Just a Regular Saturday Night

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“I’m gonna get a drink honey” John leaned down and kissed his wife, Janet who was sitting astride a swarthy man.

Janet’s hands were planted firmly on the man’s chest and her arms squeezed her ample breasts into a gorgeous cleavage.

“O.K Babe,” Janet raised her face to kiss him.

“Mmmmm that looks yummy.” He slipped his finger into the cleft between her breasts.

Their kiss deepened and his hand wandered to explore her nipple. She broke away from his lips and threw her head back in pleasure as she ground her hips against her partner’s cock. John smiled as he watched his wife pleasuring herself and her partner.

Around the bed other naked people watched the attractive brunette ride her partner to climax with her dark hair flying and her full breasts jiggling.

John still had to pinch himself when he found himself in these situations. For many months he and Janet had passed the idea of swinging between them. They had many nights of hot sex as they whispered their fantasies to each other. The idea of watching his wife with another man made John hard every time he thought of it.

One day, bumming around on the net, John found a swingers website. He and Janet spent a few hours looking at photos and profiles. As they flicked through photos of naked people and read some stories of people’s experiences, they found they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. This was their wildest dream and now it was almost within their reach.

After joining and spending a couple of hot nights watching couples playing with each other through their webcam and returning the favor, John and Janet found themselves invited to their first party. The night was everything it promised and more. John found ample opportunity to watch his gorgeous curvy wife pleasuring other men with her skilled mouth and hands.

The climax of the night for him was watching a strong young man pumping into Janet as she kneeled on the bed in front of him. To make the whole experience more surreal the man’s own partner was kneeling obligingly in front of him offering up her sweet round ass to grip while he plunged his rock hard cock into her hot wet cunt. “What was a guy to do but oblige her?” he thought.

For days afterwards John got a hard-on every time he thought of the slap of the other man’s thighs against Janet’s round butt. He remembered the feeling of the tight wet pussy that was offered to him at the same time. Whenever Janet was around he couldn’t keep his hands off her. They fucked anywhere and everywhere, like teenagers.

Now they found themselves at parties like this about once a month. They had met some fantastic people and both of them had found themselves doing and saying things they never thought were possible.

Talking about what he got up to on the weekend with his mates on Monday mornings also proved interesting. The usual comment John made about his weekends went something like,

“Oh you know, not much, hung around the house, and watched a movie. The usual.”

John’s friends never missed an opportunity to tease him about his boring life. It was implied more than once that if his social life was so boring his sex life must be non-existent. John took their jibes on the chin knowing they would never believe him if he told them the truth.

As they went along, John and Janet found themselves becoming more and more adventurous with their fantasies and fetishes.

Janet had developed a fascination with cocks. She loved to explore the soft skin first with her fingers and then with her tongue. She had always been good at giving head but now she was off the dial.

John loved it when she brought home a new trick to try out. She had learned to do some things with her tongue that made John feel as if his head would explode. altyazılı porno He felt he was the luckiest man alive.

John found himself becoming more and more fascinated with cum. He loved seeing a guy pump a load into Janet’s mouth and he loved seeing a pussy that was dripping cum after sex. Whenever he saw a woman bent over with cum around the lips of her pussy he had the strongest urge to walk up to her and lick her out.

To date he hadn’t had the guts to live out his fantasy. He was afraid that even his newfound friends might think it was weird. Janet of course understood, but he wasn’t sure anyone else would.

So sometimes he found himself standing beside the bed with all the other naked people watching as a woman was filled full of cum and wishing he could taste it as it was being pumped into her.

Every time they went to a party a tiny part of him secretly wished he would have the chance to live out his fantasy.

“One day,” he would tell himself, “one day.”

Looking around the room, John’s attention was grabbed by the round pert butt of a beautiful woman he had been chatting to earlier. He decided to follow the inviting roundness as it strolled out of the room. As they made their way down the short hallway, vague ideas of finding a quiet corner somewhere formed in John’s mind.

