Just One More Time Ch. 02

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Big Tits

You really need to read part 1 to understand what is going on here. It’s not too long, so if you take the time, this will be all the more rewarding (hopefully!) You never know, if the story keeps getting good reviews, then maybe he’ll have to do it Just One More Time….


They drove in silence to his place.

That does it, he thought, I can’t tell her it’s over right now. It’ll spoil dinner and she might react in a bad way. It wouldn’t do to make everyone suspicious.

I’ll have to tell her tomorrow.

It’s over.

No more.

He was trying to keep his eyes on the road, but his concentration was waning.

Mrs. Carson had her beautifully manicured hand in his lap. Her nails were not long, but they were long enough that her stroking was getting his cock hard again. He enjoyed the scratching of her nails through the fabric of his suit pants. Her hand had been there for fifteen minutes and they still had a further fifteen minutes to get home.

God help me, he thought, I’ve got another hard on. I’m thirty five years old. Surely I can’t have my fourth orgasm in less than an hour?

He looked down at the perfect hand stroking his cock through his pants. The clear polished nails moving effortlessly up and down.

Up and down….

Shit! I better concentrate or I’m going to run off the road here.


It was hard to focus.


Shit, don’t use that word, it’ll make you think of….

He felt his zip being pulled down. He didn’t say anything. He was afraid to.

The car was pulling up to a set of lights. He slowed down. The car may have slowed, but her hands didn’t. Now they were inside his pants and the only thing standing between those soft, manicured fingers and his cock was the thin fabric of his underpants.

Shit. Shit. Shit.

I swear. Tomorrow I’m telling her.




She had one hand inside his pants and the other was deftly unbuckling his belt. She was an expert at this. And other things.

If only his wife would do this. Feel him up in the car. Give him a handjob.

Then he wouldn’t be here, getting a handjob.

It’s not like it was a stranger, but still….

His belt was unbuckled and she released his button pants.

He flicked his eyes from her to the road and then to her hands. It meant not much attention for the road, but it was all he could give.

She had expertly made herself up after their marathon effort in the office. Her blonde hair had been brushed neatly back into place. She had applied a minimal amount of makeup. She didn’t need much. At sixty, she made most forty year olds look weathered. He loved the wrinkles bursa otele gelen escort around her eyes. She looked experienced.

She didn’t just look experienced.

She was.

He knew.

Her fingers had a hold of the elastic waistband of his underpants. She forced them down. She gently placed her hand under his buttocks. They didn’t need to speak, they understood each other well. He did what he knew she wanted.

He raised his arse in the air and she smoothly pulled his underpants and pants down to his knees.

Great. He just hoped a truck or large SUV didn’t pull alongside. They’d have a great view of his hard on sticking out like a ship’s mast.

She gripped his cock with her hands. Now she was unencumbered, so she had a full range of movement and tricks at her disposal.

She had forgotten tricks that most women didn’t even know.

He knew.

He’d enjoyed them all.

But not anymore. No way.

Tomorrow it was see you later.

Thanks, but no thanks.

This has to stop.

The end.

She turned in her seat so she was facing him. Now her skirt had ridden up a little and he was looking at her thighs. She was toned and looked after herself. He looked down at her thighs. He wanted to bury his head between them, put his tongue on her….

Watch the road, man. He nearly ran through a red light.

He cleared his throat. There was a drop of sweat on his brow. Shit they’d be home in five minutes.

Home. Where his wife and father in law were waiting. With dinner.

He cleared his throat.


It was dry and his voice sounded hoarse.

“Er, you know, we’re going to be home in about five minutes. It’s probably better if we stop doing this before we get there, otherwise….”

He felt increased pressure from the grip on his cock. Pleasurable pressure. From beautiful soft hands.

She raised an eyebrow and smiled at him, curling one side of her lips. Then she licked her lips and her bright red lipstick became glossy with her saliva. She placed her hand on his cheek and patted it gently.

Oh fuck, he thought, she thinks it’s challenge!

Keep your eyes on the road!

But it was difficult. She looked so beautiful, looking at him while her left hand pumped his cock softly.

Then she began to slowly lower her head, her mouth slightly opened. Her blond hair began to fall around her face. She kept her eyes on his for as long as she could until her head was in his lap. He felt her breath on the end of his cock. It was wet with precum and she paused on her descent, licking it gently clean with her warm tongue. She continued bursa eve gelen eskort on and her mouth closed over his cock.


