Kasper’s Den Ch. 05

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“Open up my eyes and
Tell me who I am
Let me in on all your secrets
No inhibition, no sin
How deep is your love?”


The next few days were pretty chill. I spent hours talking to Amir while he was back home preparing for his new semester. We learned so much about each other but never seemed ready to say goodbye.

I also went out with Ali, his twin, for a few hours each day to workout so Mr. Hamad and his husband, Emerson, could have their time together. It must have been awkward for them having me sleep in their room each night, but they never complained. Ali had the other room all to himself. Mr. Hamad didn’t think it was a good idea for me to sleep in the bed where Amir had been. I don’t know why, I don’t think I was Ali’s type, but I didn’t argue.

I spent so much time video-chatting with Amir on Emerson’s tablet that Emerson started to show a little anger with his son which was rare for him. He would sign to Amir who would sign back with begging looks like only a child can give to his parents. I missed him every time we had to say goodbye. Finally though, Mr. Hamad took me to get one of my own.

They aren’t cheap. My family only had two when I was growing up. One was decent and the other was a cheap knock off my dad had gotten as a prize from some company meeting. I’d never had one of my own though and certainly not one as nice as Emerson’s. Mr. Hamad took me to the name brand store at the mall where they’d bought clothes for me. Emerson went with us, but Ali said he had things to do.

“This is the best? He will need it to resist damage. You know how rough young boys can be on things,” Mr. Hamad asked the guy in a blue uniform shirt who was helping us. The guy assured us that it would and offered a side warranty that would cover it for life. I wasn’t sure why he thought I was so clumsy.

“And what color would you like? He swiped his finger across the touchpad wall and we customized it. I picked out a shimmery green color and they even paid to have my name engraved on the back. We went to lunch and did some shopping while the computer put it together.

When it was ready, we went back to the store. It was beautiful and razor thin. The front touchscreen was made of that new material that’s soft with better response to fingers. The back was the beautiful green color I’d picked.

It had the new technology that could instantly find all information about me just from pressing my thumb against it. Mr. Hamad had to do it first since he was the buyer. He also put some parental controls on it so I wouldn’t get into dirty stuff. Even though I was 18, he saw me as a small child who needed looking after. He set me as a user and Emerson as a “parent” so it would respond to all of our thumbs.

When I pressed my thumb on there it loaded everything from my life account. It had my passport, documents, messages, social media. It even had family and personal photos taken since birth. Technology is amazing. It reminded me how much I missed my brothers, my parents, friends, and family.

It struck me that they just spent thousands of dollars customizing a tablet for me and now I was pining for home. Emerson and Mr. Hamad let me show them my family and old pictures. I told them all about my life back home. They said I was an adorable little kid. Emerson sent a few of my baby and childhood pictures to himself.

All of that happiness changed though as we headed back to the resort. I slid into the back of their car and went about playing with the tablet. I decided to send a message to my parents and see if they were still upset with me. They always calmed down eventually.

I saw though that my dad had just sent a message this morning. We must have thought about each other at the same time. I opened it and read:


Once again you have reached new depths in shaming our family. How could you do this? Your mother doesn’t even want to hear your name. At work, church, anywhere we go people ask what went wrong with you. We are the joke of our community. Your show debuted here and apparently it’s trashier than we thought. We can’t watch it of course, but we’ve heard comments from all of our friends and community. Even your brothers now have to bear the ridicule of your sinful, selfish choices.

This time you really went too far. We didn’t raise you to flaunt your sexuality for everyone to see. We always tolerated you, but now you insist on publicly shaming us with your lascivious and perverted choices. We’ve tried everything with you and you only get worse. Now you are shacked up an Arab sheik who is nearly as old as me! He actually tried to shame us for our Christian parenting! No more! You are our biggest disappointment.

That is the life you want and we want no part of it or you. We have to take a stand for what we believe. You are no longer welcome in our home or in our family. We want nothing to do with this. Your brothers, mother, and I are in agreement on this.”

That was it. There Beylikdüzü escort was no “Goodbye,” or “Love, Dad.”

I sat stunned in the backseat of their car as the South African landscape rushed by. I had really fucked everything up this time. He’d never said things like that. They always got angry with me and then calmed down and acted like everything was ok, but they’d never said I wasn’t a part of my family anymore.

