Kalisa and Andy

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After 22 years of marriage, my wife decided that she wanted to leave me for her personal trainer. I should have been suspicious a few years before when she decided to take losing weight seriously. She had tried all of the diets and pills and exercise machines that the sporting goods stores sold, but nothing had worked. Of course, it may have had something to do with her addiction to ice cream, cookies and everything else fattening.

When we got married, Liz was 5′ 6″ tall and weighed only 125 pounds. She had a great body and enjoyed fucking almost as much as I did. Then we had our daughter Marian and that was it for the hot looking wife. She never was able to get back below 185 pounds until she met Vance. Oh yeah. Good old Vance. Her once-a-week trips to the gym turned in to twice a week, then three times and then five or six times. And she dropped the weight and firmed up her body and became hotter than when I married her. The down side is that she no longer wanted to fuck. And still it didn’t sink in to my thick skull.

And then one day, she asked me to stop by a local attorney’s office. I thought she wanted to update our wills or something, but was shocked when she announced that he would represent her during our divorce. Our divorce???? What the hell? I was stunned. She wouldn’t talk to me about it, other than to tell me to deal with her attorney.

Eventually, I discovered that she had been fucking her personal trainer. Good old Vance. Fuckin 25-year-old Vance with my 42-year-old wife. Apparently, they were having an affair for the entire two years that it took Liz to lose 65 pounds and firm up her body. And I was asleep at the switch the whole time.

Oh well, it is what it is. And now it’s over. We had an equitable settlement of assets and have moved on with our lives. Six months after our divorce, Vance dumped Liz, but she had no trouble finding another guy.

Over the next year, I threw myself into my company. I own a small construction company that employs about a dozen guys. We build houses, do roofing, make repairs and most anything else. I was fortunate to have bought a 58-acre plot of land that I was turning in to a housing development with several small shops, so we were very busy, and would be for the next few years.

My best friend Mark suggested that I needed a vacation and offered to go with me. He took care of all the arrangements and I wrote a check for my share, and in mid-March, we boarded a plane for Jamaica. We checked in to the resort, grabbed a drink and then hit the beach. It was great, and I could feel the tension draining from my body. After two days of letting the sun and the rum relax my body, I decided to go and enjoy some of the Montego Bay hotspots.

Mark and I stopped at several of the local watering holes before ending up at one that had a great bar, decent music and a lot of scantily clad women. It must have been a tourist bar because most of the people were white. As we were drinking our drinks and watching the young women dance, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I slowly turned and looked up into the dark brown eyes of a young black girl. She was dressed in bright colors and had a nice smile.

Before I could speak, she said, “Scuse me mister. Would ya dance wit me?” I felt Mark poking me under the table, and when I looked over at him, he was grinning and nodding his head to me.

“Uh, well uh . . . yeah, I’ll uh dance with you,” I said as I stood up. I followed her to the dance floor. It was a fast dance and I watched her as she began moving her beautiful thin body to the music. I started dancing, using the moves that I learned in high school long ago and had never bothered to update. After a few seconds, she gave me a huge smile as I was looking at her dark skin against her light blue tank top and short skirt. When the dance ended, I turned to go back to my seat, but she grabbed my arm and pulled me back onto the floor.

Well, we danced three fast dances, and then a slow one came on. I wasn’t sure what to do and when I looked at her, she was giving me a smile accompanied by an innocent look on her face. I wasn’t sure what to do, but I figured ‘what the heck,’ so I stepped towards her and held up my arms. She smiled and put her arms around my neck. I held her close and we rocked back and forth for the next few minutes. Just feeling her body next to mine, looking at her beautiful smile and smelling her fresh scent gave me an erection. I knew she could feel it, but she made no effort to push herself away.

When the dance ended, I asked, “Can I buy you a drink?” She nodded her head and followed me back to my table. As we got to the table, Mark stood up and said, I’m going to the restroom and then have a smoke. I’ll be back in a while. I knew Mark didn’t smoke and had just relieved himself before I got up to dance, so I appreciated him giving me a few minutes with escort bayan this young island girl.

I said, “Thank you for the dance. My name is Andy.”

