her protruding belly. Her nipples and areolas were swollen and appeared harder and maybe even longer than he remembered.

“For today’s lesson, I’m going to need you to get me really excited,” she started. “You can start by giving my fat tits some Diyarbakır Escort Bayan attention.”

Joey moaned and excitedly bent down to start licking her breasts. He cupped one breast with both hands and lifted it to his mouth where he hungrily sucked it in and began licking.

“Don’t be in a hurry. Make my tits feel special,” she guided him while cradling his head.

He focused on her areola and nipple, stretching them, then licking and sucking them softly. Her tit was too fat for him to cover with his hands, but he made a point of rubbing and caressing the soft sides while he tended to the sensitive nipple area. Several minutes later, he focused his attention on her other breast after straddling her so he could easily access it. His cock had grown hard and now lay between his abdomen and her belly as he focused his attention on her tit. She held his head with one hand and reached down with the other and slowly stroked his cock against her soft midsection.

“You’re really getting good at pleasing me, Brother,” Jane cooed softly. “Imagine how swollen my tits will be when you get me pregnant, Joey.”

Joey moaned as his sister teased him and increased his efforts on his sister’s tits. He spent several minutes on each one, continuing with the same stretching, licking and sucking. She was grinding up into him as she became increasingly aroused.

“That’s good, Brother. You’re doing nicely,” she whispered and lifted his head toward her to kiss.

They both kissed enthusiastically, tangling their elongated tongues in each other’s mouth. She continued squeezing Joey’s now rigid pole against her soft belly as they kissed. She pressed her tongue deeper in Joey’s mouth testing her length as she approached his throat. She stretched slightly and was able to enter Joey’s throat causing excessive salivating between the two of them. He lifted her tongue with his and returned the favor as their kiss being increasingly messy.

Suddenly, she reached his head with both hands and pulled away from the kiss leaving a trail of saliva between the two of them. “Joey, I want you to fuck me in the ass,” she said intensely while staring at him. “But you can’t just go jam it up there. A girl needs you to be really excited and feel the need to be full. When you fuck me, I can’t get enough and I ache for more,” she explained further. “I need to you get yourself all sopping wet from my pussy and then fill my ass. Can you do that, Brother?”

Joey excitedly shook his head and moaned affirmation to her request. She proceeded to maneuver Joey up on his knees before she turned over on her hands and knees presenting her enormous ass. He could see her pussy open and ready for him as it dripped with fluid. He reached his hand to each side and spread her outer lips revealing a open and pulsing vaginal canal. Her pussy opened and closed as if anticipating the expected penetration as Joey aimed to fill her. While holding her open, he lifted himself so that his stiff member was inches from her opening. She whimpered with need as Joey teased her. He brought his cock to her entrance and slowly entered his sister.

“Oh, Joey!” she cried out. “Yes, yes, yes! I need you, Brother. Fuck me!”

He continued feeding his shaft into her welcoming pussy and moaned as he watched his shaft disappear inside his sister. He slid his hands out to the top curve of her ass and pulled her into him. Her pussy felt amazing as it gripped his hard shaft, and he was balls deep in short order.

“Janie, you feel amazing. I swear I love your pussy,” Joey grunted to his sister.

“Oh crap, Joey. YOU feel amazing. I swear I love your cock inside me so much,” she replied to him. “Now don’t you cum before filling my ass, because I’ve been aching for for days.”

Joey slowly started stroking his sister’s pussy with full strokes of his cock. He watched it pull out dripping with her fluids and then re-enter her. He ground into her deeply with each stroke and then pulled back to see, thick foamy fluids covering his cock. He brought his thumb down covered it in her fluids as he slid in and out of her needy channel. He slid his thumb up to her pulsing ass and covered it in her own fluid before pressing his thumb inside.

“OH, yes!” she howled again.

Joey pressed his thumb in slowly until he could feel his own shaft sliding in and out of her pussy through the thin elastic walls of her rectum. He wanted to feel more, so he removed his thumb, then proceeded to cover his middle and index fingers with her fluids. Flipping his palm up, he started with his middle finger pushing it slowly into his sister’s ass. She groaned as he entered her ass with his finger. He was excited as he felt his own cock through her anal wall sliding in and out as he fucked her. She pushed back against him, and he slowly added his index finger. He used his thumb to get more fluids from his cock and saturate the ring of her ass. He pressed his fingers as deep as they would go, then spun his hand Escort Diyarbakır back around so he could press into his cock as he fucked her pussy.

