Kate Ch. 10: Decisions

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The next several weeks were very busy. The reviews coming in were great. They received several orders, even six from Kline. They decided to sell to him. They had the money to sue, and they would. Their manufacturer was working full time on the twenty machines they had ordered.

Meanwhile, Desirae was spending more and more time at their house. When she was there, she was in their bed. It was becoming a normal thing to have all three in bed at the same time. They took turns fucking each other. It didn’t matter who was fucking who. Sometimes, one of them would sleep through the others fucking each other. It didn’t matter. If you wanted to be fucked, somebody would fuck you. If not, you could just go to sleep.

Kate was beginning to solidify her wants. She asked Roger to put the old machine back into the game room and the new machine in their bedroom.

Kate was ready. “I want to use the new machine in our bedroom. I would like to get in it on Friday. You can leave me until you are ready to remove me.” Roger looked at Desirae. He had been dreading this. He was losing her.

“I have one other request. I want you to put me int the old machine on Thursday nights. You can tell them it is me and I insist. You can have Desirae be the hostess. They will figure it out.” They argued but she insisted.

On Thursday afternoon, Desirae helped Roger strap her into the machine. They then threw the cover over her and went back to work.

Kate lay in the machine and felt at home. She couldn’t wait until she had the unlimited attention of six men. The very thought made her wet. She lay there thinking about this until she went to sleep.

When the poker players arrived, they were surprised to see the machine in the room and Desirae there.

“Gentleman, we have a new game. My wife has decided she loves this machine. She wants to be here on Thursday nights for the foreseeable future. Desirae will be hostess.” With that Roger pulled the cover off the machine to reveal Kate’s bare ass. He heard the gasps and whispers.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Roger?” William spoke for everyone.

“It’s not me, believe me. Desirae and I tried hard to change her mind, but she wouldn’t move. So, you know the rules. Fuck wherever you want when you win a hand. Let’s play.”

During the night, each man won several hands and had several goes at Kate. Roger wasn’t in the mood to limit them, so they went until late at night. When they finally went home, Roger looked at Desirae.

“I think this is what Kate wants us to do. Let’s go to bed and leave her there until morning.” Desirae could see that he was in no mood for an argument. So, she followed him upstairs. They showered and got into bed. Roger wanted to fuck her right then. Desirae understood what he was doing. He was shifting toward gaziantep masaj salonları Desirae. This is what she had been afraid of, but it felt so good, and she had loved him for so long. She let him fuck her in Kate’s bed and had no bad feelings about it.

Kate was awakened by the first dick in her. They continued until she had no idea how many, how often, anything. She just lay there and let it continue for however it lasted. She had no idea how many orgasms she had, but she knew she couldn’t count them. When it was finally quiet, she was barely conscious enough to feel Roger throw the cover over her. She went to sleep.

The next morning, they went downstairs to let her out. When they had her loose, she just lay there. Roger pulled her head up by her hair to look into her eyes. She wasn’t really there. He threw her over his shoulder and headed upstairs with Desirae in tow.

He went into the bathroom and had Desirae draw a hot bath. When it was ready, he put her in the water and asked Desirae to wash her. By then she was coming around.

“I know you both think I’m nuts, but the feelings are incredible. I’m sorry if I embarrassed you with your friends”

She was not really talking very clearly. When Desirae was finished, Roger picked her up and put her on the bed. They covered her with the blankets and went about their business.

She finally came downstairs in a couple of hours.

Roger was ready to have it out. “Is this how it’s going to be? You fading away inside that machine, being fucked by anybody I bring into the house?”

“It may be, I’m sorry. I am trying to stay clear headed, but I feel I am losing this battle.” She began crying. Desirae looked ant Roger. They were incredibly sad. She was going to lose this fight and they knew it now. She had to be fucked as often as she could, and she wasn’t able to do anything about it.

As she ate her breakfast, the other two went to his office to talk about this. “I guess we put her in it, and let people fuck her. We will just have to get her out often enough that she can eat something and not have her mind fried.” Desirae said, shacking her head sadly. Roger agreed.

“IF we put her in the one upstairs, it will be up to us to fuck her enough that she won’t fry her brain.”

Kate was eating her breakfast alone; she knew in her heart she had lost this battle. It had to be the machine and she had to be used by whomever Roger brought in.

When the other two came back, Kate looked them in the eye, and spoke. “It is time we face the obvious. I need to be in this machine. It doesn’t mean I can’t still have a life with the two of you. If you put me in one of the machines during the weekends, or somewhere, I can function during the week.”

