Katie and Amanda are Married Ch. 01

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Married life was good for Katie and Amanda. After marrying each other in a small garden ceremony, the two women drove in to work together, spent their days working at Xeytmew, where Katie was a president and Amanda vice president.

After work, they returned to their home in the hills for relaxing nights and weekends, watching the sun set before going inside to cuddle under a big blanket.

It was on a sunny weekend afternoon that Amanda caught herself staring down at Katie’s ass while they were out by their pool. Katie was wearing a very tiny string bikini she liked when she tanned. Katie had just gotten up to put on a robe when she was approached by Amanda, who also was wearing a robe over her own bikini.

Without warning, Amanda walked up behind Katie and gave her a hug, then reached under her robe to squeeze, caress and feel her ass. Amanda loved Katie’s body at times couldn’t take her hands off of her lover, and wife.

Soon she couldn’t stand it any longer and got down on her knees and gently tugged Katie’s bikini bottom down and put her head under the robe to kiss her wife’s butt. Then she started to lick each one of her ass cheeks as well as the crack of her ass. Katie had pulled her robe over her head and her untied her bikini top as well. She was pinching her nipples and tugging on them softly while moaning in a low voice.

“Oh… Oh,” Katie moaned repeatedly. Amanda had her head buried in-between Katie’s ass cheeks. She was sticking her tongue in her ass and moving fingers in and out of Katie’s pussy as well. First one, then two and gathering speed as well. After a while of Amanda’s licking sucking and tongue ass-fucking Katie was panting heavily.

“Katie, you are such a hot little bitch today.”

“I don’t know what’s gotten into me honey.”

“Are you pinching your nipples again?”

“How did you know?”

“I could tell from your heavy panting, dear,” Amanda said with a slight giggle.

Amanda quickly stood up and dropped her robe to the floor and pulled Katie to her allowing her robe to drop to her waist. The two embraced so their breasts rubbed against each other. Amanda put her hands on altıparmak escort the back of Katie’s head and pulled her face into hers for a deep, sensual kiss.

They kissed again and Amanda led Katie to the lounger on the patio. She removed the robe and quickly ran her hands to Katie’s wet pussy. As she kissed her again and thrust her tongue into her mouth she simultaneously stuck a finger in her pussy gently finger fucking her. Katie yelped and her eyes opened wide as Amanda still held her face and continued kissing her deeply, using her tongue to explore Katie’s mouth.

Amanda started kissing her way down Katie’s gorgeous body. She rubbed her ass and made oral love to each breast. Katie squirmed and moaned and as Amanda’s mouth reached her pussy and she nibbled on her clit. It had been a day since Katie had come, but Amanda had taught her to be very sensitive to orgasm, and Katie came within seconds. She pulled on Amanda’s hair to pull her up and they continued to kiss. Katie tasted her own cum on Amanda’s lips, and Amanda continued finger fucking Katie.

Amanda thrust her own pussy against Katie’s pussy and they rubbed together until Katie came for a second time. Amanda then moved up so that her pussy first rubbed Katie’s nipples. Then she sat up straddling Katie’s body, leaned back and rubbed her own tits with one hand while rubbing her pussy on one of Katie’s erect nipples.

She pushed her pussy toward Katie’s face. Katie grabbed Amanda’s ass and tasted her sopping pussy. She lapped up Amanda’s juices and found her throbbing clitoris. Amanda was fucking Katie’s face and Katie was hanging onto her ass to keep tongue fucking her.

Amanda screamed and came violently. She slid down and collapsed into her lover’s arms. They rested for a bit before Amanda got up and led Katie to a cold wooden bench. Amanda left to run into the house for something. She returned with a couple pairs of Katie’s used pantyhose. Katie started wearing pantyhose to work now that she was a boss and wasn’t under the impression that new employees couldn’t wear underwear.

“What do you think you are doing,” Katie bursa anal yapan escort said.

“Just lay back and relax.”

