Just Deserts

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(continuing from Life Gets Better, they had just finished a torrid session)

“Yummy,” he heard her say as she lay there.

“I think we’ll stay in tonight and I’ll cook something,” he said.

He smiled at her and added, “I hope I can still walk to the market.”

Somehow red meat sounded like a perfect meal tonight.


It had been good for both of them and neither felt any urgency to move from the bed or each other as the buzz from their climaxes was still strongly felt. She had closed her eyes and was breathing softly when he finally moved from underneath her head and he watched her curl up, almost hugging her knees as he moved off the bed. He lifted her head, placed a pillow under it, and then covered her with part of the blanket before walking over to the bathroom.

“Thanks babe,” she whispered.

The hours from this week and the intensity of the sex combined to sap any energy she might have had left and she fell asleep quickly.

In the shower, he had some time to reflect on her and thought back to how they had met. He was still on the road and bored with eating alone, having virtually no night life and spent most of his waking hours working so that by the time he got back to his hotel at night he would fall asleep quickly.

She had answered a personals ad he had placed online and from the first time they sat across from each other at dinner he had known she was special. It wasn’t just the way she looked, it was the way she carried herself, the way she spoke so forcefully about things she felt passionate about.

Her schedule was as busy as his but she hadn’t backed away from the challenge of having some kind of a relationship with him knowing that when the project was done he would likely be gone to yet another city. The sex had been too good, to all consuming for both of them to pass up the opportunity to satisfy their respective hunger for the sensual and sexual for however long it would last.

When he stepped out of the shower he did his normal check of his reflection in the mirror and decided that he really should start spending a few more minutes a day on his basic workout. He hadn’t worried much when his hair started to thin but his own personal vanity refused to let his body go to hell and at 45 it was getting harder to keep up with the demands of staying fit. Besides, if he had any hope of keeping up with her sexual appetite he had better stay in shape.

As he dressed, she never moved on the bed, still wrapped in the cover and sleeping peacefully. Out of habit he dressed and moved around the room quietly, not wanting to wake her. When he finished, he made his way to the kitchen, got a large glass of ice water and brought it back to the nightstand by the bed so it would be there when she finally woke and then headed out to the market to do some quick shopping.

After their first meeting, he had promised to cook for her on a future date and had taken her shopping prior to creating the meal. Time in the kitchen was one of his ways of getting away from work and she had discovered that shopping was pretty serious business for him as well. She learned about telling the difference between almost and ripe produce, quality of meats and had told him at one point that she had never really enjoyed shopping for food until she had done it with him, that at times it was a kind of sensual experience watching him as he gently handled what he bought and was so intense in his concentration.

Today was no different and as he made the short walk to the market his thoughts were on the menu for tonight. He loved the fact that he was so close to a really high quality store that took a lot of pride in their meats and produce. He had made it a point to become friendly with the staff so that we he wanted something special or specific they always managed to get it for him. He knew the manager of the meat counter by name, asked him to cut fresh two filets and since it was Saturday, the seafood had come in that morning so a small lobster tail as well. The rest of the menu would be a quick mango salsa on fresh spinach, grilled asparagus, and broiled new potatoes to go with the steak and tail. A small baguette, Brie and some fruit filled out his purchases and he was back at the apartment a half hour after he had left.

He heard her stirring in the bedroom as he put the groceries away and when she came out she had put on one of his dress shirts.

“You look good enough to eat,” he told her. “Are you sure I have to make dinner?”

“Make it for me at least,” she said. ” I didn’t take time to eat anything this morning and if we keep going like we did earlier I’m going to need something for refueling or I promise I’ll just lay there and you’ll have to do all the work.”

“Wore Antalya Escort you out did I?”

“Yeah, I think you actually did this time but remember, my batteries recharge pretty quickly and all you did was give me an appetite that I promise will bring you to your knees later tonight.”

“Can I get that in writing,” he asked?

“Damn straight mister,” she said with a wicked grin.

“What did you bring me back to nibble on while you create your masterpiece for this evening?”

By now she was sitting at the island work area and he brought over the baguette, Brie and raspberries and let her dig in while he started the prep work for their meal. A glass of wine completed her impromptu mid-day snack and by the time she had eaten a pretty good-sized piece of the baguette and half the Brie he was ready to bake, broil, and grill what would be their dinner tonight.

As she walked away saying she was going to take a shower he noticed two things. The first was that she looked damn sexy in that shirt and the second was that as usual she had left the cleanup after her snack for him to take care of. He didn’t mind.

While waiting for the water in the shower to warm she studied her reflection in the mirror from a couple of different angles. She was pleased for the most part with the way she looked. She had always been short waisted but it served to accent her long, sleek legs and her buns still had a toned curve to them that she knew looked good in the tight skirts she preferred to wear for work. Her breasts didn’t sag much at all but in the back of her mind she was also counting the years before she would finally do something to lift them. The D cup size had served her well when she had been more actively seeking partners but now she was starting to think that maybe one cup size less would be easier for her.