“Look, if we accept what I am, gaziantep masaj salonları escortları we can figure out how to live our lives. This is why I insisted on Desirae joining us. Even if I completely lose my mind, you will still have her to be a companion and lover. As long as you don’t leave me in there for too long, I will still be here. You can use me as a resource. Just find a way for men to fuck me in the machine and when I am not in it, I should be fine.”

Roger and Desirae looked at each other. Their worst fears had been confirmed.

“This, then, is our plan. We will put Kate in the machine regularly so she can get used regularly. If we needed a demonstration, we would use her in the machine. She can get something from Thursday nights. Otherwise, she will be with us.” Roger shook his head. His wife was now a sex machine.

The next few days were unsettling. They kept her out of the machine. She would get upset if she hadn’t been in it for a week or more. They slowly developed a plan. They would put her in the machine for poker nights and every other weekend. They would use her anytime they needed a demonstration.

As they began to work it out, everyone calmed down. Kate was happy that she knew she could go into the machine often. The other two were happy together, and they were selling a lot of machines.

They got a call from a very high-end sex shop. They were looking to sell these machines. Roger decided to test Kate and have the customer set up a machine in their establishment that Kate would get in. Kate was excited to do it.

The day came when they were to be there, and they flew into town. They stayed in a great hotel and had a good breakfast.

The company sent a limo for them and was met at the door.

“Thank you, ladies and gentleman. We are looking forward to seeing this machine perform. Let me show you where it is.”

He led them into a beautiful showroom. This was a high-class store that sold expensive sex toys. The machine was in secluded room on a nice rug. They asked him to let them set up. He left them alone.

Kate stripped down and lay on the machine. She didn’t know how long she would be in it, but she didn’t care. They strapped her in and fastened her head down. They inserted the cricket, and they were ready.

Roger went looking for the manager. “We are ready. What time do you open?”

“We open at noon. How long can she stay in there?” He was just staring at Kate’s ass.

“A lot longer that you need. She is a pro at this. Would you like to try her out? You will need to be able to confirm to your best customers that you know for a fact it is worth the money.” Roger took Desirae and left the room.

The manager looked around, worried. He would love to fuck her, but should masaj salonları gaziantep he? He decided he would and unzipped his pants. He reached out and stuck his finger into her pussy. It was wet, but she didn’t move a muscle. She was good at this. He stepped up and pushed into her. She was hot and ready. He went in deep without any struggle. She had a perfect pussy for a quick hard fuck. It didn’t take him long. He felt great. This machine will sell. He had a lot of millionaires that would buy one without looking at it.

He went and found Roger. He showed them into his office. He had a hidden window that gave them a perfect view of the room. They sat down in comfortable chair and waited for the crowds.

It didn’t take long. By mid-afternoon a line was forming outside the door. It got so long the manager divided it into two lines, head and tails. The men began mounting her around 2 pm and didn’t stop until nearly midnight. She had over one hundred men in her that night.

Kate felt the first man. He came in and finished quick. She was ready for more. She got her wish. She began getting a dick in her mouth and pussy one right after another. She would soon be having an orgasm and pass out. She repeated that process until she didn’t come to any longer. She just laid there, the sex doll she wanted to be. She had no idea how many men fucked her, or when it finally finished.

Roger and Desirae pulled her out of the machine. They were appalled at how she looked. She was throwing up cum by the bucket loads. There was so much cum on the floor in front of her mouth, it became hard to not slip down. Her pussy looked like she had been fucked by a truckload of cucumbers. She was bleeding and torn.

They wrapped her up in a blanket and put her in the limo. When they got to the hotel, they carried her into the room. They dared not call a doctor here. He would take one look at her and assume rape. They bathed her and put her to bed. She still hadn’t awakened by the time they put her to bed. They got into the other bed but couldn’t sleep. They had done this to her. They never should have agreed to this. They eventually fell asleep.

In the morning, they woke up to find Kate awake. Roger took her hand. “Honey, can you talk to me?”

She tried but only croaked. “Ok, we will head home and get you to our doctor.”

They ordered a private plane and flew her home. By the time they got home, she was able to talk. She would not talk about last night. When they got home, they called their private doctor to come to the house.

He looked her over carefully. When he was finished, he came out to speak to them. “She has been raped so many times, I can’t tell. What the hell happened to her?”

“She has a fetish about multiple men. She has been fighting this for years. We have a machine that she was in that allows men to fuck her. She insisted on being in the machine. We didn’t realize how many men came in there. This is our fault.”

The doctor went back in to see her.

“Doctor don’t be hard on them. This is entirely my idea. They resisted, but I insisted. Okay? I’ll be alright eventually, correct?”

“Yes, if you don’t have any sex for a month. I will be back in a month.” He gave her a shot that put her to sleep.

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