She gave me that dynamite smile again. Her white teeth contrasted with her dark skin and she said, “I’m Kalisa. You dance OK.” I smiled at her broken English. She looked puzzled and said, “Did I say some ting wrong?”

“No. No. I like the way you talk. It makes me smile, Kalisa.”

Over the next few minutes, she told me that she was 21 years old and a senior majoring in accounting at college. She was born and raised in Jamaica and lived just a short distance away.

I told her that I had a daughter her age, which made her smile again. She said, “I don’t tink you look old nuff to have girl my age. I tink you a very handsome mon, Andy.”

I smiled at her and said, “And you are a very beautiful young lady Kalisa.” I was rewarded with another of her great smiles.

As we sat and talked, it didn’t dawn on me that Mark never returned. I discovered later that he looked back at us a couple of times and then moved on to another bar before heading back to his room. It also didn’t dawn on me that we had been talking for four hours until the bartender yelled for last call. I asked her if she wanted another drink, but she shook her head. She said, “I no drive too good if I drink too much.”

I said, “Let me settle up and then I’ll walk you to your car.” She nodded and I went to the bar a settled the bill. We walked out and I followed her to the side parking lot and she stopped next to a bright red Moped.

She grinned at me and said, “Dis my car, Andy.” I started laughing as she hopped on. Her skirt rode up her nicely shaped thin legs and she said, “Hop on and I give you ride to hotel.”

‘What the hell,’ I thought. ‘In for a penny, in for a pound.’ I hopped on the back and she put my arms around her waist. I told her which hotel and we were off for the short trip. When we pulled up in front of the hotel, I got off the bike and said, “I would offer you a drink if you would like one. Would you?”

“You have Coca Cola?” She asked. I nodded my head and she hopped off her bike and wheeled it against the building.

At that point, a scary thought went through my mind. As we walked in to the hotel, I pulled her to the side and said, “Kalisa, you’re not a . . . I mean, uh, . . . I mean, are you . . .?”

At first, she looked puzzled and confused and then it looked like a light came on and she quickly shook her head no and said, “No. No, Andy. I not prostitute. If that what you were asking.”

“I’m sorry Kalisa, but you’re a beautiful young lady and I . . . . “

“I tink I unnerstand, Andy. It OK.”

As we rode up in the elevator, I reached over and took her hand and said, “I’m sorry I asked you that Kalisa.” She put her finger on my lips. And I don’t know what made me do it. I don’t know what I was thinking, if I was thinking at all. But I kissed her finger before she could say, “Shhh.” She looked surprised for a second, and then she took her finger and put it to her own lips and kissed it before returning it to my lips.

“Holy shit!” I thought. “That was one big turn on. This old man might actually have a chance at getting laid by this hot young girl.”

I put my arm around her as we left the elevator, and to my surprise, she put her arm around my waist. When we got to the room, I walked to the bar and opened two Cokes and poured hers into a glass. As I handed it to her, she was staring intently into my eyes. Then she smiled. I sat my drink down and took hers and sat it next to mine. Then I put my arms around her and lowered my lips to hers. Her lips were soft and warm and I could feel my cock beginning to grow. Her arms were around my neck and we stood there kissing. It might have been five seconds or five minutes or five hours. I don’t know. But I do know that it was great. Her hands were moving on my back and my hands slowly moved to her small perfect ass. She moaned and ran one of her hands through my hair.

As we broke away, I said, “Are you sure about this Kalisa? I’m old enough to be your father.” She gave me her beautiful smile and I led her to the bed. I lifted her tank top over her head and looked at her small and perky breasts. Her nipples were hard. I reached down and unfastened her skirt and it fell to the floor. She pushed her small panties over her hips and they fell to the floor. As I took off my shirt, she was unfastening and unzipping my pants. After we were both nude, I gently lowered her onto my bed and slowly caressed her black body. I kissed and bit her nipples and she moaned and pulled my head tight on her chest. I worked my way down and kissed her flat stomach and then licked her clit and pussy. She moaned and writhed on the bed shoving her pussy harder into my face. I heard escort bayan her cum more than once.