I felt light headed and my stomach started to turn like angry gremlins were squeezing it. I felt my heart pounding in my ears and my breath came in ragged gasps. I doubled over, put my head between my knees and faced the carpet. Then everything went black.


I came to in the dark quiet of the cold master bedroom in the hotel suite. My shoes and pants were gone. The warm comforter was pulled over my shoulders. My head was cradled in the foam pillow lightly fragranced by Mr. Hamad’s overly masculine cologne. They’d brought me up and put me down for a nap thinking I’d fallen asleep.

I sat up and felt a cold sweat over my skin. I took off my shirt, wiped my neck and chest. I tossed it over towards the bathroom door and felt my head start to pound like every ounce of blood had rushed out of it.

“Mahhh” I groaned weakly and leaned forward. I felt a pain behind my eyes, a thick dam holding back the tears. The message from my dad… or whatever he was to me now, played on repeat.

“No longer a part of our family… Biggest disappointment” I mumbled to myself again and again.

“What’s that, sweet one?” Mr. Hamad’s voice called from the other room. The door to the main suite was halfway open.

I shook my head even though he couldn’t see me. The door to the room opened wider and a handsome Arab face peeked in on me. It was Ali. He smiled as he looked in on me.

Our eyes locked and I must have looked pitiful because his face got suddenly worried and he called something in Arabic to his father. I heard something drop and then the muscled patriarch lumbered past his son to see what was wrong with me.

“You had a good nap, little one? You don’t feel well?” Mr. Hamad said and his eyes said he knew something was very wrong with me. He came quickly to sit by me on the bed. He put the back of his hand to my forehead, checking for a fever. I wondered if that was a universal thing all parents did.

“What’s wrong, my son?” He said and put a hand on my bare back. That word sent me over the edge, “Son.” My tears broke free and gushed down my cheeks as I threw my arms around his neck and scrambled to get closer. He pulled me in, his protective arms holding me tightly.

“Kasper, what happened? Amir hurt you? Tell me, little one!” He said something to Ali in Arabic. The older of his twins came up behind me on the bed and pressed against me to make a Hamad sandwich.

I shook my head, Amir hadn’t hurt me. Ali put his chin on my shoulder like Amir would. He put his arms around me too as my body shook with sadness and ugly crying noises.

“I… I… tablet,” I choked out in between sobs.

“You broke the tablet? Don’t worry, baby. I’ll buy you another one. I’ll buy you twenty of them. There is no need to be upset. I was only joking with the warranty. Of course you’re not clumsy. I hurt your feelings?” Mr. Hamad asked with desperation. He didn’t understand why I was upset.

Ali pulled away from me and I heard him slide the tablet off the bedside table.

“It looks fine, father. See? It works, Kasper. Nothing to be sad about. The tablet is fine,” Ali said.

“The… message,” I said in between gasps for air as I closed in on hyperventilation.

“Oh shit! These people are…” I heard Ali call as he swiped through my keyboard. “What the fuck? Dad you better see this.” He must have opened the message.

“What is it?” Mr. Hamad asked and let go of me. He reached for the tablet and then nudged me back against Ali. Ali had sat behind me so I was pushed back into his lap. He slid his arms around me and put his chin on my shoulder as his father read the message.

“Oh, my,” Mr. Hamad said and shook his head in frustration. “And he thinks… He thinks… you and I are in a sexual relationship? What is wrong with them? Who makes them so hateful towards their own child… their own creation?” He shook his head angrily.

“I… messed everything… up! It’s all my fault. I should have…” I sobbed as Ali held me tightly, rubbing my chest and breathing against my ear, trying his best to soothe me.

“You are not to blame for this. No, sweet child… That’s it. You will have no communication with these people until they go through me. They are dogs! They can’t be this vicious to a perfectly good boy. What kind of selfish people put their social life above the basic needs of their own son? Horrible people!” Mr. Hamad was furious. He didn’t understand my family wasn’t like his.

“They’re not bad… They’re not dogs… they just…” I didn’t know how to defend them. Beylikdüzü escort

“Of course, sweet angel. They are your people. I didn’t mean to insult them… But… fuck!” Mr. Hamad swore. I’d never heard him do that. He shook his head and recovered quickly. He pulled me back from Ali’s lap. The muscled men passed me around so easily. Ali got a pair of shorts for me and they helped me into them since I only had on briefs.

