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You might start reading this and think wet-and-messy food sex. Although that is one of my fetishes, that’s not what this was. It WAS a lot of fun, and happened only a week ago.

You know those little cups of fruit you can buy with peaches, pineapple, pears, fruit cocktail or the little mandarin oranges? (As the label says, “with real fruit juice!”) They all have a foil or plastic cover on top that you peel back?

If you don’t hold the cup exactly right, and I mean exactly right, when peeling back the cover, that juice is going spurt or spill all over your hand, your arm, the counter top or on your clothes.

Or, if you’re me, all over your naked body.

I eat one of the orange cups at least once per day, sometimes twice. Admittedly, I haven’t mastered always opening it without spilling it. If you squeeze it only a little, a lot of that juice is coming out. For some reason unknown to me, Blue does not have this problem!

Knowing all this, I should NOT have been leaning back on the couch while opening my oranges. I tried to be very careful! I don’t know what happened! A whole LOT of the juice was forced out of the little cup, and it splashed all OVER my breasts and tummy!

The couch is covered with lots of towels because our pussies get wet a lot and, in this case, because I’m so inept at the simple task of opening the oranges. I started to wipe it up with a napkin, but Blue, also naked, came to the rescue! “Lemme get this, Sunny!”

I smiled. She leaned over from beside me and put her tongue right to work, licking and slurping the juice from my breasts and tummy. It felt so damn good having her tongue all over me! “Oh baby…this should happen more often…”

She didn’t answer. She was really into this, and the more she got into it, the hotter bursa escort bayan it made me. She crawled between my legs and her body held my legs apart while she licked more from my tummy.

I couldn’t resist…I dribbled more of the juice between my breasts and it flowed down and pooled on my tummy…Baby rubbed her face all over my juice-covered tummy, then hungrily licked and sucked my skin.

I was loving this…I sooooooo wanted her face between my legs. With my ass squirming and my pussy pounding at me, I whimpered to her, “Baby…my pussy…please baby.”

She slid down and rubbed her cheeks on my inner thighs and told me, “If there’s more of that juice left, send it down here to me, my love.”

There was a little bit left and I happily poured it on my tummy. She let it flow to my pussy and into her mouth, swallowed it, then she had my pussy for breakfast, pushing her face into me and sucking wildly on my outer lips. My body was going crazy…her hands had a firm grip on my ass, her mouth trying so hard to suck my pussylips down her throat!

With my body shuddering hard, my orgasm built deep inside me…Baby kept sucking me and I came oh-so-fucking-hard with my body rocking and my pussy flooding her mouth with hot ladycum…she didn’t stop, and her mouth pushed VERY hard into my pussy, shoving my body and giving me another orgasm…I came and came for her, and she swallowed sooooooooo much of me while I yelled and screamed!

Then, in one swift move, she dove on top of me…I was ready for her, and tightened all my tummy muscles. She landed with her legs spread, and her soaking-wet pussy landed right on my thigh.

I raised my knee and she immediately started grinding her pussy on my thigh muscle…her cum-covered görükle escort lips pounced on mine, her tongue fucking my mouth in a mass of whimpers. I purred back to her, taking her tongue with my mouth and holding onto her hips, pushing her pussy hard against my thigh muscle.

Urgently, breathlessly, with our lips barely separated, she spoke into my mouth, “Fuck…fuck…make me cum…fuckfuckfuck…” A river of burning hot Blue’s juices was flowing from her eager pussy down my thigh and soaking my own pussy.

Like an animal, she was rocking her hips to desperately rub her pussy on my strong thigh, so close to cumming…I dug my nails against her ass to make her even hotter and spoke breathily against her lips, “Tell me…what does Baby want most right now…anything Baby wants…just name it.”

“FuckfuckFUCK! Baby wants your tongue in her ass…really, really deep…Baby hasta be pussyfucked…hard…deep…NOW!”

I smiled. “Raise up on your hands and knees, precious…let’s go for a ride.”

She squealed just from anticipation and got on her hands and knees, her pussyjuices dripping all over my body while I slipped out from under her…her body was shaking…I quickly grabbed a big, big toy and lubed it with my still soaking-wet pussy.

She was getting impatient. With her ass in the air, her knees spread apart and her forehead planted on the floor, she yelled, “FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!”

I got behind her and pressed the big toy to her pretty pussy, but she wasn’t waiting…she squealed and fucked herself at the toy, and her pussy took it in with a soft, sexy sound…I pushed it in harder, making her scream, “OH FUCK, SUNNY!”

Still with her forehead planted on the floor, I spread her ass cheeks and POUNCED bursa escort bayan my face between them, ramming my long tongue in her hot ass…she screamed almost nonstop from having her ass and pussy completely filled and fucked hard by her slutty woman…


Her ass tightened so hard around my tongue…slippery pussy juices flowing down the toy, my hot Blue’s orgasm overtook her and she came for fucking-ever!

I gently slid the toy from her pussy…she gasped, and her hips fell to the floor. She purred hotly, “Ooooooohhhhhhhhh….”

Her legs were still spread. I slid up a little and rubbed my tummy on her ass, reaching for the cup of orange slices.

There was no juice left, but all the oranges were still there. I dumped them on her lower back just above her ass, and she loved having my wet lips on her skin as I noisily slurped each small orange slice into my mouth.

She waggled her ass a little and I slid a few slices between her ass cheeks, then used my tongue to slid them up and down through her cheeks, slipping over her opening before I sucked them, also, into my mouth, making her whimper and squirm.

I slid one last slice higher up on her back and left it there for now.

While I smothered her lovely ass in kisses, she laid the side of her face on her hands on the floor, saying, “So…when you opened the oranges…you spilled the juice on purpose, didn’t you.”

I slid up a little and rubbed my breasts on her ass, then slid up a little more and pressed my tummy firmly on her ass muscles. I giggled and said, “Quite a delicious mystery, isn’t it?” I giggled again and added, “I will only say this…after all this, today? I don’t see myself getting any better at it!”


I kissed her higher up on her back and took that last orange slice in my mouth. I slid down beside her, wrapping her in my arms and legs and kissing her deeply, and sliding that orange slice in her mouth.

The End


© 2019 Sunny Johansen

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Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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