Kelli and the Masseuse

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This story is entirely a work of fiction. However, the story itself was written by the request of a Nifty reader. The main character and the antagonist, the theme, the setting, and a lot of the details were supplied by the reader. I wish to thank this person for their efforts and for answering my various questions. I hope you like the result.


The little Miata sped into the parking lot of the health club, shooting down a lane to park next to a familiar blue Mustang. That’s Natasha’s car, Kelli thought, wondering why her friend was here so late. Natasha usually came to the early evening classes and it was nearly 10pm now.

Kelli got and was locking the door when she realized Natasha was sitting in the car. Walking around to the other side, she tapped on the glass getting Tasha’s attention.

“Hey girl, whatcha doing sitting out here? Are you done with a class or just getting here?” Kelli asked.

“Oh hi…uh….Kelli. I…just got here. I’m not taking…uh….a class today. I’m gonna….get….a massage,” Tasha replied very hesitantly.

Kelli looked at Tasha quizzically. She had met Tasha about 3 months ago when they both had signed up at about the same time. Tasha was a stunningly beautiful Korean girl. Though she was Asian, Tasha defied the norm with a very womanly body. With long slender legs, round hips, slender waist, and full shapely breasts, she was every inch a very stunning girl. Her long, thick black hair always hung loosely down her back accentuating her sensual body. The men at the gym — and some of the women — were very glad to have her as a member.

“Are you alright?” Kelli asked, hearing the hesitation in Tasha’s voice.

The Asian beauty was quiet for a moment as she looked at Kelli.

“Uh…sure. I’m fine. I was just thinking about something. Are you here to swim? I see you’ve got your bikini on. Oooh and that’s a new one too.”

Tasha had taken hold of the front of Kelli’s shirt, an old dress shirt of her boyfriend’s that she used as a cover up, and opened it to reveal Kelli’s swimsuit. She shook her head as she admired the very wonderful curves of the slightly shorter girl.

Kelli was also something of a hit at the gym. Roughly the same height at Tasha, 5’6″, she also had a very curvy body with full, tear-shaped breasts. Her dark auburn hair, which usually hung loosely to her shoulders was pulled back into a pony tail for her workout.

Kelli opened the shirt further to give Tasha a good look at her new suit. She had just bought it at the Speedo store in the mall and she was wearing it for the first time. The suit was a bikini, which is unusual for use to swim laps, but Kelli enjoyed showing off her body and a bikini was definitely the way to do it.

The top of the suit almost had a wetsuit look to it with a high collar that wrapped flush around her neck. From there, the material came down over her ripe breasts and wrapped under each arm to fasten in the back like a halter top. The thin sport fabric looked like it might burst as it strained to hold her breasts in. Pink stripes of various sizes came down from the neckline and followed her curves further accentuating her marvelous profile.

The bottom of the suit was very simple. It was a tight and very small T-back that let Kelli’s wonderful rear end show, much to the delight of those lucky enough to be swimming at the same time as her.

Suddenly, Kelli and Tasha’s conversation was interrupted by a voice from the front door of the club.

“Natasha dear, there you are. I’ve been waiting for you. Come on in so that I can get started on you.”

Kelli looked and saw that it was Earlene, the masseuse that the club had hired about a month ago. Kelli didn’t know much about her and hadn’t really payed much attention to her. Earlene was kind of a big woman, being taller than most of the women at the club. And she was heavier too, maybe 180 pounds. She was kind of a rough looking woman. She looked like she had done a lot of living in her 50-odd years.

“Earlene!” Natasha said almost startled. “I…uh….I…was just coming in.”

That’s weird, Kelli thought, Tasha was all nervous again just like when she walked up. As they had talked, Tasha had seemed back to normal. But when Earlene spoke up, she got all weird again.

“I gotta go Kelli. I’ll….talk to you later,” Tasha said as she walked hurriedly into the club.

Kelli watched as Tasha went into the front door as Earlene waited for her. As Kelli also headed in, she watched as the big woman led the Asian beauty into the massage room at the back side of the club. As the door closed, Kelli got a glimpse of Tasha’s face.

Shit! She almost looked scared. What the heck is going on with her, Kelli asked herself.