Once in the corridor he noticed a few people standing in the doorway of the second bedroom. The owner of the butt stopped to chat briefly for a moment with some of the people. As John reached the doorway his attention was grabbed by the action happening in the room in front of him. On the bed, a woman was kneeling with her head resting on her forearms. She was naked except for a very short skirt that rested across the top of her butt cheeks. Even though it hid nothing, the small scrap of fabric made the woman’s ass very alluring.

Short skirts were John’s other fetish. Once he set eyes on a barely covered butt nothing could hold him back. Janet knew this, and her wardrobe contained several little skirts that she pulled out from time to time when she wanted to give him a treat or if she was just horny and needed a good seeing to.

The butt he had been following moved on towards the kitchen. John was torn. She really was cute, but that skirt and the bare exposed pussy called to him. He glanced back into the room and he noticed a glisten of pussy juice mixed with a small dribble of cum.

He was a goner. No amount of wriggling and winking by the butt’s owner could persuade him to leave now. John’s cock stood out stiffly in front of him and he inhaled the scent of sex in the room.

Sitting on either side of the woman were two other men, one on either side of the woman, their hands moved in long smooth strokes down her back. Standing behind and slightly to one side of her was another man.

“Baby, fuck me hard.” the woman spoke to him. “I want you to fill me up even more.”

John realized this man was her husband. He stared, mesmerized as the woman’s husband reached out and stroked the lips of her pussy with the tip of his finger. Slowly he pressed his finger inside her dripping cunt. She backed against his hand hungrily.

It dawned on John that the two men sitting beside her had just emptied themselves into her. For a second he wondered how many other men had fucked her.

Without realizing, John had stepped into the room and now he found himself standing on the other side of the woman from her husband. Up close the smell of pussy and cum was even stronger. A shudder went through him. It was all he could do to stop himself from grabbing her and thrusting into her.

Images of pushing his throbbing cock deep into her wet cunt filled his mind. He thought about the feeling of cum welling up around his cock and dripping down türkçe altyazılı porno his balls as he pumped her. The craving was irresistible. Tentatively he reached out and touched her.

The woman’s husband kneeled down directly behind her and started licking her. He pressed his tongue softly over the outer lips of her pussy and slid upwards to press his tongue deep into her cum soaked pussy. John’s fingers clenched into a fist at his side; his cock throbbed. Right then he would have done anything to plunge his tongue into deep wet pussy.

The husband looked at John from the corner of his eye as he probed into the sacred pussy. The woman panted frantically, pressing her butt against her husband’s face.

“Baby I need you to fuck me NOW,” she moaned.

John swallowed hard, aching to taste the woman’s pussy himself. Absently his hand stroked his swollen cock slowly building up more tension inside him.

Beside him the woman’s husband stood between her legs. With one hand he stroked the lips of her pussy with his swollen cock. She backed against him hungrily but he avoided plunging into her, he wasn’t ready, yet.

“Do you want to touch this beautiful pussy?” He whispered to John. “She is so frantic for a cock but if you touch her now it will drive her crazy.

In a trance, John reached over and stroked the lips of her pussy. He felt as if he was in a dream world. He was sure that he would find himself waking up on a couch somewhere and this dream would end.

Coated in her juice and the other men’s cum, the woman’s pussy felt like silk. John pressed his fingers deep inside her. Cum oozed out, coating his fingers and dripping onto his hand. He moved his fingers in and out of her as if it were a cock fucking her.

Short sharp cries came from the woman’s lips. Beside his fingers John felt her husband’s cock pressing into her. Her soaking, wet pussy yielded easily, allowing John to keep his fingers inside her for a moment while her husband fucked her.

The intimacy of what they were doing reeled through John’s mind. His own cock demanded attention and he stroked with his free hand in time with the husband’s thrusts.

“She would love it if you licked her while I fucked her,” the man whispered into John’s ear.

He didn’t think it was possible but John’s cock got harder at the thought. Without a word he lay down on the bed and slipped his head underneath the woman’s belly. The smell of her juice and the sound of her small cries filled his mind.

Tentatively John reached his tongue out and tasted the woman’s pussy. Her sweet juice taste mixed with the slightly salt taste of cum in her pussy. Slowly John licked upwards stroking his tongue over the woman’s swollen clit and over part of the velvet skin of the cock that was fucking her. Both the woman and the man gave out small cries of pleasure.

