Jordan and the Lady

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Every day, as he cycled by, Jordan would look to see if he could see her. He was a 19 year old student who lived in digs a few streets away.

He could have taken a quicker, more direct route to College, but he always made a detour, and slowed down as he went past the house. He hoped for a glimpse of this lady whom he described as the ‘perfect woman.’

Sometimes, she would be in her garden, on her knees, weeding. Those days he got to see her well proportioned figure, and hear her hum at her work. She had such a lovely voice, he thought. Other times she sat on her porch, with her legs crossed at the ankles, reading, and he could see her legs. Such shapely legs. So desirable to a red-blooded male who was just discovering feminine delights.

One Saturday morning Jordan had gone down to the local store when he noticed a familiar form, leaning over the counter, busy chatting to the storekeeper. He reckoned she was in her forties, and today she wore a bright red cotton dress, with a white belt, and her brown hair was gathered up in a pony tail with a red ribbon. She was the ‘Lady’ he admired so much. He could hear the familiar voice, and longed to be closer, but stayed just out of the way, partway down an aisle, looking on. He just caught the odd snippet of their conversation.

“…Anyway, as I was saying, Len, my husband, is away for two weeks on business, and wouldn’t you know it, I have a problem with the plumbing in my kitchen. As you know, I’m fairly new to this area, and I don’t know many people, let alone whether they are capable of fixing leaks. I wondered…is there any chance you could help me out?”

“Well now, Mrs Peters, you know, normally I would gladly help you, but what with the store, and the baby just being born, you know my life is pretty full right now. But I tell you what though; there is a board over there where locals put cards to advertise. You might find something there.”

She thanked him, and then breezed past Jordan, hardly noticing him, on her way to check out the cards stuck on the board at the back of the shop.

He watched her for a few minutes as he bought his few items of shopping. Her hips swayed and her pony tail swished as she looked carefully from one side of the board to the other.

“No luck?” The shopkeeper called over, as she sighed and made her way toward the door.

“No” she replied, sadly. “Maybe I’ll just ask around the neighbours, but I don’t really know anyone that well.”

Jordan took a step toward her and put out his hand.

“Er…Excuse me, but I couldn’t help but overhear….Mrs Peters is it…?”

She half turned again.

“Yes it is. Oh, I’ve noticed you pass my way on your bike sometimes. Do you know of someone who could help me out?”

She shook his offered hand.

“Well, my name is Jordan,” he smiled, and added “I have a bit of free time this afternoon. I’d be more than happy to take a look and see if I could do anything to help.”

I’d do anything for a sexy mature woman such as you, he thought. There’s something about that sexy ass of yours that really gets me going.

“Well…” Mrs Peters started to protest in reply, turning away again, unsure of letting a young man into her home when she was alone. But the shopkeeper, who had overheard, cut in;

“Oh, you’ll be fine. I can vouch for Jordan, he’s a fine upstanding College boy, and you haven’t really got too much choice otherwise.”

Mrs Peters turned back towards Jordan and she looked him up and down quickly. A young African man, clean cut and very pleasant looking. He had a very friendly smile revealing the whitest of teeth, and a bulge down in his crotch that she found quite a turn on.

She inwardly scolded herself for letting her eyes rest there and tried to remind herself that she was married. But she couldn’t disagree with the fact that Jordan was one young fit looking man, and he was coming round to her house!

“That would be very kind of you Jordan,” she agreed;

“If you can call round at 3 o’clock, I’ll have a jug of cool lemonade ready, as it’s such a warm day.”

Jordan agreed, and they said their goodbyes and parted company.

At 2:45pm Mrs Peters looked anxiously out of her kitchen window.

There was a freshly made jug of lemonade and two glasses ready on the kitchen table. She felt a bit jittery, almost excited, at the thought of Jordan coming round. For some reason she couldn’t get the thought of his body out of her mind. She was having devilish thoughts about seeing rippling muscles and maybe touching young cock again.

At 2:55pm Jordan rode his bike down the driveway, came to a halt, got off and parked it up against a wall. He then smoothed his clothes and hair and knocked on the door at exactly 3pm.

All the way there visions of Mrs Peters had been going round his head, which caused him to wobble and almost come off his bike on a couple of occasions, as he was sometimes so preoccupied he forgot to pedal.

Mrs Peters opened the door and greeted Jordan with a smile, looking just Beylikdüzü escort as delicious as she had done in the shop. But she had changed from her red dress to a cool looking loose white shift with little blue flowers. It accentuated her form perfectly with the curves in all the right places. He found it difficult not to stare.

