Kasper’s Den Ch. 02

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“People think I’m this rough guy, but I really just want to find ‘The One.’ When I saw Niles’ picture I just knew he was right,” I said into the camera with a hopeful smile. Actually I hadn’t yet seen Niles in person. He was stuck in Miami delayed by a hurricane or something. We were three days into filming and he was missing his own show.

The picture they posted showed an older, fit guy. He didn’t look awful, but definitely wasn’t my type. All I had room for was Taj and Amir. I tried to look convincing though as I read my lines for the camera.

That morning I’d awoken to another beautiful viewing of Taj drying himself with his fat cock dangling between his muscled brown thighs. He was so carefree about his nudity, laughing with his friend as he rubbed the thin towel over his tight stomach and well-developed pecs while his cock danced. He dressed himself again in a suit that looked like it had been handed down from his father, or some smaller man. This one hugged his body and he struggled to fasten the waist around his muscled physique.

Taj came over to me again before heading out. He pulled up my covers so they warmed my chest. He leaned over me and whispered something in his language. I guessed it was a blessing. He really did seem to care about me. I pretended to awaken when he kissed my forehead. I wanted him to feel like prince charming.

“Good morning,” I whispered hazily and rubbed at my eye. I blinked up at his smiling lips.

“Welcome to Tuesday, Kasper,” Taj said in his arousing, deep accent.

“Mmmm yup. Tuesday,” I agreed. I was whispering and breathing through my nose so I wouldn’t offend him with my morning breath. I turned over onto my side towards him. He probably thought it was so I could face him, but in reality my morning boner was raging at his touch and I didn’t want to sundial on my back. He was so fucking gorgeous and I hadn’t gotten off in awhile. I buried it against the mattress so he wouldn’t see it. It sucked being in a dorm. At home I could jerk off when I woke up. Communal living was cramping my routine.

“We can work on English tonight? You helps me so much,” Taj asked with oversized brown eyes filled with hope and kindness. Those impossibly long lashes had me smiling like an idiot.

“Definitely. I wouldn’t miss it,” I assured with a yawn. I turned my face to the side so he wouldn’t get a faceful of morning dungeon breath.

“Awesome! I hope your day fills with delight,” Taj said. He swiped his index finger across my cheek and then used the tip to bop my nose lightly. It reminded me that he saw me as a little brother. My heart sank at his sweetness. He would never think of me in a sexual way. I stumbled out of bed when my cock calmed down and went to shower.

I was still hard from the night before. Amir had sent me a card to meet him down by the beach path when I was finished with filming. We had done poolside scenes that day – some where we pretended to be speaking to Niles though they’d have to add him in later since he hadn’t yet arrived – so I was dressed in white shorts and a black tank top.

Amir wasn’t there yet when I got down to the shore. The sun had set and a chilly wind blew in off the ocean. I hugged my arms across my chest. Taj had warned me to take a sweatshirt, but I told him I’d be ok. I was shivering a little when I saw a golf cart whirring along a path just above the beach. It had to be Amir. I watched as it wound down the path towards the beach. He honked the horn when he saw me and waved.

“Kasper. You look cold! You should dress more warmly,” he said with a wide grin as he echoed Taj’s warning. His golf cart stopped suddenly in front of me.

“I know… I just didn’t want to be late,” I said. “Did you steal this?” I laughed.

“Steal? No! Of course I don’t steal. The golf manager said I could use it around the resort. Hop in,” Amir said. I slid in next to him and he reached behind him to pull out a blanket. He wrapped it around me and then slid his arm across my back. I snuggled in next to him as we zoomed back up the path.

We rode back up to the resort and the guard quickly moved to open the gate for us so Amir wouldn’t even have to slow down. I put my head into the side of his neck and felt his racing pulse against my skin.

“You smell good, like spring flowers and… old wood,” Amir noted. The stylist had let me try out some new cologne he was testing. We slid around the side of the resort and up a dark pathway towards the golf course. No one was out golfing under the moonlight, so the only sound was crickets and his heartbeat.

“It’s so deserted out here… are you going to kill me?” I half-joked as he wound his way up the golf course to wherever it was he wanted to show me.

“Well… I didn’t bring the right tools this time,” Amir said without humor. He continued on until we went through a clearing in the woods where the path narrowed. We bumped along a dirt trail until we got to a clearing with a small pond surrounded by thick forest. Amir gorukle escort bayan paused to bury his nose in my hair. He smiled when he pulled away then grabbed a bag and hopped out. He set up a lantern that glowed a soft light and then laid out a blanket.

