Just the Beginning

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It started out as a half-hearted mission. There was something missing in my life but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I posted a Personal Ad, trying to describe what I was looking for. Little did I realize I would get exactly what I needed and way more than I expected!

I received hundreds of replies. The nude picture I had attached to my ad drew more attention than I wanted. After 5 days, and reading so many replies from guys that scared me, I removed the photo. Still, replies poured in. Even though I outlined specific criteria, not a single response caught my eye. Until…

By this time, the responses had dulled me and I thought the possibility of finding what I was looking for was slim to none (obviously, patience not being one of my virtues). I decided to terminate the ad and just resign myself to the fact that my much needed sexual relief would still have to come from Pinkie, my overworked vibrator.

As I signed in, ready to delete the ad, I got one more response. “What the hell,” I thought, “might as well read this one.”

There was nothing special about his e-mail. In fact, it was very ordinary. Maybe that’s what caught my eye. That or the sincerity of the note. In any case, I replied to his response.


So many men have responded. 99.9% creepy and apparently can not read. You are the only one that seems to meet all the requirements set forth in my notice. I am trying to shut down my ad because many of the responses, quite frankly, are frightening.

Are you really what you seem?”

A rather curt, bitchy response, I know. Much to my surprise, he replied back.

“Ms. Impossible,

Every thing I’ve written is true. I am no impostor. I am very serious about this. I’m a gentleman and have respect for other’s lives and I have no agenda to hurt anyone. I’m no slob nor am I a disgusting fool. I am an intelligent, mature, responsible, passionate and fun person. I am looking for passion, attention, romance, excitement and sex.

My desires are to find a discrete long term relationship with an attractive women of my age. I would expect to develop mutual confidence in our discretion. I am very passionate and fun to be with. I love to kiss deeply and cuddle. I am quite romantic and love to play all day.”

It seemed too good to be true. I had met a few fellas from the Internet before and they all turned out not to be who they said they were. Still not expecting much, I asked for a photo.

We exchanged pics; I sent him the nude I had posted with the ad previously and he sent one of himself. I was pleasantly surprised! The first thing I noticed was his smile. He had deep smile lines, strong even teeth, and a twinkle in his eyes to boot. His face was very handsome; he sported a full head of grey/light brown hair, and his eyes had warmth and depth.

Hmmm. Now my interest was piqued. We exchanged a couple more e-mails and discovered we had many things in common. Both of use are outdoors people, adventurous, happy, outgoing, intelligent, had settled Tokat Escort lives, and very active sex drives. After a couple of days, we began to chat on Instant Messenger. The more we communicated, the more excited I became. Could this really be true? Could he be all he seemed?

I couldn’t stand it any more. I had to find out if he was for real. We decided to meet, barely a week after he first responded to my ad.

The day came for our first meeting and I was very nervous. Still hardly believing there was even a chance he would be for real, but desperately hoping it was so, I dressed carefully with pink satin thong panties, no bra, a tan blouse and colored, snug jeans.

I arrived at the bar early (not too eager, was I?). I ordered a glass of beer and looked around. I eyed every man that entered the bar wondering; was that him? After about 10 minutes of that nonsense, I ordered another beer to replace the one I just finished. My attention was drawn to the TV and the election results discussion the commentator was reporting on.

I did not notice when he walked in. I did not notice him pause several feet behind me, grin, and move on to the men’s room. I did not hear him, minutes later, walk up behind me. What I did notice was his hands reaching behind me, covering my eyes and him asking, “Guess who?”

“Hey!” I blurted out as I moved back, right into his arms, as he’d planned. I swiveled around as he moved into me and our lips brushed together. He moved back and I took a good look at him. My eyes drank in the vision.

He was the perfect height! Taller than me, his body was lean and long. A fit man, not a body builder type, but an active, middle aged man that takes care of himself. I could not keep my eyes off him. He was so very handsome. The grin on his face, stretching from ear to ear and electrifying his eyes, told me he was as pleased by my appearance as I was by his. I realized my face must have looked the same; a silly, non-stop, face-splitting grin. It was then I came to my senses, blushed deeply, and shifted my attention to my beer. There I was, at my age, staring rudely at this fella and acting like a silly school girl! He chuckled deeply and grabbed my hand. He was very tickled by my reaction; pleased he was having the same effect on me I was having on him.

We both started laughing and it was at that instant I knew This was It. My Impossible Find. Oh, we were both nervous, both fidgeting and the conversation was halting at times. But on a deeper level, we both knew the words were just superficial. What was happening to us was incredible and unbelievable. To this day, I have no idea what we discussed that afternoon. What mattered was the connection we had made and the strength of that bond.

After just a couple of beers, we both knew we had to get out of there. Our nervous energy and sexual attraction was so intense, we had to get somewhere private. I had noticed his arousal after just minutes of meeting and I was just as turned on. We got into his parked SUV. Tokat Escort Bayan His cell phone was beeping, indicating he had a phone message. He checked who it was and told me he had to return this call. I sat back and waited. I was nervous and very turned on. Suddenly, he put the phone down and said, “What am I doing? Get over here!”

