Keeping Him Pure

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Ally stood regarding herself in her bathroom mirror having just finished brushing her teeth. She ran her tongue over the top row, admiring their whiteness and enjoying the minty flavor of her toothpaste. She swept the hair back from her forehead and considered wearing it up for the evening but decided against it and brushed the long dark locks, trying to smooth out their naturally wavy appearance. She took time to make sure that every button on her dark blue dress was buttoned. The dress itself was an old-fashioned style that went well below her knees and was one of several she only wore on rare occasions when she went to church.

She was on her way over to her “boyfriend” Benny’s house for dinner. She usually said the word “boyfriend” with air quotes because that was a good definition of their relationship. Benny came from a strict and religious household where his older brother hadn’t even been allowed to date until he was away at college. Even then, he wasn’t allowed to date until his parents had gone to the campus and met his prospective belle.

The extent of Ally’s relationship with Benny had consisted of being invited to his house for dinner or studying (and only when at least one of his parents was home) and spending time together at school whenever they could. They only had a couple classes together but they sat together at lunch and rode the same bus home together. The pair held hands whenever they were away from his house or away from the prying eyes of his younger brother at school. Ally and Benny had snuck a few kisses here and there but that was it. Benny’s mother had once stated “Teen hormones come straight from the Devil’s spice rack,” and she, along with his father, had done seemingly everything to keep Ally and Benny’s hands far away from each other.

Benny lived a few streets from Ally and it was an easy walk to get there. The exterior of Benny’s house spoke to the wholesome family which lived within. Everything from the well-manicured lawn to the storybook white picket fence to the “Bless Our Home” sign by the front door. Ally made her way to the front door and rang the doorbell.

Benny’s mom opened the door and greeted Ally, “Hello Alejandra, good to see you!”

She always insisted on using Ally’s full name. Although Alejandra was her given name, nobody called her by it, not even my own mother. She went by Ally or on rare occasions, Al. Even Benny, whose real name was Benjamin, insisted on using Ally’s full name whenever they were around his parents.

“Hello Mrs. Parker” Ally replied.

As cliche as it seemed, Benny’s mom looked like she’d just escaped from the set of ‘Leave It To Beaver.’ Her long blonde hair was always up in a bun and her plain dresses always came several inches below her knees. She was rather tall for a woman at 5’10 and her slim frame was likely the result of constant house upkeep. Her simple use of makeup highlighted an attractive face that might have belonged to that of someone in their 30s rather than her actual 40s.

Benny’s mom invited Ally in and guided her to the living room where Benny and his little brother Matt (Matthew…) were watching the Cartoon Network.

“Dinner will be ready in a few minutes, make yourself at home.” And with that, Mrs. Parker strode off to the kitchen.

“Hey Ally!” Benny said, jumping up as soon as his mom was in the next room.

“Hello Alejandra,” Matt said dryly over his shoulder without turning in his chair.

Ally made a face at him but he was too busy watching Looney Tunes. Matt was only a couple years younger than Benny and looked like a male clone of their mother; blonde hair, green eyes, and tall frame included. Benny took after their father and had short brown hair and chestnut colored eyes. He was more solidly built than his younger brother but was about the same height even though he was older. While Matt’s face was soft, Benny’s face was angular and had a strong jawline. Benny and his brother were dressed in white dress shirts and black slacks and looked like they were on their way out to sell Bibles door to door.

Ally and Benny made small talk and watched Bugs Bunny make a fool of Elmer Fudd for a few minutes before Mrs. Parker called them to dinner. Mr. Parker called to say he was still stuck at work so it was only going to be the four of them for dinner.

Dinner was uneventful and after it was over, Ally went into the living room with Benny and Matt to set up a board game while Mrs. Parker did the dishes. When she was finished, she joined them while they played the game of ‘Life.’

Even the religious nature of their home crept into the game. Benny’s parents felt that youngsters playing a game in which players got married and had children sent the wrong ideas. Benny’s parents had gone to great lengths to literally carve out the spots on the board where players were either supposed to get married or have children. One of them had taken the trouble to use hobby paint to paint over the empty spaces and had written ‘Sunday bursa yabancı escort Service’ and players were expected to ‘tithe’ ten percent of whatever their career salary was.