As it was getting late, Kelli made her way to the locker room, dropped her car keys and cellphone into a locker. Then she made her way to the lap-pool area and quickly got started. Ankara escort As the club was emptying out, she got a lane right away and quickly counted off her usual 30 laps. When she was done, she climbed out and sat on the side for a few minutes as she chatted with a few other members who were finished too. Finally, she made her way back to the locker room to get her stuff.

Standing in front of a mirror, she dried her hair and brushed it out. Kelli took great pride to always look as good as she could, even when she had just finished exercising. She then grabbed her keys and headed out, not realizing that she had left her phone on the bench.

The beautiful girl let herself out the front door and headed to her car. She saw that Tasha’s car was still there and looked at her watch. A little more than an hour had gone by since Tasha had gone in and she knew the massages only were for 40 minutes. She dismissed it that maybe Tasha and Earlene were just talking or something.

Kelli hopped into the Miata and sped out of the lot to head home. She lived a fairly good distance away and it usually took her about 20 minutes to get there, even in light traffic. She was less than a mile away when she realized she had left her phone in the lockerroom. She pulled over and thought about what she should do. Finally, she decided to head back and try to get it before the club locked up.

She spun the little sports car around and headed back as fast as she dared without getting a ticket. She was lucky and hit all the green lights, making it back in record time. As she pulled into the lot, she was very surprised to see Tasha’s Mustang was still there.

Now that is really odd, she thought. That’s gotta be the longest massage on the books. Tasha is certainly getting her money’s worth on that one.

Going to the door, the auburn haired girl pulled on it and found it locked. She rummaged in her purse for her access card and then dragged it throught the card slide. Hearing the click, she yanked the door open and went in. She stopped for a second because she had never been in the building and heard it so quiet.

Getting back to what she was doing, she took a quick look in the office area in case anyone was around so she could tell them she was getting her phone. Seeing no one, she went through the doors that led to the gym area and back to the locker rooms and the massage rooms. Still wearing her sneakers, she walked quickly and quietly down the carpeted lane that ran down the side of the large workout room. All the equipment, sitting there empty and quiet, had a bit of an eery look to it.

Kelli was less than half way to the back when she saw Tasha suddenly run out of the massage room where Earlene worked. The Asian girl had a white towel wrapped low around her hips and was clutching another towel to her otherwise naked breasts. Kelli stopped dead in her tracks as she watched the girl run into the locker room where she was headed.

Seconds later, Earlene came stalking out of the massage room and followed Tasha into the locker area. Kelli wasn’t sure what was happening but, after a few seconds, she walked slowly to the locker room door. Pausing and listening for a few seconds, she then pushed the door open slowly. She could hear Earlene talking in the back of the room, so she slipped inside and held the door so it would shut noiselessly. The sweet girl walked down a row of lockers until she made her way to the back corner of the room. From there she could see down another aisle straight to the shower area. Earlene was there and so was Tasha, who was cowering up against some lockers.

“Listen hear Tasha, you knew the score. I told you that I would give you free massages, but that sooner or later, I would want something in return. Well today’s the day. So, are you going to cooperate or shall I bill you for those 8 massages you took at $75 a pop?” the woman demanded.

“That’s $600! I don’t have that much money! Please, you have to let me work this out somehow,” Tasha pleaded.

“Sorry little girl. There’s only one way to work this out and you know what it is. Now, are you going to take that towel off, or am I going to have to yank it off you?”

Tasha looked like a trapped animal. She stood motionless for nearly a minute before she slowly lowered the towel that was covering her breasts. Kelli watched wide-eyed as her friend’s beautiful breasts were exposed to the tough looking masseuse.

“Mmmmmmm, so lovely,” Earlene said as she reached with one hand to gently cup one of Tasha’s breasts.

Tasha watched as the woman held her breast and pinched her nipple, making her flinch. When the woman started to bring her other hand up for another breast, Tasha suddenly pushed both hands away.

“No, I…I…can’t. Please, there must be a way to settle this,” she begged.

With a look of disgust on her face, the big Earlene stood quietly for a moment.