“Thank you for being so prompt. I’ve found you out my husband’s tool box help you.”

But she longed to see his tool and couldn’t help glancing at his crotch again.

Jordan looked around the kitchen as he sat down. It had a slate floor, tidy surfaces, and pine cupboards. There was a vase of yellow roses on the table. He also detected the smell of baking from the oven.

“This tastes beautiful,” he commented, as he sipped the lemonade she poured for him.

“Now, how can I help you?”

“I’ll show you,” she said.

And with that Mrs Peters got up off her chair and walked to the other side of the kitchen where the sink was, with Jordan watching her hips sway with every step she took. What man wouldn’t want to put his hands on those hips, he thought to himself.

As she bent over to open the cupboard under the sink revealing a bucket, the enticing shape of Mrs Peters’ perfect ass was shown to Jordan. He was aware of a stirring in his groin, and looked down, embarrassed.

“Please call me Meg,” she said. “If you’re to help me Jordan, we should at least both be on first name terms.”

“Ok then, Meg it is.”

“There’s a leak under here somewhere, and I’m not sure how to fix it, but I have to keep this bucket here to catch the drips.”

Jordan finished his drink then went and put the bucket out of the way. He made sure the taps were off, and then went over and lay down on his back, put his head under the sink, and set about trying to find the leak and fix it.

Meg stood by Jordan, to see if she could help, and watched him as he worked, and once or twice resting her eyes on his bulging crotch.

“It’s so good of you to help me out like this,” she said. “I hadn’t got a clue what to do.”

After a while Jordan said,

“Try that now Meg, run a tap and see what happens.”

She ran the water for a while, and then he called up to her,

“All seems Ok now; you shouldn’t need that bucket here anymore.”

As she held out a hand to help Jordan get up, they both noticed the sludgy mark all down what had been his fresh clean cotton shirt.

“Oh, you must let me wash that,” said Meg. “And while I do you can take a shower. You must be sweaty after lying on the floor like that. I’ll point you in the direction of the bathroom; you’ll find fresh towels in there.”

Jordan tried to protest but Meg was having none of it.

“Look, with weather like this the shirt will dry in no time.”

So he reluctantly agreed, and stripped off his shirt, and handed it to her. Meg couldn’t help but admire his amazing abs. As she told him where the bathroom was, her eyes widened as they lingered on them. She ran her tongue around her dry lips, felt her cunt tingle, and a flush rise in her cheeks. Quickly she averted her eyes.

When Jordan had exited the kitchen Meg held his shirt up against her face. As she breathed in the mixture of his cologne and the sweat from his body she murmured to herself softly.

Meg tried to pull herself together as she put the shirt to wash. Yet thoughts of a sexy naked man under running water only a few feet away kept going through her mind. She longed to see that body, and tried to think up some excuse to get in the bathroom.

A few minutes later in the midst of her mad thoughts she had a brainwave. Meg went into her bedroom and searched out a shirt of her husbands. She picked one she reckoned would fit Jordan, then went and knocked on the bathroom door.

“Are you decent?” Meg asked, as she turned the handle. “I have a shirt you can put on for now, while yours dries,” and she walked in holding the garment.

She looked up and saw Jordan standing in front of her, with droplets of water down his naked torso, just as he hurriedly tied a towel around his waist.

“Thank you for the use of your shower Mrs Peters,” Jordan said gratefully.

Somehow it seemed more proper to address her formally, considering his state of undress.

He reached over to take the shirt from her, but as he did so, much to his horror, the towel became untied, fell from around his waist, only to land in a crumpled heap at his ankles.

Mrs Peters first thought was to turn and run out of the bathroom. But then a primal force took over, she dropped the shirt and stood rooted to the spot staring at his cock. She had memories of well hung young men, but had never seen a naked black man this near. Close enough to just reach out and touch.

The sight of Jordan’s virile body made her feel hot. Her nipples hardened, and she felt the tingling in her cunt once again.

Jordan in his embarrassment quickly gathered up the towel and re-tied it securely round his waist.

He began mumbling Beylikdüzü escort apologies, but stopped as he was getting no response.

“Meg? Mrs Peters?” He called her name out several times but started to worry when she didn’t reply.

So he gently held her by the arm and made her sit down on the side of the bath and he sat next to her. He couldn’t help but rest his eyes momentarily on the beautiful, curvature of her voluptuous breast. What a lady! He longed to have just one touch …and instinctively reached out his hand.

