Keep It in the Family

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I had never done anything as remotely sexually outrageous as this before…………………

(I was kneeling on a cream, thick pile carpet. I was naked. My blonde, shoulder-length hair was all over the place and was tumbling over my arms on which I was resting my face. My mouth was open as were my legs. He was holding my hips and was kneeling up straight as he rammed his cock in and out of me. He made me cum nice and slowly and then did it again as he spurted into my waiting cunt.

I was on my back in a narrow single bed. I was naked. My blonde, shoulder-length hair was all over the place and was tumbling onto my bare shoulders. My mouth was open as were my legs. He was between them and was firmly lodged inside me with his back bent so his mouth could reach my small, pink nipples and b cup breasts. My legs were wrapped round his waist as he rammed his cock in and out of me. He made me cum very quickly as he spurted into the black, slightly ridged condom.)

………………that is being fucked by two different men in a three hour period!


DD as I called him, David Dawkins as he is known in his role as a university lecturer, is my longer-term, married, forty five year old lover. He was about to try yet another reconciliation with his flat-chested bitch of a wife, Monica some ponced up, big wig in the Civil service. We had been having what we called our ‘swansong’ fuck, which we had been having every six months or so for the five years of our affair. Although, we both had no doubt that we loved each other, we knew there was nothing long-term in our relationship. I knew he would never leave his wife, who we called the titless bitch, for that would mean leaving his children as well as her. We both knew it’s impossible for a man to get even decent visitation rights let alone custody of children when he runs off with a twenty four year old bimbo as I would appear to be to a judge, but then why not as I am one! Also, although I much prefer older men, I am very aware that there is quite a different appeal when I am in my mid-twenties and he is in his mid-forties than when I am in my mid-forties and he’s in his sixties! Also, why the fuck would I want a step son my own age?

DD and I had never been that worried about the other going with others, after all, he had to fuck the bitch from time to time and he wanted to during their reconciliations. So I had boy-friends as young women do. Some fucked me, some did not. Generally, they were around my age or a little older and just as generally they were not that good in bed. Certainly nowhere near as adept as DD and the couple of other older ‘boy’ friends I had been with. It was hard to put my finger on why they weren’t. Partly I wasn’t that comfortable with them out of bed. Talking about football, the latest songs and recording artists and the like never really did it for me. In bed they lacked the patience and the slow build-up that older, more experienced men were able to adopt, I liked that style. Although there was some appeal about the way younger guys hardly seemed to go soft, could become erect almost on demand and could ‘service’ me many times in an evening, they tended to think more about their needs than mine, unlike older guys.

Jason is an actor. Bearing in mind that there is over ninety per cent unemployment in the business, by actor standards he is quite successful. He has had numerous walk on parts in TV soaps, has had minor speaking parts in Casualty, larger ones in the dreadful daytime series Doctors and he has been in several films and a few plays in rep. On top of that and where he makes his money, he does loads of voice overs for ads, owns a training company that produces videos and designs role-plays and he teaches voice projection at the stage school I attend. That is how I got to know him.

Jason and I had become a ‘number’ a month or so ago. Although I had no desire to become an actor, I had to take many of the classes that the prospective actors attended. I was far more interested in script writing, producing and directing and that was where I hoped to develop my career.

“You need to take a very deep breath,” Jason had said to me as I stood in the quite small room with the six other students, four male and two female taking the personal projection module.

“Yes that’s right,” he said smiling his gaze focusing on my chest watching my small boobs as I sucked air in expanding my lungs and by extension my tits. I caught his eye as he said. “Hold it right there Sam, hold your breath,” just as I had breathed in as much as I could, which, of course, meant my boobs were as emphasised as they could be. “Now breath out slowly and repeat the breathing in and holding it, count to thirty.”

That had been the start. We flirted a bit, had a drink after classes a couple of times and then went out to dinner. He kissed me in an alleyway in Bloomsbury near to the college and round the back of the British museum. It was a warm night and I was wearing a very short denim skirt and a light sweater. My legs were bare. He pushed me back Antalya Escort against a wall, crushed my breasts against his chest and thrust his very obvious erection into my stomach. We kissed hard and deep with both our tongues plundering the other’s mouth. It was fun, exciting and highly arousing. I was very much up for it and felt an added thrill because we were out of doors and there was an element of danger.