“Sure there is Natasha. I can write you a bill for $600 and you can pay it tomorrow. If you don’t pay it Ankara escort bayan tomorrow, I’m going to tell the club to cancel your membership. Then I’m going to go to your bank and put a lien on your car. Then I’m going to call the credit bureau and ruin your credit. So, do you have my $600? Do you?”

The Asian beauty looked like she was about to cry.

“I don’t have the money,” she said quietly.

“Well then, you don’t have much choice then. You know what I want. The question is, will you give it to me?”

Tasha knew she had no choice. She didn’t have the money and couldn’t prevent this woman from ruining her credit and probably getting her car repossessed. She was going to have to submit to this woman.

“I’ll do whatever you want,” she said quietly.

“That’s a good girl,” Earlene said, now with a much friendlier tone in her voice.

Kelli had to put a hand over her own mouth as she realized that Earlene was going to take her friend, and Tasha was going to let her do it.

“Turn around Tasha. Put your hands up on the lockers,” the big woman said as she steered the girl around.

Tasha turned and slowly lifted her hands up to shoulder height and put them on the lockers. The masseuse slid up close behind her and pressed herself against the Asian girl’s towel-covered rear end. She put her hands on the girl’s waist and slowly and began to fondle the girl.

“Please Earlene, please,” Tasha said as she looked down at the woman’s hands as they slid up and over her ripe breasts.

The woman spread her fingers out over the girl’s breasts as she revelled at finally gettting her hands on the Asian beauty. She had wanted this girl for a long time and now she had her. For just a moment, her cunning mind strayed from the Asian beauty and thought of the auburn haired girl who would be her next conquest. What was her name? Oh yes, Kelli, that was it. That little girl was even more beautiful than Tasha. She would certainly be the next, and soon.

The woman smiled to herself as she returned her attention to the beautiful girl she now had in her hands, hands that groped and pulled at the girl’s tender breasts. Tasha wriggled in the woman’s grasp and Kelli could hear her making little whimpering noises as she gave herself to the big woman. Tasha kept her hands up on the lockers and her head bobbed back and forth, tossing her long dark hair in all directions.

After several minutes, the big woman lowered her hands to the girl’s hips. Her hands skillfully massaged from each hip over to the center of Tasha’s belly and then down so that her fingers dipped under the towel that was wrapped over the girl’s hips. Kelli could see that the woman was taking control of her friend. Tasha looked less like she was fighting it and more like she was getting aroused.

The woman pressed hard against Tasha’s naked back as her hands took hold of the front of the towel. She slowly loosened it as she whispered into Tasha’s ear.

“Time to see the rest of your wonderful body Tasha. A body that I am going to enjoy.”

Looking down at the woman’s hands on her towel, Tasha realized she was going to be naked before the big woman.


The big woman just laughed.

“It’s to late for that my dear,” she said as she cast the towel aside, leaving Tasha totally naked.

The big woman used a knee to spread Tasha’s legs about 3 feet apart. Then she quickly went to her knees as her hands spread the Asian girl’s cheeks wide apart. She shoved her head low to the bottom of the girl’s delicious ass and began to lick up the entire length of her with a tongue that was thick and drenched with saliva. Tasha yelped as she felt the tongue glide over her virginal anus.

Tasha eyes were closed tight as her mind raced, considering how she had gotten into this situation.

How did this happen to me, she thought. She had suspected that Earlene was a very aggressive lesbian, but the woman had been so polite and so friendly. She had promised Tasha that the massages were free, but that Earlene might ask her for a favor sometime. She had dismissed her suspicion that the favor might be Tasha herself. Now she was in the hands of this woman and had to submit to her. To any desire or whim of the big lesbian.

Kelli stood with her eyes wide open as she watched the big woman take her friend. My god, she thought, why don’t I do something? Her mind raced as she came to realize that the sight of it was arousing to her. The sight of the woman’s tongue gliding up Tasha’s ass. The way the girl wriggled as she felt the tongue pass over her. The way the girl stood with her hands and legs spread so submissively. Kelli realized it was all quite erotic to her.

Kelli watched as the big woman stood up again and wrapped a big arm around the girl’s slender waist. Her other hand slid between the girl’s legs and Kelli could see that the woman’s thick middle finger was extended.

“It’s time to take you Natasha. I can tell you’re ready,” she said as Escort Ankara her finger slid slowly into the girl’s sex.