His tongue returned to the swollen node of the woman’s clit, stroking over it softly at first, gradually increasing the pressure. Her cries of pleasure reverberated through her body, sounding a little muffled to John in the little dark cave between her belly and her legs. Beside his face, her husband’s cock slid rapidly in and out of her.

Small drips of her juice fell on John’s face. Greedily he ate up all that he could. He was sucking on her clit now, covering it with his lips and feeling her folds and skin pressing against is tongue. The cock and balls stroked his cheek.

All the while his free hand worked his cock. For a fleeting moment he thought that the only thing that could make this better would be another warm wet pussy wrapped around his own cock. It was almost too much to ask but somehow he wished for it.

Then without warning he felt a pair of lips wrapped around his shaft. Without thinking hd altyazılı porno John thrust upwards as a mouth covered him and began to suck his cock. Pleasure exploded into his mind. He moaned into the wet pussy hovering above his face.

The vibrations from his moaning sent the couple above him to another level. The woman’s cries increased, filling John’s ears and drowning out his own moans. The man’s balls swayed gently, slapping against John’s cheek as he increased his pace.

Around John’s cock, the woman’s lips moved up and down faster. Her tongue flicked over the head of his cock at the start of each stroke. The pressure in John’s mind was intense. So much pleasure soaked through his body that he found it difficult to concentrate.

The pace of the couple above him increased. In his mouth, John felt the woman’s clit swelling even more as she came closer to a massive orgasm. John felt her juices streaming into his mouth and down his chin bringing his mind back to the cum in her pussy.

With a loud groan the man pumped his cum into her. The salty white liquid seeped out around her pussy lips and dripped onto John’s lips. Greedily he lapped at it as the woman screamed out her pleasure. The spasm of her muscles pressed out more liquid into John’s waiting mouth. Hungrily he licked it all up not wanting to waste a drop.

Slowly the couple collapsed on the bed beside him kissing and holding each other. John looked downwards and smiled at the sight of his pretty wife sucking intently on his cock. She smiled up at him.

“I just came in here and saw this gorgeous cock sticking up,” she smiled innocently at him. “I thought it deserved a little attention.”

With a warm smile John cupped her head in the palm of his hand. The couple had moved away from the bed now; as John wiggled further onto the bed he pulled, his wife onto him. He sighed in pleasure as his cock sank into her depths.

The sounds and tastes of what he had just experienced whirled through his mind. Still it felt like a dream. Not a dream he had ever dared to have, but a dream nonetheless. He looked up at the familiar sight of his wife sitting astride him.

His hands reached up and cupped her full breasts. For a moment they were still and he savoured the weight in his palms. She leaned down and kissed him.

“Mmmm” she licked her lips. “You have been a busy boy. Was it fun?”

“I can’t describe how amazing it was,” he replied lost for words to describe his experience.

“It looked pretty amazing.” She closed her eyes and threw her head back. Somehow she sensed how much he craved a release and her desire matched his. She leaned back and he could see a little peek of her pussy wrapped around his cock as she rode him.

The orgasm hit him by surprise. He almost didn’t feel the build-up. Janet matched him. Within a few seconds she moaned and writhed on top of him. He never tired of seeing her that way. It was the most beautiful thing he had and would ever see.

The Monday morning conversation over coffee progressed as it usually did.

“So mate, how boring was your Saturday night?” John’s mate Steve pushed John on the shoulder.

“Well,” John paused for effect. “It was pretty good actually.”

“Oh yeah? What did you do?” Steve ribbed gently. “Stay in and watch ‘Fast and the Furious 5’?”

“Nah, we decided to spice it up a bit this week,” John savoured the next words before he said them. “Janet and I went to a swinger’s party. What did you get up to?”

The table erupted in noise and laughter. Steve led the chorus of responses.

“Whatever!” Steve couldn’t contain himself. “Paula and I went skinny dipping in the Whitsundays.”

John smiled, “I hear the water is pretty warm there this time of the year.” He looked at his friends around the table and decided to really give them something to talk about. “Janet and I are thinking of heading there for a holiday with some really good friends of ours soon.”

With that he got up from the table and went back to work.

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