She knew that he appreciated them and it was all that really mattered for the moment. A shiver passed through her as she thought about how good it felt when he touched them with his hands or his mouth and at that remembrance her nipples started to harden.

“The man does know how to push all of my buttons,” she thought, and as she opened the door and walked into the warm spray she decided to give him a taste of his own medicine later tonight.

“Let him be the one squirming on the bed because he can’t stand the teasing any longer.”

When she eventually reached for the shampoo to wash her hair she had to smile again at the fact that since the last time she had been there he had picked up both the conditioner and shampoo that he must have seen at her apartment. Attention to detail was important to both of them at work but the idea that it carried over to his personal life, that he thought that much of her was pretty astonishing. Maybe he was right when he told her that by the time he and his ex split he was about as trained as any man would ever be when it came to being around women.

“I could live with 95%,” she thought.

By the time she got out of the shower she could smell that he had made progress toward having dinner ready and though she had eaten quite a bit before the shower the aromas were making her hungry again. She left her hair up in a towel, dabbed perfume where she was sure he would find it later, put his shirt back on and walked back to the kitchen feeling like she really was ready to start the day again.

He was glad she had stayed in the shirt and if he wasn’t mistaken there were less buttons buttoned than when she had been in it before.

“Ready for a cocktail,” he asked?

“Is that steaks I smell?”

He nodded and said “and tail, potatoes and asparagus.”

“Vodka’s good then,” she said.

She lit cigarettes for both of them and took a healthy sip from the glass when he handed her the cocktail. He drank deeply from his own and told her that they could eat in about 15 minutes.

“Why don’t you pick something to listen to and I’ll have the salads ready when you get back.”

She hopped off the stool and once again he got to see her walk away in that shirt as she moved to the living room, removed the towel from her head and shook out her hair before kneeling down by the CD rack. He reminded himself that he had a very sharp knife in his hands as he continued to chop the makings of the salsa and he better pay attention to the task at hand, not the cute butt under the shirt.

They talked about their work, planned for a trip downtown tomorrow and what silence there was while they ate dinner was comfortable between them. She helped clear the table and left him to do the rest of the cleanup when she walked outside to the patio to watch the sunset. He walked out perhaps ten minutes later, wrapped his arms around her waist, and pulled her close to him Antalya Escort Bayan as the darkness replaced the end of the daylight.

“Dinner was nice,” she told him. “Did you pick up anything for desert later?”

“Nothing specific, just some strawberries because they looked good and we still have a little sorbet left in the freezer.” “If you’re craving some chocolate later I have a stash you haven’t managed to find yet that I can probably be coaxed into letting you at it,” he said.

She turned in his arms making sure to rub slowly against him and said, “Coaxed?”

“And just how might I coax you into revealing your stash?” and reached down to cup him in her hand.

He brought his lips to her ear and whispered, “Maybe persuaded is a better word.”

She felt him starting to swell in her hand and continued to caress him with it, then moved her lips to his mouth to tease around his lips with the tip of her tongue. She pushed against his hip with her other hand and following her lead, he turned with her so that his back was now against the railing. Her hands moved to his belt buckle, then the button at the top of his pants and soon they were at his ankles where he stepped out of them with a little bit of effort.

He was half erect now and as she continued to caress his sack and shaft with her nails, her fingertips, her hand stroking up and down his length at times, he was soon completely stiff and anxious to see what would follow.

“How’s that for persuasion?” she whispered in his ear.

“It’s a start, but I think I need some more convincing,” he replied and when he moved her hair back from her face with his hands it was clear what he thought would persuade him.

She kissed his mouth hard for a moment and then started trailing kisses and nibbles with her teeth down his chest so that by the time she was finished she was on her knees in front of him holding his cock up against his stomach as she kissed down it’s length, finally stopping when her mouth reached the underside of his balls. Gently she sucked one then the other into her mouth, teasing them with her tongue as she did so and was rewarded with the feeling that he had gotten harder still.

He watched as she licked the palm of her hand and when it was slick, she wrapped her fingers around his cock and began slowly stroking from tip to base, twisting her hand around the sensitive head each time her hand moved back up. It was torture to watch the slow stroking motion of her hand and even more so to feel what she was doing to him. She knew just how much pressure to use to give him exquisite pleasure yet not enough so that he would cum any time soon. It was all he could do to hold himself still and his forearms were taught as he gripped the rail behind him for support.

She moved her head forward to take the head of his cock in her mouth and in concert with her continued stroking began following her hand down and then back up the shaft. Her tongue swirled around the head and her teeth gently scraped as she bobbed her head up and down, varying how hard and soft her mouth sucked on him. She was alternating at times with her other hand, playing with her already wet pussy and continuing to caress and fondle his balls. The cold air shocked him when she removed her mouth for a moment and he watched her bring her hand that had been teasing her pussy to her mouth to taste and lick her fingers clean. It was another shock when she once again dropped her warm mouth over his cock and she resumed sucking him.