“I got a variety of things. I’m not sure what you like to eat. You are so light,” Amir observed and unpacked a small feast of salad, grilled meats, and sides.

“Wow, it all looks good,” I said as we sat to eat. He took off his jacket and wrapped it around me. He used the blanket that had warmed me to spread over us while we ate. I told him the boring stuff that had happened that day while filming. He kept asking more questions about the guys on the show and what they did as though he was truly interested or slightly jealous.

“Your English doesn’t sound like Arabian. Why don’t you have a heavy accent like your father?” I asked while we talked.

“Well I am only half Arabian. The other half is like you. I am a mix but my father’s genes are much stronger than my dad’s,” Amir said. I noted his separate references for each of his dads.

“Do they speak English or just Arabic in your country?” I asked.

“Some do, but I learned English very young. My dad signs, but my uncles Lincoln, Kaleb, and some friends who come to visit are all from California. I grew up talking to them and picked up their words and accent,” Amir explained.

“So you speak English, Arabic, Sign Language. You must be really smart,” I noted.

“I guess I am. French too, but only some. My father is fluent in it. We vacation there,” he said and shrugged like it was nothing. He was cultured, captivating, and beyond cute.

“I like how you can see the stars out here,” I noted. “I don’t know their names, but they’re pretty.”

“Well, we are in the Southern Hemisphere so some of them are different. That up there is the Southern Cross. You will never see it where you live,” Amir said and pointed at a chunk of twinkling lights in the dark night. He swiped his fingers across the sky as if pointing them out and I leaned against his chest to take it in.

“It’s beautiful,” I said and he turned in surprise to see me so close against him. I looked up with hopeful eyes as if asking for permission. Amir nodded and slid an arm around me tightly. He rubbed his hand over my chest as he pointed to some other things.

“Wow, yep, that’s beautiful,” I said as I put my hand against his thigh. I was so horny and needed to move things along. He didn’t pull away, he spread his legs to welcome my touch.

“YOU are beautiful, sweet Kasper. They are merely stars,” he said with serious eyes as he looked down at me and brushed his nose back and forth against mine gently. He leaned in and kissed me. I turned to him and pushed him down against the blanket. It was completely deserted where we were and the dim light of the lantern and stars gave us a modicum of privacy. I rolled on top of him and straddled his lap with my knees. He leaned up and put his hand to the back of my neck to pull me back down against him.

“So beautiful, sweet Kasper. My dream,” Amir proclaimed and kissed me again.

“Fuck… fuck,” I whimpered as our lips wrestled and my bulge ground against his. His hands slid down to cup my ass and he kneaded my cheeks with his strong fingers.

“If you wish,” Amir sang as our lips parted. He reached up and pushed back my hair, running his fingers through it and massaging my head. I closed my eyes at his touch. It felt so good to be in his arms. It felt better than it did with Taj. There was a layer of sexual energy that Taj just didn’t feel for me. I turned my head to the side so I could kiss Amir’s hand, pop his thumb into my mouth. I sucked on it eagerly. I needed him.

“You want to suck me again? Can I suck you too this time?” Amir asked. I nodded with his thumb pushing through my lips. He rubbed my tongue with it.

“You want this, Kasper? You need my cock?” His voice dropped an octave to a low, commanding, Arab tone. My body shivered at it.

“Yes, I need it.” I whined. I hadn’t cum in a while and even longer with someone else.

“Yeah you do. You sucked it so good. I loved watching your little lips bulge around my cock. You nearly choked on it, but you wanted to please me. It was so hot,” Amir said as he rubbed his fingers through my hair.

“It’s pretty big,” I admitted. “I liked it though.”

“I am sure yours is nice too. Stand up, take your clothes off for me,” Amir said. He took his hands away from my ass and folded his arms behind his head to prop himself up a bit with a grin. I got off him, stood up and looked down at him as I bit my lip.

“We’re outside. What if we get in trouble?” I asked. It was a real concern. I always seemed to attract trouble. I got caught for things I didn’t even do.

“We are fine. This is private and the golf course is closed. Show me your body, Kasper,” Amir prodded. He nodded up to me with interested eyes. He knew nilüfer escort bayan what he wanted.

“Ok,” I agreed and looked around to see no one was around. I slid off his jacket and laid it down. He took it and folded it to use for a pillow. I slowly slid up the hem of my tank top. I felt like I should have music, do a dance for him. But I was too nervous anyways. Looking down at him, here in the dim night, about to do things. He looked different. He had an air of power that he hadn’t held before. He looked more like his father, imposing, confident.

