Just Kisses

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You awaken from the sun coming through our bedroom window and you lazily bring your shoulders up off the bed, turn your hair covered face toward me and half eyed … you peek at me through the strands. My head is cradled in my hand, I’m up on my elbow … just staring at you.

I smile.

I’ve been watching you for a while.

“Yisssh.” … you say that ‘cuz you think I’m thinking sex … as usual.

“Not now.” you turn your back to me, trying to ignore me.

“Morning.” stupidly cheery.

“Shut up … I wanna sleep some more.” grumpy ass.

I brush the hair off of your neck and I put my mouth on your sleep-sweaty skin and I kiss you.

I gently nip/suck right at the base of your hairline behind your ear.

“Mmmm … not so bad, I guess.” as you stretch under the covers.

I scoot over and progress to the side of your neck right below your ear and I softly brush my lips on you … nothing wet, just soft … slow … easy strokes.

“Mmmm,” cooing now, “yesss … mmmm … I like.” you stretch again.

My lips find your ear lobe … but softly … very softly and just the tip of it … I hold it in my teeth … I add just a little pressure … I close my lips and I suck it … just a little bit of it, into my mouth.

“Oooofff.” with a nice shiver from you as I release it.

I love doing this to you and now … you’re awake. Still slow and languid but awake.

I nudge you to lie flat on your stomach, pull the covers off you and just as you start with “brrrrr …” I cover you with my warm body. My hairy chest and wide shoulders completely cover your back and my hips match yours as I dangle in between your cheeks which makes you wiggle.


I pull your hair back from your neck and put my mouth on your skin … this time with wetness. My slick tongue and lips caressing your neck and shoulders. I nip lightly at the tip of one shoulder and move my wet mouth across the top of your back to the other one and do the same … just a little nip, making you squirm. I lift my body off you and I grab a handful of your hair with my left hand… gently but firmly and I scoot my body down your legs a foot or more as I push your head forward a little into the pillow. My right hand starts at your hairline just under my grasp and I rake my fingers, alternating tips and nails, firmly all the way down your back and onto your plump ass which produces a “wheeewww” and a shudder throughout your body. Up again with the back of my fingers … just the flats of my fingernails, harder … cooler … more intense. Then back down with barely a touch of the tips, my fingers splayed wide, my large hand, moving back and forth as it moves down you, covering the width of your back all at once. Back up again with my fingers bent, like claws, the tips of my nails digging just enough to elicit an arching of your back and shoulders, up into the air and then a drop back into the mattress when I release the pressure.

“Ohhhh baby … nice!”

I’m over you, on my knees, my arms extended and I dip into with you with my mouth, over and over, finding soft spots to kiss and nip and lick … all over your shoulders … your back … your sides. I move off your shoulder blade and find my way to your side … down to the mattress where your fullness is pushed out from your body and Escort Sincan I lick and suck on the softness of the side of your breast bulging underneath you. I move my face to the small of your back and work on the muscled skin above your hips. I mouth you on the side of your hips with my lips covering my teeth, then a sucking and then I end with just my teeth on your skin … deeply … more of a bite than a nip and you shudder and push your hips into the air. I wetly move myself to the other side, repeating the process before moving down just those few inches to the soft plumpness just below the slope of your back … and I kiss some more.

I work over the softness of you, the fullness of your smooth ass is moving in small circles … enjoying … anticipating. I lick and suck and nip at you as your movement become more fervent … now pushing your hips into the mattress and back up, over and over … and quicker. I can tell you want to raise up and expose yourself to me for my mouth to find you. You love my mouth on you from behind … I think you like how naughty it is, how much it excites you to want me to taste you there on that spot. I grab your flesh and my fingers pull you apart slightly. My mouth finds the fleshiest part of your plumpness and I nip at you, starting at the center of your ass cheek, my hands caressing the flesh underneath, my mouth moving inward … towards the spot where you want me to be so nasty on you.

“Oooohhhhh … yessss.”

“I am going to …” I say.

“Yes, … yes!”

“I am going to make you …” again.

“Yes, yes … do it!”

“I am going to make you some pancakes.”

I jump up from the bed and head for the door.

“WHAT? … what the hell is wrong with you? … what are you doing?

I leave the room.

“Nooooo … get back in here!” you yip at me.

Then …” bastard” … quietly.

“I heard that.”

“Good … cuz you are!”

You finally come into the kitchen, lured by the smell of my pancakes cooking … but you are just pouty as hell.

I smile to myself … or I thought I smiled to myself.

“Happy with ourselves, are we?” you snort, “you’re just a tease … not nice.”

“Hey, the day is young.”

“Yeah, well good luck getting layed by me today, butt head.”

“So, Cindy next door …?” I tease.

“Fuck you!”

“You need some food … you’re a grumpy-ass.”

I watch you pour yourself a cup of coffee and admire your shape under one of my dress shirts, two sizes too big, mostly buttoned up … I look closely but I can’t tell if you’re wearing any panties.

Breakfast was rather quiet.

When I walked back into the kitchen after my shower, I find you leaning on the counter with your hands flat, arms spread wide. Your head hangs down and I can see you are concentrating on reading something. I smell Oranges. I move up behind you, startle you a bit but you push back into me, I think still miffed at me … but maybe not, as right away you start to grind against me.

I start kissing on your neck again and you scrunch up your shoulder from the tickle but just as quickly release it and tilt your head to the side, giving me access to your flesh.