His hand ran up and down the outside of my bare leg a few times then enquiringly slid just inside the hem of the short skirt. I didn’t move or do anything to suggest that he should stop; why should I for I didn’t want him to? He got the message and his hand quickly slid up my skirt right on to the bare skin of my bum cheek; I wasn’t commando, but was wearing a thong. He squeezed, stroked and rubbed my waist and bum all the time slowly moving down my cheek and inwards to between my legs. It was very arousing. I kissed him harder and slid my hand down to squeeze the outline of his erection inside his jeans. He unzipped himself.

“Get it out,” he whispered shoving his other hand up my sweater and right onto my right tit. I got his cock out and whispered.

“You sure about this? Just imagine the News of the World headlines. Soap star caught fucking his student in the open air.”

“Probably make me more bankable” he laughed using a term that may well have been apt for a star, but not for a bit player like him, but I had learned they all had their dreams.

Although he wanted to, I didn’t let him fuck me. Instead we brought each other off with our hands and fingers.


That was the start of our fling.

I admit that I did feel some guilt about DD, but then as he was away in Paris on his fuck knows how many times reconciliation attempt shagging the arse off the titles bitch, the goose and gander analogy came into play, especially in my mind!

At the time, I was sharing a flat with two other girls in Crouch End, north London. Hence, time by myself to ‘entertain’ Jason was limited so most of our sex was at his house in Muswell Hill. He had explained that when his mum and dad split up the family home had been sold and three houses had been bought; one for dad, one for mum and one for him. ‘Must have been some family home’ I couldn’t help thinking!’

Jason’s house was in Muswell Hill was a mile or so from his father Michael’s. They got on well, seeing each other quite often, playing golf together most weeks and helping each other cope with life as men on their own. Jason had a dog that Michael looked after most of the time and either of them would walk. Although he had retired from his position with BP as a Project Manager, Michael did some consultancy work in the oil industry. Most of this was in the UK, but occasionally he had to go overseas which was where he had spent most of his career. That, as far as I could make out from Jason, was the reason for the break up in their marriage.

“Mum just got fed up of being alone and ran off with her toy boy” he half jokingly told me one day.

I stayed with Jason quite often. He was generally busy usually with his training company so two or three days a week I would go to his house from college. I would make dinner of some form or the other, although I am not much of a cook so take-aways featured more frequently than me slaving over a saucepan or oven. A typical evening would be me getting to the house around five, Jason coming home sevenish, when we would have a quick fuck before dinner. After dinner, we would go to a local pub and then back to his house to sleep with each other.

He was almost insatiable. He was always up for sex and recovered amazingly quickly. Many times, he had me three four or even five times in an afternoon and evening. The quantity was wonderful, but the speed with which he climaxed and his somewhat uncaring attitude about fulfilling my needs, which I have found to be common amongst younger guys, was a little off-putting. That said I enjoyed my sex with him, but did hanker for more languid and slow-paced lovemaking with more foreplay and attention to ensuring my satisfaction; in other words more like what I got from DD. But hey a girl can’t complain when she has a guy who wants to fuck her every time he sees her can she?

Jason was running a training course in Edinburgh and was away for a just over a week.

“Would you mind staying at the house a couple of nights Sam?” He had asked explaining that Michael would be looking after Westy the dog, but had to go away on business for a day or so.

I was happy to have the relative luxury and certainly, peacefulness of his house as opposed to the madhouse of the flat I was sharing. So on the Sunday I slept with Westy the Golden Retriever dog instead of Jason!

“It’s very kind of you Sammi” Michael said on the Monday when he phoned to say he was home and I said I would walk Westy home.

I strolled across the heath and past a small group of trees where Jason and I had had sex a couple of times. I was wearing the Antalya Escort Bayan same denim mini skirt that I had on the night he and I jerked each other off behind the British Museum, with a tightish white blouse with buttons up the front. Several of the buttons at the top and the bottom, which was outside the skirt, were undone, but those across my boobs were done up, so I was decent, but a bit revealing, something else that I had taken to recently; near flashing or, as Jason explained it. ‘You’re a fucking exhibitionist.’ Also, as I was wearing flip flops, my long, for my height, tanned legs were shown off nicely and got stares from people I passed; I enjoyed that.

