Julie Becomes John’s Pet Ch. 17

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This story makes a lot more sense if you read the first sixteen first. Click my profile for the link to those chapters.


Over the loud music I heard a familiar voice behind me exclaim? “?THERE you are?!”?,? ?and I snapped out of it,? ?turned around,? ?and saw Caroline standing in front of me.? ?I smiled and said I thought she was never coming back,? ?and gave her a hug.? ?I introduced Caroline to my new friend Brittany,? ?who for whatever reason excused herself and never came back.?

I explained to Caroline what happened and told her I wasn’t feeling well.? ?Could we leave??

It was the truth-? ?I wasn’t feeling well at all.? ?It must have taken us close to five minutes to get past the crowds,? ?down the stairs and out the door.? ?My heart was pounding and I was beginning to sweat profusely.? ?When we finally got outside I was hit by the hot, humid ocean air and before long I was racing to the edge of the pier and vomiting into the water.

Could things get any worse?? ?Of course they could-? ?as soon as I stopped puking I heard a deep male voice asking if I was okay,? ?and it was a cop.? ?He then asked if I needed an ambulance.? ?Seriously,? ?as if I was the first person who ever barfed outside of a bar.?

I assured him I was fine,? ?that I just wasn’t used to the cigarette smoke. Caroline told him we were within sight of where we were staying and he agreed bursa escort bayan to just let me go as long as we went straight back to her place

What an asshole.? ?I was pissed about being ordered around like that,? ?but Caroline was right when she said he could have arrested us for public intoxication or whatever other bullshit he might have come up with.?

When we got back to Caroline’s I stripped out of my clothes and stuffed them in a plastic bag? (?they STUNK from people smoking around me), brushed my teeth, and ran into the shower. From there I just kind of collapsed on Caroline’s bed and snuck under the sheets. I was no longer feeling sick but definitely needed a rest.

After Caroline showered she came in to check on me and asked what happened.? ?I was kind of embarrassed when I told her that it was probably sensory overload from the lights and loud music,? ?along with the smell and yes,? ?the alcohol probably had something to do with it,? ?Those really were strong drinks.?

Caroline told me to relax and began gently rubbing my shoulders.? ?It felt really good and and I just relaxed and enjoyed it.? ?She then pulled the sheet down so that my entire back was exposed and straddled me while rubbing my back and shoulders.? ?I thanked her and told her how nice she was. I was as relaxed as a person could be,? ?all somehow without thinking about what was going on.

Then Caroline completely pulled the bed sheet off of me and began massaging the back of my legs and thighs.? ?Naturally bursa bayan escort the? “?holy shit,? ?I’m naked?!” ?alarm went off in my head,? ?but I was thoroughly enjoying what Caroline was doing and besides,? ?a massage is not a sexual act.

Well; that is until the masseuse starts humping the back of your leg with her pussy,? ?rubbing her tits against your back,? ?and running her tongue around the back and sides of your neck.

I started to protest by just saying? “?Caroline,? ?I don’t think…?” ?and she quickly shushed me,? ?telling me to just lay back and enjoy myself while assuring me that I didn’t even have to do anything and besides,? ?nothing serious was happening.? ?I silently agreed,? ?since what she was doing felt SO good.? ?Caroline went right back to work,? ?kissing and rubbing my back and my legs.? ?It felt like another line was crossed when she started caressing,? ?kissing,? ?and licking my ass cheeks but I didn’t protest.? ?I have to confess that when Caroline rubbed her naked body up against mine,? ?it did not feel bad at all.?

This went on for a while and then Caroline told me that I needed to turn over.? ?I tried telling her that we needed to stop,? ?but she said she knew I was enjoying myself since the entire room smelled like my pussy.

I guess when someone says that to you there’s little alternative but to just flip over,? ?so I did.?

When I turned over I was instantly transformed into a different world.? ?When I was on my stomach bursa merkez escort my eyes were either closed or when open,? ?were looking down into a pillowcase.? ?I was detached and in my own universe,? ?feeling good without seeing or observing what was actually going on.

Totally different story when I turned over and was on my back.? ?Now I saw Caroline in the soft light,? ?completely naked,? ?with me completely naked as well.?

?Caroline announced that she was going to start at the bottom and work her way to the top, and she started to gently rub the bottoms of my feet. No one had ever done that for me before and I had no idea how good it would feel- it felt wonderful and I couldn’t help but start letting out little gasps of pleasure. Those gasps got louder when she started caressing my legs while gently kissing and licking my feet. As she did this Caroline slowly began parting my thighs, so slowly that I barely noticed until I momentarily looked down and saw her gazing into my shaved and exposed little pussy as she fondled me.

?Her licking, kissing, and caressing continued moving upward to my thighs and I knew where the location of the next stop this train was taking, so to speak.

?A voice inside my head told me to do whatever I needed to do to stop this, right now. I wasn’t a lesbian, I wasn’t into women, and I wasn’t going to let someone commit a hardcore lesbian sex act upon my body, ie letting another woman perform oral on me. As I’d been told by my Mother and had passed along to my daughter, just because something feels good it doesn’t mean you should do it.

?Another voice in my head told that one to shut the fuck up.

?I opened my legs wide and Caroline immediately picked up on the hint. As they announce at barbecues, it was time to eat- and my pussy was going to be the main dish.

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