But she came out of her trance and he withdrew it immediately.

“I.. Ah… Oh… Er …Um… I’m sorry…” She started to say.

“That’s Ok Ma’am, honestly, I just thought you were going to faint when you didn’t reply.”

Meg apologized again, patted him on the leg quickly, and then left the bathroom saying;

“I’ll leave you to finish up here. I’ll go and put the kettle on. Come through in a few minutes, have a cup of tea and slice of my freshly baked cake.”

They sat and drank tea together in the kitchen. Jordan remarked on what a nice cake it was. But there was a slight awkwardness in the air.

Jordan was still embarrassed because of his nakedness and also because he was becoming more attracted to Meg by the minute. Meg was embarrassed because she craved the young Adonis.

For the next few days Mrs Peters tried to go on with her daily routine. She noticed Jordan cycle past on occasion, and waved to him if he glanced her way. But she found it very difficult to concentrate. Visions of his huge cock kept springing into her mind. She knew she had to find a way to grab hold of it and ride it, and soon…..

Thoughts of Jordan, his young, fit, muscular body and his huge joy-stick entered Mrs. Peters mind daily. She dreamed of having him fill her and thrill her.

On the Wednesday afternoon, she saw him go by as usual, but instead of turning to look at her she noticed him wobble on his bike and then stop. She rushed over to see if anything was the matter, only to see Jordan at the side of the road bent down, fiddling with one of the wheels and getting filthier by the minute.

“Hey, what’s the problem?” she asked.

Jordan looked up and grinned, his teeth still gleaming white through his dirt and sweat stained face.

“Oh, hello Mrs Peters, I didn’t see you there.” He said.

“Seems like the chain was about to come off so I got off to fix it. Normally I thought chains were either on or off.” He laughed.

“I bet that’s thirsty work! I have a couple of bottles of cold beer in the fridge. Just wheel it down the drive, lean it against my wall and come and have a drink,” she offered.

“But I told you before, call me Meg.”

She laughed as she jokingly scolded him.

“Ok Meg. That would be nice.”

Mrs Peters wanted to offer Jordan much more than a drink, she watched the way his hips moved as he stood, longed to grab the zip on his jeans and undo it, to reveal that black beauty once more!

Jordan followed Meg into the kitchen, and sat at the table whilst Meg retrieved two cold beers from the fridge.

Oh Meg! What a gorgeous body you have, thought Jordan, as she reached up for two glasses from a cupboard. The sun shone through the window and on to her, and made her dress seem almost transparent. Jordan couldn’t take his eyes off her.

They chatted and drank their drinks. Meg invited Jordan to stop for tea, and he gratefully accepted.

“But I should get cleaned up first,” he said.

Meg disappeared from the kitchen for a few minutes.

When she returned she said;

“I’ve run you a bath, and put fresh towels in the bathroom for you. Leave your shirt for me to wash.”

“You’re too kind Meg, thank you.”

He took off his sweaty shirt and she put it straight in to wash. Then, while Meg laid the table ready for tea, Jordan headed off to get clean.

A few minutes later Jordan was luxuriating in a large bath full of warm water and bubbles, half in a day-dream, when he heard the sound of the door handle, and the door open. He heard footsteps, then suddenly…

He felt the touch of Meg as she placed her hands on his shoulders. They stroked and massaged him, and it made him feel so relaxed he didn’t protest at all, but lay back, closed his eyes and enjoyed the attention. But then she picked up a sponge and started to wash him.

Jordan opened his eyes, and looked up. He saw her as she leaned over him in a bathrobe, that opened just enough for him to see the full curvature of her large inviting breasts.

Oh wow! He stared for a moment or two, but couldn’t resist them. They were so close to his face! Jordan touched them with his wet hands, then lifted his head and kissed them.

But Meg wanted more. She sponged lower, very aroused. She delighted to see Jordan’s cock as it peeked out of the water, and leaned forward and kissed the head.

God, I want that rod she thought, as she took hold of it and gently rubbed it up and down, and felt it throb in Escort Beylikdüzü her hand.

So Meg abandoned the sponge, shrugged off her robe, and as she held his huge dick stepped into the bath with Jordan.

She sat opposite him, and lifted her legs up on Jordan’s shoulders, still rubbing his cock. He now had a bird’s eye view of her tits, which he thought to be about 40DD, and stared at her smooth open cunt which was covered in the foam bubbles.