“Mmmm,” I whisper to you, “I love you.”

“You’d better hurry, before my husband gets out of the shower.”

You’re Sincan Escort such a little shit.

As I continue kissing you, I lean to the side, reach over and down the cabinet to a drawer and pull out some thin dish towels. I reach around you, pull one of your arms up in front of us and start to tie one of the towels to your wrist.

“Oh really?” you question … but without any resistance.


I tie another towel to your other wrist and I gently pull both arms behind you to the small of your back, then tie the loose ends of the two towels together. I turn you around and I am happy to see the smile in your eyes and on your face, obviously having forgiven me for making you pancakes instead of making you come.

Both of my hands gently touch your face as I cradle it and cover you with soft kisses. A slow, deliberate touch of my lips to your cheek, to your brow, your nose, your chin … the other cheek, over and over … and finally to your lips. Your mouth parts slightly and my tongue teases it open a bit more, just a little lick … to encourage … to invite you to share. Your head tilts and you push your mouth into me, sounds of need coming from inside of you; little whimpers of more that you can’t express with your hands since they are bound. I kiss you with a passion that only familiarity can produce … a knowing … a needful giving and a wanting to please you … to be the one for you … the one you expose your trust to … letting you know how much I love being the man that you abandon yourself to.

I am finding your need and desire to be taken very hard to resist but I want to have this be about the fire inside of you.

I just want to kiss you.

I undo a button on the shirt you’re wearing and my lips kiss the skin between the folds of the fabric at the top of your chest. I undo another … and continue down, now at the beginning of your cleavage, another … and I can see the curves of your beautiful breasts peeking out from the open shirt. I stop there and pull the shirt tails down against your thighs. I watch as the taut cloth pushes your fullness against you and your points are exposed through the fabric, hard and protruding … showing me such a need to be touched. Again kissing your body, I return to the buttons, this time from the bottom of the shirt and as I undo one, then two and finally a third, I have access to your stomach and your curvy hips. My hands slide around you, firmly grasping the soft band of plumpness, kneading you; I get a hint of silky fabric on my finger tips and now I know that you are indeed wearing panties.

There is only one button left between me and your full exposure now … but it remains closed.

You watch me intently, following me as I move my face back up to yours and reach again to the side of you. I pull the cutting board with the Oranges and a knife closer to us. You see what I’m doing and give me an arched brow, wide eyed look and you smile. I slice an Orange twice and I bring one of the quarters to us … between us. I put it to your nose and you give it a long inhale as you enjoy the sweet smell … your eyes close, savoring this moment of pleasure. I turn the fruit, barely squeeze it, swipe it on your lips and then I close in to kiss the taste off you. I pull back a bit, look into Sincan Escort Bayan your eyes and I can see that you are very happy with our playfulness. I place the tip of the Orange slice at the hollow of your neck and I squeeze several drops onto you and watch as it slides about six inches down your chest and dissipates into a thread of wet. You squirm a little bit.

“Ooohhh,” you purr … “tickles!”

Another squeeze at the same spot and the second group of drops join the first which acts like a riverbed and the drops flow quickly down another few inches but this time I dip my head between the folds of the shirt, catch it; lapping up the liquid with my tongue and continuing all the way up to your chin. I end up back at your mouth with a wet, sticky freshness … you devour it.

“More?” I ask.

“Mmmm … please …. “

I grab another quarter and starting at the same spot, I squeeze the piece harder allowing a lot of liquid to descend down the front of your body, this time past the single closed button, under it and continuing down to your belly button where it seemingly stops.

I drop to my knees and I dig my tongue into your tummy and lap out the tiny bit of trapped juice. You squirm and you wiggle at the ticklish touch but I think anticipation is the stronger feeling inside of you. I reach up just above the button, right between your now even harder nipples and I squeeze the Orange, pinching it between my fingers and a flow of shimmering liquid courses down your body again, this time moving over and to the side, past your belly button and then back to your center, continuing down to the top of your panties leaving a dark wet line along the lacy band.

My hand frantically reaches above me to the counter top in search of another slice. As soon as I have it, I return it to you and once again I squeeze the fruit, this time just below the closed shirt button and just above your tummy. I watch the juice flow over your soft curves and into the band of your panties, richly soaking the fabric. I reach for the last slice and this time I pull the front of your panties away from your body and I make the juice flow from there … right down into your secret place. Your body squirms, your arms struggling against your restraints and you are very vocal in your excitement.

“You need … you need to … oh god … baby, pleeeeze.”

I move my hands to the sides of your hips, slide my fingers into the band of your panties and I pull them down your legs. I square myself to your body to assist you with shedding them off your feet when I stop and I look at you. The hair covering your triangle is right in front of my face and there are round glistening spheres of Orange juice hanging from the very ends of it, ready to drop … I so want to lick them off you. The sweet Orange smell is intoxicating and the thought of the release that fulfilling my lust would bring to both of us at this moment is exciting, yet aggravating at the same time because I won’t.

I gently coax you to bring a foot up to release it from the silky garment and as I repeat this with the other, you place that foot a long step to the side. Your legs and your flesh are now spread wide … I notice drops of what I assume is Orange juice hit the floor … your sex is open to me … and it is not the fruit that I smell now but rather, it is the raw scent of your arousal that greets me as I look between your legs at that sweetness of yours … I see hints under your hair … tiny round curves of pleasure, waiting to be gathered into my mouth.

I suppose it could still count as just kissing …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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