JW , Krista

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JW sits at the bar, beer in one hand, his other hand firmly grabbing Krista’s waist. He pulls her closer and she can feel the fire start to burn inside of her.

“So,” he whispers loudly in her ear, “answer my question from earlier.”

Krista plays dumb. She does not want to have this conversation in a bar. Pulling away from him, she takes a place next to him on a stool. Not answering, she only offers a shrug. JW smirks and shakes his head, clearly annoyed. Here we go, Krista thinks to herself. Ever since she met JW, they have had a burning, passionate, argumentative relationship. Friendship maybe. She knew it was more but they refused to really define what they were. Lately he’s been asking to take their friendship further. They haven’t actually had sex yet, fooled around some, but no sex. Krista went on a few dates with other men only to end the night in a huge fight with JW who is a very jealous man. And if she’s honest with herself, she’s jealous too.

JW’s eyes wander around the bar, looking at the local scenery. Krista watches his eyes stop on a blonde. She is wearing short jean shorts and a plaid button up tied under her boobs. Tall cowboy boots were the finishing touch. Seems like there are always a slew of girls dressed that way at a bar when the country bands come to town to play. It’s clear this blue eyed beauty has had one too many beers, judging from her boots being kicked off under the table. Disgusting, Krista thinks to herself, rolling her eyes. She’s wiggling around on the dance floor, pushing herself up on every man, no matter if he’s with someone or not.. She would be hot if she wasn’t such a train wreck of a drunk. Hell, Krista would even consider taking her home to play.

“Damn,” JW says, startling Krista out of her own thoughts, “That woman makes my dick hurt.”

Krista rolls her eyes again and JW laughs. She can feel the blood flow to her face quickly. He is such a dick!! Why do I even come here with him? Just because I won’t answer him, he is going to torture me?? JW gets up to go talk to the blonde, and Krista gets up to walk out of the bar. JW turns around to see her heading out the door, slamming it behind her.

The air is cold on Krista’s skin. Why she wore this pleated skirt is beyond her. She rarely wears skirts. You know you wore it because JW likes it, she thinks to herself. He raved about this blue pleated skirt he saw through a window one day, on the way to a BBQ joint. Two days later, Krista found herself at the Escort Eryaman counter purchasing the skirt and a matching tank top, and white button up shirt. She walks down the sidewalk toward an alley. She rode with JW, and now is going to have to walk home. A rush of loud music sounds behind her, and then slamming of a door. People going in and out of the bar. Then footsteps behind her, advancing pretty fast. Krista whips around to find JW standing in front of her. He’s much taller than she is, wearing a ball cap low over his eyes, a t- shirt, and jeans. His dark eyes burn into hers. She stands there, fiddling with her long brown hair as he catches his breath. Not knowing what to even say to him, she looks at her feet.

“Look at me.” he almost growls at her.

Krista’s eyes snap up to look him dead in the eye. Gah, he is so bossy!!

“Why did you just walk out like that?” The smirk on his face says that he already knows the answer, which infuriates Krista even more.

“You know why. Look, you better go back. Bimbo drunk bitch is probably waiting for you.” Krista smarts off, then turns on her heel to walk away. JW follows for a few steps and then reaches out and grabs Krista’s arm.

“Just let go of me!” she screams. “If that’s what you want, go get it!”

“Jesus, Krista. What the hell is wrong with you? You’re the one that wasn’t sure you wanted to label this. You agreed to everything I said before. Now you’re getting jealous?”

“FUCK YOU!! Jealous? I’m not jealous of some gross drunk girl.” Even Krista didn’t believe the words when she spat them at JW.

Laughing at her, JW removes his ball cap and rubs his head, and then replaces it. Krista despises being laughed at and it makes her even more angry. Angry and confused. Confused because she felt the wetness building in her panties as they argued in the dark next to an alley on a cold night. She wants to slap him in the face…slap him or kiss him. She has no idea which. Tears well up in her eyes and she doesn’t want him to see her cry, so she turns and starts walking down the alley. She hears JW behind her, calling her name, but she keeps walking. His breath is much closer now, then she feels his hands on her and thinks he will spin her around to face him again, but he doesn’t. Instead he pushes her up against a brick wall of the building they walked behind. The brick is cold on her bare legs and exposed cleavage. Pain shoots through her head as he grabs a hand full of her hair Eryaman Escort and forces her head back.