The four of them played the game while Mrs. Parker occasionally left the room to check on the chocolate chip cookies she was baking. During one of her trips to the kitchen, Ally took her turn and when she went to spin the dial, she did it so hard that it sailed off the board towards Benny and rolled off the table. Benny bent down to get it and when Ally heard the sharp intake of breath, she knew what he was looking at.

For the past several minutes, Ally had been casually hiking her dress up bit by bit until it was up to her waist in the front. No doubt Benny was now staring slack-jawed at her white panties. Ally spread her legs and was rewarded with what sounded like Benny’s head banging into the bottom of the table. When he sat back up in his chair, Ally hid her face in her hands and shot him a knowing glance as he positioned the dial back on the board. She was grinning from ear to ear as she spun again, this time with less force. Her face and chest were hot with excitement from her act of exhibitionism. Mrs. Parker returned and play continued.

The minutes passed and Ally mentally replayed the look on Benny’s face when he had come from under the table. Ally and Benny occasionally locked eyes and when they did, her face would break into a grin and she’d look away.

“Would anyone like a glass of water,” Mrs. Parker asked a short time later.

“Yes, I would, thank you,” Ally replied.

Benny and Matt declined and Mrs. Parker once again went into the kitchen. Matt was moving his car around the game board when Ally’s eyes met Benny’s. Her face again broke into a grin but instead of looking away as she had been, she made a very slight downward motion with her finger. Benny stared back with a puzzled expression. Ally’s face and chest became warm again and she pointed at him and made a downward motion with her finger. Benny caught on to what she wanted and casually nudged some of his play money off the edge of the table.

When he bent down to get it, Ally knew he was looking under the table at her. She once again had her dress lifted up to her waist and knew her panties were on display. Ally’s arm shook with anticipation as she dropped her right hand below the table and brought it to rest in her lap. She traced her fingers along her inner right thigh to the edge of her panties. She hesitated for a moment before tracing them across her panty-covered pussy. Her jaw clenched and her heart raced as she touched herself, knowing Benny was under the table watching her. She made a small circle over her lips with her index and middle fingers. A moan almost escaped her mouth when she pressed down lightly on her clitoris but she caught the sound in her throat and it ended up sounding like a high-pitched cough. She touched it again before bringing her hand back above the table.

Benny finished gathering his money and sat back up. Ally felt like she was gonna pass out with the sudden rush of blood surging into her head. She felt herself getting wet and absently rubbed her thighs together. She bit her lower lip and forced herself to stop moving her legs. She could feel Benny’s eyes on her but she wouldn’t meet his glance and kept her head down, pretending to count her money. Her body felt hot all over and she was thankful when Benny’s mom returned with her water.

“Ally are you feeling well?” she asked.

“Yes just a little dehydrated I think,” Ally quickly replied, taking the water.

Mrs. Parker’s eyes wandered over to Benny. His face broke into a guilty grin that only a child with his hand in the cookie jar could make. She stared at him for several more moments with raised eyebrows and looked as though she was going to say something but didn’t.

The game continued while Ally replayed her performance in her head. She occasionally looked across the table at Benny but he seemed either too caught up in the game to look at her or too worried about his mother sitting nearby. Ally audibly cleared her throat which got Benny’s attention. When they made eye contact, he quickly looked down at the game board. Ally put a hand over her mouth to hide her smile. She kept her eyes on him, willing him to look up. When he did, she shot a sideways glace at his mother who was about to spin the dial. Ally looked back at Benny and made a downward motion with her finger. Her body was so hot with anticipation about what she was about to do that she was tempted to pour the rest of her glass of water over her head.

Benny’s eyes widened as if to say “My mom is right there!”

Ally made a more insistent motion with her hand as Benny’s mom moved her game piece on the board.

“Oh no, is that a scuff?” Benny said, sitting back and looking down at his shoes.

As Benny’s head went under the table, Ally’s hand went under the bursa sınırsız escort table as well. Her hand traveled over her stomach to the side of her panties. She grabbed the edge and paused for a moment, her fingers shaking, and then pulled them aside, exposing her bare pussy to him.