He took one of her feet and nibbled and sucked on the toes, one by one. With each toe Meg gasped as she received shivers coursed her body. Electrical pulses shot right through her. After one foot Jordan worked through the toes on the other foot. Meg grasped the side of the bath as her hips gyrated.

She never realized she could get such feelings in her body. Her nipples were so hard they ached, and her pussy tingled.

Jordan brought a leg up in-between hers, and played with Meg’s pussy with his big toe. He ran it up and down and made her squirm, and rubbed her clit. Her cries echoed round the bathroom.

“Oh God!” she called out. Then got to her knees in the bath and rubbed Jordan’s meaty rod up and down.

Her tits jiggled as she did, and he got to his knees, legs between hers, and bent to suck them.

“Oh Ma’am,” he said breathlessly, “You have amazing tits!”

Then he felt down lower and rubbed her puffy labia as he felt for her clit. Meg squealed as he circled it with his wet finger then gave it a little pinch. He hooked two fingers inside her slit and finger fucked her.

“You’re one hot lady Meg, and I want you!”

“Show me what you got baby. Fuck me hard!”

And with that Meg bent and pulled the plug in the bath.

Holding his meaty rod in her hand they got out of the water and Jordan pushed her down on the cool tiles and he laid on top of her. He roughly pinned her arms down on the floor.

“Oh lady, I’ll fuck you so hard you won’t know what hit you…!”

She stared into his eyes and screamed. Her screams reverberating round the bathroom just as Jordan thrust into her willing cunt, rubbing her inner walls, and reached high up her. Her legs locked round his body, as time after time he shoved himself in her. It was difficult to distinguish whose moans and groans were the loudest. His body smacked against hers, and his balls hit her ass each time he hit high.

“Yes.Yes.YES!” Meg screamed each time his balls hit.

Her dam broke and her juices flowed like never before. Her head was spinning. This was what she needed!

But when Meg thought he had ended his assault on her body, Jordan withdrew. He pulled her up, and pushed her on her knees and made her lean over the side of the bath, and spread her legs. Then he lifted her hips and thrust his rod hard in her cunt.

Meg’s body slapped against the side of the bath time after time as he rammed home. His hands smacked her pale ample round cheeked ass, till they were red and smarted. She felt her juices run down her legs.

“Aaaaargghhh!!” She yelled. “Give it to me! More! More!”

So Jordan looked down to where her ass cheeks had opened in her excitement and her rosebud puckered at him. Two of his fingers entered and wriggled around as he continued to thrust.

“Oh My God!” He yelled. And Meg echoed him.

Jordan pushed and twisted his fingers further into Meg’s ass, as he thrust his cock hard into her cunt over and over. She pushed back into him as he did. Then all of a sudden he took his thick cock, covered in her juices and guided it to her wet ass.

“Yes baby yes!” Screamed Meg. “Don’t stop now!!”

She couldn’t ever remember such blatant excitement in being fucked, and she didn’t want it to end.

So Jordan took his rigid cock in his hand and guided it gently between her cheeks into her hole, moving it in slow gentle rhythm.

“Faster, baby! Harder!!”

“Aaaargghhh!” He groaned. “You want it lady, you got it!”

And with that he fucked her hard and fast. Her screams rang louder and louder as he thrust harder. Jordan grunted and groaned, low primitive sounds exiting his mouth as his arousal intensified.

Suddenly, Jordan pulled Meg hard up against him. His balls tightened, and he spewed his thick white creamy spunk high up in her ass.

“Fucking Hell!” They both yelled.

What a great ass! Thought Jordan, as he just rested a minute or two, till his cock slipped out. He leaned against Meg to catch his breath. And what a lady! Meg turned her head smiled and kissed him. Then she picked up a towel and patted them both down dry.

“You’re one hot fuck lady!”

“Oh baby, you’re what I need. Come, rest now.”

And with that Meg took hold of Jordan’s now flaccid cock and led him to her bedroom. He lay on the bed with her and they took a short nap.

After a short while Meg woke and turned to see Jordan, naked and sprawled next to her, still with his eyes closed. She thought back on what had gone on in the bathroom, and rubbed her ass cheeks and grinned. Then, on her knees she bent and gently sucked Jordan’s cock, swirling her tongue around it. She watched him wake as it sprang to life, grew hard, thick and throbbed in her mouth.

“Oh you do that good Meg.” Jordan said as he sat up and fondled her hair.

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