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We were sitting facing each other across her living room, the television was on but neither of us was paying attention to what was showing. There was a sexual tension in the air as Karen and I both knew that tonight it was finally going to happen. We had joked about this moment for over a year, but even when I reached her house I was sure she must have changed her mind.

She greeted me at the door wearing a white shirt and short mini skirt. The mini clung to her ass, revealing that she was either not wearing panties or they were the kind that didn’t leave a v.p.l. (visual panty line. My cock started to grow, anticipating some action. She didn’t immediately move to let me in so as I brushed pass her I felt her nipples brushing against my arm. She realized what had happened and with a light girlish giggle, shyly pulled back.

“Oh!” I said, “You are excited tonight, you think I’ll get lucky?”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but if that’s what you want you’d better leave.” She smiled while saying that, but it didn’t seem sincere.

“Where’s Chantelle?” I asked. “I thought you said she was spending the night with you.”

Karen turned around and as she did so, with the light coming from the other side I looked through the short cotton skirt and saw the outline of her pussy.

“When you said you were coming I sent her by her grandmother”

Hmm, I thought, things are definitely beginning to look up. By now my cock had really begun to come alive. I didn’t want her to see how aroused I was feeling as yet so I sat in a nearby chair. A few seconds later, she sat on the sofa opposite me.

I needed to know whether she would play ball this time or if she was in her usual teasing mood, because earlier today at work she had sent me an e-message saying she wanted to get fucked. I knew that she and her boyfriend had broken up recently but I knew that it was temporary and until Kevin and she were back together, if I was going to fuck her it would have to be now.

She put her feet up on the sofa and got comfortable, pretending to be looking at the television. “Mr. Roland,” very formal, “What are you doing at my house?”

“You invited me.”

“But this is not the first time that I invited you. You never came before this.”

I looked at her for a long time before replying, “I felt I needed to really come this time,” I said with a smirk. She got my meaning.

“Yeah, right!” laughing, “Don’t hold your breath, old man” she laughed.

“Come on Karen, we are both consenting adults. You know that I want you and I believe you want me too, even if only out of curiosity, so what’s the deal?”

She put her feet back on the floor and sat up. As she did so her skirt rode up her leg a few inches and caught my eye. Noticing, she quickly pulled the short skirt back down and giggled, “What were you looking at? What did you hope to see?”

I looked her fully in the eyes “Your Pussy.”

“And when you see it … what?”

I got up and crossed the floor to where she was sitting “I want to eat it”.

The best move was to be direct. If I don’t get on with it she will be playing games Antalya Escort all night. She moved over to give me room to sit “Just like that? No preliminaries?”

I sat down, deliberately close to her and noticed she didn’t move. “No, there will be preliminaries…and they start right now”

I put my hand around her shoulder and she tried to pull away but she did not realize that I had anticipated this move and was ready. “Shhh” I said, “relax, I’m not going to bite you … well not to hurt you anyway.”

It was then I noticed her shoulders were trembling. “Are you cold?” I asked.

“Nnnno,” she stammered, “I just….”

She didn’t say any more and I noticed she wasn’t fighting me off either. I pulled her gently over without much resistance and she rested her head on my chest. “Mark…” she whispered. No more formality!

“Hmmmm?” I murmured. Meanwhile my hand was slowly caressing her left shoulder, coaxing her into a state of relaxation. It was working. I could feel her whole body, which at first was quite tense, slowly go limp as though she resigned herself to the inevitable. Inwardly I chuckled to myself.

This temptress, who for over a year had been the subject of my sexual desires, was now totally in my control. She was utterly helpless and at last I was about to do with her what I had only dreamed about before.

I felt her weight change and looked down to see her looking up at me with her lips slightly parted and her eyes were like a wounded animal begging to be put out of its misery. Her eyes were glistening and I knew then that she would do anything I wanted.

“Karennn” I whispered, “I want you now!” Her lips trembled a silent


“And you want me?” It wasn’t really a question. I wanted to take control the same way she had controlled me by dangling her sex at me for so long.

“Let me hear you say it” I said.

I looked into her eyes and saw the conflict she was going through. She always boasted that no man could force her against her will. She wanted to keep it that way, yet her basic longings insisted that she obey this man who had taken control of her. She realized that she was no longer in control and while she wanted to fight it, yet her need was greater.

“I…I…” she paused. I traced my thumb up her shoulder slowly watching her tremble as I reached her left ear lobe. “Mark….” Again she paused. I drew her closer to me. This time there was a noticeable body spasm. “Say it.” I said, a little firmer.

“Mark,” she managed, “I w..wannt, yyoou!” Victory is mine! She has been conquered.

I looked down at the poor helpless woman in my arms and noticed there were tears in her eyes. She looked up at me and ever so slowly pushed herself off my chest.

For one very brief moment I noticed in her eyes the flash of a wild animal that I did not immediately recognize. Suddenly without warning she grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips roughly onto hers. Her lips were already open and her tongue was snaking out, probing my open mouth, and seeking my own tongue. She was pushing, forcing me on to the sofa and now it was my Antalya Escort Bayan turn to resist.

I managed to unclench our tongues and pulled away. “You’re scared of me now huh?” She asked, and lunged forward again.

