Journey of the Harem Queen

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It was 7.00 am in the morning. The alarm rang, waking Claire up from her sleep. It was her 20th birthday that day. She had only one idea to celebrate her birthday morning; she wanted to become the harem queen of the town. She sat on her bed; devising ways to get herself a harem. She prefers females for her harem but would not afraid to try males if she needed. She stood up, stretched her body, she was full naked while asleep. Her breasts swayed in motion as she stretched from left to right, cracking her back bones. She went over to her closet and grabbed her towel and went for a shower.

She turned on the shower and started to take her bath, caressing her body. She thoroughly cleaned her neck, her hands crawled over her breast, massaging the breasts and pinched her nipples. She started moaning softly as she fondles herself. She began to slowly touch herself; her hands massaging her pussy lips. Her face blushed as she slowly inserted her fingers in her pussy, masturbating herself in the shower. Her fingers went in deeper and faster, touching her sensitive spot in her pussy. She was moaning as she is building up her pleasure.

She finished her bursa evi olan escort shower and wrapped herself with the towel as she steps out of the bathroom. Her face was red and blushed as she walked over to her bedside drawer. She opened the first drawer and started to choose a few toys from a wide assortment of them in the drawer.

She brought out a 7 inch dildo and an egg vibrator for her session that day. Her mind was completely clouded and she was horny as she laid herself on the bed, spreading her leg wide. She turned on the vibrator and slowly rubbed the vibrator on her pussy; moving it around her pussy and rubbed it against her clit area. By this time, she had already started moaning and pinched her nipple as the vibrating sensation was felt throughout her body.

After a few minutes, her clit began to slowly get aroused and swells up. She then inserted the egg vibrator into her pussy, slowly until the whole vibrator was in her. Her thighs started shaking in pleasure as her moaning goes louder. She massaged her clit as the vibrator stirs her deep in her pussy. Her juices began leaking out and dripped altıparmak escort on her bedsheet. By now, she was drooling in pleasure and her whole body twitches with the vibrator in her.

She then took the 7 inch dildo, and started licking it; wetting it in the process. She licked the tip and the shaft of the dildo, sometimes giving it pecks of kisses as her she moves along. She then lifted her legs a bit higher, revealing her ass and plunged the dildo in fast. She screamed in pleasure as she rammed the dildo repeatedly in her ass while her pussy was aroused by the vibrator. Her bedsheet started to get drenched by her juices; leaking out of her pussy more and more as the seconds’ ticks by. She rammed the dildo deeper until the whole dildo was in her ass. She was losing control of herself as she was nearing to cum.

Her hands move faster, ramming the dildo in and out of her ass. Her ass twitches as the dildo stretches her ass out. Her eyes rolled upwards as she was moaning in pleasure, wanting some more. The vibration in her pussy can be felt in her ass as the sensation moves through her body. Her nipples became gemlik escort hard as her breathing becomes faster with each ramming in her ass.

She let out a lustful scream of pleasure as she was cumming. She squirted so hard that the vibrator was pushed out, releasing large amount of juices from her pussy. Her juices squirted all over the place drenching her bedsheet and dripping all over the floor. She pulled out the dildo from her ass as she was squirting. As her juices leaked out all over from her pussy, she slowly thrusted the dildo in; inch by inch until her pussy swallowed the whole dildo.

She rotated the dildo around in her pussy, leaking out some more juice while wetting the dildo up. She bit her lips as the dildo buried deep in her pussy started getting wet from her own juice. She pulled out the dildo and deep throated it; tasting her own juice.

After the session, she was confident that she was ready for her quest to become the harem queen. She stood up from her bed, her pussy still leaking out juices and went over her closet. She chose a red thong and a short plaid skirt for her bottoms. For the top she chose a crop top with a deep v-cut. She was not planning to wear her bra for the journey. She flaunts herself on the mirror, her plaid skirt revealing her ass as she moves. Her crop top enables her to show off her tight cleavage. She packed up some of her favorite toys and left her house, preparing for journey to the harem.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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