It was a warm and humid evening, not really one for dog walking and I was hot and a little bothered when I arrived at Michael’s house. If I wasn’t such a lady I would have been sweating, but as I am, I was glistening! I was grateful, therefore, when he asked me in for a drink.

“Would you like a drink, drink Sammi or something cool, a lemonade or soft drink, or both?” He asked smiling.

“Oh let’s go wild and have both,” I laughed.

“Ok a lemonade starter followed by a white wine if I remember from Sunday. Cold and dry right?”

“Yes spot on that sounds lovely Michael thanks.”

Although he must be well into his fifties Michael looked fit. He was over six feet tall and slim with a very upright posture. He had brown, neatly cut hair that was on the long side, but not of too youthful a style. He had a permanent tan that came from year round twice-a-week golf including frequent trips to the top courses in Spain and Portugal. He was very bright and seemed to know something about nearly everything, but wasn’t cocky or arrogant. Unlike many men with his son’s friends he didn’t try to be ‘young like them’ and consequently came across as being quite cool and very together. I’d met him several times here and at Jason’s mainly handing over Westy

“Shall we sit outside?” He asked in his deep, velvet toned voice.

“Sure that would be nice.”

We chatted quite easily mainly of course about his son Jason, but occasionally he mentioned his ex-wife, the job he had with BP and how he had to shoulder some of the blame for the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Why is that?” I asked being both interested and horrified at the same time.

“Well I was one of the PMs who oversaw the assembly of the rig in Rotterdam.”

“What’s a PM?”

“Project Manager.”

“Oh ok and they built the rig in Holland?”

“No just some of it, the rest was done in Houston and Galveston.”

“So why were you blamed?”

“Everyone involved was and we all got fired.”

“They can’t do that without proof can they?”

“Yes if they pay you enough” he laughed. “I was and am happy with it, I got fed up with being a permanent expat and all the travelling that goes with the oil industry.”

We had another drink and then I said I had to go.

“I’ll give you a lift. Can’t have you wandering the streets this time of night as it’s getting dark can we?”

“I’m used to it Michael.”

Despite that he insisted and drove me home in his nearly new Merc.

“You around tomorrow Sam?”

“Yes during the day, but I have a session at college in the evening.”

I didn’t tell him as I had not told Jason, that the session was not at the college, but was at a photographic studio in East London where I had been booked to pose undressing, in underwear, naked and feigning orgasms. I hadn’t told a soul, not even DD, that my part-time, secret work was glamour photographic modelling.


“Well I was planning to take Westy for a walk on Hampstead Heath and then have a drink or lunch in a pub. Fancy joining me?”

“Sounds good.”

“Like to come then?”

I looked up as he said that for it clearly had a double meaning. I smiled, but didn’t comment although I was pretty sure he guessed what I was thinking.

“Yes sure, unless my agent calls with an assignment from Spielberg.”

He laughed. “Pick you up around twelve then. Ok?

“Ok that’s a date then,” I said as we slowed near Jason’s house.

He parked the car and turned to me with a serious look on his face.

“Is it really?” He asked.

I didn’t know what to say, so I mumbled. “What?”

“A date?” He replied looking into my eyes with a serious look on his face. Then he smiled. “Just joking. Goodnight then Sammi” he said turning to face me as I undid my seat belt and sat forward.

“Night Michael” I replied suddenly realising he was going to kiss me. It was just a peck on the cheek, but it felt nice.


“You wearing a bra?”


“Why not?”

“Because I knew you were going to phone.”



“Which ones?”

“The burgundy French knickers you bought me in Agent Provocateur.”

“They’re silk aren’t they?”


“Does that feel good against your skin.”

“Yes and you Escort Antalya know it does, don’t you?”

“Yes I do.”

“You like wearing my panties don’t you Jason?”

“You know I do and you like seeing me in them don’t you Sammi?”

“Yes I do and you like fucking me as you wear them don’t you?”

The phone call with Jason was going along the lines that we had established when he was away as he had been several times since we had become a number. I had always enjoyed talking dirty when having sex and this gave me the opportunity to indulge in that.


