Jolene’s Adventures: The Movies

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Black Bomber

Jolene was dreamily contemplating her past good fortune one day after a long day at the massage table aboard the Queen of the Sea cruise ship. Her life had been one of ups and downs and not all of them between the sheets. Seeing her boyfriend Sly was enjoying himself by the pool she decided to relax on the deck and enjoy the sun. Her mind wandered back to when she was just starting to go out with Sly and how difficult it was to string together enough time to even get a kiss let alone a pounding fuck session.

One time Jolene told Sly to meet her at the movie theater in her town so she could get him in a corner and make out with him. That was the intention anyway but as things happen it turned out much better. To prepare for the encounter she wore a sundress and a teeny tiny pair of panties, which were just big enough to cover her lips. The top of the dress was loose enough for easy access if required. To round it all off she had just bought a nice pair of thigh high stockings, which showed off her legs nicely. The feeling when she rubbed her legs together over that nylon made her clit jump and sent shivers up her spine. She was ready for anything that might happen.

At the appointed hour Sly showed up at the theater. In keeping with their plan to not be seen together in case someone they knew would see them, they stayed away from each other until they got inside the semi dark theater. Jolene took a seat in the far back corner Antalya Escort of the theater, which was blocked by a short wall. It was a real make out corner, which even the projectionist, couldn’t see into. Sly took a seat a few rows in front of Jolene and waited until the lights went down then he moved cautiously to the seat next to Jolene. They scanned the room and only a few people were in the middle rows. No one was even close to them. Once the movie started an usher walked through and seeing them in the corner, glanced in their direction but paid them no mind because they were obviously an older couple.

After the usher had passed by Sly leaned over and grabbed Jolene by the hair and laid a lip lock on her like it was the last one he was ever going to get in this lifetime. Jolene, being frustrated all week by not even being able to talk to him responded by forcing her tongue into his mouth and then playfully let him back in to suck on his tongue. Jolene was watching out of the corner of her eye to see if the action had attracted any attention. Apparently it did not. Not content to just kiss her Sly slid his hand under her jacket on her lap and began to massage her leg forcing the hem of her skirt to rise. A moan escaped her lips betraying her lust for him. Encouraged now, Sly pushed the hem of her dress up to where he could put his fingers on the now wet panty material covering her pussy. Another sigh from Jolene Antalya Escort Bayan and his fingers moved the material aside and slid between her wet lips. Jolene opened her legs as wide as she could to allow him full access to her aching pussy. A spasm of delight went up her spine and burst in her brain. If he keeps this up she thought I’m not going to be responsible for what happens.

Sly knew he was having a serious affect on her because she rolled her head back and began to attempt to control her breathing. His fingers were busy dipping into her wetness and then doing a little rubbing flick of her clit. Every time he touched that clit she gasped. It was time to get serious and inflict some pleasure on this girl who had waited all week for this physical contact. He wanted to get down between her legs and eat his way to her heart but in this cramped seating arrangement that wasn’t going to be possible. He had to be content with trying to get her off by manipulating her clit. He was doing a good job because Jolene’s eyes were rolling back into her head and she had a look in her eye that said if she could get in his lap she would. A little squeak escaped her lips as a small orgasm spread through her. She pulled his hand out of her pussy and sucked on his fingers while looking in his eyes. She wasn’t done with those fingers yet.

Jolene looked around and seeing no one was interested in them reached over and unzipped Escort Antalya Sly and pulled out his bulging cock. She ran her finger over the head and felt the sticky wetness of his pre-cum. Expertly flicking his cock under the head a few times brought a sharp intake of breath to Sly. He leaned in her direction and taking her hand off his cock she directed it under her dress and into the wetness that was now pouring out of her. He wanted her cum on her hand so she had some lubrication. His plan at that point was to get as much of his cum in her pussy as possible. Jolene realized that he wanted the wetness for lube and filled her hand with her juices then she reached over and started jacking Sly’s cock slowly at first then increasing in speed. At this point she wanted to just make him cum and release some of the tension she knew he was feeling from their forced separation.

Sly motioned to Jolene that she better stop. Knowing he was close Jolene did the craziest thing. She slowed down and looked around to see if anyone was looking and seeing no interest, she dropped his cock and stood up pulling up her dress and sat down on Sly’s cock. She was so wet it went all the way in to the hilt. Sly gave a gasp of surprise and looked around but no one saw them. He immediately began pumping her pussy and helped her bounce up and down on his cock. It only took a few more strokes and he held her down tight on his lap as streams of cum shot into her soaked pussy. On his last movement she pulled off him and sat back in her seat knowing his cum was now leaking out of her. It was a delightful feeling. Jolene was so glad she decided to go to the movies.

They straightened themselves out and got ready for round two.

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