She felt so good. His cock was hidden by her head and her blond hair spread over his belly and crotch, but he knew what was happening.

He didn’t need to see anything.

He could feel what was happening.

Her head was bobbing slowly up and down. Her tongue cradling his shaft, holding it in place as the rest of her mouth went to work. She took him down as far as his cock could go. He was by no means small, but it was nothing for her.

He felt his cock pressing into the back of her throat and then on one of her descents, it actually passed the back of her throat and went deeper. He tried to be gentle, as he always was with her, but she was hungry for his cock and she wanted it all.

She could have it all now.

But tomorrow, he would sit her down and end it.

They could no longer do this.

It wasn’t right.


He was finding it impossible to concentrate on driving and he prayed that there would be no other cars on the last stretch of road. They only had minutes to go….

She ket bobbing up and down, using everything. Her tongue massaged his shaft. Her throat rubbed on the head. Her lips dragged on his shaft and then enclosed on the head of his cock.

And her hands.

Her hands worked on his balls, gently massaging them, as if she was teasing the cum from them. Occasionally they would stray. Back towards his puckered hole. She would gently rim it with her fingers. Just gently. He would shake with the sensation. The tingle.

He could actually see the driveway up ahead.

Two minutes.

He could stop the car.

But she wouldn’t want that. That was the easy way. She was always looking for a challenge. He drove with one hand and placed the other on her head. He twisted some of her hair in his fingers and then slightly increased the rate at which her head was bobbing on his cock. Her sucking became more intense.

“We’re nearly there,” he said, his voice choked.

Even though her mouth was full of his cock, she managed to nod. An extra firm scratch of his sack confirmed she understood the urgency of the situation.

She began to suck much more strongly and bob her head more quickly. Her tongue also raised the intensity of its licking.

Her mouth was warm and wet and he pounded his cock into her face with his upward thrusts.

“Oh, geeez,” he cried. “I’m coming……!”

It didn’t take long before he felt the cum bubbling in his balls. He made one final thrust into her mouth and then pushed down on the bayan escort bursa back of her head. Her nose was pressed against his belly and she placed her hands on his thighs, completely surrendering her mouth to him. He felt his cock slam into the back of her throat and he started spurting yet another load of cum.

She felt around to release his hand and she moved her head up a little.

He understood.

She wanted some in her mouth.

So she could taste it.

That’s why he loved this. Loved her.

His cock twitched a few more times, pumping smaller and smaller dribbles into her mouth. Soon there was none left for her.

She raised her head and licked him clean.


They turned around the circular driveway and stopped.

He pulled his pants up and buttoned them, but he threw the belt in the back as he didn’t have time to buckle it.

The front door opened and his wife and father in law came out onto the porch.

He looked across to her in the other seat.

She looked beautiful.

And cool.

Makeup perfect. Every hair in place.

How did she do it?

He stepped out of the car and walked around to her side. He opened the door and took her hand to help her out.

The same hand that had just been stroking his cock. Cupping his balls. Rubbing his sphincter.

“Thank you,” she said.

She put her arm around him and they walked up the steps to the porch.

He walked over to his wife and gave her a peck on the check.

“How are you honey?” he said. He noticed her clothes. She’d been shopping.

Then he shook hands with his father in law.

“Hello, Mr. Carson,” he said. “I hope you haven’t been waiting too long?”

“Not at all, son,” he said. “I’ve been helping your wife prepare dinner.”

He winked at his daughter.

“I think I should get daddy to help me more often,” she said, “seeing you’re always working back late.”

“I’m sorry, hon,” he said, “but there’s a lot of work to do before the end of financial year.”

Mrs. Carson clapped her hands together and rubbed them.

Those hands….

Those wonderful hands….

“So what’s for dinner then?” she asked, looking at them all.

“Roast lamb and vegetables,” her husband said. “I hope you’re both hungry?”

He smiled at them. He really was proud of the dinner he’d helped make.

“Lovely,” she said. “I’m sure we could do with some more protein.”

She winked at her son in law and he gulped involuntarily.

As they were walking inside, his wife spoke.

“We really were worried you were going to be late and spoil dinner.”

“Don’t you worry, darling,” said Mrs. Carson, “I’m there to organise things for him.”

He felt a bead of sweat form on his upper lip.

“I’m glad of that, mum,” she said, taking her father’s arm and walking inside.

Mrs. Carson took my arm and we followed them in.

But not before she’d given my butt a quick squeeze.

“I’ll always make sure he comes on time,” she said loudly.

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