Slowly I worked my way back up her beautiful slender body, but before I could enter her, she flipped me onto my back and began kissing my neck and chest. Eventually, she worked her way down to my cock and licked and sucked it until I was almost ready to cum. Then she kissed back up my body and then climbed on top and stuck my hard cock into her wet pussy. “Ohhh yessss!” She quietly said. “Unnnnnnggggh! Oh Andy. Dat feel so good. Aaahhh!”

I didn’t last as long as I would have liked, but I at least gave her another orgasm. After we both came, she fell on the bed beside me. Both of us fell asleep. The next thing I remember is the sun hitting my eyes. When I woke up, I looked down and saw a small dark arm across my chest. I looked beside me and saw that hot little body that I had enjoyed last night. As I was looking at her, she opened her eyes and I felt her leg move, which was across my legs. And then I felt her hand slide down my stomach and began pumping my cock.

Well, looking at this hot little Jamaican and feeling her soft hand on my cock gave me an instant hard-on. When I was hard, she smiled that killer smile at me and pulled me on top of her. Her nipples were like bullets and her pussy was soaked. I entered her and she moaned and squeezed her arms around my neck as she kissed me. Our tongues moved back and forth in each other’s’ mouths as I pumped my cock into her pussy. I don’t know how long we fucked, but she had several orgasms before I blew my load into her warm wet pussy.

Kalisa took a shower while I called for room service and while I was in the shower, they delivered our breakfast. Kalisa wore one of my tee shirts while we ate. As I studied her body, I guessed that she was probably about 5’7″ tall and weighed between 110 and 115. Although her breasts were small, I would guess a nice firm B cup. She had a slender waist and great legs. But it was her smile that did it for me.

As we were eating, I told her that last night made my whole trip to Jamaica worthwhile. I told her about my divorce and working so hard at my business since then. I told her that she had broken me out of my funk. But then I asked her why she came to me to dance. And why she would consent to come back to my room with me.

At first, I thought she handed me a line of bullshit. She told me that she was attracted to me when I walked into the bar. She knew I was older, but she wanted to meet me. After she met me, she said she liked me and what happened last night was just a natural progression for her. I asked her how often she does this sort of thing. She told me that she has dated and was once even engaged. But she doesn’t make it a habit to pick up strange men. Especially strange white men.

I asked if I could see her again and her whole face lit up. “Yeah mon. I’m on my spring break from school. Off this whole week. You want do dancing again or you just want have sex?” I broke out laughing and she stood up and took off my tee shirt and walked over and sat on my lap. After an encore performance, she left to get her bathing suit. We agreed to meet on the beach later.

I called Mark and we met in the bar right before lunchtime, and over bloody Marys, I told him about my evening and morning. “You fucked that hot little bitch?” He asked. I nodded my head. He said, “You’re my idol, man. She was hot. Are you gonna see her again?” I nodded again. He laughed and said, “That’s great. Just tell me when you want me to disappear, buddy.”

“Maybe in about an hour. Then how about joining us for dinner tonight and then disappearing again?”

Kalisa and I spent the afternoon on the beach. She wore a white bikini that looked outstanding against her black skin. Although she didn’t have the biggest breasts, she was definitely hot. Every time I looked at her thin black body with those perky tits and outstanding legs, I could feel my cock start to get hard. We talked all afternoon and then joined Mark for dinner. She asked if her friend Jada could join us. So there we were; two middle age white men and two young Jamaican women. I have no idea what Mark and Jada did or where they went. But Kalisa and I went dancing and then back to my room where we spent the night exploring each other’s bodies and making love. Yeah, I thought about it. We may have fucked the night before, but I was really getting fond of this little hottie so we made love this time. And I could tell from her actions and the way she held me and kissed me, that she felt the same way.

Well, that’s pretty much the way the whole week went. The following week, she was back in school so I hung out on the beach alone some days and with Mark on other days. In the evening, Kalisa would ride her motor scooter and we would meet for dinner bayan escort gaziantep and then back to my room for more lovemaking.