I moved into his arms and he held me for a second. I can not describe the feeling I had when we held each other for the first time. All I can say is it felt like I had come home. He turned my face up and what happened next is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

We kissed.

Not just kissed. Something more. Much more. When our lips touched, there was a magic there. I am not a young, inexperienced girl; my teenage years are far behind me. But the way he made me feel when we kissed can be equated to those magical years. It was as if our lips were not our own. Or, more accurately, it felt as if his lips were mine and mine were his. The kiss was warm and very sexy. His lips melted right into mine. I have never experienced a kiss like that before. The kiss went on and on, feeling like it lasted only a minute and went on for hours, all at the same time.

We stopped when we heard people getting into the car parked next to us. The magic ended, we broke apart and looked deeply into each other’s eyes, then burst out laughing. I can’t tell you why. I think we were laughing in amazement and joy. I don’t know why it just struck us both as a funny moment. In any case, I leaned back into him and felt the laughter rumble deep in his chest. We cuddled for a moment, then kissed again. This time, we kept eye contact. The kiss was intense and there was no doubt in either of our minds that This WAS It.

I would have loved to sit there in the parking lot for hours, just being lost in his arms and getting carried away by his kisses, but the beers had gone right through me and I had to pee. How romantic! He just laughed and admitted he had to go, too. He found a quiet public park and we took a little walk. The public bathrooms were closed this time of year, so we went behind the building to relieve ourselves. He let me go on one side and he took the other; we could talk but not see each other. The beers made me feel warm and I was frisky. I called him over, with my pants down, to show him my panties. As I flashed first my front, then my thong split cheeks, his eyes widened. I laughed and told him to get back on his side and pee. He laughed and went about his business.

When we returned to his truck, he told me to crawl into the back seat. I do so love a man that takes control! I obeyed. He reached into the back and pulled out a pillow. He put the pillow by one door and pushed me gently down, head on the pillow. Laying partially on top of me, we kissed again. This time, I could feel the heat of his erection against my body, through my clothes. He kissed me just as deeply, with just as much feeling, our mouth, lips, and tongue melting together. He moved Escort Tokat his hands to my breasts and felt them through my blouse. As he kissed, he unbuttoned my shirt. Pulling his head back, deeply looking into my eyes, he exposed my chest. He broke eye contact and looked at me. He smiled and looked back into my eyes. The grin on his face matched mine. He dipped his head down and suckled my tits. I was so horny, so turned on by his looks, by his smell, by his obvious arousal, I almost came right then and there. He was in full command of my body and we both knew it. I would and could deny him nothing.

I was completely unaware as he unzipped my pants and removed my jeans. He mumbled appreciative comments as he looked at, touched and admired my body. He nuzzled his face in my crotch and I could not help but move into him. I ached for his touch. I ached for release. He sensed this and slid my thongs aside. With a grunt of passion, he forced my legs apart and licked me. I groaned and shifted into him, to give him better access. He was my master and I was eager to please him. After tasting my sweetness, he pulled my panties off and got down to business. I can not recall how many times he made me cum. I have visions of him holding my legs spread with his arms on my inside thighs as his fingers had my pussy lips spread wide to expose my sensitive clit. I have never had my pussy so expertly worked before. He instinctively knew exactly how to touch me and where. When to be hard and intense, when to be soft and slow. I remember holding onto the back of the front bucket seat with one hand and the back of the bench seat I was laying on with the other. I felt as if I was floating, carried away on wave after wave of orgasm.

After a while I could take no more. I begged him to stop. I had to catch my breath, my pussy swollen with desire and sensitive from all the attention. He stopped and grinned at me, my juices all over his face. His grin that of a school boy who had just discovered sex. He released me, proud to have successfully controlled and satisfied me. I got dressed slowly, looking him in the eye. I wiggled back into his arms and we kissed again. This time, added to the flavor of our kiss was the scent and taste of my pussy. A wonderful, sweet combination.

As I came fully back to my senses, we realized it was time for us to go. We talked and chatted and remarked on the incredible connection we had made. Finally, I insisted it was time to go. We were sitting in the back seat, he was holding me in his arms. I pulled myself away from him as I got ready to leave.

“Get over here, Girl!” he insisted. While I was moving away, he had settled back. Now he was laying completely on his back, arms opened and beckoning. How could I resist? I quickly melted into his arms again. He pulled me in close and kissed me with passion and feeling. Again, time dissolved and all I was aware of was floating in the heaven he offered. After the timeless kiss ended, I shook my head and whispered, “I have to GO!”

He let me pull away, regretfully. When he brought me back to my car, we kissed again, this time briefly but with no less feeling, both knowing we had to go, both wanting this magical afternoon to never end.

And end it did, but we both drove off, knowing this was just the beginning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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