Karen’s Adventure Ch. 1

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My name is Steve, my wife, Karen and I, are both 31 years old. Karen 5’6’’ tall, 34, 25, 35 and I kept ourselves in shape even after 6 years of marriage. We have a great sex life. Never loosing interest at each other thru the years. We have tried everything couples do except anal sex. And have never tried group sex, until very recently. I always tell Karen that I would like to see her going at it with another woman and her reaction–“YUKKK”. I made it clear that this is my ultimate fantasy.

After closing a big account at the office I promised my wife a fancy dinner on a Friday. I was ready to go and was watching Karen get dressed, noticing her putting on her black French cut panties, I love seeing my wife in beautiful panties and I knew we would have great sex after dinner. The dinner was fine and when we were about to leave the restaurant, a voice from behind was heard– “Karen, Karen”. Suddenly, two gorgeous women standing in front of us. Karen introduced me to Joyce and Susan, both high school classmates of hers. Both women are in town on vacation. Joyce is a lingerie model and Susan is a flight stewardess both working on the West Coast. The ladies invited us for a drink at a nearby bar, and since it was still early, we obliged, the ladies need to catch up on things anyway. On the way to the bar, Karen told me that Joyce and Susan were a “hot thing” in high school. I ask her-“Did you do it with them?”. “Of course not!” said Karen, while giving me a jokingly punch in the shoulder.

We arrived at the bar and drinks were served. The ladies talked about the orhangazi escort past and are having a lot of fun while I was listening to the acoustic band on stage. After the fifth bottle of light beer for me and a couple of glasses of cocktails for each of the ladies, Karen told me that Joyce insists on going to her condominium unit so they could talk more without the noise of the band. I had no choice but to agree.

We arrived at the condo, sitting on the living room and more drinks were served. The ladies were sharing a bottle of Tequila while I got a bottle of Scotch for myself. I was feeling out of place from their conversations, so ask to be excused to watch TV, I was watching a replay of a basketball game still drinking more scotch, while laying on the LA-Z boy. I must have fallen asleep. The next thing I knew, I was awaken by the final buzzer. I looked behind me and the ladies were gone. I went back to the living room and the Tequila bottle was empty. I heard some noise in the kitchen and proceeded there.

The ladies were standing by the square table and eating some fruits and giggling. Karen was in the middle, Joyce was in her right and Susan was standing on her left. I was about to enter when Susan suddenly licked Karen’s left ear. Karen stopped her and reminded her that I was in the other room. Karen turns her back on Susan, was now facing Joyce. Joyce gives Karen a slight kiss on the lips. Karen pulls back. Susan cups my wife’s tits from behind and kisses Karen on the back of her neck. I knew Karen would be aroused nilüfer escort by this, since the back of her neck was her “horny” spot, not to mention the tequila. Joyce tries to kiss Karen again, this time Karen does not resist.

Both ladies kiss hard, both ladies moans, I could see both tongues slapping one another. My cock hardens immediately, I can’t believe it, my greatest fantasy was happening and I’m not about to stop it. Joyce breaks the kiss, Susan turns Karen head to face her and gives her a deep kiss. Once again, the girls kiss hard, tongues circling one another. Joyce joins in. Now three tongues are at work. Joyce begins to unbutton my wife’s blouse and unhooks the strapless bra, exposing Karen’s beautiful tits. At once, Joyce sucks on Karen’s breast while Susan, still kissing Karen finds her left hand going under Karen’s skirt and stroking my wife’s pussy through her panties, slipping a finger inside Karen’s now wet pussy. Susan pulls out the finger and sucks it.

“Hmmm, your pussy tastes so sweet” said Susan. Joyce pulls down Karen’s skirt and sits her up on the square table. Now, the only thing my wife has on is her black panties and her unbuttoned blouse. Joyce bends over my wife’s pussy and gives it a swift smell. “Mmmm, smells heavenly” said Joyce. Joyce and Susan begins to undress each other, Karen removes her blouse by now. The two ladies, both on white lace t-back panties, gives each other a tongue exercise, licking each others furiously. Karen, watching the two girls kissing, begins stroking her pussy, playing with türbanlı escort herself. The girls break the kiss and proceeds to Karen. Susan sucks on my wife’s left tits while slipping a finger in her own pussy. Joyce, facing Karen asks- “Are you enjoying this?”

My wife nods in approval. Then Joyce said- “I wanted you since high school”. This made Karen hotter, pulling Joyce to her and begins to suck Joyce’s tongue. Joyce in turn gives Karen a slow tongue sucking. The girls really knows how to kiss. After a while, Joyce breaks the kiss, kneels between Karen’s legs, pull downs her panties and eats her pussy. HARD. My wife gives a small scream. “Shhhh” said Susan, pulling her finger from her pussy and sticks it to Karen’s mouth to shut her up. This is the first time Karen has tasted pussy juice and I think she likes it, licking and sucking Susan’s finger with delight. Karen could not maintain sitting up so she lies flat on the table. Karen flips her right leg on top of Joyce’s shoulder who continues eating Karen‘s pussy.

Karen now pulls Susan’s tits to her face and sucks it, licking the nipples just like the way she does on the head of my cock when giving me head. The ladies are pretty busy by now and I made my move. I barged in the kitchen and shout- ” What the hell are you girls doing?”. They suddenly stood up. “I’m so sorry” said Karen. “No, it’s my fault” said Joyce. “Don’t get mad at Karen, it’s our fault. ” said Susan. I could see Joyce’s face was all wet with my wife pussy juices. And I know they noticed the bulge in my pants. Karen was about to cry when I said– “Since you love Karen so much, with both of you taking the blame, you two better finish what you started or Karen would be disappointed”. Smiles are now on the three ladies faces. Joyce leads us to the bedroom, Karen held my hand as we followed Joyce.

(continued.. Chapter 2)

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