“Come with me,” He said and lifted me up into his chest. I slid my arms around his shoulders and let him lift me. He stood and balanced me on his left arm. He grabbed my tablet with his right hand and carried me away from the warm bed.

Emerson was turned away from us, doing his stretches according to a yoga video playing on his propped-up tablet. He hadn’t noticed the commotion or panic. Mr. Hamad carried me over and nudged him with my tablet. Emerson looked up at us and did a double take when he saw my state of distress.

It must have looked odd to see an 18-year-old white boy bare-chested and cradled against the muscles of a tall, handsome Arab man in his late 40’s. But he held me protectively as I cried on his shoulder. He didn’t care how grown I was or what we looked like. He was a daddy and that’s what they do.

Emerson gave me those eyes full of pity and got to his feet. He took the tablet and read the message. He looked at me and leaned in to kiss my cheek. He put his head against his husband’s other shoulder and together they tried to calm me.

“Sorry,” he said with his voice. I hadn’t really heard it before. It sounded like you’d expect from a deaf person. He rubbed my arms. They were prickled with goosebumps from the cold room and the warm body that held me. He leaned into me and put his head on my shoulder, kissed my neck. He held there for a minute and then backed away and signed to his husband. Mr. Hamad paced back and forth as he bounced me like he’d do to a crying child.

“Of course you have a family. You have us,” Mr. Hamad translated and then added, “Yes, Kasper. You always have a place with us. We will love and support you like our own children. I know it can’t make up for this heartbreak, but we love you so much. You’re not a disaster or embarrassment, you never were. You just didn’t have the people who would understand what you need. We will be that for you. We want you. You are loved.”

Mr. Hamad carried me over to the couch and laid down with me on his chest. He held me and rocked me until I calmed in his arms. I fell asleep again as he rubbed my back and quietly sang some Arabic lullaby his children probably knew well. He was a magician at getting me to fall asleep.

I woke up in their bed again, alone with nobody holding me. I heard voices out in the living room and looked up to see Emerson sitting in bed next to me reading a book on his tablet. He looked down when he felt me stir. He put his hand on my forehead and pushed back my hair. He typed on his tablet that it was dinner time. I hadn’t eaten much that day. I should have been hungry, but the day had wiped me out.

I went to take a shower. Emerson laid out a clean blue t-shirt and white shorts with white briefs for me. I dressed and he brushed out my hair then pulled it up into a messy bun. My eyes were still red and sore. We went out to see the dinner buffet of grilled vegetables and roast lamb. Taj was there again. They must have filled him in because he hugged me and echoed Mr. Hamad’s curse on my family.

I sat between Taj and Mr. Hamad, both of them trying to feed me like protective parents. I tried to eat some. It was good, but I wasn’t that hungry. They both encouraged me to take another bite. I tried to comply. They four of them tried to cheer me up as I sat in stunned quiet.

“You see, Kasper? You have many people who love you who will be in Satra. Taj has accepted a paid position with us. You will have one more friend to welcome you. My family will embrace you as well. I know you will be happy there with us. You will never want for anything, especially love and support,” Mr. Hamad said and signed.

“And Amir. I know he misses you. You’re all he thinks about,” Ali assured. I looked to see that it was his own words and not a translation of something Emerson had signed. He seemed to genuinely address me. He wanted me to feel better.

“Thank you… I have no family, no place to go in my own country… They don’t want me… I’m not welcome there. I’m an orphan. I don’t know what I would do without you guys,” I said quietly.

“You’ll never have to find out, little one. We will be there to support you. You’re not an orphan. You’re a Hamad now,” Mr. Hamad kissed my cheek and put his hand on my back.

After dinner I went to talk to Amir. I opened the tablet expecting to see the horrible message from my dad again, but it was gone. Mr. Hamad had deleted it. He knew I would read it over and relive it again and again.

“Kasper, baby, my love bunny. How are you?” Amir asked with a face Escort Beylikdüzü that told me he’d already been filled in on everything. I just shrugged and shook my head. I didn’t want to talk about it. It was like someone had died, a giant piece of me was gone.

Amir nodded. He understood.

