Just A Bit Of A Tease

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I wake up a bit earlier than you do only to snuggle in closer to you . . . Softly and slowly drawing my leg up the entire length of yours… I feel you start to stir and cease all of my movements. I feel your arms tighten ever so slightly around me and smile. I slowly lean over you and softly kiss your lips … Noticing that you are slowly waking. I lean back over you and kiss your still closed eyelids. Sighing contently as I feel your arms tighten around me a bit more.

I whisper in your ear, “Good morning, Baby.”

Smiling devilishly, I press my body fully against yours and kiss you passionately. I jump up off of the bed before you can respond fully to my assault. I smile sweetly at your slightly sleeping form as I head off for my morning shower. I turn on the taps, first the hot water and then adjusting the cold water to just the right temperature. Humming a happy tune, I pile my hair up on top of my head and secure it with an over sized ponytail holder. Thinking happy thoughts and continuing to hum my happy tune I peel back the shower curtain. Stepping into the shower and allowing the steam to envelope my awakening body. Reaching for the peach scented body wash … hoping that the citrus scent will wake me up. I gently start to scrub my body, thoroughly washing myself from head to toe. I reach up and loosen my ponytail, tossing the holder over the top of the shower and hearing it land in the sink. I reach down for the peach scented shampoo and lather up my hair in a mound of suds. I rinse my hair and reach down to turn the taps off, opening the shower curtain only to discover you there holding a big fluffy towel.

I lean out of the shower, dripping wet and offer you my lips in thanks for the towel. Giving you a brief kiss, I take the towel and wrap it around my drenched head. I step out and notice you haven’t moved from where you were from our kiss. Spying another fluffy towel behind you, I press my wet body against you . . . molding myself to your form; kissing your cheek; snatching the towel and scampers off to the bedroom to dry off and get dressed.

As I’m toweling my hair, I see you standing in the doorway and can see the fire of desire smoldering deep in your eyes. I pile up my hair as I brush by you heading to the kitchen to make you some breakfast. I giggle softly to myself as I hear you growl as I brush by you.

As you come into the kitchen, I set a plate of pancakes at your spot at the table. Humming and smiling I pour you a glass of juice and add a bowl of fresh fruit by your plate. Pouring myself a cup of coffee, I sit down at the table with a bowl of fresh fruit and honey. Grinning impishly I eat each piece with my fingers, offering you a bit Antalya Escort from my fingertips. Looking into your eyes, I slowly lick the honey from my fingers and slowly drink my coffee. Clearing off my dishes from the table, I sing a little tune and drop a present in your lap, waiting as you open it. I laugh slightly at the bemused look on your face . . . saying,

“Yes, it’s the remote for the television. You get to watch whatever you want; even football and don’t forget to invite your friends over.”

You still look confused as I usher you out of the kitchen and into the living room, dropping the cordless in your lap. I quickly dart out of the way before you can grab me.

I shake my head at you and say, “In due time, hun. In due time.”

As the day passes, I keep tormenting you ever so slightly. Kissing your cheek, brushing against you as I walk by you, licking my lips innocently. I can see the fire smoldering in your eyes as you try your best to watch television and entertain your friends. I can see that you cannot wait for them to go. With that thought in my head I go about the day doing the little things for you, bringing you another soda, bringing chips and dip into the living room for you and your friends, and clearing away the empty beer/soda bottles from the coffee table. I ask you for your help in the kitchen, making sub sandwiches for you and your friends. I push you up against the kitchen wall and kiss you passionately, ravishing you with my hands and body. Teasing and tempting you right there. Whispering . . . “Your friends are in the next room.”

Grinning wickedly I slip out of your arms and back into making sandwiches. I pass you the tray laden with beer and sodas and carry the tray with sub sandwiches into the living room. I smile at your friends and ask them if they’re having a good time. Receiving warm smiles and a few very much so’s I go back to amusing myself. As the day winds down, I decide to start dinner as you usher your friends out the door and back to their lives. I go about preparing dinner: spaghetti, salad, garlic bread . . . one of my favorite meals . . . So content in my activities of the day that has passed I continue to relish the thought of what is to come. As you come into the kitchen I ask you to toss the salad that is on the counter and tell you that dinner will be ready in a few minutes. I ask you to see if you can find a good bottle of wine in the refrigerator, uncork it and pour us both a glass. Taking my glass from your hand, I look at you over the rim of the glass and slowly sip the contents.

Asking innocently, “Did you enjoy your day today?”

Seeing the answer in your eyes, I have to laugh Antalya Escort Bayan softly.

“It will all end soon. Have a little faith and a lot of patience.”