“Oh my gosh, Joey!” she hissed loudly. “More! Fill me up, Joey!”

Joey had to use his other fingers to retrieve and soak his index and pinky fingers with her fluids. He squeezed his index finger close to his middle and held his pinky out of the way with his thumb as he gave her a third digit. She pushed into his three fingers as he entered her tight hole and started spreading them open slightly. She mewled again asking for more as she started slamming her ass against her brother now. He worked his pinky in and pressed all four fingers into her expanding asshole. She continued pushing back against his hand and he was nearly having trouble with angle at this point. He flipped his hand again, palm up and allowed his hand to sink further in. Again, he had to use his other hand to coat his knuckles and higher with her fluids but found it sufficient enough to press into her further. Even with the extra length of his cock, he found it difficult at this current angle getting his fingers any deeper in his sister’s ass. She clearly wanted more as she pressed back against him moaning all the while.

“Joey, fuck my ass now,” she begged. “I need my ass stuffed!”

Joey removed his cock and hand from his sister’s pussy and ass, then lined his cock up with her gaping hole. He laid the head of his cock inside the gape of her ass and pressed in until it closed around his cock. She sucked in a long breath as Joey entered her ass and he paused.

“You OK, Sis?” he asked quietly, wanting to slam into her in the meantime.

“Yes, Brother,” she hissed quickly. “Now fuck me, Joey! Fuck my ass!”

Slightly stunned by his sister’s response, Joey took hold of her wide hips and briskly slid his cock into welcoming ass. Moaning loudly, Joey pressed himself deep in his sister’s ass. He could feel muscles deep in her ass squeeze around his cock and wondered momentarily how his dad managed to take the huge dildo in his ass. He started slowly to avoid causing his sister any discomfort, but she egged him on after two short strokes.

“I said fuck me, Joey! Just like you did to our brother and your girly little friend,” she teased.

Joey took the guidance to heart and started full strokes in and out of his sister’s ass. While having fucked several tight asses this last week, they all belonged to feminized boys. Kneeling behind his sister now watching his cock slide into here tight anal canal was a major turn on for him. Having just dumped his load in his dad’s mouth not too long ago, Joey felt he’d be able to enjoy this without losing it too fast. He reached up and gently pressed his sister in the small of her back causing her to arch her ass up even more. She stretched her hands in front of her and her upper body flat on the bed causing her breasts to swell out with the pressure. With one hand remaining on the top curve of her ass and one hand on his hip he began slamming his cock hard into his sister.

“Oh! Yes! Yes! Yes!” she yelled with each stroke of Joey’s dick.

“You look so hot right now, Janie,” Joey said to her as he continued to fuck her hard.

He was getting a good workout he felt and could see his stomach muscles flexing from the movement. He felt his thigh muscles burn as he pounded into her repeatedly. Suddenly she reached under her body, sliding her hand up to her pussy. Joey felt the pressure of her fingers inside her pussy pushing against his cock every time he slammed into her.

“I’m cumming, Joey! OH Crap, you cock feels so good!” she yelled out just as she began squirting her fluids all over Joey’s thighs and balls.

Joey didn’t slow down. He grunted in lust as he watched his sister seize up in climax. He wanted to fill her ass right at that same moment and with even faster plunges, Joey pushed himself over the edge and released. He slammed his cock as deep as it would go into his sister and felt his load pour from his cock. He briefly wondered how his anatomy managed to produce this much cum, but quickly dismissed the thought as he looked at his sexy sister with her fat ass quivering. He poured cum into her ass for well over half a minute before finally taking a deep breath and then collapsing next to his sister.

They both lay breathing hard in the post coital haze for several minutes. Jane looked over, smiling at her brother, then rolled on her side and snuggled up to him. She wrapped her arm and leg across Joey pressing her large body against her brother.

She cooed quietly into Joey’s neck then whispered sensuously in his ear, “That was amazing brother. I felt so full. I’ve never felt anything like that before,” she continued. “Next time, I’ll use my toy while you fill my ass, Brother. Imagine your big cock in my tight ass while I stuff my pussy with my toy,” she teased while flicking her tongue in his ear.

“Sister, you looked so hot bent down like that with your ass in air. I swear your curves drive me crazy,” Joey replied. “Thinking of you with your pussy and your ass full is just crazy enticing.”

“What if your friend was fucking my mouth too? Would you like that too, Brother?” she continued teasing. “Would you like to see your sister getting filled up from both ends?”

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