Julie Gets Her Name

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My battered butt hole throbbed and pulsated in and out, oozing a steady stream of white slippery cum into a pool on the table top. How could I have been so foolish?


It had been a nice quiet Saturday night. The jocks that I shared the dorm with had gone out to watch our team play a home game and I had had the place to myself for a few hours.

I had downed a little glass of wine and then showered, perfumed myself and changed into my favorite miniskirt and accessories. I come from a family of teetotalers, and rarely drink more than a glass of wine, but tonight I had poured a second glass and stepped out onto the balcony to enjoy the fresh air. I was just raising the glass to my lips when a sudden gust of wind blew the glass door closed. Like an idiot I hadn’t checked the latch, it was locked! I was trapped on the balcony wearing a see through white lacey blouse, white high heeled sandals, black satin microskirt, a tiny red cotton thong and black nylons held up by a black lace garter belt! I had made myself up with mascara, eye shadow and bright red lipstick, and secured my long brown hair in two cheerleader style ponytails.

Another gust of wind and it started to rain! What was I going to do? I finished my wine and shivered with cold. The hours passed, I wanted to pee, it was cold. Nobody saw as I pulled out my cock and pissed into the planter box. Damn, that felt better!

It got rowdy down below, the jocks were back. What was I going to do? They jabbered and whooped and hollered, I could see Doofus, the body builder seemed to be carrying a large sack over his shoulder. They were coming up the stairs now. What could I do? How would I explain myself.

Of course they saw me as soon as they came in, the glass door was opened and they dragged me struggling into the dorm. I was sat in a chair and tied in place. They forced more wine down my throat and then gagged me with a knotted bandana. They turned out the light and pulled the kitchen door almost closed so all I could see was the kitchen table.

“Watch carefully,” said Doofus “this is what is going to happen to you too!”

The sack he had been carrying was their trophy. Our home team had lost, as usual, but the jocks had won, they had captured Trampoline Annie, the away team’s number two cheerleader. She was only semi conscious after the pills they had slipped her and they rapidly set to securing her with ropes, spread eagled on the kitchen table. Her Anadolu Yakası Olgun Escort skirt was pulled up and I had a clear view of her panties. I was pretty innocent as far as girls go and had never seen up under a skirt before.

Crudely Doofus pulled the crotch of her white panties to one side and for the first time in my life I saw a pussy.

He opened it and played with it and fingered it roughly. Next he started to do the same with her butt hole. She was starting to come round from the drugs and as best she could move she thrashed around in her bondage. I could hear muffled sounds, she must have been gagged just like I was.

They took it in turns to grope at her body. Two of them stripped and standing there right in front of me drove their rock hard cocks into her holes, first her cunt, then her ass.

“That’s what we’ll do to you, little sissy whore.” Doofus whispered in my ear.

After a while they tired of her and she was untied from the table and she disappeared from my view. It was going to be my turn next!

How would it feel? What would they really do to me? I closed my eyes. I had always enjoyed wearing women’s underwear. When I had been alone at home I had secretly tried on my mother’s underwear. Now I was at college I had found ways to collect enough items to put together a couple of feminine sets of clothes to wear on nights when the boys had gone out.

Sometimes I would wear my girls underwear underneath my regular clothes for a whole day! It would make my cute little dick swell and feel good!

Were they going to stick their hard cocks in my butt? They looked so big and swollen. Their balls were so much bigger and hairier than mine. I closed my eyes again and remembered that night. That night, the night I was made love to. I’ll never forget how excited I was when I had realized that I was about to be seduced for the first time.

xxx xxx

The area leader of the organization was giving me a ride home that evening. We had only just gone a block when I felt his hand on my leg. I sucked in a deep breath and pushed back in the car seat as the hand crawled higher until his fingers were clawing at my genitals.

I wished that I had been wearing a skirt, nylons, garter belt and panties. My cock and balls would have been tightly encased in the nylon, but the skirt would have made it easier for him to feel me up.

My breathing got fast and heavy Anadolu Yakası Sarışın Escort as I could feel my belt and zipper being unfastened. The hand was inside my underpants, the fingers wrapped around my growing cock.

I couldn’t help myself.

I reached over and slid my hand up his thigh far enough to feel the hot bulge at his crotch.

