Just An Innocent Camping Trip

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Not much happened the week following the Doe party. That was likely no surprise. Bob hadn’t been fiddling much with his wife, and Julie hadn’t been over as yet either. It wasn’t until Thursday that he had even gotten the urge to jack off, let alone please a woman. But he thought to himself, boy, that sure was some weekend.

He was still curious about the mystery girl. He had not encountered her yet. And it was starting to play on his imagination. All the girls in the room had sure been amused with themselves though. He could still imagine the satisfaction he had felt while he was fucking her.

Everything about her was still so clear in his mind’s eye. He was sure he would be able to recognize her again if all he had to work with was the feel of her ass. He knew she had a mole on her left cheek. And he figured he could identify her by the feel of her pussy flesh.

Damn though, they had really chuckled. He recalled how they had hooted as he made that final grunt and pumped himself into her warm wetness. There was something about that. Somehow it was an inside joke he was not in on. Just who was that woman. Why was it so amusing watching him unload his load into that particular woman. It had to be someone that technically he shouldn’t have been fucking. But who? He pondered it on occasion, but no one seemed unduly taboo. Or at least the ones that seemed unlikely just HAD to be unlikely.

And there was no way to establish the “new member” was the same woman he was pondering as well. It could just as easily be one of the other females there. Who knows, it might not even be a woman that had been at the party. Of course that didn’t make sense. He generally encountered new members sexually before they made the choice to be part of the club. Technically quite a few had that option now. He had lost count, and was unable to say just how many cunts he slid had into at the Doe Party.

Sitting at the computer musing though, had left him quite erect. Finally he was in a mood to jack off. Seemed like this was uncommon now. Last few months sure had been some switch in lifestyle. He would have laughed greatly if someone had postulated this existence a year ago. He had pared back his collection of visual material on the computer. Didn’t seem all that important to him any more.

He loaded up the gallery and rubbed some oil on himself. He sat there in just a shirt, massaging his cock while enjoying a few pics of atypical images. He had lost the obsession with cumshots. That certainly was old news now. He slowly pumped himself not specifically in earnest. Then his wife June walked in from grocery shopping.

“I see you are feeling revitalized Bob dear” she called from inside the kitchen.

“Yeah been thinking of that gal none of you women will talk about” he said over his shoulder.

All he got back was a muted giggle from June. He heard her plunking down canned goods and other items.

“Ooooh wouldn’t you like to know heheh”.

Yeah I just can’t for the life of me think who would let me fuck them, and would warrant such secrecy eh”.

Bob continued to masturbate thinking of several women, but was unable to convince himself it could be one of them. He off handedly dismissed his sister. Nah that wasn’t going to happen no matter how drunk they made her. His mother was out, heck he would recognize an older woman he thought for sure. He was just unable to ponder someone else totally taboo.

June entered the living room area to see him with his erect cock in hand getting a good pumping.

“Its like totally unrelated I assure ya, but I got a phone call while you were out. You must have signed up as available or something. Anyways, they asked you to be the guy they have to provide “security” for a Scouting outing. I took the liberty of volunteering you. I knew you would go.” June snickered a bit over that last comment.

“Oh yeah? You mean they need me on a camping trip thing, cool. But you are hiding details somehow. I can hear it in your voice.

“Yeah has nothing to do with your regular group. Not even actually Scouts I think. Well yes its Scouting I suppose.” She wandered back into the kitchen to leave Bob hanging wondering.

“What?! Well tell me the rest damn it June!” Bob spluttered out.

He overheard her in the kitchen. “How about you finish what you got going there first eh”.

She heard his chair creak a bit then his breathing got a bit more rough. Maybe a short bit after as she was just getting groceries finished, she heard him moan slightly, and assumed he was unloading his cock at that moment. Then she heard him get up and he walked into the kitchen, his oily cock being wiped off by a towel.

“Ok tell me. I can think clearly now that this thing is no longer a going concern.”

“Ok, basically, they need you to assist a group of Girl Guides that are taking a canoeing excursion. I guess you were the lucky name that got picked heheh”.

“What? Just me? Bob asked somewhat incredulous.