Had they not had sex hours earlier he would have cum already from what she was doing to him and though frustrating to be that close it allowed him to savor how good she was at this. Every time she swirled her tongue over the head it was like silk being drawn over it. What she was doing with her hands as she stroked him was like he was buried inside of her and he wanted to enjoy it as long as possible.

She also knew that he had reached a plateau and as much as she loved the feel of him in her mouth her pussy had other ideas. She removed her mouth again and looked up at his face as she continued to stroke him, telling him “I need a cock in me.”

He had no chance to ask how because she stood up and stepped to his side, put both hands on the rail and bent over at the waist. He was behind her immediately and holding her hips with one hand, used the other to guide the tip of his cock in between her swollen lips, sliding it end to end a few times before rubbing it across her clit.

“Don’t tease me, not now,” she groaned and shifted just enough to capture the head at her opening and moved back towards him.

He matched her movement, shifting his hips forward and was buried inside of her an instant later. There was no need to find Escort Antalya a rhythm as they began thrusting against each other. They fucked hard like this for a couple of minutes and though the orgasms were small she had a couple of them during the most intense period of their frantic activity. It wasn’t enough, not for either one of them and when he slowed his movements and took a couple of deep breaths he said, “let’s take this inside.”

They stumbled to the couch and he sat down on the edge of it waiting for her to straddle him and continue their ride. She was quickly on top of him, knees on either side of his thighs, and wasted no time guiding his cock back inside of her.

She was hungry now and began grinding her hips forward and back rapidly, stimulating her clit as much as possible trying to trigger the climax that she so desperately wanted. His hands were free to play with her breasts and knowing how she would react, started teasing and pulling at her nipples. He knew they were hot wired to her pussy and it was a matter of seconds before he felt her pussy clasp, release and then clamp hard around his cock as she started the climb that would end in a shattering orgasm.

“How bad do you want this?” he hissed at her as he tried to maximize the contact between their hips.

“FFUUUUCCKKKKkkkkkkk……” was all she could utter as she exploded in climax, her hips continuing to move frantically against him as it finally overtook her.

Her arms wrapped around his head as she collapsed against his chest, barely able to catch her breath, her body still trembling, hips still rocking on their own and he marveled at how even lost in sensation as she was, her pussy still clasped at him, still felt like if was hungry for more.

When she had caught her breath and lifted her head a minute or so later, she held his face in her hands and said, “ready to finish this?”

“You promise to leave me in one piece?”

“If I don’t the rest of the weekend’s going to suck… so yeah, I do.”

She climbed off of his lap and as he made a movement to get up she told him not to move, so once more he leaned back on the couch wondering what she had in mind. When she came back from the bathroom he had a pretty good idea. She placed the bottle of oil she had brought back on the floor next to the couch and used the warm washcloth in her other hand to clean him. When she finished she kneeled in between his legs, dripped the massage oil on his cock and then more into her hands.

It was a huge turn on for her to watch him stroke his cock and she would have asked him to do so tonight but right now what she really wanted was for him to experience some of what he had just given her. Besides, her pussy was still too sensitive right now for her to play with while she watched him. This would do for now.

“You were having such a good time out there before that I thought maybe you’d like me to finish what I started,” she said.

His reply was to move his hands behind his head, spread his legs wider and say “go for it babe.”

At first, all she did was slide her hands slowly up and down the shaft, making sure that is was completely coated and every third stroke or so would reach under and tease his balls with her nails. Soon it was torture once again, as it had been out on the deck, and she intended to keep him near the edge until he begged her to stop. His balls had pulled up tight to his body and at that point she began using the tip of her tongue and her lips to tease and tickle just under the head of his cock. Each time she did he would gasp or quickly draw in a breath as he fought to prolong the pleasure.

He reached one of his hands towards her and she cautioned him, “Stay still, it will all be worth it in the end, I promise.”

Her hands began to speed up again, this time concentrating almost entirely on the head. He was so sensitive now that it was almost more than he could bear and he began to groan, leaning further back into the couch so that he could move his hips and thrust into her stroking hands.

Without warning she stopped stroking, rose up on her knees and wrapped her breasts around the hard cock in front of her. He didn’t need an invitation or coaxing to start thrusting his hips, driving his cock in and out of her gorgeous breasts, hell bent on getting his release and when she reached down once more to tease his balls he lost it entirely.

The first burst of cum hit in between her breasts and she quickly lowered her head to take him in her mouth, to capture the rest of it, while she continued to stroke the shaft with her hand. He lost track of time as it seemed he was cumming forever, her mouth making sure that not a drop was wasted, milking him dry in the end.

“Damn babe, I’ve never cum that hard before,” he said when he finally recovered enough to speak.

“You know I keep my promises,” she said as she picked up the washcloth from earlier and gently wiped his cock, then cleaned the cum from between her breasts.

“This means you let me into the chocolate, right?”

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