Where was this leading us? What was going to happen next?

He stopped the car outside his assistant’s house.

The place was in darkness, nobody was home. I felt butterflies in my stomach, perhaps tonight would be the night that I had been waiting for!

I knew they were both gay.

He led me up the dark staircase.

I think the only light was from the streetlights through the drapes. We reached for each others cocks. He kissed me, his face was rough and spikey with a grown man’s stubble. His hand squeezed my balls tightly through the cloth of my pants.

“Take off your clothes!” he commanded.

I eagerly did as I was told, my little penis was stuck out in front of me.

“Get on the bed!”

I lay there naked and inexperienced, his cock was in my mouth. He rolled me over so I was face down and he lay on top of me. I could feel his hot cock resting against my butt crack and he began to rock backwards and forwards so that his cock was rubbing up and down my crack. I reached around and felt his hairy balls. They were huge, I couldn’t fully take even one in my little hand. I wanted to make him happy, I wanted him to be pleased with me, so I pushed back against the rubbing of his cock.

His hands on my shoulders he slowly pulled me to the edge of the bed, I was lay there, face down with my legs hanging off the edge of the bed. It was a high bed, too high for me to kneel. He was behind me I turned my head and felt the roughness of his whiskery face as his lips kissed mine. I wanted to do for him the same thing I knew my friends had been doing. I didn’t even feel it as his cock eased inside of me, it was when he started to pull it out that I felt it first. Then in, out, in, out he stroked it part way in and out. I pushed back against him. I felt his cum spurt inside me and I felt good. He pulled out his cock and stood up. “Get dressed!” he said, “Hurry before S_____ gets home.” Hurriedly I grabbed my clothes and pulled them on.

We ran down the stairs and jumping into his car we sped off into the night. His cum Anadolu Yakası Şişman Escort was leaking out of my bunghole and my underpants were sticky and soaking wet. Only as we pulled up outside of my house I realized that he had had all the pleasure and that all I was going to get was a wet butt.


I was untied from the chair and pulled forward into the kitchen, hoisted onto the table and lashed into place. My legs had been stretched apart and my butt was hanging over the edge of the table, I stared up at the ceiling and bit hard on the gag in my mouth as I felt my thong being pulled to one side. My little dick had shrunk even smaller from the humiliation and my hairless balls were shriveled and retracted to nothing.

“She really is a bitch isn’t she! What’s her name?”

“Let’s call her Julie!”

“Yeah, Julie the bitch!” They poured a whole bottle of beer over my chest. “Wet shirt Julie! Check it out, you can see her cute little titties now her shirt is wet!”

Larry was the first one, he spit on his hand, wiped it on his cockhead and stepped in between my legs, for a moment he pressed against my tight little opening, then suddenly everything gave way and he was inside me. He worked it in and out for quite a while, then grabbing hold of my shoulders he got kind of rough. Then, suddenly, he drove all the way in and I felt the rush of his cum inside me. He stood there with his wet thing inside me, it slowly went limp and my butt squeezed it out like a turd. I felt the wetness of his cum in the crack of my ass.

One by one they all took their turns with me. I had lost count of how many times I was molested and sodomized. It was starting to get light outside. They had all done. There was a moaning sound from the next room. They had forgotten Trampoline Annie. She staggered in,bleary eyed and semi naked.

“We got him.” announced Doofus.

“This is the guy that did it to you.” He said, pointing at me. He pulled the belt from a pair of pants on the floor and gave it to her.

Her hand was up in the air. SMACK, SMACK! The belt landed sharply on my shrunken cock. SMACK! SMACK! Again and again, the little thing reddened and hardened. “He likes it! The little pervert likes it! Do it some more!” SMACK! SMACK! Then something I had never experienced happened to me. I began to feel faint, my balls felt swollen and I felt a hotness somewhere between my cock and my dripping butt hole. I thrashed around in my bondage as I was being spanked. SMACK!! On the last whack of the belt my whole body shook and for the first time ever I had cum!! Some of it was on my chest, some was in my hair, but most of it was in my face!

“Julie! Julie! Cumfaced Julie!” They would tease me from now on.

What they didn’t know was how much I had enjoyed myself!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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