“Oh no, honey child,” I replied, pushing her back into a sitting position “but I want to take it slow and easy”

“I don’t want easy” she countered, “I need you to fuck me hard” again she lunged but this time I was waiting. I grabbed her around her shoulders in both arms and pushed her on to her back on the sofa.

From the way she had said that “need” I knew she was hot and that I was in for a torrid night. For one brief moment I wondered whether I had bitten off more than I could chew but too late to reconsider.

She was now grabbing at my shirt, pulling and tearing. I grabbed her hands in mine, forcing her harder in to the chair. I got to my feet and held her down with one hand.

“Let’s talk,” I said

She was getting mad now, “I don’t want to fuckin’ talk!” she said in a hoarse whisper, “My pussy is on fire and I want you to fuck me”

I knew at this time it was pointless talking. She wanted – no, needed- fucking and there was no point in trying to engage in any kind of dialogue.

I had come expecting to take her on a slow and leisurely path to ecstasy but clearly this was not what she wanted.

By now her skirt was all mangled and hitched up under her ass. Her pussy was exposed and for the first time I had a good look at her cunt. It was covered with a mat of very black curly hair. From where I could see the hair was thick from the perineum right up to the mons and it had obviously had some care. It was curly and just at the opening to the cavern of joy I noticed a glistening, silver slime among the nest of it. Her cunt lips were thick and strangely, reminded me of the mouth of a girl from the office. They were slightly parted and there was the slightest trace of pink beyond the entrance.

All this I noticed in the space of about two seconds and it occurred to me that I could not remember when last I had seen a pussy covered with so much black hair.

She reached for the front of my pants but as I pulled away she grabbed the front of the waist.

“Mark, you fuckin’ dog, I want your cock in me now!” it was almost a scream, a command really.

She started ripping off her shirt and her two beautiful mounds, with erect nipples sprung out.

“Boy, you want to fuck me?”

She was in a rage now and I was pulling the last piece of clothing off.

My cock was standing fully erect, like a soldier at an Independence Day parade, its helmet glistening with the effluent of pre-cum. She reached out and grabbed it. I thought she was going to rip it off but as she pulled it to her she met it halfway and plunged it into her mouth.

An indescribable feeling of ecstasy washed over me as I felt the hot saliva from her mouth lather my pulsing shaft. The girl was a professional.

I know my cock would not be considered monster size, but neither is it a weenie. She took it all down her throat without complaint Escort Antalya and began milking it with the muscles at the back of her throat. I was in Heaven.

All the while she was clawing at my body, raking her nails across my chest and thigh grinding her ass in time to the milking motion of her mouth on my cock. I reached out and cupped her breasts in my hands. She started screaming in a muffled voice, while keeping my dick in her mouth. Then I started playing with her nipples, rolling them between thumb and forefinger.

She just went ballistic.

My dick fell from her mouth with a loud “plop” she grabbed me by the thelegs and sank her teeth in my right thigh, squirming in passion on the sofa. I knew she was having her first orgasm. A string of profanity came from her lips as she pulled away from me and plunged her fingers in her wet cunt. I couldn’t believe it. Could this be the same Karen who a few months ago wouldn’t even let me touch her? The same Karen who said she could live without sex?

I sat down next to her and pulled her hand away from her body. She did a flip onto her back and threw her legs around my neck. The strong smell of a fully aroused pussy wafted to my nostrils and my dick became unbelievably harder.

My head was in a scissors lock between her legs and I couldn’t escape.

Not that I’d want to, mind you. I forced her body back to the sofa and forced my mouth on to her cunt. It was delicious. The sticky sweet nectar was all over her cunt. She was fucking my face all over and I was covered in her juices. I had to hold her down if we were going to really enjoy this.

Grabbing her by the hips I pulled the cunt from my face watching with amusement the glistening “lifeline” that kept my nose tied to her sweet pussy.

But she was not in a mood for playing around. She was like an uncontrollable animal, bucking wildly off the sofa and with each lurch her sweet wet pussy was slapping my face. I tried to regain control, but her pussy needed some urgent attention and as I buried my face again in her pussy I had to use all my weight to get her down and keep her down on the sofa.

Suddenly with a loud feral cry she threw her legs out and around my neck drawing me even deeper in her cunt. “AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Oh My God! No! No! Noooooooooo!”

And I felt it. A flood of her juices gushed out of her honey sweet pussy bathing my face. I tried to keep lapping in time with the gushing juice but her wild thrashing was making it impossible.

She started to calm down but as my tongue again found its mark she began all over again.

“No, you sonofabitch! No…not agaaaaaiiiinn! Mark, you…are…so…

fuck…kin … sweeeet! Oh God, not again! Aye! AYE! AYE! AYE! I want you to fuck me, Mark…FUCK…. MEEEEEE!”

And you know me – I am always ready to help a damsel in distress. And this damsel was in serious distress. But even if I wasn’t up to it, my good buddy DICK, who was ready to bust an artery, was more than up to the task.

She calmed sufficiently for coherent conversation, “Let’s go to the bed ‘cause I got this hard cock ready for that sweet pussy.” She smiled and reached out a hand. “Boy, you sure know how to eat pussy.” This was a compliment from an expert cock gobbler.

“Come and I will show you a fucking new experience!” She laughed and pulled herself off the sofa.

“Let me get some water first. You just sucked me dry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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