On my last weekend in Jamaica, we went to a really nice restaurant Saturday night. Kalisa was dressed perfect. She had on a very low-cut tank top that fit her loosely. Anyone taller than her could see both of her breasts. As a matter of fact, the waiters stood slightly behind her and stared straight down her top. She also wore a very short skirt with a side slit to her waist. I think I had a hard on all through the evening. Fortunately, we ended up back in my room and she took care of it more than once.

Before we fell asleep, I looked over at this hot little black girl who had been responsible for the best vacation that I ever had. She was quietly crying. “What’s the matter, Honey. Why are you crying?”

“Honey??” She asked. “Did you call me Honey?”

“Uh . . . . errrr, uh . . . .”

She smiled and hugged me. “Tank you, baby. I’m sad cause you leave tomorrow. I’m sad cause I tink I in love wit you. Shouldn’t-a happen, but it did.” Her deep brown eyes bore into me. She gave me a sad smile. “I wish you could stay here.”

My heart was doing summersaults. I said, “Kalisa, I have a business back home that I need to tend to. I would take you with me if you would come, because I think I love you too.”

She threw her arms around me and yelled, “Yes! Yes! Yes! I will come wit you, Andy. Are you sure you wan me to come wit you?” I took her in my arms and held her tight against me. I felt her kissing my neck and squeezing me as tight as she could. She looked up at me and said, “You call me Honey? OK?”

I laughed and said, “You got it, Honey.” That night we made love part of the night and fucked the other part. I used all of her holes and she drained my cock so dry that I think I was shooting dust instead of cum.

The next morning, we made plans for me to leave that day and come back the following weekend to help her move back with me. She would spend the week packing. I told her that there was a catch to her moving. I would pay for her final semester of college, but she had to handle the books for my company and pay the bills and make payroll and deposits for me. She jumped at the chance of working for me even though I told her that I was a tough taskmaster.

“You be my master,” she said. “I like dat. I be a good girl and do any ting dat you say.”

The move went well. I moved her into my house, and told her to decorate it however she wanted. Kalisa waited on my every whim. She dove right in and computerized my accounts receivable and billing. She was an excellent cook and she always met me at the door with a cold drink when I got home. And she always wore something that made me want to rip them off and have sex with her. But I wouldn’t have to rip them off because she was ready for sex whenever I was.

Our sex life was unbelievable. Kalisa bought a few books on various positions and activities. She enjoys being roughly fucked and spanked, especially from behind as I pull her hair. She’ll wear whatever I want her to wear. She sometimes crawls to me and begs me to fuck her.

After she had lived with me for a year, my daughter Marian visited. I had given her a heads up before she arrived, but I didn’t need to. The two young women hit it off from the start. Actually, I felt out of it while Marian was there because they were like best friends. Until we got to the bedroom at night. Then Kalisa would wear me out sexually.

I still can’t believe it. It’s been four years since I met this hot little Jamaican. She’ll do anything for me. When we’re with other couples, the other women tend to get frustrated and their husbands are envious that she does so much for me. And she does it by choice. She can somehow sense when my beer is empty and shows up automatically with a fresh one. She encourages me to go out with the guys for a drink or a card game while the other guys sometimes have to scheme their wives to go. And when I get home, she is always awake and ready to make love.

I’ve proposed to her once-a-year since she moved into my house, but she keeps telling me no. Finally, after four years, she agreed. She said, “Hon, I dint tink you’d be happy wit someone my age and color. I tot you’d be ashamed by me. But now I know you love me and not be ashamed. I love you and I want marry you. OK?”

I smiled at my little Jamaican and said, “OK.”

I’m not sure, but I think my daughter spending a week with us finally convinced her that I sincerely wanted to marry her. I don’t care what or who convinced her, I’m just happy that she agreed.

We agreed to get married in Jamaica in two months. Mark was the best man and Kalisa asked Marian to be her maid of honor. After the wedding, we flew on to Aruba to honeymoon for a week before returning home. Mark and Marian stayed on Jamaica for a few days. Mark was actually successful in tracking down Jada, who had since gotten married but had no problem shacking up with the good looking white guy.

Marian asked Kalisa’s little brother Marcus to show her around the island, and they became quite close. But that’s another story.

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