“Well ya you see you are Escort Sincan ah safe because you are a married man”.

Both smirked at same time over that one.

“It’s set for this weekend. You are taking a bus up north and then picking up the canoes on site I suppose. It supposed to be a Friday evening trip up, and back Monday night. Guess your lucky it’s a long weekend.

“Hmmm guess I only have today and tomorrow to prepare then”.

“Are you up to this dear? I mean are you going to make it ok?”

“Well it’s a given I will be some completely worthless the rest of the week I suppose.

So Bob set to ponder what would be required. It intrigued him that he was being sent into the sticks with a handful of young women alone though. Someone must have thought there was merit to having a man along. Enough so that it was no big deal he was one man with several women.

The next day flew by and Bob had to hustle to get his gear in order. He wasn’t actually taking much. It was just a weekend. A second set of clothes, bug stuff, and light easy food to carry. Only thing that was going to be a nuisance was water as far as he saw it. He wasn’t planning on taking any sort of fancy sleeping back though. A decent fire blanket would be fine.

So all packed he was ready. He had arranged a lift over to the bus and was happy to see he wasn’t to late.

He arrived to see a number of girls and one older woman getting gear stashed onto a common school bus.

“Howdy, I guess this is the place” Bob commented casually.

“Hello” said the older woman cheerfully. “You must be Bob I guess”.


“My name is Kate. We seem to have used up all the lower storage, I guess you will have to put your items inside on the seats”.

Bob looked over the girls. There were 8 younger girls who looked like they could have been any age to Bob. He always hated trying to fathom the ages of women.

“How old are all you girls?”

Kate answered. “All the girls are 18, they have recently completed about all there is to do with the youth groups. This is sort of a last outing before they either join as an adult leader or not I suppose. It was a bit of a competition to get on this trip though. There were 23 other girls that wanted to go.”

The chat wandered off as everyone got gear stowed. Then everyone got on the bus and they were off. Bob sat near the rear of the bus enjoying the ride. He wasn’t having much trouble with the scenery on or off the bus today. 3 of the girls were a bit plainish looking, but in truth they were all nice looking really. There was one girl though that was most assuredly attractive. Bob was having trouble not looking at her.

Bob’s cock was not having much success ignoring her either. She had removed a jacket to reveal a fairly nice cheat in a reasonably snug tube top. Each bump the bus went over, sent her breasts bouncing. After a few miles of this, Bob had a definite erection. He wasn’t sure, but he thought he had been caught looking too. Darn women were always so good and finding out men it seemed.

Several washroom breaks later and the trip ended at a fairly wooded locale. They had arrived at a dirt track that lead into the boonies. Everyone began to get out gear and load themselves up for the walk in. The trip would be a short walk into the bush to the river where the canoes would already be waiting. The idea being to take the river downstream and be picked up at the other end.

It was late afternoon, so everyone wasted no time setting off. Bob was still wondering about the real need for his presence though. This was just a ride the canoes downriver thing basically. No fancy white water or any such thing.

The day had been quite warm though. Everyone was glad to be clear of the bus as it had been confining in the days heat. Several comments were passed around about being glad to be off of it.

The bus drove away leaving them to themselves. The girls filed off down the road in a single line. After about 15 minutes it became clear the road was seldom used much if at all. And it started to climb a serious enough grade that everyone was getting fairly sweaty stalking along.

“Come on you loafers” Kate jabbed over her shoulder. “Its supposed to be a 2 hour walk if we don’t doddle to much. Plan is to get there and make camp for the night. I would rather have a good chunk of daylight to do that in though”

Bob was at the end of the line of girls plodding along. He wasn’t in a hurry to move a great deal faster than the girls were going either. So he refrained from joining in chiding the younger girls. He was completely drenched in sweat though. All lustful thoughts were absent from his head at the moment. It appeared the girls were fairly parched as well. Several were wiping foreheads frequently.

Then they finally arrived at the launching point. The canoes were there as planned. Nothing else though. They would have been sent there just a couple of days earlier in all likelihood.

“Oooooh Sincan Escort man look at the water” remarked one of the girls.

The remainder joined in as one commenting on how good it would be to cool off.