“C’mon, Kas. Are you worried I won’t like it? Trust me, baby. I will,” Amir leaned up to put his hands on my thighs. He rubbed them up to my swim shorts and pet my bulge which poked out at full mast.

“Of course you will… This is top shelf, man!” I faked confidence, but just laughed nervously. I pulled up my tank top and slid it off over my head. I puffed up, flexing a little so he could hopefully see the small muscle mass I held.

“Fuck, that’s beautiful. Look at your little pecs, those pointy little pink nipples.” Amir raised up and cupped my pecs with his hands. He took turns biting and sucking on each nipple. His teeth bit into one a little too roughly and I pulled back with a yelp.

“Ow, dude. Be nice to them,” I protested. I covered my chest with my hands.

“Sorry. I never see them like this. So beautiful, Kasper. I can’t help myself around you. I lose control. These are my favorite,” Amir offered.

“I am sorry, little Kasper tits.” He kissed each nipple in apology I tried to look tough, but then a night chill blew by and I shivered.

“You’re cold, come,” Amir leaned up and reached for me. I sank back down to my knees, straddling his lap and his arms slid around me. He kissed my neck. “You don’t need to be brave with me. I’ll keep you warm.” His lips caressed my neck, eliciting more chills. He held me protectively against his warm chest.

“I’m ok,” I said and pushed away. I slowly raised up, pausing to lower again and rub my ass against his bulge as I squatted over his lap.

“Fuck, that’s hot,” he praised and grinned excitedly. His hands went to rub my ass. He squeezed it roughly as he looked up at me with expectant eyes. I bounced a few times like I was some kind of exotic stripper and hummed a little beat.

“Yeah? You like that? You brought some cash to put in my jock?” I laughed. Our eyes locked for a minute and I stopped. We just looked at each other grinning like idiots.

“I will put all the gold I can carry in your beautiful little place,” Amir laughed.

“That sounds ouch,” I noted and bounced my ass a few times. I slowly raised up and his arms went for the waistband of my shorts. He slid them down a little to see how far he could push me. I stood up and helped him slide them down. My cock popped out, full and hard. It pointed towards his face. He wagged his eyebrows in approval.

“Beautiful,” He beamed as he reached for it. He wrapped his fingers around it and pumped lightly like he’d never seen one before.

“It is so light… pale like the rest of you,” Amir noted.

“It’s not as big as yours,” I said with a little embarrassment. I’d always been proud of it. I’m above average and it’s pretty thick. He had a man’s cock, thick and floppy with a dark, heavy tip.

“No need,” he waved as though I’d offered him something. “It suits you. It’s perfect.”

“Suck it!” I growled excitedly. He put out his tongue and brought the shaft over towards his face. He lapped at the tip and slowly let me push through his lips. He kept his tongue down and flat so it slid along the underside of my shaft. I love that warm, wet feeling of being in a guy’s mouth, feeding him my prize.

“Ahh! Ow!” I called out as he started to pull back and dive again on my cock. I felt the slight edge of his teeth. It hurt a little and he didn’t really do much with his tongue or lips. He just held it between his lips and moved his head back and forth. How does a hot guy not know what feels good on a cock?

“You don’t do this often?” I asked, looking down on him. He looked up at me innocently with wide, brown eyes. He was so sweet, trying his best to please me and make me feel good. He shook his head.

“You’ve never gone down on a guy before?” I asked with astonishment. He pulled off my cock and looked up at me.

“Just once before this… usually they just want to get… well you know, fucked,” Amir said. “They want the alpha Arab guy, seeding and all… You don’t seem to care about that… I want to do it with you.”

“You do? I have an idea!” I pulled away from him and stood to reposition myself. I laid down in front of him but the opposite way so I was eye to cock with him and he with me.

“You’re going to teach me?” Amir eyed me with amusement. He gripped my cock and pumped it lightly. I felt a ripple go through me at his touch and my muscles contracted rapidly.

“Uhhhh yes, fuck… I’ll bursa otele gelen escort bayan show you,” I hissed and leaned forward to tug at his shorts. He had a fancy buckle clasp on them that I had no idea how to work. I fumbled at it helplessly until he looked down at me with a laugh and offered a hand.

“If you really wanted my dick, you’d figure it out,” Amir joked.