“Wish I was there now?”

“Of course I do.”

“What to put your panties on?”


“And to then fuck you?”

“Of course.”

“Do you need to be fucked?”

“Of course I do. Do you want to fuck me?”

“I always want to.”

“What would you do to me?”

“Shove my big, hard cock up that wet and slimy, but wonderfully tight cunt of yours.”

“Right up my cunt?”

“Yes up it as far as it will go.”

“So what you wearing Jase?”

“Nothing, I am stark bollock naked.”

“Mmmmm lovely are you hard.”

“Like a fucking rock.”

“Hard enough to fuck me?”

“Oh baby yes plenty hard enough for that.”

“That’s good so I won’t have to sleep with Westy again tonight.”

“You must be desperate sleeping with a bitch dog.”

“I wondered why there was no action.”

“There would have been had I been there.”

“Then you had better get on and fuck me now hadn’t you?


As I moped around the house before going to bed at just after midnight I had many thoughts. I thought about the phone sex with Jason where I had got myself off listening to him wank as he told me what he would be doing to me. I thought about my burgeoning ‘career’ as a glamour photographic model and cringed at the memories of the extras I had recently started providing, when asked. I wondered about DD and the titless bitch and how their reconciliation was going. I imagined them fucking in the George Cinq hotel where they had taken a suite for a week. But oddly, I mostly thought about Jason’s dad. I wondered if he really was coming on to me, whether he meant it and if he would be up for it if I showed a green light. ‘Shit what the hell am I thinking, he’s my boy-friend’s dad for God’s sake’ I told myself with a tad, but not that much guilt. I had seen the look in Jason’s eyes when he had met my mum. I had also seen the look in hers for since she and dad had parted I knew she had quite a thing for younger guys. ‘God what a foursome’ my dirty mind dwelled on as I visualised Jason fucking my mum and his dad fucking me.

I wondered what Michael did about sex. There had been some talk between Jase and his sister about ‘dad’s lady friend’ but nothing seemed to have transpired and Jason had mumbled something about massage parlours one evening. He was clearly far from being past it. I had seen signs over the last week or so and particularly today that suggested he would be interested in me. That was physically of course, but then most men are like that with a blonde haired, blue eyed, pretty little tart like me aren’t they, particularly if they are given even the slightest hint of being available? I had no doubt about a father’s loyalty to his son, but going on ‘mates’ who always claimed absolute loyalty, but nevertheless strayed into fucking their friends’ girl-friend’s quite often I imagined it might be the same with father and son!

I wore all white the next day. Thin linen trousers that were rather see through showing that I was wearing a thong, but then that was alright and in any case most did nowadays. On top, I wore a sort of singlet, a bit like that worn by an athlete but looser. It had thin spaghetti shoulder straps one of which kept falling down my arm. If I was out with my friends I wouldn’t have worn a bra, but on a ‘date’ with my boy-friend’s dad I thought that might be pushing it a bit. With the fashion now permitting the flashing of bra straps they were clearly on view. White and gold flip flops completed my dog walking outfit.

Michael picked Westy and me up and we drove the few miles to Hampstead. We must have walked for an hour and a half so I was quite pleased when we got to the Bull and Bush, I was tired and hot. Although he hadn’t tried as Jason had, to pull me into a secluded place and fuck me he was clearly trying it on, but in a restrained and subtle way. We sat in the garden and had a drink, but it was too hot so Mike asked if we could get a table inside where fortunately there was an air conditioned restaurant. We were walking across the garden past a table of young blokes when one called out to me.

“Oh hi Tony, how are you?” I said to a guy I knew through a group of friends I used to go clubbing with .

“What you doing here?”

“Just been dog walking?”

“Who’s your er, um friend?” He smiled looking at Mike.

“That’s Jason’s dad.”


“My boy friend.”

“Didn’t you know had one, I was rather hoping myself.”

“Oh sod off Sue would kill you.”

“Be worth it though. So what’s it like having a sugar daddy.”

Laughing I walked off and thinking ‘I’ll show them’ slid my arm through Mike’s and we strolled towards the restaurant with me accentuating the wobble of my bum.

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