“Why…” Katie started to say before Amanda placed her finger on Katie’s lips to be quiet.

Amanda used the pantyhose as restraints to tie Katie down, with her hands above her head and her legs spread apart giving Amanda an amazing view of Katie’s slick pussy. Amanda lowered her mouth down on to Katie’s breasts. Her nipples were hard as pencil eraser.

Amanda teased her by licking around in circles getting ever closer to her nipples. She sucked gently on each nipple as Katie’s breathing became quicker and she started moaning. Amanda bit gently on Katie’s nipples causing her to squirm, and then Amanda moved her tongue down Katie’s body, licking all the way to her pussy.

She teased Katie by licking along her pussy lips bringing her close to another climax and stopping before she orgasmed. She penetrated her juicy pussy with her tongue and started to lick inside her moving her tongue in as far as she could from side to side.

Katie was rocking her head back and forth and begging Amanda to untie her. After pleasuring her for some time Amanda positioned her own pussy over Katie’s and began to grind their pussies together. She humped Katie slowly at first before pushing down hard on to her as Katie became over whelmed with pleasure.

Amanda knew Katie was close and she wanted them to cum together. Amanda turned around and straddled Katie in a 69 position and ordered Katie to eat her out.

Katie did her best to lick and suck on Amanda’s clitoris as Amanda used her fingers and tongue to manipulate Katie’s pussy.

Amanda felt her body shake and Katie’s shake at the same time. They came on each others faces. Katie was drenched and Amanda licked up Katie’s cum. Amanda untied Katie and they laid together on the bench holding each other for a few minutes.

They stood up and walked into the pool, standing in about three-feet deep. Katie’s breasts bobbed up and down as did Amanda’s. Both girls enjoyed cooling off after their hard lovemaking sessions. bursa bayan escort Amanda was the more sexually charged of the two, wanting to make her lover come and come and come over and over until she blacked out, then when she awoke, giving her one more massive orgasm to shake her entire body.

Amanda toward Katie and embraced her as their hard nipples rubbed against each other. Amanda pulled Katie’s on head and they began to French kiss. Katie moaned as if she were in Heaven. Amanda’s hands caressed Katie’s back as their tongues were rolled over each other in as if in a love tongue wrestling match.

Amanda asked Katie to stick out her tongue as far as she could. Katie did so, and Amanda locked her lips down and sucked on it causing Katie to melt in her arms.

Katie was so aroused she felt like she was going to cum. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted back a little. Amanda released Katie’s tongue and kissed the front of her neck as Katie held onto Amanda’s shoulders.

“Oh Amanda. I love you. Oh. Oh. Oh.”

Amanda continued kissing Katie and began tweaking and pinching Katie’s erect nipples. Katie’s legs felt week and she grabbed onto Amanda’s neck to keep from going under the water. Amanda continued using her fingers on Katie’s left nipple and sucked on her right nipple, and reversed tits after a minute.

Katie was moaning loudly and let out a cry as she came in the pool, holding Amanda tightly to her shivering body.

“That’s for being my lover, my friend and my wife,” Amanda said.

“I’ll be your wife forever,” Katie said, giving Amanda a big sloppy kiss.

“I’ll be your wife forever, too,” Amanda said, kissing Katie back.

Amanda climbed up to the ledge of the pool with her legs dangling in the water. Katie walked up to her and planted her face in Amanda’s crotch. Katie slowly licked around Amanda’s pussy, and kissed the slit very softly. She stuck the tip of her tongue inside and Amanda pressed her hands against Katie’s head forcing her to go deeper. Katie loved tasting Amanda. Her tongue entered Amanda’s pussy and was licking all around, darting in and out.

Amanda was tweaking her own nipples and was breathing quickly and moaning. It wasn’t much longer before Amanda let out a big sigh and came, squirting out cum all over Katie’s face. Katie looked up at Amanda, who wiped off the cum with the back of her hand. She helped Katie out of the pool and they laid together in a large lounger, cuddling under the hot sun.

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