“If you really wanted your cock worshipped, you’d get an easier belt,” I retorted. Amir laughed and reached down to stroke my chin before unlatching his belt with a simple swipe. He pushed down his shorts and I was met with a bulging pair of red boxers. I gripped the outline of his full cock. It was a handful and I watched a wet patch of precum form on the fabric when I stroked it.

“That feels good,” Amir moaned as I rubbed my lips against the covered tip and then popped it past my lips. I licked at the fabric, soaked with his salty precum. He lazily pumped my cock, not even attempting to suck it as I began to work his.

“Oh fuck, Kasper,” Amir gasped as I pushed down the waistband of his boxers and dove onto his cock. The head rubbed across the palate of my mouth making his body tense and shake. I slurped the underside of his shaft and tasted another pearl of his precum leak out.

“Mmm Mmm!” I mouthed and reached up to push his head towards my dick to remind him there were two of us here for pleasure.

“Haha, sorry! You’re just so… Oh Fuck… good,” Amir laughed and hissed as I kept up the tongue bath on his tasty tool.

He tried though. He gripped my cock and rubbed it against his moist, pillowy lips. I sped up on his cock, slurping and massaging it to show my appreciation for his efforts. He kept his lips closed somewhat tightly, but then pushed against the tip of my cock so I felt like I was sliding into a tight hole to be rewarded by a warm, wet tongue.

“Fuck that’s good,” I praised as I let go of his cock and leaned back. It was a home run first effort. I reached down to rub his hair. He began to bounce on my cock while keeping that tight, wet seal of his lips. My body began to twist and jerk from chills.

“You’re not new at this,” I laughed as another wave of pleasure hit me and sent me splayed out next to him.

“Maybe you’re just a really good teacher,” Amir said as my cock flopped out of his mouth. He looked down at me with feigned innocence. He was no novice.

“That’s your trick, Amir. You pretend to be really bad at it and then…” I whimpered as he dove back onto my cock.

“Right, just a trick to lull you into security before I devour a delicious blonde boy,” Amir chuckled. He licked quick little butterfly swipes up my shaft before pushing my head back through his tight lips.

“Guess so,” I mumbled through my lust filled haze. I turned back to his cock and tried to do the same to him. He quickly turned from laughter to moans as his cock pushed through the tight ring of my lips.

“Huhhh” he gasped and returned to work on my cock. We slurped and sucked each other back and forth as our bodies wiggled together. His finger found my hole and he rubbed over the ring as I bucked my hips to piston-fuck his mouth.

“Kasper,” He gasped as I pulled my cock from his lips. “Play with my ass, please.”

“Really? I didn’t think alpha guys like you went for that,” I said excitedly. He had two beautiful golden orbs with a light dusting of fur. It was so perfect.

“I am not like that,” Amir said and sat up suddenly. He looked at me with a twinge of sadness.

“Like what? You’re versatile?” I asked.

“My father, he says the men of our family are made to dominate, to be Lions. He says Ali and I will find our light boys like you to take care of and lead. It is what he wants for us, to be like he is with my dad; strong and caring but dominant. Ali is like that, but I don’t want that. The boys in my kingdom throw themselves at us in subservience in hopes that they can be part of our dynasty, gain our wealth and power. Ali is into it. He has had his way with so many and will never settle for just one. But I don’t want it. I don’t want any of it. I’m not like that.” Amir was deadly serious.

“I know, Amir. You are so hot… so good and gentle. You can be yourself around me. I can protect you too. I don’t care about all that alpha bullshit,” I said. I reached to squeeze his ass. I rubbed a finger between the cheeks. I rubbed over his hole and he smiled gratefully, heaved a sigh of relief, and went back to pleasing my cock.

“Uhhhh,” I moaned as he kept diving on my cock. I leaned up and he lifted a leg to let me see his dark hole. It was a perfect little rosebud surrounded by a light dusting of black hair. I kissed it and Amir jerked. He wasn’t used to the pleasure.

“Oh fuck Yes, please, fuck, please,” Amir mumbled as he pulled off me cock. I dove in and stuck my tongue into the center of it. I pushed inside. He tasted like he’d prepared for this, like almond soap with a hint of masculine musk.

“Please, Kasper, don’t stop. Fuck yes please!” He begged for it like it had been a lifelong goal as I pushed my tongue inside his hole and started to wiggle it. It was tight, he didn’t do much down here. But he was so sensitive to my tongue. His hips bucked and he whined, begged, cursed as I stretched his hole tenderly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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