Sitting across from you at dinner I rub my foot against yours, slowly up your leg and rest it in your lap. I try not to laugh at the flush that is spreading over your neck and up to your hairline. I slowly and deliberately torment you through out dinner. Seeing that you’re almost to the boiling point I cease my movements.

I tell you “The dishes can wait. But you need to give me ten minutes before you come upstairs.”

I love looking at the bemused look upon your face. On my way out of the room, I turn on the radio to some soft music, in hopes to relax you a bit. Before the ten minutes is up I return with a blind fold in my hand.

“Do you trust me?”

You nod your head in agreement as I blindfold you. I take your hand and lead you upstairs. I stop at the top of the stairs and remove your shirt, kissing the exposed flesh. I lead you a few more steps and help you out of the rest of the clothes. At last I lead you towards the room of my toiling. In there I remove your blindfold, tell you to step in and hand you a beer. You have managed to find yourself in the bathroom, with a bubble bath, candles, soft music and me with a beer in my hand.

“Get in and relax. Enjoy the peace and quiet. Let all your troubles melt away.”

As you slip into the tub, I sit at the end of it and watch you for a bit.

Smiling impishly I ask, “May I join you? I cannot resist a grown man in a bubble bath. It’s so sexi!”

As I wait for your answer I slowly peel off every layer of clothing I have. Letting each piece fall to the floor and landing in a soft “thud.” I slowly step into the tub and relish the sight of me standing over you completely naked. I turn my back towards you and slowly sink into the tub. Loving the feel of your skin against mine, the slipperiness of the bubbles and water and the heat of the passion ignited between the both of us. I lean my head back towards you and kiss you softly.

“Have you had enough of my tormenting today? Or shall I continue my onslaught?”

I cannot resist but to tease you a bit more before I step out of the tub and into a fluffy robe. I offer you a robe and a towel. I hang the robe on the hook on the back of the door as I begin to towel you dry. With firm and gentle strokes. I then pick up the robe and drape it over your shoulders and lead you to the bedroom. At the end of the bed, I remove your robe and have you lie down on your stomach. I pour a generous amount of warm body oil on your back and proceed to give you one heck Escort Antalya of a body massage. Making sure you are thoroughly relaxed before I turn you over . . . whispering softly “Are you ready?” I slide my oil-coated body up over yours and place my lips next to yours. Feeling your warm breath upon my cheek. I kiss you softly and tenderly. I slowly ignite the fire that has been burning deep within me all day. I lift myself up and slowly lower myself down upon you, inch by slow inch. I gasp in delight as I take you deep inside of me, loving the feel of every inch.

Sliding myself up and down over you, keeping my hands lightly rested upon your chest, I lean over and kiss you. Smiling at the slippery feel of us. Taking note of the lack of normal friction and take full advantage of it. Sliding my body up yours, wiggling back and forth as I move up. Hips to hips, chest-to-chest, and chin to chin, I kiss you softly. Slowly, swirling my tongue around yours, grinding against you softly, and tangling my fingers in your hair. I tease and torment you until you let out a growl of frustration. You lock your arms around me and roll over until you’re on top. Looking up at you with fire in my eyes, you straddle me and kiss my lips. Picking up the bottle of oil, you pour a small amount into your hands and rub them together; warming the oil slightly. Placing your hands gently on my neck, you trace a trail down to my collarbones, lightly massaging and caressing at the same time. Arching my body against you, I grant you access to every inch of exposed flesh.

You trace your way down every inch of exposed skin, sending little shocks and tingles all over my skin. Your touch maddens me and makes me become more wanton. I arch against you, feeling you just out of “reach.” Before you can continue your sensual massage, I turn the tables once again.

Shaking my head, I ask, “Who said you could be in control? Hmm?”

Laughing throatily, I slide back up and into my favorite position. Mounting you and grinning triumphantly. Softly and slowly, I begin to make tender love with you. But I know that is not what either of us desire. I feel the passion and the heat start to take over and pick up my pace. Looking down at you, I smile and lean over, offering you my lips. Kissing you passionately, I feel the small beginnings of pleasure winning. Sitting back up, taking every inch of you inside of me, I let the passion and pleasure take over. I let it set my pace and drive me wild. Losing all sense of time and place, I ride each pleasure wave. The next one taking me higher than the one before. Moaning loudly, tossing my head back, I begin to twitch. Sitting up fully, looking down into your eyes, I kiss you once more as I loose complete and utter control. I feel your fingers dig into my bare bottom as I know you’re about to join me in bliss. I continue my “ride” upon you and not stopping until you’ve joined me. Drenched in sweat, panting for breath, I murmur, “Now, was that well worth it?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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