Ally imagined Benny picking his eyeballs up off the floor and putting them back in his head as he gazed at her plump, pouty lips. There was a patch of dark hair above them and the faintest appearance of hair on her pussy. Ally only kept her panties to the side for a moment but she was sure the image of her sexy womanly fruit had been seared into his brain.

As he sat back up, Ally bit down on her tongue to try to keep the huge smile off of her face. She leaned forward over the board and took her turn spinning the dial. Her breasts, not much more than a handful, pressed into the table as she sat forward. She shuddered as her nipples rubbed against the edge of the table. Her heart felt like it was about to beat out of her chest. Her skin felt prickly all over. Out of the corner of her eye she could see Benny’s mom staring a hole into the side of his head. Benny’s mom didn’t say anything but there was a definite look of disapproval on her face. Ally sank back into her chair and wished for nothing more at that moment than a cold shower.

They finished playing the game and went into the living room while Mrs. Parker brought in the cookie’s she had baked. They chatted and ate and before long, Benny’s mom said it was getting a bit late, which Ally took as her cue to leave. She thanked them all for a wonderful evening as Mrs. Parker led her to the door.

As she walked down the short path from their house, Mrs. Parker called out to her, “Hold on a minute Alejandra,” and shut the front door behind her.

Ally froze in her tracks as the older woman came to meet her. She had an irritated look on her face as she approached. She stood close and Ally suddenly felt much shorter than her own 5’7 as Benny’s mom towered over her.

“Alejandra, you’re a…,” she paused, seemingly changing her words mid-sentence, “an interesting young lady. I know my son cares for you and you for him. But that’s no excuse. Now, I know the Devil was hard at work tonight but I trust that this was an isolated incident. As long as he lives under my roof, you will not engage in any such shenanigans. Do I make myself clear?”

Although Ally knew she had been busted, she feigned ignorance.

“What do you mean?” Ally asked in as innocent a tone as she could manage.

Mrs. Parker’s brow furrowed and she hissed, “What do I mean? I mean you trying to get him to look up your dress!”

Ally wasn’t sure what to say in response so she said nothing.

Mrs. Parker leaned in closer causing Ally to retreat a step back.

Mrs. Parker’s expression turned darker, and she lowered her voice to a whisper, “Do you take me for a fool!? I know you were trying to show him your pussy!”

Ally’s eyes widened at Mrs. Parker’s use of the word. To hear that word come from her mouth, it might as well had come from the Pope’s mouth. Ally started to stammer a response but no words came out. Mrs. Parker pointed toward the street and Ally turned, walked through the gate of their white picket fence and went home.

Spring Break started the next day so Ally wasn’t able to see Benny at school. He wasn’t allowed to talk to her on the phone except to invite her to dinner or to come over to study or occasionally invite to attend church with him and his family.

A couple weeks ago, Ally had been invited to attend Good Friday service with them. Ally had circled the date on the calendar in her room. The date fell on the last day of their spring break. As the days dragged along, she waited with both anticipation and dread of seeing them. Several times a day she thought back to the show she had put on for Benny. Her nipples hardened each time she thought back to the silly grin Benny had on his face after she’d shown him her pussy.

As glorious as their under-table adventure had been, she was also troubled by the thought that she had been caught by Mrs. Parker. Well, mostly caught. As far as Mrs. Parker seemed to know, Ally had only “tried” to get Benny to look up her dress. She was apparently in the dark about the fact that not only had she let him look up her dress at her panties, but had practically fingered herself in front of him and had shown him what was under her panties.

At first Ally worried that Mrs. Parker might tell her mother but the days passed and that never happened. Instead, Ally started to fear that Mrs. Parker might forbid her to come back to their home. But Mrs. Parker’s parting comments had seemed to suggest she could continue to see her son so long as she conducted herself in an upstanding manner.

As luck (or unluck) would have it, the weather grew unseasonably cold and an early spring snowstorm ripped through their area in the görükle escort middle of the week. As a result, the Good Friday service was canceled. Ally wasn’t sure how to feel about it until she received a call from Benny’s mother inviting her to a Good Friday dinner at their house. Mrs. Parker didn’t mention anything about her last visit to their house and nothing in her tone indicated she was still upset about it.