“I should be there with you. It hurts me that you’re going through this without me. I promise I’ll never let anyone hurt you again. When we are together, you will never leave my arms. Father has already set messages from your family to go through him. We don’t want you to see more of that. It is so awful. You are the kindest, gentlest boy. Who could say such horrible things to you?” Amir was getting upset.

“I don’t want to think about it,” I whispered.

“Of course… No more… Ali said you got the new X5! Can I see it?” Amir asked to change the topic.

“Uh what’s that?” I was confused.

“The… the tablet, Kasper. It just came out. It’s super thin! The camera is so sharp I can see your beauty perfectly! I bet the screen on it’s pretty awesome too! Go to the bathroom mirror so I can see it!” Amir said. I got off the bed and took it into the bathroom with me. I held it up to the mirror and used the front and back cameras to show it off to him.

“It’s a good one?” I asked as he looked it over. Of course it would be top of the line. The Hamads only bought the best of everything.

“It’s perfect, almost as beautiful as my sweet cub. I miss your body so much. I’ve been hard since we parted just remembering our time together and your sweet little lips. I miss you, baby, My soul aches to hold you.” Amir looked up at me from the screen.

“I miss you too. We’re going there soon! I think,” I smiled for him. He was trying his best to cheer me up. He looked so handsome. It was a welcome distraction.

“I miss that perfect little body… and I’m so horny for my boy’s hole… little pink pussy and those nipples! I just want to suck and bite… fuck Kasper. I’m all horned up over here. I need to get in that pussy again. See what you do to me? You make my cock swell bigger than it ever has. You bring out the lion in me and it needs to seed its boy.” Amir panned the camera down to his workout shorts that showed a huge lump.

“Fuck,” I whispered when it came into view. He gripped the bulge and wagged it at me.

“Let me see your little pussy, just pull your shorts down for me, baby,” Amir growled.

“I can’t! Your parents and everybody are right outside. We’d get caught. I don’t want to get in trouble again,” I countered though my resolve was weakened.

“Please, baby. I need it. You can’t deny me heaven. I’m dying over here. Look how full these balls are,” Amir slid down the waistband of his shorts and his cock flopped out, big and angry. He gripped his nuts and pulled them up to show me.

“I don’t know. What if we get caught?” I asked.

“I have to get off soon or they’ll hurt. They get so full just thinking about that little pink boy hole my baby has for me,” Amir said as though he had a serious medical need.

I set the tablet against the mirror and turned around. I slowly slid down the back of my shorts and briefs. I looked behind to see him lean in and his lips purse in focused anticipation.

“Fuck, Kasper. You see what you do to me? Spread your cheeks, let me look at my prize,” he ordered. He leaned back and grabbed his cock and pumped it as he watched. I arched my back and pushed out my ass. I spread my cheeks and rubbed a finger over my hole. I was instantly hit by the waves of pleasure my hole anticipated when it heard his voice. But he wasn’t there to soothe its need.

“Oh fuck yeah baby. It’s so beautiful. Perfect little flower. I love seeing my ring on your finger. The ring I marked you with as my own. My name in gold right next to my prize in pink. My beautiful baby… Makes me so hard, my love. Rub it for me. Rub it for your man,” Amir lowered his voice. I looked over to check that the door was still closed. I wondered how well the lock worked on it.

“Uhhh,” I gasped as I pushed my finger in for him. He was jerking his cock frantically and slid up his shirt to rub his hand over his perfect abs. I loved to see them. He was a man, hard and chiseled without an ounce of youthful imperfections.

“Fuck I’m so… Uhhhh!” He grunted and fisted his cock. “Fuck yourself with that little finger. Open for me, Kasper.” He ordered. I pushed the finger inside my hole. I gasped again. I hoped no one would hear us. I tried to muffle it, but even from a thousand miles away he made me feel like the sexiest boy on earth. I’d do anything he wanted.

“I’m gonna cum,” He groaned and then white hot shots flew up and hit against his shirt. Little spots appeared as his body bucked and twisted. His face went red and his eyes locked on me.

“Fuck baby! Yes!” Amir growled in a quiet voice as he came. “Fuck!” He shot five or six more volleys and then collapsed back into the chair to recover. He breathed deeply and then took off his shirt to mop up his cum. He wiped his fingers and stomach then rubbed his still hard tool. I pulled my shorts back up. I was rock hard, but didn’t want to get caught. I’d wait for him, until I could be with him again.

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