“Make yourself scarce Bob while we get into a suits eh”.

“Sure thing, I need to take a moment alone too heheh” Bob insinuated he needed to use nature’s bathroom.

He returned 10 minutes later to find all the ladies had donned suits and we cooling off in the stream.

“Hey stupid get into your swimsuit and join us, you look like you need it too”.

“Ahhh I neglected to bring a suit, I don’t get out swimming much, wasn’t on my mind when I packed unfortunately”.

Bob sat down on a log and watched them splash around. Several girls had particularly nice shapes in those suits. Before he could arrest the thought, his cock responded. He sat there frustrated now with quite a powerful erection barely concealed by his posture.

He sat there for 30 minutes watching the girls cool off. And he wasn’t cooling off much himself. And his cock wouldn’t stay limp more than a matter of moments. One of the girls would move around, and well, modern swimsuits don’t leave much to the imagination these days.

Finally one girl, Bob figured her to be the one in the group that was the outrageous one, asked if he planned on baking all the way through the trip. He commented that he would get by somehow.

Then she took to chattering with several of the girls.

“Come on man you need to cool off, we ain’t capable of carrying you if you drop from heat eh.”

“Yeah but what about the suit problem?”

“No Problem” she calmly stated. Don’t wear anything.

This set off a full course round of giggles.

“Yeah right. That is not happening ladies”.

“Come on, what do we need to do to convince you?”

“Well equal opportunity is asking a bit much eh”

“That’s it then is it.”

She reached into the water, and Bob stared in disbelief. She was holding her briefs, and she clearly wasn’t in them. A couple of the girls fussed over this development. But several minutes of cajoling eventually wore them down. Not to mention three others had down the same.

“Hmmm I still don’t know.”

“Ok then were your briefs in”.

That satisfied Bob to a small measure. But clearly the erection was going to be tricky. He went and removed all but his shorts. But his cock wasn’t playing nice. He was hard, noticeably hard. He tried to get in the water as quickly as possible, but him being hot and the water cold made for a shock. Finally he was under water.

He swam around casually trying to act proper. Even in the cool water he still managed a partial erection. The girls were keeping a small distance. But clearly he was at their mercy. Then he suddenly felt hands at his hips. With a quick tug that he wasn’t expecting, his briefs were gone. He stood there dumb founded. His cock went totally rigid relishing the reality of being nude in the company of these girls. Then Margaret, the forward one surfaced a short way from him holding her trophy. She giggled merrily and then tossed them to shore. That ended any discussion about her giving them to him. Then the girls all one followed by another flung portions of suits to the beach. The lot of them were all now skinny dipping.

“Come on Bob enjoy the moment”

Several girls chimed in about how everyone will be cracking jokes anyway, might as well enjoy what others will be implying at any rate.

They indulged their swim another half hour until it was getting late enough that it was time to set up camp and be ready for the evening. The fun part was getting out. Margaret led off as was likely predictable. She rose up out of the water and began to walk out. She was a watery vision to be sure.

Her breasts swayed and she had a nice ass too. She bent over to grab up her suit and Bob was briefly flashed her charms. He had been more or less relaxed the last few minutes and had actually lost his erection. Seeing her naked body leave the water stopped all that though. He could feel himself stiffening steadily. This wasn’t going to be easy. The girls all soon followed Margaret’s lead, Bob was helpless as he watched 10 nude girls, all fine examples of the female form rise up out of the water. He was done for, his cock was hard as a rock.

“Ya gotta come out sometime dear” Teased Margaret as she bent over and slipped on her clothes. She was not hiding herself in any way. He watched her breasts fall forward and dangle freely as she pulled up her pants. The rest of the girls were also in various states of dress in moments.

So he resigned himself. He slowly walked out. And his cock proudly got there ahead of him. Several young voices commented on his manhood as he got into he shorts.

“Nice cock Bob. I am looking forward to seeing that tomorrow during our swim heheh”

He hesitated to remark though.

Rapidly the tents were put up and the fire pit dealt with. The Sincan Escort Bayan darkness arrived promptly enough. Everyone was fairly bushed though. Any monkey business that might have happened, was forgotten when everyone crashed for the evening. During the night, Bob woke made his way out into the woods a short way and relieved himself quietly. Although he was not expecting to get that luxury as conveniently again.