His voice gruff in her ear, gruff but calm, “I’m so tired of this, Krista. You are a sassy girl. You’re rude. You like to fight. And you have a little attitude that I’m about to adjust.”

Krista’s legs give as she feels the brick scraping against her skin, and JW wraps his other arm around her waist to keep her from falling. Her arms and legs are shaking, and pussy throbbing so hard it hurts. Her breath is ragged now and she can feel his hot breath in her ear. Their hearts are pounding together and just his touch is driving her wild. Speechless, she stays pressed against the brick as he slowly releases her to test her leg strength. When she’s fully standing on her own again, he puts a foot in between her legs to push first her right leg, then left, apart. His strong fingers move slowly from behind her knee up the back of one leg, up above her skirt, and over her bare ass with his finger tips.

“JW…I..” her voice shakes.

“Do not speak unless I ask you a question.” he says sternly. “You’ve had plenty enough to say these last few days, and I’ve had quite enough of your mouth. Or at least the words that are coming out of it.”

Krista is dripping wet through her thong, and JW keeps teasing her. Running his hands over her ass while still arching her head and back toward him by holding her hair. SLAP! JW’s hand connects with Krista’s ass and she whines loudly. SLAP! He sends a blow to her other cheek. Each time, her legs almost give. She can feel her clit swell with each assault and it further confuses her feelings. JW pulls her hair a little harder, pulling her body into him, and bites at her neck. It’s painful, his teeth pulling her delicate flesh, and then releasing over and over. But she moans and pushes back against him harder. Kissing and nibbling her earlobe, her legs shake violently, and he wraps her hair once around his fist and turns her around. Holding her around the waist with his free arm, he pushes her face close to his and kisses her deeply. Hungrily. His forehead is wrinkled up in anger, and his eyes shine bright with control. Warm lips wrap her in comfort while a strong grip on her hair makes her feel a hint of fear. As he breaks from their passionate kiss, he smirks again, then pulls down on her hair to her knees.

“If you can’t stand on your own, you may as well kneel. Now undo my pants.”

Without question, she Eryaman Escort Bayan fumbles with his button and zipper. When they’re undone, she looks up at him, suddenly nervous. They’ve never done anything sexual before. What if he thinks she’s lame at this? Pain shoots through her head again, as he yanks to get her attention.

“Take out my cock, and kiss it.” he commands.

With shaky fingers she reaches in his boxers. His cock is hard and she feels it throb against her soft fingers. JW’s breath catches as her flesh touches his. Krista kisses the head of his cock, her cool lips against his warm, soft skin, then down the shaft, feeling him jerk against her mouth. She parts her lips to run her tongue from his balls up to his head, but he pulls back on her hair, and she looks up at him again.

“Did I say you could lick? I told you to kiss.”

Krista whines at his command and continues kissing every inch of his cock and down to his balls. He grabs his cock with a firm grip and lifts it a little upward.

“You may lick my balls, baby.” His voice is gruff but needy.

Krista’s eyes light up, and she pushes her wet tongue across the skin of his balls. She wants to taste every part of him. He spreads his legs and she licks behind his balls, almost grazing his ass with her tongue. He tastes salty and smells of cologne. Releasing her hair, he reaches down and cups her chin in his hands, then moves his finger inside her mouth. She licks and sucks on his finger while looking up at him, begging him with her eyes to give her more. Placing the head of his cock on her lips, he nods that she may open. Her back is against the brick wall now, and he pushes her back even more with the first thrust into her watering mouth. Grabbing her hair with both hands, he thrusts, again and again, into her mouth, into her throat. His cock throbbing between her lips, and her pussy throbbing with each twitch of his dick. She moans and breathes heavily…her legs shaking…her pussy aching.

He steadies her head with his hands and growls, “Cum for me baby, cum now!!”

Shocked, she cums hard. Screaming with his cock still fucking her face. She feels him swell even bigger and then his breath stops. A loud moan escapes him, and then hot liquid shoots into her throat. She swallows the delicious salty fluid and sucks for more until he is completely drained.

Cars starting and people yelling pull them from their orgasmic trance. Everyone is leaving the bar. He helps Krista stand up and spins around to lean against the building, holding her against his chest, pressing his lips to her forehead.

“Now don’t you feel better?” he asks, in a cocky tone. Krista rolls her eyes, but knows he’s right. She does feel better. For now.

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