Tasha’s head lowered back onto the woman’s shoulder as a long low moan came from deep in her throat. Kelli realized instantly that her friend wasn’t struggling anymore at all. She was giving herself to the woman totally.

The woman worked her finger deep into the girl, slowly pushing it in, pulling it back just slightly, and then pushing it in again. Tasha’s hands came off the lockers and grasped at the big arm that was around her waist. She leaned heavily into the woman letting the woman have her body as she wanted.

The woman’s hand began to work more furiously as Tasha began to work herself on the woman’s hand. Kelli watched with ever increasing arousal as the woman fucked her friend. Tasha’s hair tossed in every direction as her body shook and jerked.

Suddenly, Kelli heard a sound that almost sounded like the wail of a cat. It took several seconds for her to realize that it was Tasha making that sound. She watched as Tasha’s body stretched out and stiffened. The woman had to step back against the lockers behind her to keep from falling over as the Asian girl orgasmed violently. The big woman held her tight and pushed her finger in deep, causing the girl to orgasm a second time, almost before the first had subsided.

Kelli was suddenly aware that the way Earlene had turned and backed up to the lockers, she now had a clear view of where Kelli was standing. She was frozen with fear that the big woman would see her. She stood absolutely still. Finally, Earlene turned to the side and Kelli made a break for the locker room door.

Seizing the handle, Kelli pulled it open quickly and ran out. Almost immediately, she heard the door slam behind her.

Damn! she thought. She had forgotten that the door closed so hard. She had to get out quickly. Surely Earlene would have heard it.

She ran to the front door and quickly went outside. She made it to her car, beeped the door open, and got inside as fast as she could. The engine started instantly and she roared the little car towards the exit, swerving out onto the street without stopping. It was only then that she let herself breathe again. If only she had looked back over her shoulder, she would have seen the big woman standing in the parking lot watching her escape.

The big woman smiled to herself. So, pretty Kelli was a witness. It doesn’t matter. It will be her turn soon, she thought, very soon.

She turned and went back into the club where she had left Natasha lieing on the locker room bench. The Asian girl was barely concious as the big woman lifted her like a baby. She carried Tasha out of the locker room and down the hall to her private area, where her massage table was always ready. She laid the sweet girl down onto the table and then turned to lock the door.

The big woman looked at the naked girl as she began to remove her own clothes. Tasha was coming back to her senses and realized she had been moved. She watched silently as the big woman finished undressing and started to climb onto the table. She knelt over the girl as she lowered her hairy pussy over Natasha’s sweet mouth.

“It’s my turn now girl. And you better do me good.”

Poor Tasha was in for a very long night.


When she got home, Kelli realized she had been so upset that she hardly even remembered the drive home. She went to her bedroom and pulled her clothes off quickly and jumped into the shower. She stood under the hot water, hoping it would help her to feel better. But as she stood there, her mind kept coming back to the erotic sight of Natasha being held tightly by the big woman. Of the Asian girl’s breasts being fondled. And of the big woman fucking Natasha with her thick finger.

With a start, Kelli realized that as she stood there, she had lowered a hand to her sex and she had been stroking herself without even thinking.

My god, she thought, what is the matter with me? My friend was coerced into having sex with that bitch and I’m standing here playing with myself! What the fuck is my problem?

Kelli finished her shower and wrapped herself in a big terry robe she loved. She went to the kitchen for a glass of wine and then plopped in a big chair to watch Leno. She drank the wine a little too quickly and as always, it made her drowsy just as quickly. Her eyes fluttered several times before she nodded off in the chair, the tv still on.

Perhaps it was the wine, perhaps it was because she was already tired, or perhaps it was because of what she had been a witness to but the sweet girl immediately began to dream very vividly. She saw herself in a house that she did not recognize. Someone was touching her, holding her hand, stroking her hair. Who was it? She couldn’t see. She followed the person to a room in the house. It was dark. The person stood behind her in the room, very close behind her. Hands were on her waist pushing her shirt up. She was being seduced by this person. The hands were so firm but so gentle on her.

Kelli twisted in the chair as her dream aroused her even in sleep. A hand moved to her breasts and she held herself gently.

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