The next day started smoothly. Everyone woke and with a bit of giggling sorted out the canoes and made off bright and early. It was a hot morning again. Several hours’ worth of paddling, and everyone was good and sweaty. It was decided by unanimous decision to have another swim. This was of course Unanimous if you exclude Bob’s reservations.

They found a spot that offered a good stop option. It had a nice bit of passable beach sand and a small clearing. It was warm enough that Kate suggested everyone swish out there clothes and then leave them to dry in the sun. They had made good speed as well, so eventually it was decided to just make camp there. Kate and two other girls put up the pop up style tents quickly and then managed a quick pole to drape their things.

Everyone was well into their swim. Bob was a bit leery of the girls and attempted to stay at least partially removed. He had though felt more than one hand caress his cock. The girls were having sport with him.

Then a random element occurred. Out of the trees sauntered a fairly good sized Black bear. Kate was at that time the only one on shore. She had just finished ditching her clothes and was confronting the bear butt naked. She quite logically did the obvious, She hurried herself into the water with the rest of the group. It was a sight initially to see Kate, her ample breasts in a good deal of motion high tail it into the water.

The bear was in no hurry but managed to do about the most outrageous thing possible. He upset the pole with the clothing on it. It fell towards the fire. In what is like a once in a million chance, it spread through the clothes and embers torched the tents. Everything inside just went poof. To much in the way of burnable fabrics. The bear spooked, but the damage was done.

It was a naked group of Scouting types that watched as all their things were made ash. Everyone just sat in the water to stunned to think. All that was left to them was food stores in the canoes. They might not be hungry, but the remainder of the trip was going to be alarmingly au natural.

“Ohhhh shit!, What are we going to do Kate?”.

This was met with a barrage of questions, none were getting through.

“Well we can’t stay here, that bear might be still around.”

“Yes” said Bob “I think we better go downriver a bit first, then think about it.”

This was about all that they could do at that moment. The girls all got into their canoes and launched off. They did it nude though. It was quite the sight. Although the usable daylight was not going to be around to much longer. They had only a few more hours to work with.

Many things raced through Bob’s mind. The trouble was he was sitting in the back of his canoe. And all nice as you please was Kate’s bare ass. Just as well she was in front. He had quite the stiff one going on. He went erect almost as soon as they shoved off. It had stayed that way too. He could see his cock dripping fluids. He was so damn aroused right now. When he looked ahead all he could see was a row of naked girls making their way down the river. God was he getting horny by the moment. This was heading somewhere that’s for sure he thought.

It was clear they would need to stop soon. And none of them had a damn thing to wear. Nothing zip nadda.

“Well this is as good a spot I suppose” Commented Kate.

“Yeah I haven’t seen a lot of places along here the last 30 minutes.” Bob agreed.

Kate hollered forward to the girls. “Bring it in here girls”.

One by one the girls brought the canoes ashore. And they all milled around nude in the dwindling light conditions. But Bob was able to see plenty still. As he got out he momentarily forgot his buddy’s condition. He was reminded by a sampling of giggles.

“Doesn’t look like that things roughing it eh” smirked one of the girls.

Bob blushed but was unable to hide it all the much.

Fortunately the matches etc. were with the cooking gear and the food on the canoe. They were able to at least get a fire going as the light faded into evening. But all they could manage was to sit around the fire. And all quite naked. And Bob had a hard on that would knock over a cement truck.

“Doesn’t it hurt to be stiff that long?” Inquired one of the girls that hadn’t been all that shocking thus far.

“Well it does tend to get uncomfortable eventually” Bob muttered half heartedly.

It seemed like the matter was dropped. But Bob had to get some firewood and eventually rose to retrieve more. He came back to the fire with an armload. Before he was able to drop them though, Margaret rose and intercepted him. She moved in front of him and placed her hand on his as yet still hard cock.

“I can’t speak for the others, but even if you can handle it I can’t. I have sat here looking at your cock for as long as I am able to do so.”

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