On Friday Ally donned another of her old-fashioned dresses, a forest green one this time. She pulled on a pair of snow boots and trudged through the snow to Benny’s house. Despite the frosty temperature, her body was warm and her lower back felt slightly sticky. When she got to the door, she knocked and it was opened almost immediately by Mr. Parker.

“Hey! Alejandra! Good to see you,” he said.

Like his wife, he preferred to use Ally’s whole name. He always appeared genuinely happy to see her and his voice seemed to take on a singsong quality whenever he addressed her directly. His voice was deep and crisp. You’d think he was a Christian radio DJ instead of a computer programer. He was in his 40s like Mrs. Parker and he had an athletic frame, no doubt the result of many hours spent maintaining the exterior of their house. He always kept his brown hair cut into a close high and tight that made him look like he’d just left Marine Corps training at Parris Island.

“Hi Mr. Parker,” Ally said in return as he motioned her inside and shut the door.

He led her into the living room where he had been reading some sort of religious magazine. Benny and Matt were sitting on the couch watching ‘Finding Nemo’ and Mrs. Parker greeted her from the kitchen. Ally flinched a little at the sound of her voice. Benny looked at Ally with a sheepish grin but otherwise avoided eye contact.

“Do you need any help Mrs. Parker?” Ally hesitantly asked. Ally was surprised by how quiet and hollow her voice sounded.

Mrs. Parker stuck her head out from the kitchen, “No make yourself at home,” she said. She smiled and went back into the kitchen.

Ally breathed a sigh of relief. Mr. Parker took her coat and Ally walked to the chair on the opposite end of the couch from where he had been sitting. She eyed the middle couch seat between Benny and his brother but didn’t dare sit there. As she sat down, she noticed Mr. Parker seem to evaluate her dress and after an apparent nod of approval, went back to reading his magazine. Nothing in his speech or body language suggested that he knew about the incident from the last time she was at their house. Ally silently rejoiced at that.

Mrs. Parker came into the room a short time later.

“Honey I need to run out and grab a half-dozen eggs, I’ll be back soon,” she said.

“But the roads are still a mess out there,” Mr. Parker said frowning. “Do you have to have them?”

“Yes, I used the last of them in the casserole,” Mrs. Parker replied.

Mr. Parker seemed unconvinced until Mrs. Parker turned to face Ally. Ally shrank back into the chair cushions.

“Ally can go with me, it’ll be fine,” Mrs. Parker said.

Mr. Parker regarded Ally briefly and then added, “Matthew, why don’t you go with the ladies.”

Mrs. Parker started to say something but kept quiet.

“Sure thing Pop,” Matthew said standing up.

Mrs. Parker turned to face Ally once more, narrowing her eyes slightly, “I’ll meet you outside.”

Ally considered making an excuse to go home but instead went out to meet Mrs. Parker and Matt at their white Dodge Caravan. The three of them climbed in, Ally in the front seat and Matthew sitting behind his mom. Christian rock came out of the speakers when Mrs. Parker started the minivan. Once they were out on the main street, she turned up the volume and gave Ally a smile that made her uncomfortable. Ally’s hands were under her legs and she was quietly digging her nails into the seat as the music in the car seemed to press on her chest.

Mrs. Parker pulled to a traffic light and finally spoke, “Thank you for accompanying me to the store Alejandra.”

“It’s no problem,” her reply was barely audible.

They continued on in more silence until they came to another traffic light. Mrs. Parker flashed a glance at her rearview mirror. Matthew was singing along to ‘Stained Glass Masquerade’. She turned to Ally and seemed to be trying to choose her next words carefully.

She leaned across the seats and spoke in a whisper that Ally barely heard over the music, “For your sake, I really hope that we are able to get through dinner tonight without incident.”

The embarrassment of her bringing up the events from the previous dinner made Ally want to open the door and throw herself out into traffic.

Ally broke her gaze and meekly replied, “I’m…I’m sorry about that. It won’t happen again.”

“See that it doesn’t. This thing will get you into trouble–” and she suddenly reached across the seat and grabbed the front of Ally’s dress, right at her crotch.

Ally gave a shout and jumped so much you would’ve thought she’d been stabbed with a hot fireplace poker. She looked over her shoulder toward the backseat but Matthew was looking out the window still singing along to the radio. Mrs. Parker’s fingers curled around and cupped Ally’s pussy through her clothing.

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